The house is quiet. The house has not been this quiet for about a year.

My bird just would not stop screaming. No matter what I did, She would not stop. I even consulted a bird expert. They suggested my bird had decided I was her mate and that she was screaming all day because I would not return her affections.

So over the weekend, I drove up to NY to bring my bird to live with my parents. They have several other birds, so I'm hoping she will make friends and talk to them rather than scream at me all day long.I feel a little guilty abandoning her, but I just didn't know what else to do.

During the trip, I also did fun stuff.

On Saturday I went to the Bronx zoo with my family and a few friends. Aside from the ridiculous everything-costs-extra pricing, I had a good time. I got the all you can eat ticket so I didn't have to worry about pulling out my wallet at every turn. They had an animatronic dinosaur safari that was both cheesy and awesome. There were baby dinosaurs!

I also saw a super cute baby sea lion afterwards. It was so tiny! And a baby rhino that was surprisingly bouncy for something so big.

I was a little disappointed by the penguin feeding which did not have enough viewing room for everyone to see. Also, why did the whole building smell like cat urine?

But I did get to ride on a bug carousel, so that was neat.

Overall it was a good day. I was totally exhausted when it was over.

On Sunday, I met up with friends for board games and dinner. The board games were fun except for a stupid card game we played where I lost every single round. Dinner was good even though a lot of it was food I had never tried before. My dish was tasty though. I had cauliflower and it had spices in it to give it a very slight flowery taste. And then the baklava was a perfect way to end the dinner.

I also met my friend's dog harley who was super adorable and kissy and I wanted to take him home. I kept hugging and squeezing him and singing him the puppy pants song.

Monday I drove him and then crashed to sleep. I slept most of tuesday too. I unpacked wednesday and then today I started classes again!

I had two classes this morning, both in computer science and by the same teacher. So far it looks like basic easy stuff so I'm not too worried.

I have one more class tonight. A calculus class. Shouldn't be too terribly hard assuming the teacher speaks understandable english.

I think I might take a short nap before that so I'll be fresh for the late night class. Pretty inconvenient that they didn't have any good daytime ones.
I think physical therapy might actually be helping. I haven't had a bad day with my shoulder since Thursday. It has been tense and tight, but none of the usual deep ache that it normally has.

In PT, they have been having me work to build up the muscles elsewhere so that the sore muscle doesn't have to work so hard and ache. I do a ton of stretches for my lower back, a weird set of stretches on a foam roll for my upper front and back, And then a ton of muscle building exercises with rubber bands and rowing machines. They suggested I go out and buy the rubber bands to continue after PT finishes since it is easy and unobtrusive in the home. I'm going to have to keep up some of the exercises after PT is over or else everything will weaken again. :(

In other news, I have decided to get rid of my bird. She NEVER stops screaming. It makes me crazy. I have migraines a couple times a month from the screaming. And I can't get any studying done because I can't concentrate.

Luckily my mother agreed to take her. She has a ton of other cockatiels so Captain Flint will have plenty of friends.

Unluckily, I have to drive to NY to drop the bird off. Looks like early August will be the soonest I can do that. I'm not looking forward to the long drive. It always hurts my shoulder and back, but hopefully the PT will improve that.

I think I will drive down on a Friday, see friends and whatnot for two days, and then return on Monday. I will need to see how Ben feels about that.
I think everyone can agree that this has not been a good week.

I found myself glued to the internet Thursday night through Friday evening as a shooting near MIT quickly escalated into a full city manhunt. Pretty crazy.

Twitter was the fastest source of news, if you didn't mind that about 75% of it was incorrect. The amount of misinformation that night was mindboggling. Adding to my frustration, even the info on the police scanner wasn't totally accurate.

The mandatory lockdown of the whole city seemed a bit extreme, but on the other hand, no civilians got shot.

Hopefully fame-seeking nuts don't try to emulate the guy from yesterday. Every news channel was covering the hunt all day. That's a lot of attention for one individual.

My dad wanted to drive to boston and pick up my brother, which is silly because 1. They didn't want anyone going in or out of the city, 2. My brother lived in the next town over where shooting wasn't happening at all.

In other news, I had a dentist appointment yesterday to have a permanent crown put in. This was attempt #2 after the first crown was made improperly and didn't fit. But of course this crown didn't fit either. The dentist says the last time this has happened was a decade ago and he was going to call the lab personally and give them a talking to. In the mean time, I have my temporary crown back in and an appointment for attempt #3.

