Yesterday was Endangered Species Act Day. I spent the day at the US Botanic Garden, manning a table at their ESA Day event. They very generously gave us a free table. All we had to do was provide the educational materials. The two assistants were there with me. The naive one picked everything up really fast and wasn't much of a problem at all. The stupid one was....very slow. And tended to scare people off.

You know something is wrong when people REFUSE free stuff.

The event was packed in the morning. About five schools came cruising through. The high schoolers were all snobby teenagers who made a point of ignoring me and talking to their friends as I discussed endangered wildlife. They were blocking my table! Of course they all took free temporary tattoos as they left.

The ghetto school was awful. They tried to take everything we had. We were afraid we'd run out before noon. They took ALL our re-usable grocery bags. They took STACKS of our coloring book pages. After the first person took ALL our otter coloring pages, I had to stay alert and go, "Sorry, please only take one each. We need to share these with everyone." I got stink eye from the teachers for that. Sorry, but my job is not to subsidize the crumbling dc school systems. And then the kids kept running off with our display plush animals. I'd have to chase them down and go, "Sorry! That's for display only!" When the teachers gave me a hard time, I told them they could have the toys for $25 each. I got more stink eye for that, but I got my displays back.

By the afternoon, it slowed down significantly. Turns out I didn't need to worry about running out of materials. Most of the people who visited my table in the afternoon were foreign tourists (had some fun trying to remember my spanish and japanese) and other non-profits at the other tables.

Overall, the day was stressful and tiring, but it was really good to be out of the office. The US Botanic Garden is amazingly beautiful. I wish I had taken a picture of the Garden Court. It's the first room you enter. It totally made me gasp.

After the event ended, I spent some time walking around the garden, taking pictures. Of course my camera died about 15 minutes in. *Sigh* Guess I will need to go back. The place isn't very large though, only took me an hour to see everything, so I am sure next time I am in DC, I can set aside a little bit of time to take pictures of everything I missed.

Here are a few of the pictures I was able to capture.

Fountain with Flowers Fountain Flowers

More pictures )

There were a lot of other neat exhibits. My pictures cover maybe 25% at most. It was weird walking from the desert exhibit to the Hawaii exhibit. The desert was so hot, Hawaii felt positively chilly! And then I went into the primeval forest exhibit and was hot all over again.

The center of the large greenhouse was the jungle exhibit. It was pretty neat because you could also walk along the canopy. All the flowers were up at the top!

Then I went outside to the National Garden. They had a butterfly garden, but I guess it's not that time of year because it was mostly filled with bees. From there, the path went to the First Ladies Water Garden which was a fancy fountain. It was hot and I was tempted to splash in it, but there were people around who would have looked at me funny. After that was a long winding Regional Garden filled with plants that are native to the area. Some of them had signs indicating how native americans and early colonists used those plants. I thought that was neat.

The end of the path led to the Rose Garden, which is not what I imagined rose gardens to look like at all. I had in my head perfectly manicured rose bushes, without a single petal out of place. This garden allowed the roses to grow about as wild as the ones in front of my house. (I only trim them back when they start grabbing me along the walkway.) Not that there was anything wrong with that, but it was just very different from my expectations.

I liked how none of the roses looked like the sad, fragrance-less, tulip-like things that pass for roses at florists. And they all smelled quite nice. I did stop to smell the roses. And I managed to grab a picture with my phone. My phone seems to only be able to handle good photos in super bright light.

I decided to skip the final section, Bartholdi Park, because it looked like there was a lot of construction going on. I am uncomfortable around cranes and other large construction vehicles.

I still had time to kill before ben could leave work, so I decided to head over to a local yarn store and pick up some gifts for people. I walked all the way over only to discover they were closed! Their blog says they were closing early for their child's graduation. Pooo! Maybe next time I am in the area, I guess...

