Running today went significantly better. I did some more research and discovered the run-walk-run technique. Basically it's where you run for a short amount of time, then walk for a short amount, then repeat until your race is over. And by short, I mean really short. For beginners, a lot of sites suggested running times of 15-30 seconds. You increase the run times only after stamina has been developed.

I went with the following pattern:
- Run 30 seconds
- Walk 30 seconds
- Run 30 seconds
- Walk 30 seconds
- Run 30 seconds
- Walk 3 minutes

By doing that, I doubled the amount of time I was actually running and halved the amount of pain I felt. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, but I felt pretty good today. Gives me confidence that I might actually keep this up.

And I had enough energy afterwards to do some cleaning too! I finished going through nearly all the boxes that had to return to the sewing room. I have a few more things that need to find homes (books!) but other than that, the room is nearly up and ready again. Then I can finish cleaning the guest room. After that, I have the downstairs bathroom, the kitchen, living and dining rooms, and the stairs. IF I have time after that, the upstairs bathroom could use a cleaning too.

In other news, Maggie discovered a box turtle the other day on one of our walks. She curiously sniffed it until the turtle squished up into its shell. Then that was it for Maggie. She wanted to go back home as far away from the turtle as possible. What a weird dog. Mighty hunter she is not.

In sad news, Nugget died this morning. I cried. :( She had been fighting a tumor for a long long time. The vet had given her maybe a month to live, but she managed to hold on for over a year. The last couple days she wasn't doing well. Mom was feeding her baby food. Then this morning, she went out, did her business, came back in, rested on her pillow, and stopped breathing. I guess she decided it was finally time to go.

She was a good dog that was always grateful that we had rescued her from bad breeders. When we first met her, she was covered in fleas and her fur was totally matted. The first thing she did when we brought her home was poop on my homework. But she settled in easily after that and was always friendly to everyone she met. I think she could remember that bad times and appreciated the chance to live a better life. She lived 16.5 years, which is pretty good for a dog. I'll miss her.
Not being at work has been lovely and I'm really glad I decided to give myself a little time to recover. I am down to once a day panics about things being overdue and I only have work-related nightmares every couple days. Yay progress

This week I need to get myself registered for school. I need to talk with an admissions adviser though because I have a few questions. Hopefully I can get over my social anxiety and get that done.

Other ways I have been keeping myself busy:

Cleaning - I am not terribly good at cleaning but I think I am making some progress. The bedroom is nearly done. Roomba is vacuuming right now. After that, I just need to change the sheets and wash the blankets. Progress is continuously lost because I keep cooking in there. Too many fancy recipes! I think the living room and dining rooms will be my next rooms to get clean.

Cooking - As mentioned, too many fancy recipes! I am constantly washing dishes and cleaning counters. I have made many tasty things though. I am trying out new recipes from my stupidly large collection of cookbooks. (Cookbooks I should not have because I have the internet.) My big goal for the summer is to make at least 1/4 of the recipes in my star trek cook book.

Dogs - They are super annoying and want to be walked all the time. It is a good thing they are very cute.

Gardening - With spring here, it's time to garden! Yay! I cleaned out most of the weeds from my main garden bed and loaded it up with seedlings I had started this winter under grow lights. I planted 6 different types of tomatoes. Heritage hybrid, pink pounder hybrid, orange slice hybrid, sunny boy hybrid, son gold hybrid, and roma. The roma isn't growing too hot after transplant, so I may need to buy some more from the store if they don't survive. The sun golds are doing awesome, except when maggie tramples them with her giant monster feet. I also planted 2 types of cucumbers. Salad bush hybrid and white wonder. The white wonder did really well last year, so I'm hoping for a repeat. In addition, even though it's a little early, I transplanted my zucchini. Burpee hybrid, I think, which was doing great last year until the squash borers killed it. The only think I have left indoors is my luffa, which I think I'll transplant next weekend.
Work continues to be stressful. Will there ever be a week when I don't say that?

This week was more stressful than most because I could not work late to try to catch up on things. With ben out of town, I have to get home at a decent time to save the dogs.

In happy news, they are taking me off the AWF account. That account has been a mess from day 1 and I've never been able to catch up and get things back under control.

