May. 4th, 2014

The summer job is an assistant position, so I took it. I won't have any real responsibility. I'll just be helping the teacher keep the kids focused on their activities. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

Honestly, I am completely awkward around kids and I'm terrified. I've been looking up tips and tricks for talking to kids and am overwhelmed. Also, my dad's obsession with me suddenly developing a maternal instinct from this job is extremely annoying.


Friday night was an awards dinner. I was invited and totally intended on blowing it off since those things are super boring. But my comp sci teacher (and adviser to the computer club) strongly encouraged me to go. He implied I was nominated for something. And as things go for me in my life, I won nothing. What a waste of a night. The food wasn't even good.

Last night I was working on a python program and was having the hardest time with the logic concepts. And it was super frustrating because I know I can do this, but something in my brain isn't working lately. I have a really hard time focusing. I think I might need to go to a doctor because this focus issue has been going on for a while and is getting worse.

Here is my program for those that want to play: link (click the play button in the top left corner to start the program).

In other news, it is finals week and the semester is nearly over. I have one remaining final on Monday. It's computer science though, so I'm not worried at all. Easy stuff like arrays and selection statements.

Technically there's a calculus final on Thursday, but it's optional. Last semester I took it and bombed super bad. It was so hard, I cried in the car for a good 15 minutes before I could drive home. Luckily I had done well on all the homework assignments so I managed to pass the course. So this semester I worked my butt off to get the very best score I could on all homework assignments. There is no way I am even thinking about attempting that final.



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