After that, I went home. While I was waiting at the bus stop for ben, the Witch of the Wasteland hobbled over, wheezing and coughing with every step. She made the most awful breathing sounds once she sat down in my bus shelter. And then SHE PULLED OUT A PACK OF CIGARETTES and started to chain smoke. I don't know what is going to kill her first - heart disease or lung cancer.

I abandoned the bus shelter at that point because I like oxygen. I was annoyed because the shelter had stickers all over the place saying, "no smoking!"

Ben showed up not too long after. I was starving and tired, so we decided to go out to eat for dinner instead of making something at home. We tried out a place called Thai Tada, which is like the sister restaurant of another thai place we like. Some of the chefs at the original place wanted to try out their own recipes, so they split up and formed the new restaurant. The food did taste very familiar, but presentation was far more modern.

I ended up going to bed very early when we finally got home. It was a long day!

We're supposed to go to ikea today and get a bed for the guest room, but ben is still sleeping so who knows now if that's going to happen. It's already after noon!
Work yesterday was mostly dull, up until the point it got stupid. I was asked, "What are our aluminum water bottles made of?" When I told her "aluminum," she then asked, "What kind?" I eventually got her to go away by reassuring her that there was no lead in the aluminum water bottles.

In the afternoon, we had a mandatory "fun committee" happy hour. I managed to evade it by standing firm and insisting I was uncomfortable going to a drinking even when I don't drink. And really, who has a mandatory ALCOHOLIC event for team building? For all they know, someone might be an alcoholic and they just made it one bit harder for that person to stay sober.

I was feeling bizarrely sad about it. Not about not going, but about how I don't like to do things that most people like and as a result I am always off on my own. It's lonely.

I was probably not in the best state of mind when I got to the bus stop after work. Which was not a good thing because ben fell asleep at work and forgot to pick me up. I waited at the station for nearly an hour. I had to use every trick I had to avoid crying. When ben finally arrived and I was safely in the car, I broke down into sobs. I hate being alone and I hate being forgotten.

Ben kept me company while I cooked, which was probably a smart move because I was feeling really down. We had tortellini and baked asparagus. I gave my dog a little bit of asparagus. She thought it was the best thing ever.

I spent the rest of the evening sitting alone on the couch feeling sorry for myself until it was time for bed. I really didn't want to get up again this morning. I don't think it helps my mood that it has been rainy and gray for the entire week.

Today there are workers just outside the window behind me. They are repairing the windows, which involves a lot of loud scraping and, oddly, saws. It's giving me a headache. I wonder if I can use that as an excuse to go home and continue my pity party.
Stuffed Artichokes

Stuffed artichokes look very nice, but take far too long to make and are a pain to eat.

In other news, my bus driver missed our exit today. It was the last exit before the airport, so we had to go all the way there and then turn around. It only delayed us about 10 minutes. If that happens to be the worst bus incident I have for the rest of the year, I will be very happy. (Please no buses igniting into flames like last summer.)
Yesterday afternoon was miserable. I left work early because ben had a d&d game to go to. But something went wrong at his office, so I had to wait at the bus stop until he was done. I waited for over 90 minutes. And it was cold, rainy, and WINDY. My bus shelter was incredibly insufficient against the wind.

When ben was finally able to come save me, I cried in the car. I was really really upset.

Ben heated up some dinner for me and cuddled me on the couch. I felt a bit better once I was warm and full. Even noname helped out by going in the yard by herself. (Normally she insists on supervision.)

Then we all went to bed early where I stuck my ice cold hands on ben's chest to steal all the heat from his heart. Somehow he survived.

Today I dressed up like a big girl (even wearing a fancy jacket) because I am going to a benchmarking session this afternoon. There will be free food. And I will network.

I am mildly annoyed because my new business cards have not arrived yet. I'll have to cross out my last name, title, and email on my old ones. Not really professional looking... *sigh*
I got to work over 15 minutes early today! Madness!

There was a nearly empty bus waiting at the bus stop when ben dropped me off. It left soon after I boarded. And there was absolutely no traffic for once.

