Noname wet the bed last night. MY bed. I am not happy.
Had my first test in java class this week. Our teacher called it a quiz, but there was no way that was a quiz. It took nearly the entire class length to complete.

Overall, I think I did well. I did the rare intelligent thing and studied a little bit every day instead of trying to cram the night before. However, the class notes for GUIs said we only needed to know them for the lab and homework. So I didn't study those at all. And of course there was a question on them. Bah. Well, I did my best. And in real life I'd be able to look up any code I needed.

In other news, Maggie has been super bad lately. She refuses to come in when I call her. She seems to think if she stays outside all day, I'll come out to play with her. That's not how it goes. Games in the backyard are now on hold until she learns I am in charge and I decide when we play. I'm happy to take her out to play every day, but when I say playtime is over, I expect her to come back in the house with me.
Walk in the kitchen and maggie is face-deep in noname's bag of dog food. I yell at her to scat, seal the bag, and go about my business. Minutes later, I walk through the kitchen again and she's face deep in the bag AGAIN. So this time I decide to put the bag out of her reach, but when I pick up the bag it immediately slips out of my hand as it was completely covered in puppy drool. About a quarter of the food spills out onto the floor. Got to clean that up while chasing dogs away the entire time. NOT amused.
Having an end in sight has made my days at work go by a lot easier. I've even been sleeping slightly better.

They asked me to stay until the 27th instead of my original 24th leave date. I am trying to leave gracefully so I agreed. I will be training my replacement. I wonder how long before she leaves screaming as well.

It's good I come home in a better mood these days because I discovered maggie had completely destroyed the lettuce and broccoli seedlings that I left by the back door to plant this weekend. That bad dog is lucky she's cute.
holytoastr: (angry gir)
Noname has some serious passive aggressive issues going on. Last night, she peed the floor TWICE in retaliation for us going away.

All was going well today after we spent some time cuddling. Once she was reassured that I didn't abandon her, the accidents stopped.

Then she found a mouse outside. It was hiding under some debris so she couldn't do much more than harass it. So I picked her up and brought her inside.

1. She tried to bite me when I picked her up.

2. She PEED ON ME once we got inside.

Now she's locked in her cage because I am not going to put up with this sort of bad behavior.
Noname is making me absolutely crazy.

First of all, there is the ongoing problem of noname trying to eat maggie's kibble. The solution for now is to only give maggie kibble when she's locked in her cage or when we are sitting right next to her supervising. The supervision gets...tedious. But if you blink for even a second, noname has swooped in and devoured half the bowl already.

Then there are the fights. I am fine with doggy playfighting with her totally normal. I am also fine with the occasional snap from noname to correct bad puppy behavior. But lately, noname has been going totally all out at maggie. Over the dumbest things too! If I sit down to eat anything (with absolutely no intention of giving table scraps to the dogs), noname will flip out and attack maggie so she can't get any of the food neither of them were getting in the first place. Noname also attacks maggie over toys. Toys that noname has no interest in playing with at all. She just takes them away and piles them in her bed. And if maggie pushes back, noname flips out and savagely attacks her.

I've been bit 5 or 6 times already, breaking up fights. Luckily noname has no teeth, but it still hurts a lot and can pinch the blood under the skin. She KNOWS she's NEVER supposed to bite a human. So I don't know what's going on in her tiny brain lately.

And then this morning, she ate all of maggie's wet food! Normally they get one small spoonful each and I don't worry about locking them up because it only takes them a second each to eat it all. But for some reason, maggie was slow this morning so noname inhaled her bite of food and then pushed maggie aside to gobble up her's.

I am at my wit's end. I got the puppy so noname would have someone to play with, not bully. I don't know what to do if this keeps up. I am hoping either noname mellows when her heat is over or that maggie will get a little bigger and noname will realize she can't push her around anymore.
Ben and I had a nice morning. We got to sleep late. Then we went to the farmer's market. We bought fruit for jam and cucumbers for pickles. And more peach butter! Then we stopped at a nearby cafe for brunch. I had very tasty french toast.

