This weekend the dishwasher broke. I am not happy. The stupid thing would not drain all the way--leaving about an inch or two of gross nasty water at the bottom. I assumed that meant something was clogged (and the manual backed me up on this) so Ben and I spent nearly all day Sunday taking the stupid machine apart and cleaning every single piece.

The stuff inside was horrifying. This was not just clumps of old food. There was this weird greasy "cheese" covering everything once we got deep enough into the system. There was no way I was allowing that stuff back down my sink, so I sat in the backyard with a garden hose and a tooth brush, scrubbing the nasty stuff off.

But despite our best efforts, the stupid thing still won't drain.

I looked up the age of the machine and it's 8 years old. These days the average washer only lasts about 9 years, so it's probably not worth it to have someone come in and repair it. We'll have to get a new one. I am going to hope for good sales over labor day weekend.

And then sometime last night, someone smashed into my car. Again. And didn't even leave a note. Again.

I noticed this morning when I got in my car to head to physical therapy. Everything in the car was thrown all over the place. The coins were scattered all over the floor, my sun glasses were on the seat, papers were everywhere, things that were originally on the seat were now on the floor...

My first instinct was that someone had broken into my car. But after a quick review, I confirmed that nothing was missing. It was getting late at that point, so I resolved to figure it out later after my PT appointment.

When I got out of the car and started to walk towards the building, I noticed the paint. Tons of magenta paint and scratches all over my rear bumper.

When I got home, I looked in the street and, sure enough, there was pieces of broken magenta car scattered about. It looks like they must have hit my bumper fairly straight on, so my car didn't get too damaged. But it looks like their car took a decent beating. Which they totally deserve for hitting my car and then not even leaving a note!

The lack of note is what always gets me. How can people be so rude? I totally understand accidents happen. I don't understand cowardly running away! Jerks.

Once I have a job again, the first thing I want to do is widen our driveway so I don't have to park in the street anymore. This is getting old and annoying.
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Didn't hear from the car place since this morning, so I called them this afternoon to find out if my car was ready.

Ooops! The part never came in!

So I explained to them that I am going to be out of town this weekend and cannot do that without my car. They said all they could do is try to have to part installed by noon.

So goodbye side trip to gettysburg.... :(

If the car is not ready by noon, I am taking their loaner car to PA. I have no other choice. Because they are holding my car hostage.

Seriously never doing business with them ever again. And never buying a GM car ever again either.

GM sent me a customer satisfaction survey. They will need oven mitts just to open it. I wrote about every incompetency so far. And mentioned I still didn't have my car back. And that I was completely unsatisfied. They asked if they could call me in the next week or so to follow up. I said yes and I really hope they do because I am going to tell them about everything that has happened since then.

Thus far:
- Car breaks due to faulty parts installed by manufacturer. Discover it is part of a recall.
- Tried to make an appointment via online form. Received email that someone would call me soon to set up appointment. After 4 hours, I call instead and am told only the manager reads those emails and he's out. Foolishly make appointment.
- Take car to dealer two days later. After sitting in waiting room for an hour, am told they don't have the part they need. Am baffled because I called ahead, told them what failed, and they knew what car I have. How could they not have planned ahead?
- Receive call at end of day saying 1) part had not arrived, 2) my keys were stuck in my ignition. They said they would have everything fixed by tomorrow.
- Receive call in morning that they broke my ignition. And that it would cost $720 to fix. I refused to pay that much because they broke it in their shop. Got them down to $200 which I still don't think I should pay.
- Didn't hear anything back all day so I call this afternoon. Am told the part is still not in. Might be in tomorrow morning. Might have car fixed by noon.
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I have never had to speak to a manager at any business before.

The repair place broke my car's ignition while they were repairing my fuel tank (which is part of a recall). And now want to charge me $720 to fix it. That is money I do not have and I don't think I should be responsible for the repair. The ignition was working fine until it was in their hands and now suddenly it's broken?

So the manager is going to "see what he can do" which probably means little to nothing.

GM is not winning any brand loyalty with this kind of service. I wish I had sucked it up and paid the couple hundred dollars to have the car repaired at my local shop. Instead I'm getting stuck paying nearly a thousand dollars for something that wasn't broken to begin with!