Then when I got to the train station, there was a nearly empty train waiting! I jumped on just as the doors closed. In addition, there were no delays for the entire ride.

Normally everything is crowded and slow, but there was no one around this morning. What is going on? Did everyone call in sick to enjoy the nice weather today? (Why didn't I think of that?)

I wish it was like this every day. I could use that extra 15 minutes for sleep. It would be glorious.
Yesterday I gave my dog new dog food. I decided to splurge and get her the good stuff. The kind where the first ingredient is a meat rather than a by-product or a plant. She LOVED it. She consumed the whole bowl nearly 10 minutes after I poured it. I felt bad and gave her extra because that was supposed to last her all day. But she immediately consumed the extra bit too.

Work was work. The usual demoralizing stuff. The super nice coworker from online found a new job and is leaving next week. I hope it ends up being a really good place for her to work.

Metro had another breakdown in the evening, so it took me a very long time to get home. Trains were running every 15 minutes instead of the usual 3-5 minutes. When I got to the bus station, I had to stop and put more money on my card. I ended up at the end of the line for the bus.

The bus filled up, leaving about five of us behind. But another one came about 8 minutes later. And since the trains were 15 minutes apart, that meant there was no one else but us five. We had the whole bus to ourselves. It was really nice and totally makes up for having to wait a couple extra minutes.

After ben picked me up, we went to microcenter so ben could buy more monitors while they were still on sale. He really liked the one he got on his birthday. Then we went to the pho place which was just a few shops down.

Pho is a perfect meal on a cold rainy day like yesterday. Ben had veggie and made it deathly spicy. I had dark meat chicken and made it super sweet. We also got bubble tea. It was a good dinner that left us very full and sleepy.

Unfortunately ben ended up getting called into work. I slept for a few hours without him. It was sad and lonely. I was glad when he came back.

Today is bitterly cold. I wish spring would get here already.
Currently I am trapped in my old apartment with no heat. But I have electricity, so I'll just try to distract myself from the cold.

Last night was the worst commute of my life. Not exaggerating. Five hours long and I came home with the beginnings of frost bite.

First of all, the trains were packed. But I did get a train without waiting longer than 10 minutes, so it wasn't that bad actually. The real problems started when I got to the bus station.

The line for the buses snaked around the platform and up the escalator into the metro station. I waited 90 minutes for a bus; and most of the waiting was spent out in the snow and wind. Eventually a bus did arrive. Not MY bus. But A bus. By this point I wasn't even sure my bus would EVER arrive, so I hopped on this one figuring a bus that goes part of the way was better than waiting out in the cold. Bonus: I got a seat!

I was really glad for that seat too, because it was a two hour bus ride. It only took us about 15 minutes to get almost to our exit because the buses get to use a special lane. But there's one final mile of highway that needs to be passed before we exit. And that's where we spent most of our time. The highway was a parking lot. And to make it worse, people did in fact park their cars and start walking home.

I do have to compliment everyone around me through the waiting and the bus ride. Everyone kept their spirits high and were more than willing to share their food and drinks with other riders that were feeling hungry or unwell.

After we finally got off the highway, it became extremely clear that we weren't getting to the park and ride. The roads here were parking lots too. The driver finally got us as far as the cross street and let us loose into the snow.

Ben had tried to dig our car out to come get me, but he couldn't compete against the snow. So I was left at the park and ride with no way home. I had to walk. Which actually wasn't as bad as standing because at least the movement was keeping me warm. However, I noticed during the walk that my feet were feeling more and more like clubs as I went.

While walking, the sky was flashing and booming because we had THUNDERSNOW! Although I was miserable at the time, I can appreciate the epicness of it all.

Trees were falling all around me as I walked. TRESS! One large one came crashing down right into the road. Luckily no one was hit. If it had fallen just a foot more to the right or left, it would have hit someone because there was nowhere for anyone to go to avoid it.