We ran a few more errands after that, then returned home where ben passed out for the afternoon. I did some gardening, then joined ben for a nap.

When I woke up, I made dinner. Then noname decided to be a total psychopath and attack maggie for no reason. I was walking into the kitchen when maggie raced in front of me. Noname sped around me and immediately started to bite maggie. For no reason at all!!!

I had to break them up with noname biting me the whole time. For a dog with no teeth, she bites really hard! I had to smack her a couple times to get her to release. I am not happy about that. I shouldn't have to hit my noname. :(

Once I got them apart, I had noname sit upstairs alone for an hour or so to calm down. By the time I brought her back down, she had completely forgotten why she was in trouble in the first place. Stupid dog. I don't know what I'm going to do with her. Why does she keep flipping out like this? I try to give them attention/toys/food equally. *sigh*

Bad dogs

Sep. 6th, 2011 12:01 pm
Last night it was raining so the dogs didn't want to go out. Even when I dragged them out, they stood in the rain and did nothing. So I spent the whole night cleaning up accidents. I was not happy.

Then I knocked over a bottle of hard limeade. Maggie rushed to lick up the mess. We managed to pull her way before she had too much, but her limeade breath was a little bit disturbing all night. Ben called her his boozehound.

This morning, the dogs got into a fight over cheese. Cheese that I was using to make a sandwich and had no intention of giving to them. Noname bit me when I went to break up the fight. Luckily she has no teeth, but I still have a mark where she gummed me.
I woke up just before 4:30 this morning to the sound of my dog crying. I turned on the light, but she was nowhere to be found. Eventually I discovered her sitting on the steps, unable to go any further due to the baby gate that was supposed to be keeping her upstairs, not down.

The best I can guess, she slipped down when ben got up in the middle of the night to go to work. He must have dutifully put the gate back up, not realizing she was with him. Stupid dog.

And sure enough, the entire downstairs was a disgusting mess. Four accidents. One of which I stepped in. Another, on top of my good grocery bags. I don't understand why she does this every time she's allowed downstairs at night. (She almost never has an accident if I keep her in the bedroom with me.)

While cleaning up, my hair fell in the pee and I had to wash it. Then when I finished cleaning everything up and was washing my hands, my soap fell between the sink and the toilet. So of course my hair went into the toilet and I had to wash it again.

After I was done, I was so angry, I couldn't fall asleep. But I was also too upset to do anything productive. So I stayed in bed and tried to forget the world existed.

Ben came home 10 minutes after my alarm went off so no cuddling was had this morning.

This has not been a good day so far.
Last night ben ordered pizza so I could update my resume and apply for a new job. I only found one worth applying for and I suspect I am overqualified for it.

In noname news, I can't get her to understand that the new backyard is the place to do her business. She thinks it's just a fun place to run around and sniff. For the last couple days, I have refused to take her on walks as a way to force her to start using the yard. Even with that, she's only used it twice. She has to be going somewhere in the house. There's no other explanation. I would have exploded in a puddle of pee already if I was holding it in as long as she has been.

Last night around 1am, she sat near my pillow and cried. I assumed she finally had to go, so I bundled myself up and brought her out. Of course she did nothing again. I'm going to fling that dog against a wall one of these days.

To make matters worse, she has gone into an early heat. So she's really stubborn right now. She has snapped at me several times because I stopped her from doing something she shouldn't have been doing. I hope it's just the stress of the move that caused her to go into heat so early. She shouldn't have been due for that for another month and a half or so. Stupid dog being inconvenient...
Last night my dog decided that the tissues in the bedroom trashcan were delicious. I caught her, yelled at her, cleaned up the mess, and then brought her to bed with me thinking she'd be happy and warm and forget all about the tissues.

Instead, she waited until I fell asleep and then pulled all the tissues out of the trash again. The sounds of ripping paper and lip-smacking woke me up. I yelled at her again, gave her a swift smack across the butt, and cleaned up the tissues AGAIN while she ran to ben to save her. (Genius plan dog. Run to the one person who would happily hand you over to me if I asked.)

