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Last week, after yet another failed attempt to get an appointment to repair my car, I vented on twitter about how insane and frustrating the whole GM recall thing has been. (For those that doesn't know, GM cars will spontaneously stop on the highway and kill you due to a faulty ignition switch. No, they don't have good switches to repair the cars with. But they might have some...someday.)

Then early this week, a reporter from the NYT messaged me, asking if I could talk to her about my GM recall experience. She was writing an article about the frustration people are experiencing. I definitely could share that! So I shot her a quick email with my basic story plus my contact info if she had any questions. She called me later that day for a full interview.

The next day, she asked if I would mind having my picture taken for the article. I slept on it, or rather, stressed over it wide awake all night, before telling her that was ok.

So today a photographer came by and took a million pictures of me with my car. I dressed up and everything. The photographer was very nice and gave me plenty of direction on how to pose. I hope I did a good enough job. It would be kinda exciting to have my picture in the paper. My tiny 15 minutes of fame.

I wanted to be a reporter when I entered college. This may be the closest I get to seeing my name in the NYT.

And maybe, just maybe, GM will see the article and fix my car already!



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