Lots of people were out trying to move the trees. And some people were even nice enough to direct traffic to help people avoid more roads with fallen trees. The local gov't may be totally incompetent when it comes to dealing with snow, but at least everyone else was able to work together and try to get through it the best they could.

After I had totally lost feeling in my feet, finally a kind person drove by and offered me a ride. Her car was so wonderfully warm. She was actually lost because she had to detour from a road covered in fallen trees. I gave her directions to the road she was trying to get to. I think it was a fair exchange of favors.

And then I was finally home! Ben was concerned about the loss of feeling in my feet and filled the bathtub with warm water for me to soak them in until circulation returned. Some of my toes were extremely pale. When the water finally started to warm them, they itched like crazy! Poor sad toes....

Ben and I watched some more My Little Ponies, and then went to bed. Except we had no blankets or pillows or pjs or even a change of clothes. But we did have an air mattress! We went to bed in our work clothes and fuzzy robes, using my dog's stinky bed blanket for warmth. BECAUSE WE LOST HEAT. And was anyone going to get out in this weather and fix it? No, of course not!

So we slept for six hours before it got too cold in the apt to stay still. I hope my bird is going to be ok. We still have gas and electricity though. I have pots of boiling water on the stove to try to keep things in here a little warmer. And ben is trying to shovel out the car with our stupid little travel shovel. The full sized shovel is at the house...

I have a 2 hour delay for work. I can't believe they are asking us to come in. I don't even know how I am getting in. The buses are running on a saturday schedule. I would try working from home in the apt, heat. Yeah... And the house has no internet. Awesome.

So what have I learned from yesterday? When the office lets you leave 2 hours early for weather, leave 3 hours early.
After an intensely awkward week, I was very happy to go home yesterday afternoon. So of course my happiness was not to last.

There was a major accident on the highway (several people died) which blocked off all lanes except one. That meant that buses were unable to get through. I had to wait an hour for my bus. I would have been more understanding if the guys managing the buses as they arrived did a better job.

At first, when a bus arrived the station manager would assign it a route based on how many people were waiting for that particular route. There was a big crowd for 551, so the first bus that arrived was assigned to take the 551 route. The next biggest group was for 554, so they got the next bus. The third biggest crowd was my bus, the 552. But when a bus arrived for us, the manager changed it to 551 again! There were only about 20 people still standing around for that bus! It was infuriating. An old lady totally flipped out on the manager and screamed at him the entire time we had to continue waiting.

So 15-20 minutes of shouting later a fourth bus finally arrives and is assigned 552. It was packed because we had waited so long. The lady continued to shout until it pulled out of the station. I was hungry, tired, and had a headache. Thankfully ben ordered pizza so I could just sit on the couch and eat and watch cartoons.

Today was better. I got to sleep late. Then ben and I went to get comic books. We read them while we ate lunch. Then we stopped at a craft store so I could buy yarn for Monster booties and a hat with horns. I was going to start them after christmas, but since that coworker got fired, I need to finish them much sooner. Her last day is in January, but I am very slow. So far I've pulled it apart twice. The pattern is extremely hard for me to follow.

The craft store was super packed, but I thought they were handling it very well. Many registers were open, plus there were two employees going down the line and pre-scanning everything. That way when you got to the register, you'd hand over a card the other employees gave you, which when scanned told them the total of everything in your cart. It was a very good idea and kept things moving smoothly.

Except for the old woman who thought she was too special to wait in line. She walked right up to the register, cutting me off. When the man told her she needed to wait on line, she told him, "But I only have a few things to return." He tried explaining to her 1) returns take a long time, 2) everyone has to wait, 3) I had been waiting this whole time and she cut me off. None of this mattered to her. Finally she let me get my stuff paid for when he promised to deal with her returns after I finished.

Tonight I want to go food shopping for some thanksgiving stuff. If I start now, I can worry less about the store running out. Last year I shopped the last minute and they were all out of frozen cranberries. I won't let that happen again!
A creepy man was creepy on the bus today.