Unfortunately the account they are putting me on instead, League of Women Voters, is a very very active account with a lot of work involved. I will never catch up on anything. Ever.

I'm tired all the time.

I hope things get better in the summer. Summertime was usually a bit slower at defenders. I hope it is here too. I need to rest. Going full speed every day is killing me. I don't know ho anyone else there does it.

Other things:
- New dog walker did not kidnap my dogs. Yet. Still worried.
- Ate tiny pies on Thursday. If you are in georgetown, I recommend the tiny pies from Pie Sisters.
- Winter arrived. We have 35mph winds and wind chill in the single digits. Maggie does not understand why I don't want to go outside and play with her.
- Cleaned out the fridge. Horrifying things resided in the back.
- Bought comic books. Small child was totally blown away that you could have a subscription to all your favorite titles held for you at the store.
- Contemplating going to a korean bath house next weekend.
- Seasoning my cast iron pots today. It makes the house horrifically smoky, but it also keeps the house warm.
- I miss ben.
Life with a puppy is super busy. Let's see.

Saturday, we took Maggie and Noname to the vet. Noname needed some bloodwork done before I could start her on heartworm prevention meds. We have an INSANE number of mosquitoes in our yard and I was worried noname would catch something. Maggie needed her next booster shot and a general checkup.

Everyone at the vet thought maggie was the cutest thing in the whole world. Poor noname was ignored. But I gave her a squeeze. And ben took her to poop outside. So I don't think she was too upset.

Both dogs got a clean bill of health and medicine for fleas and heartworm. Maggie will be super happy when all her fleas are dead. (Most are actually already dead as of today.)

On sunday, ben took me out to buy parts for a new computer. My computer is starting to die. I was hoping it could hold out until giftmas, but it's nearly unusable right now. Sad...

Monday I returned to work after my lovely vacation. Of course everything I left to be done was not done and I spent the day scrambling to get things in. *sigh* I don't know what to do. What are they going to do once I finally find a new job?

Things got worse when I got home. We had locked maggie up in the kitchen because I felt my hours were too long to keep her in a cage. She escaped. And pooped on the floor. And then roomba started his monday afternoon cleaning routine...


It was awful. I mopped the floors twice. And threw out a floor carpet. And hosed the other carpet down outside. I don't know what to do with roomba. Poop is caked into everything. It's horrible.

After that, I was pretty tired and annoyed, so I thought I would knit. But somewhere along my commute, I lost my knitting needles! I had to order a new set to finish the sweater. So annoying.

The rest of the evening was spent playing with maggie. She's still biting, but she's getting better. Slightly. I brought her up on the couch with me and she sat on my shoulder like a parrot. It was super cute. Too bad she won't stay little forever.
holytoastr: (melting panda-aurianrose)
It is the weekend. I am glad. I had a rough end of the week. For three days in a row, metro had major meltdowns that resulted in hot, miserable two hour commutes. On one day, I watched a guy on a bike outrun my train. *sigh*

Work has been dull and useless. Our marketing agency doesn't listen to a thing I say. I have to have my boss repeat what I told them to get anything done. This is unacceptable.

And on friday, ben and I had an argument in the morning. It was over something really small and stupid, but I still cried. And unfortunately I wasn't able to get the puffiness down before a meeting. They told me to go back to my desk and not worry about the meeting. I was so embarrassed. I got them to let me call in so at least I would know what had happened.

This morning, I got a lot of chores done. Before it got too hot, I pulled up weeds and sprayed poison in the yard. I was the great bringer of death. Then I pruned my indoor tomatoes and gave all my indoor plants their nutrients for the week. I also started some laundry and a load of dishes. And then I went through the many boxes of junk my parents brought when they last visited. I was able to sort them into 2 boxes to keep, 4 bags of trash, and 2 bags for goodwill.

After all of that, it was late enough in the morning to mow the lawn. I was a spaz the entire time about the poison ivy. It's weird because before I knew what it was, I was walking through it without a care. Now I freak out every time I so much as brush against it. I hope the weed killer takes care of it soon. It's even climbing up onto the deck. (I used to yank those vines off barehanded!)

