Apr. 17th, 2014

Yesterday the dogs went to the vet for their booster shots and whatnot. Ended up costing me $600 for two healthy dogs. It's a good thing they didn't find anything wrong with them.

Maggie was the star again, as she always is. She was totally hamming it up for treats and cuddles. The vet tech kept stopping what she was doing to fluff Maggie's butt and go, "Ah! I LOVE corgi butts!" And then the other vet techs would stop by, "just to check in" and cuddle Maggie. She got sooooo many treats.

Noname got a clean bill of health which is really good for such an old dog. Confirmed she's a little deaf and a little blind. And reassured that her bed wetting issues are totally normal for old dogs and that if I get tired of waking up every 4 hours at night to take her for a potty break, they can prescribe some medicine to help tighten up her bladder muscles. For now I'm going to keep up with the current strategy, which is both cheaper and side-effect free.

After the vet visit, I went to school to tutor again. I should start charging. Especially since it was almost a no-show. A group of people had called me the night before begging for help, and in the end, only one person showed up and stayed the whole time. Lame.

But the guy that did show up was really focused so that was good. I quizzed him on what was going to be on the test and for anything he didn't know, I gave a small lesson on the material. It went really well. I think unless the guy chokes from stress, he'll get a good grade on the test.

The test that was this morning. Seeing how I was tutoring for it, I was pretty well prepared. Most of the questions were fairly easy aside from one about switch statements. I got the first half of that question, which was explaining when you'd use switch vs if-else. But then the teacher asked us to write and example of one, and I totally flubbed on the syntax. I tried to compensate with comments to explain what I was trying to do, so hopefully I'll at least get partial credit.

Afterwards I tried to get more python class stuff done. I managed to finish the weekly videos and the weekly quizzes, but I didn't have time to start the mini-project at all. I have a study group on that tomorrow night so I guess I'll be working on it there along side everyone else. Usually I spend most of that session helping others, but seeing as how members of the group have been dropping left and right, there will probably be very few people there anyway.

In the evening, I went with Ben to his company's quarterly award ceremony. (Spoiler: Ben did not win.) Those things are always a challenge for me, but I put on a brave face because I'd hate for Ben to have to deal with those things alone.

As soon as we walked in, a small child nearly ran into me. Putting up with all the shrieking children everywhere was the first challenge. At one point, a woman smashed her child's feet into me which was extremely painful and I really wanted to scream at her to watch what she was doing. I did not though. I was good.

The whole place was covered in children. I think every single one of Ben's coworkers had at least one kid. It was terrifying.

Food was another challenge. I'm such a picky eater and I hate being a bother about it, so there is rarely ever anything for me to eat at these things. That was the case this time as well. I ate some cookies and candy sitting at the table before buttery soft pretzels were brought out and I could make a meal of that. I also had some root beer, which was pretty good. The place made it themselves.

Ben and I managed to survive small talk until the awards part of the evening. Ben didn't win anything, but that was expected because this was a regional awards event and most of Ben's team is in the main office. Once we were done clapping for the winners, we made a hasty escape. Some guy was trying to organize a trivia game thing, so it was good we left when we did. (Nothing says fun like work-sponsored activities.)

I have spent the rest of the evening being drained and sad. Being around people always drains me, especially people I don't know. (When I'm around people I do know, I go through a period of extreme manic before I collapse in exhaustion.) I feel a bit angry with the sad too, which is weird and confusing. I feel like people didn't really feel the need to talk to us because we don't have kids and don't want to talk about kid things. They all had their own special club where they talked about diapers and child care and there was Ben and I talking about the beer the restaurant offered or computer programming stuff. I felt we had the better conversation material, but I guess everyone else there disagreed.

And it's probably going to be like that for the rest of my life because I have no intention of having kids. So I'm going to be the weird odd man out forever. It makes me angry and sad and kinda lonely, but there really isn't anything I can do about it. I'm not going to have a kid just to be part of a social group. That would just be giving into peer pressure and would not make me actually happy.

So in general, things are busy, life is stupid, Maggie is cute, Noname is not dead yet.



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