First of all, he was sitting far too close. Luckily I always put my purse on the seat next to me. I've had for too many people tried to rub butts against me.

Creepy guy tried to ask me to move my purse but I pretended not to hear him. So he pushed himself harder against my purse. I stayed stubborn.

After a little while, the man reached his arm up and tried to put it around me! I appropriately freaked out, leaned away from him and yelled, "NO!"

Everyone turned and looked towards us.

The guy tried to play cool and pretended he was stretching and not being a total creep. Then he got off the train at the first stop.

That was a really weird, uncomfortable situation.
It seems like whenever I wear a particular pair of shoes, metro breaks down AND there are bus problems. I think it's because they are my least comfortable pair and metro hates me. Ben thinks metro breaks down every day and I only notice how super bad it is when my feet are uncomfortable.

About 5 blue line trains went by before an orange line train did. I had to let 3 orange line trains go by before I could squeeze into one. Thanks to that, I got the the bus station about 5 minutes after my bus had left. To make things worse, the fare gates were not working correctly so no one could get out of the station. There was a huge backup. I think the manager had to restart the gates, cause they did eventually start working again. Well, at least some of them did.

I got out of the station just in time to see the bus after mine roll away. Ben had offered to pick me up from the park and ride, so I was aiming to catch that one. I had to wait for the next one, which arrived about 10 minutes late. It was a bit crazy.

On the bus, there was a horrible woman talking on the phone to someone about her baby. The whole way. About every stupid thing he does. I wanted to yell at her that no one cares about her crotch droppings but her, but I just bit my tongue and tried to focus on my crossword puzzle.

Ben was super sweet after my awful ride home and helped me make dinner. We made mushroom stew. It involved cutting up a ton of mushrooms. The end product looked a lot like medieval peasant food. It was very earthy looking. I even cut myself a big hunk of bread to complete the effect. Didn't taste bad though. And was extremely filling.
Had a weird scare at the bus station today. I thought I saw cockroach.

I walked by, trying to decide if I should confront him or totally ignore him. I decided that I should totally ignore him unless I could come up with something REALLY scathing and witty to say.

While I was brainstorming, my brain actually started working and I realized two very logical things.
1. The guy was smoking. And cockroach didn't smoke. Detested smoking. So while it was possible he picked up the habit, it wasn't likely.
2. The guy was at MY BUS STATION. Last I heard, cockroach was living up in detroit doing grunt work for a florist. He'd have absolutely no reason to be in DC.

So I decided it must have been some sort of weird doppleganger. Still disturbing, but less distressing.
A canopy at one of the stations broke and fell onto the tracks last night on the blue and yellow line. Unfortunately for me, the blue line shares track with the orange line, so my trains were totally backed up as well. It took me forever to get home last night.

The trains were running really far apart, so when they arrived, they were already full. Your trains had to pass before I could squeeze myself into one. Then we frequently got backed up in tunnels or at stations, waiting for the backed up trains in front of us to move. I think I sat at ballston for at least 15 minutes.

Thankfully a very nice person gave me their seat when they saw I couldn't reach a pole and am too short to grab the ceiling ones. Nice people are wonderful.

Eventually I did get to my stop. I had missed my bus, as well as the one after it. But I was able to catch a bus after that and meet ben at the park and ride. (He is my hero.) It was a very long ride though because it was pouring. The driver couldn't safely go at pull speed, so we inched along the highway until the rain finally let up just before our exit. Isn't that always how it goes?

Ben and I then went to costco. We were out of many essential things like toilet paper and hi-chew. Now we are fully stocked once again. This has to last us until we move.

When we got home, we watched a movie called Tideland. It's the first film I've ever seen where the director appears before the film and warns viewers that they would likely hate the movie. Just as he predicted, I did not enjoy it. I don't like sad movies and this one was very sad. It's about a little girl who's parents die and she's left alone in rural texas with only her decapitated doll heads and her creepy neighbors for company.