I was extremely gross after mowing, so I took a badly needed shower. Then curled up with ben for a bit until lunch. After lunch, I thought I would play with my dog while resting on the bed. Four hours later I woke up from my unplanned nap. Sometimes it worries me how easily I can fall asleep without trying.

When I got up, I made bean burger patties. I'll fry them up once ben is hungry for dinner. Not sure what I will do with myself until then. I was contemplating making ice cream.
Yesterday was another insanely productive day.

In the morning, I carried the new hose outside and hooked it up to the house. Then I figured out how to turn the water back on to the outside.

With my newfound watery powers, I was able to hose down an old rusted fire pit that the former owners left in the backyard. There was a colony of ants living in it. I laughed as they escaped the floods, carrying their eggs. (When they stop living in my mailbox, I'll stop delighting in their suffering.) Once everything was clean, I left the fire pit to dry in the sun. It was already hot and sunny, so that only took a few minutes. Just long enough to dig up a screwdriver and head back out. I then tightened all of the screws on the fire pit. I was a little worried they'd snap from all the rust, but they seem ok. The plan was to give the pit a new coat of paint, but I ended up not having enough time. Sad...

When I was done, I got dressed and drove down to another local farmer's market. I had never been to this one before. I had a hard time finding it. It was much smaller than saturday's market too. But they had eggs, which is what I was there for, so it all worked out.

After I got home, ben woke up and we went to the movie theater to see Thor. I quite enjoyed it. It didn't really feel like a blockbuster film, but had plenty of humor and action. And it definitely had the feel of Thor the Mighty Avenger, which made me very happy.

I kept arguing with ben that it was totally a girl movie.
1. Passed the Bechdel test.
2. Nearly naked Thor.
3. All the women wear reasonable clothes.
4. Complex reasons for villainy.
5. Smooching.

It was a most excellent girl movie.

We saved some money and saw it in 2D. I don't feel like I missed out on anything, with the bonus of not having a headache when it was over. And we had free tickets that ben's boss had given us. Unfortunately they can only be used 12 days after a movie comes out, so we had to pay an additional $1.50 a ticket to get in. I still think it was a good deal.

Ben hungered once the film was over, so we stopped for lunch. I didn't want anything, so ben got to enjoy a rare opportunity for fried chicken. I hate fried chicken.

Then we stopped at the hardware store and picked up a ridiculous amount of dirt for my garden. (This to go on top of the ridiculous amount of mulch I put in the garden yesterday.) We got four bags, which managed to just barely cover the entire area 1/2 an inch. Note to self: Build smaller gardens.

I planted:
- 1 sun gold hybrid cherry tomato (plant)
- 1 heritage tomato (plant)
- 1 pink pounder tomato (plant)
- 1 orange slice tomato (plant)
- 1 sunny boy tomato (plant)
- 2 burpee's hybrid zucchinis (seeds)

I have two more of each of the tomato plants inside just in case some horrible bird or squirrel eats the ones I set outside. Hopefully I won't need them.

Next weekend, my cantaloup and cucumber seeds go in the ground. I am hoping for a very delicious summer.

I cooled down a bit after that before heading out once again. This time to the fabric store to pick up some thread to hem a pair of pants for a coworker. I got there about 15 minutes before closing and they were nice enough to let me grab what I needed. (Though they did tell me no fabric. The cutting table was closed. Fair enough.)

When I got home, I started on dinner. I made artichokes stuffed with quinoa. It was good, but I'm not sure it was worth all the effort to make. It took nearly 2 hours.

In between steps for that recipe, I also threw together the ingredients for slow cooker bean and spinach soup. That way this morning, all I needed to do was put the pot in the slow cooker and plug it in. I saved myself a lot of time.

Ben and I watched supernatural as we ate dinner. Then I made a 5-minute-cake for dessert. After dinner, I was too tired to function. My day had once again been far too productive. I need a vacation from my weekends.
It seems like the week was extra long and friday was doing its best to make it feel even longer. Add onto that a cold windy rain storm. Yuck.

