Feb. 25th, 2014

Right now I can only see as far out as my new orleans trip. I am focused on getting everything done that needs to be taken care of before the trip.

I had a women in tech club meeting last week which went well. Except I somehow agreed to help run a coursera study group. But that's not until March. I don't have to worry about that yet.

Android class is hard to the point of nearly impossible. But I found videos from a guy in class who actually teaches what we are doing and he is saving my butt. I think I'll be able to get far enough ahead that I won't have to worry about this during our trip.

Today was a computer science club meeting on campus. I ran for president but thankfully lost. (By one vote.) Teacher who runs the club would like me to run for other offices if the other officers don't show up again. (None of them showed up to this one.) Problem is that the next meeting is on Thursday, which is Ben's birthday. I guess we could theoretically postpone celebrations to the next day.

I'm making a cake for him though. I spent much of the afternoon trying to find high quality cocoa powder. No one around here had anything good. Ended up with hersheys. I am sorry ben. :(

I have both a calculus and a comp sci test next week. I have no time to study for them. Somehow agreed to get involved with a study group for the comp sci one.

I think I might take a short nap before making dinner and then doing math homework. If I finish early, I might even do some comp sci homework!



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