[EDIT] Talked the manager down to $200, which is still extremely irritating but less budget busting. If I got the car towed and had some other place fix it, it would cost more than that.
I took my car in to get fixed today. The guy that helped find the loophole to get my car covered under warranty was there, so I thanked him again for helping me. A couple minutes after he took my car away, he came back and told me that since the part for my car wouldn't arrive until this afternoon, he was able to arrange a loaner car for me. Yay!

I'm so glad I don't have to sit at the car place all day. And I'm really glad this guy was nice enough to help me.

I'm going to use my sudden free time to clean the apartment and pack for my weekend trip. And cuddle my dog. Because she's adorable.
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This morning I put in a request to have my car repaired this week with the dealer. At 3 I finally called them because they seemed to have no intention of calling me back.

When I called them, I kept being cycled back the the receptionist because no one was picking up. After 3 cycles, finally she must have grabbed someone to talk to me.

I told the guy I put in a request this morning and his response was, "Well, the manager checks those and he's not in today." The stupid of that situation blew my mind.

So anyway, I told the guy that my fuel pump was cracked and needed to see if it was included in the recall. He told me he would need my VIN number to check. I was really really polite and did not correct him on "VIN number."

I was also really polite when it took a ridiculously long time for him to pull up the info. He told me that my car wasn't covered, but that if I let him call me back, he was going to check a few other databases and see if he can get it covered. It made me glad I was patient with the guy, because he did find a small loophole to the recall that allowed him to cover my car.

However, he can't get me a loaner car unless it turns out they can't finish that day. So I have to spend 3 hours at the dealer waiting for them to fix up my car. I'll have to take the day off from work, which I am not happy about. I will use the time to read and knit I guess. And hopefully there will be no problems and it will be the 3 hours as promised and no more than that.
Car bill ended up being $300. Yuck.

Got oil, air filter, and brake fluid changed. The slow crank was the battery, as I originally thought. And the mysterious gas smell? That's a problem with the fuel tank!!!

However, I didn't get the fuel tank fixed. The mechanic said that my car was recalled (thanks for telling me saturn!), and that if I brought it in to a gm dealership, they'll fix it for free. I appreciated that they told me about the recall rather than offering to do it themselves.

Also, I got a discount for living on the same block as one of the mechanics. That was weird, but neat.

So aside from the fuel tank issue, my car is all set for our PA trip. I'll have to contact gm when we get back.
Got up early to take my car to a mechanic. I'm lucky there's a good one within walking distance. The car was overdue for an oil change and has also been starting up poorly lately. I think it's either the battery or a fuel injector.

It could be the battery because it's about that time. They only last 3-5 years. Mine is a little bit older than 5 years, I think, so it would not be surprising if it needs to go.

On the other hand, the car has a faint gas smell to it, which means it could be a faulty fuel injector. If it had a leak, that could certainly explain the slow crank and the smell.

I could easily fix a battery but not a fuel injector. And I am not experienced enough nor do I have the tools to do an accurate diagnosis. So, now the car is with the mechanic who has all the tools and will give me a very big bill for using them.

Cars are expensive! I wish I lived someplace super accessible so that I'd never need to own a car.
I feel a bit better now that I have calmed down.

I was extra stressed because I had a ton of stuff that had to get done that was pushed aside for that waste of time meeting. But after lunch I decided I would make executive decisions and I moved along a handful of projects that were extremely overdue.

Then I made an appointment to have my car looked at tomorrow. It has been starting up poorly and the mileage is terrible recently, so something is clearly wrong with it. And with a long distance trip coming up, I can't afford to ignore the problem.

Getting that work out of the way and making that appointment made me feel really accomplished. I'm really glad it's Friday though. I want a good couple days without thinking about work.
Picked up my car this morning. It now works perfectly. For $1,000, it better, right?

It ended up costing slightly more than I was quoted, but they discounted my oil change to make up for it. That was nice, I guess.

I wish I could live in an area with functional mass transit. Then I could be free of the expensive car tyranny!