To try to warm us up, I made spinach enchiladas for dinner. Followed the recipe nearly exact except I used fresh spinach instead of frozen. It was pretty good. And surprisingly filling. I couldn't finish one. Ben ate only two. If I ever make it again, I think I'll try making my own enchilada sauce. The canned stuff was a bit salty.

Ben didn't sleep well that night, so he ended up sleeping really late once he did fall asleep. That left me plenty of time to go crazy. I was dwelling on a long dream I had which was a combination of several real memories and several fake ones. I spent the morning crying about how people only invite me to stuff because they pity me.

When ben woke up, we had to following conversation.
Ben: What's wrong?
Me: The only reason anyone is nice to me and invites me to stuff is because they felt bad and pitied me.
Ben: I don't pity you.
Me: Not even when we first met?
Ben: Ok. Maybe I pitied you then.
Me: Seeeeeeeee????

Ben eventually did manage to cheer me up. Then we went together to the comic book store. I got lots of good stuff, including two new d&d issues, new fables, and new cinderella: fables are forever. Cinderella is killing me. It's moving much too slowly. I am going to die of old age before I find out why dorothy turned out so mean.

We also stopped for lunch and food shopping. Then went home for a nap. I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon doing battle against my mountain of dirty clothes in the hamper. And in between loads, I think I'll go through all the old high school clothes my mother sent me. It's mostly shirts, which I'm fairly certain won't fit me anymore at all. (Boobs didn't show up until college.) Anything I don't plan to keep, I'll bring to goodwill. I love having that place just a few blocks away.
Ben's mom brought a couple boxes of ben's old childhood books when she came to visit. I have been going through them and putting them away all morning.

I came across a book titled "Faeries" and my first thought was, "Oh! A book of pressed faeries!" Then followed the disappointment that it was merely a listing of different types with illustrations and the embarrassment from expecting a book of tiny people squished between each page in the first place.

Brain, what is wrong with you?
Noname has used the yard twice today. I'm so proud of her.

Roomba is cleaning the floors. I can hear it knocking stuff over in the hallway.

I have had a lazy day. Last night ben woke me because I was crying in my sleep. I was dreaming that he was choking me. I did a bit of unpacking this morning. I removed a shelf in one of the kitchen cabinets and now have room for my flat baking pans. And then I paid all my student loans for the month.

I think in a little bit I will work on cleaning off the dining room table. It has tons of papers all over it. Most of them are junk mail. I wish the trash company would deliver our trash and recycle bins already.
Last week I took the day off for my birthday but still ended up logging in and doing some work, so I told our marketing agency that they owed me a cake. My cake arrived yesterday and it was delicious. Glad that there's at least one thing they didn't mess up. It was from a local gourmet bakery and tasted like they made it that very morning. Mmmmm.

The cake cheered me up while everything else exploded at work. At one point in the day, the security card system broke just after I had gone downstairs to get some tea. So I was trapped downstairs until someone with a key could take me upstairs. It was just that kind of day.

In the evening, the metro was a disaster. As usual. When I first got into the station, they were announcing delays on the blue and yellow lines. While I waited for a non-packed train to arrive, they also announced that there were delays on the red line. And just before an almost-packed-but-just-enough-room-for-me train arrived, they announced delays on the orange line. That means only one line in the entire system was not broken last night.

A nice man saw me struggling to keep people from crushing my cake, so he gave me his seat. I thanked him gratefully.

After my unpleasant commute, ben and I went to redeem free birthday food coupons. I got a free burrito from california tortilla and a free scoop of ice cream at baskin robbins. Dinner was extra tasty because it was all free.

The rest of the evening was devoted to unpacking. I moved the bird's cage to a better location and set up her new cage next to it so she can start getting used to it. Once she's no longer terrified of the new cage, I'll get rid of her old nasty one.

...And I have to go play with google's jules verne thing now... Wheee!
I took today off to have cleaners come to the apartment and clean it. I was told they'd arrive between 7:30 and 8, so I arrived bright and early to let them in. But they didn't show up until after 9! I was going mad with worry! I even started doing the cleaning myself, thinking they stood me up and I would need to manage the impossible mess on my own.