This time I put all the tissues in a big sealed trash bag. She can't get into that.

Apparently the whole thing made me so angry, I was complaining about it to ben in my sleep all night.

Noname decided she would get revenge on me by pooping on the floor last night. She made a point to poop far enough from the wee wee pad to make it clear to me that she was intentionally missing it.

So I refused to feed her until just before I left for work. For a tiny dog who lives on routine, that was like torture. She kept growling at me to feed her, but I refused until I was just about to pack up and head out the door.

I really wish my dog wouldn't go through these periods where she battles with me for dominance. She's never going to win. I have the thumbs.
Noname made up for her cuteness from the other day by peeing all over the floor last night. The best part is that she did it while I was awake. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came out, my dog walked by with her super guilty look on her face.

I put wee wee pads down for her! There is no reason she should pee on the floor.

That dog is going to end up in diapers at night...
My dog was bad last night and peed and pooped all over the floor. I was not amused.

But while I was walking my incredibly bad dog after cleaning up, I got an email saying that the bank accepted our offer on the house. Woo! Now we need to wait for the appraiser to tell us how much the house is worth, so we can find out if we'll actually get the full loan amount.. (Why is buying a house so complicated?)

After that, ben and I went to the comic book store. I was pleased that they had host club 14. All the bookstores near me were sold out! I read it while we ate our lunch at panera, embarrassing ben by alternating between loud laughs and screams.

When we got home, I tried to play a little bit of fire emblem, but I was too tired to concentrate. I decided to take a nap, which ended up being a terrible idea. I was so tired, I slept all the way until 9! I probably would have slept even more if ben hadn't come to wake me.

Once I was done being cranky and groggy, ben reminded me that in my sleepiness, I had promised to bake him cookies. So now the apt smells like warm tasty chocolate chip cookies.

Maybe I'll try that fire emblem battle again now that I am rested and more alert.
Yesterday ben and I learned a wonderful thing. Costco is almost empty during the week.

It was wonderful. No crowds at all. No screaming crying children. No one pushing me out of the way so they can get their 4lb cans of tuna fish. And even check out was fast and reasonably pleasant!

I think we're only going to go mid-week from now on. Weekend shopping is for suckers.

Last night, I got fed up with noname constantly peeing on the floor and put down a wee wee pad. Of course this morning she managed to pee the absolute farthest place in the room from the pad. I'm going to kill her one of these days.

She only does this at night. And she has started doing it again despite our walks before bed. I keep forgetting to take away her water at night. I must remember and see if that helps. And the wee wee pad is going in the center of the floor tonight. If she still manages to avoid it, I may lose my mind and completely cover the floor with the things. Or stick her in a diaper. Cause this is getting ridiculous. Am I going to have to litter box train her???

And then work today has been stressful. I had meetings most of the day in addition to my regular work. Plus I just learned that the source codes for the program I picked up have been wrong all year. The guy checking them has not checked them all year. I am debating if now is the appropriate time to start screaming and throwing things.
My bus was 20 minutes late last night. I was not happy.

A lady came up to me and asked which would leave sooner, the 505 which was sitting at its stop already or the 552 which was at that point 15 minutes late. It seemed like a no-brainer to me. I told her to get on the 505, which did leave before my bus showed up.

At least my dog was good when I got home. No accidents and no misbehaving. We had a good walk and then we cuddled while I crocheted. She also showed me how amazingly fat her belly was and explained that I should stop what I was doing to rub it. I ended up jiggling it more than rubbing it because it was a VERY fat tummy. (Someone is getting her food cut back some more.)

Then she peed all over the floor while I slept. So much for being good. I wish winter would end so she'd stop with the accidents. We could walk for longer and we could go on extra walks so this wouldn't happen. For now, I'm going to try taking away her water an hour or so before bed and see if that helps. I feel like a bad person when I do that, but the logic part of my brain reminds me that she's not going to die from a few hours without water.
I had a bad afternoon yesterday. My bus got stuck in traffic, my dog was misbehaving and peeing all over the place, dinner was disgusting (I learned I don't like omurice), and I was cold and cranky.