I was reading this morning on how metro is going to cut service to handle their budget shortfall. Most of the changes wouldn't affect me, but the cutbacks to only 6 car trains and longer waits between trains during rush hour is a serious problem. The trains are already packed running 8 cars every 3-5 minutes. And they're going to reduce car sizes and increase the wait? Dumb move!

They should at least keep the 8 cars. Does it really cost that much to pull two more cars along? If they were all 8 cars but had longer waits, that sort of cut would make sense. It would still get all the people in the train, even if they have to wait longer. I could understand that.

They won't start the changes until January. (Though, the waits I've experienced lately lead me to suspect otherwise....) Maybe they'll re-think the 6 car thing. Cause I think that change is going to make a lot of people fed up with metro, which will mean even fewer fares to cover next year's budget.
The starter needs to be replaced. They said that's $400. But then at least the car will start up in the morning. (In theory.)

Also, the car will not pass inspection due to a problem with the brakes. One I knew about and kept putting off to fix. Well, my procrastination turned the problem into a $500 problem.

Also, one of my rear lights was out. That explains all the nighttime honking lately. I thought it was just because people are horrible and evil. The repair place says that's really easy to fix, so they're just going to charge me for the bulb. No labor. After already charging me $900, how generous. :P

But hey, the windshield wipers passed! :)

Add on the actual cost of the inspection and the oil change I needed, and I've got about a $1,000 repair bill! What a holiday treat! At least for the repair guy's kids.... :P
Once again the car didn't start up this morning. Finally fed up, I called the car repair place. In addition to the starter problem, I also asked them to change the oil and give me a safety inspection. I didn't have time to put the new wipers on though. I hope it passes.

Being the crazy person I am, I panicked the entire time before dropping the car off. Why? I have no clue. That's why I am a crazy person. My heart was jumping out of my chest and I was breathing much too fast. I felt like I might throw up. Or pass out. Or both.

And then I dropped off the car and I was fine! Back to my normal self!

Seriously. Crazy person. Me.
Yesterday I tried to cheer myself up by doing a little holiday shopping. I found a fantastic hello kitty toaster but unfortunately don't have anyone to give it to. Oh well....

I still don't know what to get for my parents. They are so hard to shop for.

I was shocked that our local petsmart did not have holiday hours. I showed up at 6 and they were closed! Sad!

When I got home, ben called me to cheer me up. Just one more week and he comes home.

This morning I woke up to the sound shoveling. I half hoped that meant a snow day. Unfortunately it was just the rain that had frozen to everyone's cars last night.

My car didn't want to start again this morning. I think I need to start it while I walk the dog so that by the time I need to go to work, it has gotten over its stupid "Help! I'm being stolen!" issue it has on cold mornings.

Tonight I must go shopping for tasty snacks. We're having a potluck/white elephant party at work on Thursday and I want to make sure I have all the ingredients I'll need. (Making Alton Brown's Spinach and Artichoke Dip!) Waiting until the last minute is no good at all.
Car is fixed. An air tube near the gas tank had come loose. I suspect jiffy lube was responsible for that. Most expensive oil change ever.

They didn't even charge me to fix the tube because it was so easy. All they had to do was plug it back in.

At least now the car is fixed and I don't have to worry anymore.

I am now debating if I should go to pottery lab or not. I haven't gone all winter, so I'm a little scared.
I did eventually go shopping. I drove to tysons because there is a bus home if the car broke down and because it was far away enough to give the battery a good charge.

After 2 hours, I had a skirt and a $10 gift card for the lego store. The gift card should have been a robot, but they were all out. They are going to order more and have it shipped to me. The gift card was to apologize for the inconvenience. I gave the card to ben to bling up his robot once it gets here.

When I got home, my socks had arrived! New socks make me happy. I also bought sock glue because some of my older socks are not holding up as well as they used to. None of my socks match my new skirt though. Maybe I should buy more socks? (I really like new socks.)
Woke up around 6am from a nightmare where my friend (who looked like the big fat guy from lost), wanted to kill himself and I was doing everything I can to try to convince him otherwise. I ended up crying because there was nothing I could do to stop him.

Unfortunately I was not able to fall back asleep. Inconvenient.

Luckily I didn't have work today. I took the entire day off for a doctor's appointment. Normally the wait is 3 hours, so I thought it made sense not to worry about coming in at all.

