On to January, so I don't have to type up an entire month all over again.

Also, forgot to mention one thing in December: the final for my programming class.

It was written by someone other than my teacher. And was not very clear at all. My teacher ended up having to explain the directions for every single question on the test because the wording was so poor. I freaked out a lot during the test. I knew the stuff, but the wording of everything made me make stupid mistakes. In the end though, I passed the class with an A. Go me!

Ok, now January.

After new years, I got a lot of sleeping done. Then a lot of cleaning. And cooking. Sooooo much cooking.

It felt good to put away the christmas decorations. Freedom from the most depressing holiday of the year.

Maggie's eye cleared up right away. She was back to her old nonsense in no time.

In other news, noname seems to have developed a uti and is alternating between dribbling on everything and directly peeing on everything. I called the vet, but they couldn't squeeze her in until monday. So we bought noname a pack of diapers to get by until then. Poor smelly puppy.

And then speaking of diapers, on thursday ben and I drove up to baltimore to drop off food to our friends who just had a baby. (Hence all the cooking.) We brought spinach and mushroom lasagna, roasted veggie and kale soup, chocolate chip ice cream, pumpkin spice rice krispy treats, and chocolate chip zucchini bread. It was a mighty bounty of foodness.

I'm not really into babies so I mostly just found the creature to be moist and loud. Maybe it'll be more interesting when it's older and does something other than scream. (So I guess when it's 21?) I mostly just spent the time feeling awkward and trying really hard not to say something stupidly offensive.

Afterwards we stopped at ikea because ben needed a new office chair. We also got a new closet organizer and a shoe rack for me. Which meant a wild and crazy friday night organizing my socks. It may sound like I'm being sarcastic, but I'm actually unbelievably happy about having my socks so organized.

Today was completely destroyed by typing a huge lj post about december. But now that I'm caught up, that won't happen again. Oh who am I kidding....
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Work is perhaps ever so slightly better. In that I am starting to know a little bit more how to do stuff. I'm still working late almost every night though.

Today I had to buy another suit for work. I only owned my one interview suit. Luckily all the christmas sales were going on so I got a $140 suit for about $50. Woo!

I did a little bit of gift shopping after that, and then came home to take a nap. I spent the rest of the night rebuilding my holiday music playlist because the old file didn't work on windows. *sigh*

Now I have two puppies happily asleep under a blanket on my lap.
It's been a good day! Noname pooped a second time! And she has been drinking all on her own. I haven't had to bring her bowl to her at all! (Still the chicken broth, but any liquid is better than no liquid.)

After that, ben and I watched inception just so that we would finally understand what everyone has been talking about. I found it to have an interesting concept, but the actual story was rather dull.

In the evening, ben and I went out for chinese buffet. It was pretty good. The place had a decent crowd, so everything under the hot lamps was turning over very fast, keeping it all fresh. Also, they had fancy things tonight like lobster, which people were going crazy over. I didn't understand it at all. They had to have a waitress rationing it out.

Now ben and I are watching Dexter season 4. I am not liking it. I really don't like rita or babies, so there's that. And the season big baddie scares me. It all leaves me very stressed. I hope things get sorted out soon.
I woke up at 7 this morning and it was still dark. I disapprove.

Noname woke up in a really good mood though! She ate her breakfast without any trouble. She was so super excited for her pumpkin and peanut butter. Then we went on a walk where she managed to poop a little again! Yay poop! We walked together until it started to snow, then headed back in to open gifts.

Noname loved all her gifts! But of course edible gifts always come first. I spoiled her a little bit by leaving her new box of treats on the floor for her to take as many as she wanted. (After about 5 cookies, I took it away though. I have to be a tiny it responsible.)

Noname opening her gifts Noname loves Christmas

My bird of course hates her gift because she's hateful. But I'm sure after a couple days she'll give it a try. I got her a new perch with pumice glued to it to help file her nails. She hates when I clip her nails, so I figured we'd both be happier if she could keep her nails shorter on her own.

I think ben and I are going to try to have a jewish christmas dinner. We have to see what chinese food places are open today. Noname is SO SAD that she can't come with us like she did for thanksgiving.

Noname is tired of having her picture taken
I firmly believe that Christmas music is a form of psychological warfare. The only way to combat it is with music even more diabolical.

First christmas as a married couple. Woo?

After giving gifts to the pets (noname got some cookies and a new sweater, captain flint got a jungle gym), we celebrated christmas the jewish way. Movies and chinese food.

We went to see Avatar. I thought it would have made a much better amusement park ride. It was very pretty but the story was terrible. I didn't go in expecting much of a story though, so I guess my expectations were met.

The story was intensely predictable. There was not a single moment of surprise. Even the princess and the frog had surprises. And that was a predictable disney movie!

I was not all that impressed by the 3D hype, but the actual animation was done very well. Computer graphics are getting very close to real. I think I could have enjoyed it without the 3D glasses though. 2.5 hours is far too long to wear those things. My eyes didn't feel better until I took a nap. They were watery and had trouble seeing anything clearly.

