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Had another doctor's appointment today. They took more blood to see if my medicine needs to be adjusted.

The doctor said normally she's not happy to give someone a positive diagnosis for something, but with hypothyroidism it's a good thing because it's so easy to treat.

Other than that, it has been a slow day. I was trying to do some more rails programming, but I got stuck and I can't figure out what the error message is telling me. I hope Ben can help me when he gets home. He left work not too long ago so he should be here any minute now.

I wanted to do a lot more rails programming than I achieved. I start another python course this week and I wanted to have rails out of the way so I could switch brains and focus on python.

Plus I purchased a couple online courses (on sale! $5 for the whole package! woo!) on web design and a few other programming miscellaneous things that I'd like to work on this summer.

At the rails girls workshop, they suggested programming a bit every day. I am really going to try to do that. I have no excuses. Work doesn't start until end of the month so I have plenty of free time. I just need to stay dedicated and focused. No slacking off. Or sleeping all day. I can do this!



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