Thankfully they DID show up. And they were as horrified by the mess as I was. But they somehow managed to tackle it. They didn't clean everything, but they did take on the very worst of it. The apartment looks as good as new now!

While they cleaned, I walked down to the local panera to make use of their internet. Our marketing agency was going to miss mailing deadlines if I wasn't able to keep the copy and art routing today. I demanded they give me cake for working on my birthday.

The cleaning job was worse than the cleaners imagined from my descriptions over the phone, so they charged me a bit extra since it took them an extra hour. I felt that was fair. However, they should have told me how much extra it was going to be while I was at lunch so I could have stopped at an atm. I was $5 short!

I felt like a jerk giving them less than they asked for, until I remembered they were over an hour late. Also, they stole all my sponges. So I feel less like a jerk. Those were some good sponges too!

After they left, I took care of some minor touch-ups. They had missed cobwebs in a few spots and missed washing down one entire wall in the kitchen. But that wasn't too bad. I also went around trying to scrub up scuff marks with my magic eraser. I should have brought two. Those things are awesome!

And after that, I walked down to starbucks to kill time and do a bit more work. I had a gift card I won at work, so I didn't even have to spend my own money! I got a salted caramel hot cocoa, which I didn't like very much because it tasted burnt. But it's not a big deal. The cup is mostly a prop to use their internet until ben can pick me up after he gets off from work.
Monday night we brought over an epic amount of stuff to goodwill. And the employees were nice to stay open about 10 minutes later when I told them we had another carload to bring over and would be right back.

Between monday and yesterday, I made tons of phone calls to maid services. That is quite an achievement for me. Phones are so scary. I managed to book one that will clean the entire apartment top to bottom AND shampoo all the carpets for only $240. Much cheaper than I expected. I'm now seriously considering hiring maids to come by once or twice a month to clean up the house. If a heavy duty job like the apartment is that inexpensive, I bet cleaning the house will be almost nothing!

Last night I moved furniture around the bedroom (these slider things were a back saver!) and unpacked more boxes. The kitchen is almost done. I need ben to build my kitchen work table before I can finish though.

I think I'll get to work on the living room next. I can set up my bird's new cage and my computer. And get my houseplants off the floor. Then I guess I'll start opening boxes in the spare rooms and finding places for everything else.
Last night I was so tired, I fell asleep face first in a back couch cushion while desperately trying to hug ben before I got too tired and fell asleep.

Today is a happy homemaker day since ben didn't get the day off. Poooo to his company! It's a holiday!

So far I've loaded the dishwasher, started the washing machine, and walked the dog.

Noname was so excited about her walk, she started dancing around my feet while I tried to get ready. So of course I accidentally stepped on her foot. I stopped what I was doing for a moment to comfort her. Then I got up and kicked her in the head. *sigh*

Aside from laundry and dishes, I'm going to try to get a lot of packing done. That way we can start bringing stuff over and finally moving into that house.
Yesterday was a day of cleaning. Today too. I managed to scrub the bathroom ceiling so hard, the paint came off. Oops. I'll need to have maintenance come in and fix it.

Despite all that, the bathroom still looks gross. Everything is stained. :(

The kitchen is a disaster too. But at least I got most of the dishes cleaned. And then I cooked and messed it all up again. *sigh*

I'm just not good at cleaning...

One day when I am rich, I will pay someone to keep the house clean for me. It will be fantastic.
Today I accomplished what was once thought impossible! I cleaned the sewing room! :D

Now I am all set to start my halloween costume. Or I will be as soon as I buy the fabric. I'm going to go shopping tomorrow. I have a 10% off entire purchase coupon! Woo!

Until tomorrow, I guess I'll just have to hug and cuddle my dog. She will be severely neglected once I get into costume making mode. Poor puppy.
I must clean the sewing room tonight.

I have decided to be a mermaid for halloween. I have researched the costume I'm using and found it to be rated difficult. Simplicity + difficult rating means I need to start that thing NOW.

I am debating on crimping my hair or wearing a wig. But I guess I can decide that one much later.

