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I'm going to be cautious when I say this because it's only day 1, but this week's kids seem to be a million times better than last week's kids.

Aside from a small handful that are always goofing off (and thus never paying attention), most of the kids seem to be fairly interested and excited about making robots. There's even a few groups that got so into it, I had to come up with new challenges for their robot to do. They had done everything on the objective list, everything on the challenge list, and everything on the bonus challenge list.

So hopefully that will mean a good week!

Plllleeeeeease let it be a good week. Last week's kids made me cry. No exaggeration.

But hopefully I have demographics on my side! The past two weeks were kids from fairly wealthy families that typically had a stay at home parent. This week and the one after are kids with parents that both work. So theoretically these kids are going to be better socialized and more familiar on proper behavior in an outside of the home setting because they go to daycare/aftercare.

Friends who intend on breeding: PLEASE socialize your children for the sake of the people that will attempt to educate them.



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