After the movie, we picked up chinese food then returned home to consume it. It made us very sleepy, so we curled up for a nice nap. We didn't wake up until the phone rang several hours later.

Ben is now playing a very very hard game. He just got killed by a giant fire-breathing spider.

Not sure what to do with myself since my traditional christmas evening activity is to read all the comic books I got. I did not get any thing year, so what do I do?

My dog is cute.

There. My holiday gift to you.

I spent the morning wrapping gifts. Then ben took me to the post office to mail some of them. But the main desk was closed! I had to use the post-o-tron, which took forever. There was a huge line when we left.

Ben took me out to lunch after that. But just as we sat down, a server went down and I had to sit and eat alone while he rushed out to save the internet. Eventually he came back and ate his food, which was mostly cold at that point.

When we got back home, we cleaned a little bit. We threw out all the trash and boxes since we knew the trash bin would be totally full after tomorrow.

Then we watched a movie together. We rented Bolt. It was ok. I liked the pigeons best. The cat's voice was insanely familiar but the actress hasn't been in anything else I've seen! It's so weird! Ben thinks it's because she has a long island accent.

I made roasted chestnuts for dinner, but ben hated them. I gave him a cookie to make up for it, but he started teasing me so I had to keep hitting his arm to prevent him from eating the cookie. He's a butthead.

I think we're going to have a jewish christmas tomorrow. Assuming there enough jews in this area to merit the movie theaters and chinese food restaurants to stay open. I guess we will just see how it goes tomorrow.

I think I'll go to bed soon and cuddle up with my super cute puppy. Ben has a new video game so he's lost.
[Poll #1500632]

Ben is terrible at giving gifts. Well, he gives good gifts, but he's bad at letting them be a surprise.

Example from last night:

Me: Ben, what's in this big box?
Ben, Oh, it's probably the boots I got you for christmas.
Me: Now it's not a surprise! *sad face*

I see no point in waiting till christmas now. I know what I got. Pooooo. I like surprises too...
Last night ben let me open one of my christmas gifts early. It was a big warm fuzzy robe, just like the one I got for him a few years back. Mine is blue though, cause that is my favorite color.

Despite the gift, I was still a little sad last night. But ben was sweet and cheered me up with hugs and love. I'm lucky that he's able to put up with my insanity.

This morning I learned that my felted hat did not felt the way I wanted it to. And I really don't have the time to fix it. I'm thinking of bringing an ugly pot to the white elephant party instead. Maybe I can use the ugly hat as a bag for the pot.

But when I got to work, I discovered a vendor had sent us fairytale brownies for the holidays. They are tasty.
Someone needs to convince me not to have my dog's picture taken with santa.
Thursday night was my first pottery class at the community center. The teacher seems to know a lot about pottery, but she doesn't seem to be a very good teacher. She doesn't explain things well, so I have to pay very careful attention to what she's doing.

We learned how to knead the clay (I forget the pottery term for it already), center it on the wheel, and make a sorta straight pot. My first one was almost straight up but my second one definitely looked like a bowl. I will have to practice, but I don't want to waste my lab hours when I know so little already.

Friday was a nightmarishly stressful day at work. The director took so long approving some art that the package is going to be mailed next month. It held up 3 other packages! So 4 packages are mailing late! And of course I'm the messenger with the bad news so everyone is mad at me.

Everyone was stressed yesterday though. They were all getting yelled at by someone. Which meant everyone was snapping at everyone else. It wasn't pretty.

Read more... )
Finally uploaded the pictures from Christmas and the day after.

Noname, a tree, and the Charmin Restroom )
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I could go shoping in the cold today. Or I could sit around and do nothing in my pajamas. Oh the dilemas.

I am mildly anoyed that I can't get the disney website to work on this laptop. I made a spreadsheet of the best times to go on rides but I can't make final adjustments until I know the parks' hours and parade times.
Christmas gifts have been achieved. Some of the highlights:

- A light blue ds (These can't be found in america so my dad ordered it from japan)
- A coffin-shaped suitcase
- Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations
- Tickets to Ave Q
From the damnable shadows of madness,
From the corpse-ridden hollow of Weir,
Comes a horrible message of gladness,
And a ghost-guided poem of cheer -
And a gloom-spouting pupil of Poe sends the pleasantest wish of the year!

May the ghouls of the neighboring regions,
And the curséd necrophagous things,
Lay aside their dark habits in legions,
For the bliss that Brumalia brings -
And may Druids innum’rable bless thee, as they dance on the moor’s fairy-rings!

So, Galba, may pleasures attend thee
Thro’ all thy bright glorious days;
May the world and the mighty commend thee,
And the cosmos resound with thy praise -
And may all future ages be brilliant with the light of thine intellect’s rays!

-H.P. Lovecraft

I got bored so I made a gingerbread house.

A tour of my tiny candy house )

For those that don't care about gingerbread houses, here is a picture of my dog. She is taking a nap. )

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