Jun. 8th, 2014

Noticeable progress continues with my medicine. Having energy is a weird sensation. I keep over-doing it since I am so unused to it. But I am not up to full speed yet, so I end up crashing.

I told Ben that once I am back up to normal energy levels, I want to prove myself by hiking the billy goat trail at great falls park. It might be a while before I get there, but that's my goal.

I went to an all-day programming workshop last week, which would have been impossible before the medicine. Even with it though, I crashed right near the end. But I was really grateful for the opportunity!

The workshop was for learning ruby on rails, a framework for making websites. Ben also came with me, as a volunteer for the event, because he is my biggest cheerleader. He's so amazingly supportive.

Ruby on rails was both a lot easier and harder than I expected. The actual ruby part was super easy. But I didn't expect there to be so much css and html involved. I was hoping I could fix up my dad's terrible townhouse website in the near future, but I think I definitely need to do a bit more study first.

Overall it was a good day. Plus they fed us. And I came home with tons of goodies including a rubber duck and a popular ruby programming book.

We left the after-party a bit early due to mutual exhaustion. They worked Ben super hard volunteering and as I mentioned, my energy levels are not 100% just yet.

In other news, Noname had a terrible stomach ache for several days, so I got to come home from the workshop to tons of stinky runny poop all over the house. It was so bad, our dog walker even asked for a text to let her know Noname would be ok.

She was drinking plenty of water and eating at least half her food, so I didn't take her to the vet. Eventually the stomach problems ran their course. She's looking a lot better the last day or so.

I think it was bad dog treats. I narrowed it down to one type of treat I gave her each of those days but not the days when she was feeling better. I'm going to return it and tell the store about the tummy troubles. While the treat didn't affect Maggie, I still think it's better to be overly cautious and report it. With all the bad dog treats out there killing dogs, you can't be too careful.



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