And on the Captain Flint front, she is looking a bit better. The medicine has definitely helped her for the pain. We spend a good hour or so cuddling each day and she seems pretty upbeat. She has started trying to hobble on the broken leg a little, giving her a peg leg gait. So her new full name is going to have to be Captain Flint the peg leg parrot. She also seems to be adjusting pretty well to living in a fish tank.
Captain Flint looks to be doing better. Well, as good as she can be with a broken leg.

She was significantly calmer, so I guess the pain meds are helping. It's pretty cute how she prefers the taste of one pain med over the other.

I'm a little concerned she's not eating and drinking enough. I bribed her to eat with millet (her most favorite thing ever) which seems to have worked. But she doesn't seem too interested in water. I forced her to drink a little by putting drops on my finger and pushing the drops into the corner of her mouth. So she drank that at least.

She seems to have adjusted to life in a fish tank, so that's good. And I make sure to spend at least an hour cuddling her each day. It's a little hard, because she gets so excited she wants to climb all over me. But doctor's orders! No climbing! So I try to put something shiny next to me or in my lap to keep her in one spot.
Yesterday was....a day.

I was super nervous to go to class because we were getting our tests back. I knew I passed but I wasn't sure I passed with an A. Being insane, not passing with an A is as good as failing. (It is a miracle I survived college the first time.) But I got a 90 which is an A just barely so Yay!

We got extensions on our homework because it's super hard and everyone was confused. I spent the weekend alternating between fighting with the code and crying about how I'll never be a programmer. I got the program to work, but based on some hints she gave in class, I need to re-write a few parts. I took copious notes.

After class, I headed home to find Maggie standing on top of a screaming Captain Flint. Stupid bird had jumped off her cage AGAIN. But this time, Maggie had managed to do something really bad to Flint's leg. It was bent in ways it should not bend. And she wouldn't stop screaming. It was terrible.

Clearly the leg was broken so I searched for a nearby avian vet and called the right away. They were able to squeeze me in so we rushed over. The vet kept asking me if I was ok spending all the money on x-rays and whatnot for a bird. I kept thinking, "If I wasn't prepared to spend a stupid amount of money on a bird, I wouldn't have gone to a vet." But I used her concern to get $100 knocked off the bill.

An x-ray later, it was determined that she broke the leg right at the knee, so they couldn't splint it. A splint would cause the leg to fuse straight out and she would have extreme difficulties walking and climbing in the future. Instead, they recommended letting it heal naturally. It will likely heal a little shorter and to the side, compared to how it used to be, but her quality of life will likely be better when it's all said and done.

They recommended pain killers and lots of rest. It took forever to get the medicine because they had to hand-make it. They returned maybe 30 minutes later with solutions of ground up pills and tiny syringes to administer them. We practiced giving her the meds at the vet. Flint is so smart. She knew exactly what to do. I guess that means she was hand-fed as a baby.

So after that ordeal was over, we went home to discover someone had bombed Boston. That was a bit upsetting to say the least. I just don't understand how anyone could willfully harm other people like that.

But life does not stop so I gave Flint her first dose of medicine and then ran to the store to get hr a fish tank. I knew there was no way she was going to not climb all over her cage while healing, so a tank with nice smooth edges is just the thing she needed for forced relaxation.

Lucky for me, petco was having a $1/gallon sale on tanks! I got a nice big long one for only $20. Plenty of room for a crippled bird to rest and relax. It was super heavy, so I had a guy there lift it into my cart for me. Then I basically had him take me around the rest of the store to buy everything else I needed. (A lid, bedding, etc.) And then he carried it all out to my car for me. It was like having a personal assistant! Too bad he wasn't there to help me drag that huge thing into the house...

Flint hates her tank because it is new and scary, but I am sure she will get used to it. She'll be in there for a while because the vet said no climbing for THREE MONTHS. Then minimal climbing for the next 3 months. So really 6 months for full recovery. Poor little bird.

Speaking of which, it's about time for her next dose of medicine. I really hope it's helping her feel better.
We had a huge sudden storm last night. During the worst of it, it felt like the sky was exploding directly above my house. The whole house was shaking with each roll of thunder. The windows rattled, objects on tables bounced, and the walls were vibrating. It was pretty scary. I jumped more than a few times. And the dog and bird were equally terrified. They insisted on sticking close to me the entire time to protect them. I have never seen my bird that scared before.

Thankfully the storm left as quickly as it arrived. By the time ben got home, it had mostly faded. He was able to cuddle and reassure my pets while I was finally able to pry them off of me to shower.

