Jul. 12th, 2014

And now I have survived the first week of lego summer camp. *whew* Just three more to go.

Things I have learned about children:
- They don't have any concept of an inside voice.
- This is likely because they have no self awareness at all.
- They are stupidly trusting.
- They are also extremely stupid.
- In the sense that they don't try to find a solution. They just want to be told the answer.

Yesterday was their competition day. There was a catapult competition, a maze challenge, and a sumobot battle. The kids liked the sumobots best, but the parents were most impressed by the maze challenge. I personally felt pretty proud when the parents gasped at how well their kids' robots traversed through the maze. The day before, I had set up a code clinic and helped walk the kids through their programs to troubleshoot any issues. About half the kids had been seriously struggling and I had to really hold their hands through the entire programming process. But I got them all done just as the bell rang for them to head upstairs for the competition.

I think I did a really good job considering a really really dislike children. I just put on a happy face and repeated to myself, "Be kind...be kind..." every time a kid started acting up. I'm also getting better at catching them thinking about acting up (I've discovered it's fairly obvious when they are plotting evil), and putting a stop to it before it gets out of hand.

The hardest part is always having to be "on." You can't rest for even a second around these kids. The instant you take your eyes off them, someone is standing on a chair, throwing legos, or hitting someone else. Sometimes I'm afraid to even blink.

And the INANE things they want to tell you about! One kid regaled me for a good 15 minutes with his story about his trip to the lego store to buy a batman set. FIFTEEN MINUTES. Covering every single detail, including which store, who was with him, what they did on the way there, the other lego sets he didn't choose, and so on.

But overall, I feel good about myself for accepting a challenge and reasonably triumphing. And it definitely reinforces my desire to never ever have kids. My favorite part of the day is when I get home and I can decompress in the calm and quiet. This weekend is going to be glorious. All I want to do is nap in my backyard listening to the wind through the trees and the chirp of neighborhood birds.



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