I felt better in the morning once I had a good night's sleep and a cry.

I hope this afternoon goes better. Today has been busy but things have not exploded too much. Now I just need the bus and train to work in harmony to get me home.

My plans for tonight are to cook something I can't mess up, take a shower, and attempt to crochet my dress again.

On a random note, I have been following liveblogs of the prop 8 case. They're really interesting. I think my head will explode if the pro prop 8 guys win because their arguments are really lame and they say the dumbest things.

Here's a good, clear article that sums up the case.
Noname is being a bad girl today.

I don't blame her for waking me at 9 to pee. When you have to go, you have to go. And I'd rather walk her than clean the floors.

But then she scratched up my legs and would not sit down while I tried to put on my coat and shoes.

When we got outside, she kept trying to run into the street. She KNOWS she's not allowed in the street unless I give her the command "Come."

She kept getting her leash tangled on things. Not the usual trees and signs, but car and dumpsters!

She would not stand still when she had poop stuck to her butt. She had me chasing her across the lawn to clean it up.

And she kept pulling on the leash, trying to get it out of my hands. Which she managed to do once, while I was trying to bag the poop hanging from her butt.

Now I'm too awake and angry to go back to sleep. I told her to go to her bed because I don't want to look at her right now. Stupid dog.
We finally got hot water back today. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a shower that much. It feels so good to be clean again!

I felt so gross yesterday, I couldn't concentrate on anything. So today I have been getting stuff done. I paid my bills. And attempted to fill out the form to get my new social security card. But the forms didn't say where to mail it!

Their website is down for scheduled maintenance this weekend too. Sure, I could call, but phones are scary. And probably surly too. It's a government phone line after all.

I'm about ready to kick my dog out a window. I hate when she tries to protect me. She has been barking all day. I have a headache.

I'm debating whether I will go to a gay rights protest tomorrow. I feel like I should, but I hate going to do things alone. I'm not sociable enough to talk to strangers. I guess I should decide soon though, in case I want to make a sign.

I think I'll make some bread this afternoon.
Ben woke me up because my dog vomited at his feet. As I stumbled out of the bed room, I stepped in dog vomit twice.

After cleaning my feet in the bathroom, I continued to the kitchen for carpet cleaning supplies. And found dog poop.

Cleaned up dog poop. Cleaned up dog vomit at ben's feet. Started cleaning up vomit in bedroom. (Turns out there were 3 vomit spots, but I only managed to step in two. How lucky.)

Halfway through the bedroom vomit cleaning, my dog vomited in her bed.

Then dog makes vomiting motions again. I dropped everything and took her outside to finish vomiting. She changed her mind and decided it's much too cold to vomit outside.

Barefoot and in my pajamas, I walked my dog around the block to try to get her to finish vomiting. Instead she had explosive diarrhea. But then she felt much better.

All vomit has now been cleaned up. Dog is curled up on the couch sleeping. I am awake and cranky.
Noname is being bad. :(

I woke up to a huge pile of pee and poop in the kitchen.

Then later she kept trying to eat my breakfast. No matter how often I yelled at her to go away, she kept jumping for it.

I went back to sleep after that, only to have noname savagely attacking my head so I'd wake up. She kept pulling my hair even when I yelled at her to get off the bed. She just wouldn't listen to me.

I figured she needed a walk if she was waking me so urgently, so we got all dressed up for the cold and went outside. We walked for a good 15 minutes and she didn't pee once. She did however try to go the wrong way several times, try to harass several passersby, knock the leash out of my hand, attempt to jump into the street at every chance she got, and totally ignore every command I gave her.

When we got back inside I told her to lay down because I didn't even want to look at her. She's at least following that command.

What got into her? She's not normally this bad She made me so angry, I wanted to drop kick her across the street!



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