Apr. 25th, 2014

Got offered a summer job teaching 4th and 5th graders how to program lego robots. It's 4 weeks + training in the middle of the summer.

Normally I'd be pretty excited to FINALLY find someone to hire me, but the wage they offered is painfully low. I think I need to clarify with them on what level of responsibility will be expected of me, because if I'm going to assist a teacher then the wage is acceptable for a summer job. But if I'm leading the class, that's way too low to deal with children. (Though now looking at glassdoor, the offered wage seems to be about middle range for camp counselor...)

On a side note, all the interview stuff was done over email which seems really weird. Why would you trust me with children when you've never met me? But it's a job through the community college so at least I know it's a legit summer camp and not some sort of scam. I just find it pretty weird. Maybe the person who told me about the job gave me a recommendation?

I'm not sure how I want to word the email. I feel like I should have asked about the level of responsibility sooner, but the email conversations were focused on other things and I never really found a good place to fit it in. 



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