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I have survived week 2. I wasn't really sure I was going to make it. I nearly broke down on Wednesday.

But here it is Friday and I am still in one piece! Woo!

Today was extra tough because the parents were there to watch their kids compete. One team's robot stopped working properly. We're not sure what exactly happened. I suspect it was because the kids changed the design of their robot at the last second.

So there was stress and crying.

We did our best to help that team recover the best they could. And we tried to cheer them up by reminding them of the fun they had during the week plus the fun they would have later in the day. It seemed to be working until one of the girl's mom showed up.

This mom was one of those super intense helicopter moms who could not believe we didn't stop the entire event to help her daughter. She didn't think we were doing enough and at one point even accused us of racism because the only two black kids (her kid and another girl) were paired together. Seriously? We paired them together cause they seemed to get along really well the first day and looked like they were on the way to becoming friends.

So anyway, every time we would get this girl calmed down, her mom would come over and say things to rile the poor kid up again. It was if she WANTED the kid to cry all day. I don't understand it at all.

Another group also had a disappointed, crying child, but that kid's mom reassured him that he tried really hard and she was still proud of him. He stopped crying pretty quickly after that comforting and then was fine the rest of the day. What a difference good parenting makes.

There were a few other very nice parents too who came up to me and thanked me for teaching this week. I like those parents. And the parents of the two kids that I gave extra on hand help came up and told me how incredibly grateful they were for the patience and understanding I had with their kids. So that was nice. :)

Oh! And one student brought me a gift! One day this week, I had stayed late while her parents were running behind schedule. I noticed she had an astronomy book, so we got into a long conversation about space. She was so happy to have someone else to talk about that stuff with that she insisted on bringing me a gift today. It was a cute bath bomb in the shape of a robot. I can't decide if  I should save it because it's so cute, or use it in the tub this weekend because I'm so tense and tired.



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