I don't think I'll win the costume contest with this, but I think I will have fun wearing it. And that's more important than winning. I'll still wow everyone with my mighty sewing skills. :D
I am quite proud of myself because I finally cleaned my bird's cage last night. It was extremely overdue. I had let it get to truly disgusting levels. There was so much bird poop, it had soaked through the newspaper. That is not healthy for little birds at all.

But now she has a clean, non-gross cage! She looked so happy!

Tonight I'm going to rearrange her toys and switch a few out to make her life more exciting. Maybe I'll even go out and buy her a new one. Birds really like it when you change their toys around. It keeps them busy exploring.
Metro was a total failure last night and I missed my bus. The worst part was that there were no disruptions on my line. They were just running trains 8-10 minutes apart during rush hour.

Ben was sweet and offered to pick me up at the park and ride if I could catch a bus there, but the buses were running late too! *sigh* Eventually I did catch a bus and ben came to save me.

We have a inventory inspection today in our apartment, so we did some cleaning last night. I think an inventory inspection means they're going to make sure we haven't stolen the cheap microwave the apt came with when we moved in. I hope that's all it is, because we didn't have time to clean the apt all that well. We just cleared a path to the key rooms we thought they would look through.

In the middle of the night, I had a nightmare about a lovecraftian monster fighting a dinosaur. I don't remember the details too well, but I know the dinosaur had to win. I woke up in a panic, turned to ben, and told him with terror, "The DINOSAUR!!!!" And then I think I fell right back asleep.

This morning my bus stopped working randomly. Didn't seem like it was overheating. The driver was able to fix it by turning everything off and turning it back on again. I am beginning to think all the buses in town run on windows.

The turnstiles at the metro station exit were not working, so I got a free ride. Considering how much it costs me each day to ride, I don't feel bad about it. And I was reading how prices are going up again in August. They're adding a peak of the peak fare of another 20 cents if you ride the metro during rush hour. Silly me to think that peak fares covered rush hour already.

Hopefully today will go by fast so that I can get home. The yarn for my skully sweater arrived yesterday and I am excited to start it.
I have been productive!

I did a ton of laundry today. Even folded it! Also washed many many dishes. Including the cast iron ones which are such a pain to wash if you let them sit for a long time.

On my dog's morning walk, I talked to the leasing office about Alvin. They said they would contact the guy because having an unleashed dog is against the lease. We'll see if the stupid bad pet owner listens...

While crocheting, I caught up on all my shows.

Shugo Chara gave me false hope because Amu was acting like old Amu again, but that was only for the first half of the ep. Then she went back to being lame.

Yumeiro Patissiere was good, but nothing earth shattering happened. Kashino's sister is kinda terrifying in her evil mode.

I have a horrible confession to make. I am enjoying Heartcatch Precure. It reminds me a lot of Sailor Moon. It's cute and silly. And their costumes spray on!

After all my cartoons, I had lunch (salad) and took a shower.

A little while ago I started making ben's super special birthday dinner! Lasagna is baking in the oven right now. The recipe on the box was super bland, so I added some parsley and pepper. I think I should have also added that mushroom growing on the mushroom log, but I didn't think of it! Oh well, I'll find something else to do with it.

Once the lasagna is done, I'm going to make brownies. I have a cute baking tray that makes square cupcakes. I think I'll use it to try to make tons of little individual brownies. Hopefully I don't ruin everything!
I came home angry yesterday because the dishes were all dirty and I had nothing to cook with. I used my anger to fuel my exercising. Also, I made bread.

Ben came home and did dishes. I made rice and sauce from a pouch. I felt a bit better after that. Ben said my eyes looked bloodshot. Not too long after that, I passed out face first in his stomach. He woke me about an hour later to go to bed.

This morning, we had the following conversation while I was getting ready for work.
Ben: What are you doing?
Me: Getting dressed.
Ben: Why?
Me: To go to work.
Ben: *mumbles incoherently and rolls over*
Me: I'll stay home tomorrow.

I rushed out to catch my bus, only to wait an extra 15 minutes because it was behind schedule. I had an early meeting this morning, so I was annoyed. But when I got to work, I learned that everyone was out sick anyway. So I had to reschedule.

It's raining/ice pelleting today, so I have a headache. I am going to try to finish my work up fast so I can go home and rest.



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