Feb. 12th, 2014

My inability to get an internship is becoming distressing.

In the mean time, stuff.

Classes continue. I am kinda overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do. Comp Sci is easy, but calculus class has a pretty heavy workload. And on top of that, I'm taking a coursera class on android programming which is extremely heavy. Maybe it would be easier if I had more programming experience. I spend a lot of time wondering what the questions are even asking. Ben has had to help me a lot and explain a good portion of the assignments to me.

But in fun news, we have a trip to New Orleans planned for the near future! Hotels are booked, so no changing our minds now. I want to eat so many things! I want roman candy, beignets, snoballs, pralines...all the good stuff that will give me diabetes! Ben wants to eat blackened catfish, so at some point I need to research the best places for that.

Hotel rates were kinda pricy, so the plan is to stay in Metarie the first two nights and then upgrade to a hotel in the quarter for the last two. The first day, we're probably going to sleep much of the day away anyway because we're driving down. (16 hours! Woo!) And then I figure we can do something that would keep us out of the city proper anyway, like an airboat tour through a swamp. Once we get to the city, I want to go to the Insectarium and the WW2 museum. They're supposed to both be pretty good!

And of course spending time with friends is key. This will be a good, fun trip!

Also, Ben's mom wants to do some sort of family vacation. Unfortunately the options are painfully wide open. I'm having a hard time narrowing things down! I think I have a few ideas/options.
1. 5 night cruise out of FL - Pros: Many ship options, nice weather, many itineraries. Cons: Can be pricey, everyone will have to fly in.
2. 5 night cruise out of Baltimore - Pros: Very affordable, easy access for me and Ben, family can arrive early and stay with us. Cons: limited itineraries, limited ship options
3. 3-4 nights cruise out of FL + 1-2 days at Disney - Pros: Variety, many ship options, can be affordable. Cons: Everyone has to fly in, short itineraries, short cruises tend to be booze cruises, Disney tickets are pricey for limited days.

If we do the Disney option, the cruise I think should be in early December. I have found that to be the absolute best time to visit Disney. Nice weather, low crowds, and everything is decorated for the holidays!

Planning for multiple people is so hard! Ben's mom seems to be happy with whatever, so that's easy. But his sister has schedule concerns that I need to keep in mind. (Silly employed people!) Plus she seemed concerned about the price. And Ben doesn't seem too keen on the Disney idea. He's not a fan of theme parks. But he expressed interest in eating all the foods at Epcot, so there's hope for him yet. Hopefully I can figure it all out and make everyone happy!



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