I wish netflix would send me the movies I want. They all list a really long wait for them. I suspect they don't actually have the movies. They are big liars to even offer them!
Metro was a total failure last night and I missed my bus. The worst part was that there were no disruptions on my line. They were just running trains 8-10 minutes apart during rush hour.

Ben was sweet and offered to pick me up at the park and ride if I could catch a bus there, but the buses were running late too! *sigh* Eventually I did catch a bus and ben came to save me.

We have a inventory inspection today in our apartment, so we did some cleaning last night. I think an inventory inspection means they're going to make sure we haven't stolen the cheap microwave the apt came with when we moved in. I hope that's all it is, because we didn't have time to clean the apt all that well. We just cleared a path to the key rooms we thought they would look through.

In the middle of the night, I had a nightmare about a lovecraftian monster fighting a dinosaur. I don't remember the details too well, but I know the dinosaur had to win. I woke up in a panic, turned to ben, and told him with terror, "The DINOSAUR!!!!" And then I think I fell right back asleep.

This morning my bus stopped working randomly. Didn't seem like it was overheating. The driver was able to fix it by turning everything off and turning it back on again. I am beginning to think all the buses in town run on windows.

The turnstiles at the metro station exit were not working, so I got a free ride. Considering how much it costs me each day to ride, I don't feel bad about it. And I was reading how prices are going up again in August. They're adding a peak of the peak fare of another 20 cents if you ride the metro during rush hour. Silly me to think that peak fares covered rush hour already.

Hopefully today will go by fast so that I can get home. The yarn for my skully sweater arrived yesterday and I am excited to start it.
- I became the mayor of my local library last night. Yes, I'm that cool.

- I really love the self serve desks at the library. I never have to deal with a person. And there are never lines. Why do people wait forever at the full serve desk when there are no lines for the many many self serve computers?

- An insect bit my pinky finger last night. It's so swollen, it hurts to bend. It must be on a nerve or something, because my entire hand and wrist itch. I ended up numbing it with stuff you use on teeth just to regain my sanity.

- I am wearing the cutest socks ever today. I want to run up to strangers and tell them, "I've got BEES!"

- Creepy guy on the bus stared at me far too eagerly as I tried to find a seat this morning. I think he's mentally disabled, but that is no excuse. I'm going to stab out his eyes for being a filthy creep.

- The man sitting next to me on the bus wet himself while sitting next to me. It was horrible and there was nowhere for me to escape to. He left a large, butt-shaped wet spot on the seat. *gag*
Getting home was an adventure this afternoon. My bus broke down on the highway.

A little while back, the county was threatening to cut bus service. People protested, so the service was saved. However, all the buses and drivers that were kept on standby in case a bus breaks down were taken out of service.

So when my bus broke down today, there were no back ups to come rescue us. Instead, we had to wait for other buses to pass by. Each one would stop and take in a couple of us stranded riders. The rest of us stood on the side of the highway as speeding cars kicked grit into our eyes.

Eventually I was able to get on a bus, which took me to a bus hub. From there I was able to catch a bus that took me home. I was very tired by the end.
Forgot to mention my commute this morning!

There was a guy on the bus this morning complaining about everything. It must have been his first day or something. Loudly complaining about traffic the whole way. What was anyone going to do about it? Not like the driver could magically remove the other cars from the road.

Then when we got to the train station, he complained about the cost of tickets. And the crowded conditions on the platform. And the 5 minute delay between trains. And the crowded trains. Seems like this guy would do better traveling off peak. I complain a lot, but not loudly at the station!

I skipped the train with the complainer and waited for the next one. Unfortunately the next one had no ac. I tried skipping around from car to car, thinking it was one small malfunction, but it looks like it was the whole train! In the end I just tried to sit and think cool thoughts. I was not feeling up to waiting for the next train and having to stand the whole way. At least the hot train had plenty of seats.