This morning, the neighborhood felt like a rainforest room at a zoo. Very hot and humid. I thought it was neat. My dog was less amused and wanted to return to the ac as soon as possible. She is so spoiled.
I woke up yesterday morning feeling a bit under the weather. I had all the signs of coming down with something - headache, sore throat, congestion, and sensitive skin. But I didn't feel so bad that I couldn't get up and move around, so I went to work anyway.

I took my misery out on our marketing agency. I was extra harsh on them each time they messed up. Especially over misspellings in the copy. Supposedly this stuff is going over to a proofer, but time and again they have proven that this is not the case.

In the afternoon, we had a feast of balls in honor of colbert. There were cheese balls, meat balls, popcorn balls, cake balls.... It was quite extensive.

I wasn't feeling better at all by the time I got home, so ben and I decided to pick up dinner instead. We decided to use my groupon to The Pollo Factory. I had heard good things about the place and had been meaning to try it, but it's in a lousy location so I had always put it off. The groupon was good motivation. I'm glad I got it cause that was some amazingly good peruvian chicken. The skin was caramelized and crunchy while the meat inside melted in your mouth. The guy at the counter said they imported their spices from peru, which I thought was an interesting little factoid. Ben must have really liked it because he ate half a chicken by himself. We will probably go there again in the future.

I did feel a bit better after a good dinner, but I decided it would be best if I rested up to beat whatever I was coming down with. I crawled into bed and alternated between sleeping and watching tv. It was kinda annoying when I'd fall asleep during the middle of the show, wake up at the end, and have to search through to figure out at what point I lost consciousness.

This morning, I don't feel any better, but I don't feel any worse either. I have fed my pets and eaten breakfast. I will probably head back to bed again soon. I'm trying to spent a little bit of time with my bird, who was totally neglected last night as I tried to recover. She's a very social animal and gets very upset when she doesn't get some quality time with me each day.
My bird keeps trying to peck my eyes out! :(

If I didn't have glasses on, she would have pecked them already! Thankfully birds don't understand glass.

[EDIT] I put her in her cage for a time out. She's making extremely pitiful, "I'm sorry!" noises.
Bird vomited all over me. According to the internet, that means she really likes me.
I woke up at 7 this morning and it was still dark. I disapprove.

Noname woke up in a really good mood though! She ate her breakfast without any trouble. She was so super excited for her pumpkin and peanut butter. Then we went on a walk where she managed to poop a little again! Yay poop! We walked together until it started to snow, then headed back in to open gifts.

Noname loved all her gifts! But of course edible gifts always come first. I spoiled her a little bit by leaving her new box of treats on the floor for her to take as many as she wanted. (After about 5 cookies, I took it away though. I have to be a tiny it responsible.)

Noname opening her gifts Noname loves Christmas

My bird of course hates her gift because she's hateful. But I'm sure after a couple days she'll give it a try. I got her a new perch with pumice glued to it to help file her nails. She hates when I clip her nails, so I figured we'd both be happier if she could keep her nails shorter on her own.

I think ben and I are going to try to have a jewish christmas dinner. We have to see what chinese food places are open today. Noname is SO SAD that she can't come with us like she did for thanksgiving.

Noname is tired of having her picture taken
holytoastr: (duckie)
Last night I was slicing an apple with Captain Flint sitting on my shoulder. She kept staring at the apple and doing her "I want it!" dance, so I offered her a piece. Which she promptly ran away from.

As I started to eat the unwanted apple piece, she ran over and started pulling it out of my mouth. She happily nibbled on the apple while I held it in my mouth for her, but would run away again every time I took it out. She's so weird.

When I was done slicing the apple, I brought the plate over to share with ben. He was not as amused when the bird jumped onto his chest to steal his apple slices from his mouth. I thought she was very cute though.
The other night, my bird was being bad. She was trying to pick some paint off the wall. I took her away from the spot and told her if she did it again, she was getting a time out. Of course a couple minutes later I found her chewing on the wall again. So she got a time out. She was locked in her cage for 10 minutes. And for the first time in history, a time out actually worked. She hasn't chewed on the wall since. Though I'm sure in a few days she'll forget her punishment and be back to causing trouble.

Last night, she was super cuddly. She kept snuggling her face against my cheek. It was all very cute until she tried to shove her head up my nose. My nose is big, but not big enough to fit her head. Also, she refused to be cuddly when ben was watching. I kept trying to show him the cuteness, but as soon as his head turned, she'd hiss and pretend she hated me. She's a strange bird.

