Jan. 2nd, 2014

Holidays have happened. I have somehow survived.

Christmas day was lovely. Ben took me to see the second Hobbit film. Then we went to a chinese buffet.

I don't think the second hobbit was as good as the first, but it was still ok. However, it was blatantly obvious they spent their entire cgi budget on smaug and then got some interns to do the rest of the effects in the film. Some of the special effects were cringe-worthy.

At some point over the holidays I started confusing c's and g's when I write/type. This is baffling and perhaps a brain tumor.

After christmas, my parents drove down to help me paint my dining room. Except my mother is insane so she did all the painting while yelling at me that I was too slow to help. Instead I helped my dad with other small odds and ends like installing hooks in the garage to hang our new ladder.

The room does look nice and and she even installed a new door that leads to the garage. The new door is significantly less drafty. I had her install a chair rail around the room too. All that needs to be done now is re-upholstering the chairs to match the paint. That means going out into the cold though. But at least if I do that I can say I did do something to fix up the dining room.

New years was low-key. My parents were still here. I made tons of tiny snacks that were heavily cheese focused. We watched stop motion movies until midnight. We couldn't get the ball drop on tv, so ben watched his phone until it hit midnight. He yelled, "Zero!" and we all shouted "Happy new year!" Then we all immediately went to bed.

My parents left the next day in a hurry because a blizzard was about to hit NY and they didn't want to get stuck driving home in it. I then slept about 10 hours straight to relieve the stress.

Now it is snowing. I hate the snow. Will summer be back soon?

Gift Highlights:
- Magic tv box that turns our upstairs tv into a google tv
- New comforter that does not make me sneeze all night
- Corgi mug with a surprise corgi at the bottom
- Magic apple peeler just like the one I played with as a kid
- Many good books
- Many fun kitchen widgets



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