The man sitting next to me was cascading sweat. He smelled pretty bad. And then he started scratching himself all over. Like he had a giant rash. He ended up taking off his shirt so he could scratch more of himself. It was extremely gross and I moved to another seat as soon as I could.

After the train though, the outside air felt wonderful. The walk to work was so nice, I wished I could just keep going. But I was a good girl and went in.
Am exciting afternoon for me. My bus caught fire.

About 5 minutes into the trip, the bus started to make a warning beep. Not too long after that, the engine just gave up. Our driver pulled the bus aside and we waited about a minute. Then the bus started up again. But that only lasted a few more minutes. Then the engine shut down again.

The bus was also starting to smell like things burning and melting. It was not a good smell.

We went stop and go stop and go all the way home. A 15 minute trip took twice as long. The bus stalled at one point in the toll gate. Then stalled again in an intersection.

Finally, as we were pulling into the park and ride, the whole thing started to fill with smoke. We all had to evacuate since the bus was on fire. Luckily no one was hurt, though some people were coughing a bit from the smoke.
Today was the commute from hell.

My train broke down in the middle of a tunnel. After about 20 minutes of trying to move and failing, they sent another train to come up from behind and push my train to the next station.

We were all offloaded and had to wait for another train. I waited an hour for a train because they were all so crowded. I couldn't squeeze onto one at all.

I just barely made me bus, but it was standing room only. I guess I should just be grateful I didn't miss it.

But then my bus driver didn't stop when I pulled the cord! We were yelling Hey/Excuse me!/What are you doing? but the guy just kept going!!!! He stopped a couple blocks later. By then, it was completely dark out and raining. It was a long, cold, wet walk home.

I am tired and unhappy. I think I'll go to bed soon. :( I don't want to have to commute all over again tomorrow...
Another bad day, but it's over now, so I can at least sigh with relief.

I did my best to get through the work day despite the dizzy medicine. Tomorrow is the last of the medicine though. Just need to survive until then.

Towards the end of the day, I made the happy discovery that a high dose of motrin will now barely dull my mouth pain. So at least tomorrow I won't have to be so dizzy.

Metro was a disaster. I felt like I'd never get home. So crowded. So many screaming kids. And I was so dizzy and tired. When I had finally reached the bus stop, I had very definitely missed my bus. It was a long cold wait for the next one. With screaming people waiting with me. I still have no idea why they were screaming. Just to hurt me I guess. Crazy people.

When my bus finally arrived, it was a driver in training. So the ride home was extremely long. And more of the screaming children. I just wanted to close my eyes and disappear forever.

But one small triumph today. I ate bread. SOLID food. Sure, it was soaked in soup to make it very very soft, but I still had to chew it a little. My gums hurt a tiny bit, but I don't care. They have to get used to not holding chompy teeth.

I think I might go to bed early. Bad days are always extra tiring.
Today was a failure day.

I fell asleep on the bus and a woman sat on me. I must have slid a bit into the seat next to me. Rather than poke or tap me to wake me up, she just flopped herself right on top of me. RUDE!

The metro was no better. I did my best to stay to the sides of the walkways away from the fast crowds, but I was never out of the way enough. I kept getting pushed and shoved all over. It was sad.

I tried my best to get through work, but I had a terrible time concentrating. I did manage to get a couple easy things done. I was sent home early though when I tried to give my boss my fortnightly (because bi-weekly is confusing) status report and wasn't able to make a complete sentence.

I was wearing my glow in the dark shoes today and fell down as soon as I got into my dark apartment because they were so shiny and I was so dizzy. Ben sent me to bed after that.

He woke me for dinner. Mashed potatoes again. Then my mom called and complained about my lack of food variety. Like I have a choice? I'd love a big slice of pizza or a burger, but that's not going to happen until these gums get their chance to heal.

I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow. My mouth hurts so much. Will it ever get better?



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