And in noname news, she ate too fast this morning and then crawled across the floor in agony with a stomach ache. She didn't want to go for a walk at all. I had to force her. Once she did her business, she felt a lot better. Hopefully she'll remember to eat slower in the future.
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Last night was productivity.

First I made rice balls to eat for lunch this week. (Plus one for dinner.) Nothing fancy. Cream cheese in the center. Lightly fried in a bit of butter with a little bit of soy sauce brushed on each side.

Then I got to work fixing the waistband on that skirt I was making. While I was fixing it, I added a button instead of a hook and eye clasp. I really don't like hooks and eyes. They always get caught on things in the laundry and get bent out of shape. And I can never fasten them in the dark. (Which is what I normally dress in in the morning.) The button looks much nicer and is much easier to use. Now the skirt is hanging out so the bias can set. After that, all I need to do is hem the thing. Then I'm done! Yay!

While I was sewing, my bird was sitting on my shoulder holding a conversation with my desk lamp. It must have been extremely interesting, because she chattered away the entire time.

Once that was done, I took some of the left over fabric from the skirt and made a few patches for my holey pants. I worked on that until a bit after 11. I should have stopped sooner, but ben was late and I was a bit worried.
I am quite proud of myself because I finally cleaned my bird's cage last night. It was extremely overdue. I had let it get to truly disgusting levels. There was so much bird poop, it had soaked through the newspaper. That is not healthy for little birds at all.

But now she has a clean, non-gross cage! She looked so happy!

Tonight I'm going to rearrange her toys and switch a few out to make her life more exciting. Maybe I'll even go out and buy her a new one. Birds really like it when you change their toys around. It keeps them busy exploring.
Today I learned that my bird prefers her water filtered and chilled.

Every time I pour myself a glass of cold water, my bird dashes over to get a sip. It's very hard to drink when a bird sticks her head in the glass every time you lift it to your mouth.
Tomorrow I will be making a pound cake. Because the cartoon I watched (yumeiro patissiere) made pound cakes. (With REACTIONS! All good cooking cartoons need reactions.)

I won't make anything fancy like rose cake or peach cake or tea cake. But I hope it will be mighty and tasty.

In other news, my bird tried to shove her head up my nose while I typed this. For the record, it did not fit.
Today ben and I cleaned a little bit because there is a possibility of house guests tomorrow. Even if we end up not having guests, it was a good thing to do because the apartment really really needed to be cleaned.

We didn't clean everything, but the living room looks better now and the bathroom is sanitary. Also, I cleaned the bird's cage. She's angry with me about that, but her cage was disgusting. She'll get over it and start making a new mess in no time.

Now ben is subjecting me to the karate kid. While he eats anchovies. Life is tragic.
First christmas as a married couple. Woo?

After giving gifts to the pets (noname got some cookies and a new sweater, captain flint got a jungle gym), we celebrated christmas the jewish way. Movies and chinese food.

We went to see Avatar. I thought it would have made a much better amusement park ride. It was very pretty but the story was terrible. I didn't go in expecting much of a story though, so I guess my expectations were met.

The story was intensely predictable. There was not a single moment of surprise. Even the princess and the frog had surprises. And that was a predictable disney movie!

I was not all that impressed by the 3D hype, but the actual animation was done very well. Computer graphics are getting very close to real. I think I could have enjoyed it without the 3D glasses though. 2.5 hours is far too long to wear those things. My eyes didn't feel better until I took a nap. They were watery and had trouble seeing anything clearly.

After the movie, we picked up chinese food then returned home to consume it. It made us very sleepy, so we curled up for a nice nap. We didn't wake up until the phone rang several hours later.

Ben is now playing a very very hard game. He just got killed by a giant fire-breathing spider.

Not sure what to do with myself since my traditional christmas evening activity is to read all the comic books I got. I did not get any thing year, so what do I do?

My dog is cute.
I noticed my bird's bag of seeds says, "Healthy! Tasty! Fun!" on it.

How could bird seed possibly be fun??

The only fun my bird ever has is when she's destroying something. Bird seed doesn't count cause that's just food which is supposed to be destroyed. It has to be things she thinks I'd be upset about in order to have fun. (I have tricked her by buying edible perches. She thinks she's SO BAD every time she chews them up, but really she's getting her vitamins. I occasionally chastise her for it to keep up the illusion.)
Thing I forgot to mention yesterday:

It was so quiet in the apartment, you could hear my bird fart. Over and over again. That tiny animal is just constantly farting the day away. Eww.



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