I get out to my car, and it won't start. I called my dad, who thinks the car needs a jump. Of course the entire apt complex works, so there is no one to jump the car. Inconvenient.

Ben took a bus to work and I jogged to my doctor's appointment. The doctors and nurses were all very impressed that I was able to jog nearly 2 miles and not die. My blood pressure was absolutely perfect. The nurse said I am doing something right because I am in perfect health. (Minus my cold, which is clearing up.)

On the way home I stopped at the office to pick up my new mailbox key and to request an ash tray of some sort for in front of our building. Someone in the building smokes a lot and leaves their butts all over the lawn and stairs. It's pretty nasty. They said they would check what the policy is for that sort of thing and at the bare minimum, send out a reminder to our whole building to not be disgusting and throw butts on the ground.

Then I decided to try my car again. This time I got the bright idea to unplug ben's chargers. Car started right up! I drove the car around the block a few times to recharge the battery and have reminded ben to unplug his chargers when they are not in use. They slowly drain the battery even when the car is not on.

Now I am considering doing some shopping that I have been putting off for a long time. I need at least 1 more pair of work pants or a work skirt. I have one pair that is not going to make it through the summer if I wash it as often as I do now. I hate shopping though. It is a terrible waste of time and money. Plus I am worried that if the car breaks again, I won't be able to get home because I'll be too far away. What should I do?
Work went very fast this morning and then screeched to a halt in the afternoon. It was terrible. But I did get a lot of stuff done so I guess overall it was a good day. (Except obama delisted wolves again, so next week I get to look forward to rewriting all our copy AGAIN. The delisting wouldn't be an issue, of course, if the states involved did not have plans to kill all the wolves as soon as they are delisted. Guys, killing all the wolves will just put them back on the list again! Idiots.)

After work, I ordered chinese food and put stamps on save the dates. I think they are all set to mail tomorrow. I'm glad it's all done but was a bit annoyed with ben because he said he'd help me stamp them all but played video games instead.

After that, ben suggested we go out to see watchmen. I was kinda tired and didn't really want to see it while sleepy out of fear it would be as dull as reviews had suggested. But I went anyway cause it would make ben happy.

While pulling out of the parking lot, ben hit another car. That put me in an even worse mood.

The one thing that saved me from sitting grumpy through the entire movie was a preview for pixar's up. There was a dog that talked like a dog and it made me smile.

I am happy to report that the movie is not dull and boring like the reviewers kept saying. Also, the reviewers seriously exaggerated the amount of blue penis screen time. So ignore what they say and go see the movie. It is enjoyable.

Don't go in expecting the fast pace of your typical superhero movie though. It is very deliberately paced like the comic.

My only complaint is that they didn't show enough dead bodies and destruction at the end.

After the movie, I did my best to avoid the shattered glass everywhere. Stupid teenagers hang out on that street friday nights and trash the place. Don't they have better things to do like update their facebooks or something?

When we got home, ben called the insurance company and they told him what to do about the scratched car. I'm glad he took care of it. Worrying about the situation was giving me a headache through the whole movie.

I need to finish up my laundry now and go to bed because I am going to try to get adopted by butterflies tomorrow.
I left work early because the glass people missed the appointment and ben needed to go to work. But as I was on the bus home, they showed up! So I went home for nothing. Oh well, glad it was taken care of at least.

In other news, I have identified 33 songs suitable for a space wedding. (Well, 31 plus a large suite with several movements and a radio show.) I am not sure what to do with the radio show, actually. I just think it's neat.
The List So Far )
1. People will be here on Tuesday to repair the window. It's far too cracked to drive safely. I'm annoying I couldn't get an appointment sooner.

2. It's raining. I hope the plastic bag I taped to the window will help keep water out of my car.

3. My bird has been getting uppity, so I have clipped her wings. When she shows me some respect, I'll let them grow out again.

4. I don't know how ben is getting to work tomorrow.

5. I wanted to go food shopping, but rain plus no car makes that seem unlikely.

6. I have chai.
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Called insurance company to report damage. They are going to send people to look at it. But they don't know when. They'll call me to set up an appointment. This is annoying.
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Someone smashed my car window!!!



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