Yesterday was another insanely productive day.

In the morning, I carried the new hose outside and hooked it up to the house. Then I figured out how to turn the water back on to the outside.

With my newfound watery powers, I was able to hose down an old rusted fire pit that the former owners left in the backyard. There was a colony of ants living in it. I laughed as they escaped the floods, carrying their eggs. (When they stop living in my mailbox, I'll stop delighting in their suffering.) Once everything was clean, I left the fire pit to dry in the sun. It was already hot and sunny, so that only took a few minutes. Just long enough to dig up a screwdriver and head back out. I then tightened all of the screws on the fire pit. I was a little worried they'd snap from all the rust, but they seem ok. The plan was to give the pit a new coat of paint, but I ended up not having enough time. Sad...

When I was done, I got dressed and drove down to another local farmer's market. I had never been to this one before. I had a hard time finding it. It was much smaller than saturday's market too. But they had eggs, which is what I was there for, so it all worked out.

After I got home, ben woke up and we went to the movie theater to see Thor. I quite enjoyed it. It didn't really feel like a blockbuster film, but had plenty of humor and action. And it definitely had the feel of Thor the Mighty Avenger, which made me very happy.

I kept arguing with ben that it was totally a girl movie.
1. Passed the Bechdel test.
2. Nearly naked Thor.
3. All the women wear reasonable clothes.
4. Complex reasons for villainy.
5. Smooching.

It was a most excellent girl movie.

We saved some money and saw it in 2D. I don't feel like I missed out on anything, with the bonus of not having a headache when it was over. And we had free tickets that ben's boss had given us. Unfortunately they can only be used 12 days after a movie comes out, so we had to pay an additional $1.50 a ticket to get in. I still think it was a good deal.

Ben hungered once the film was over, so we stopped for lunch. I didn't want anything, so ben got to enjoy a rare opportunity for fried chicken. I hate fried chicken.

Then we stopped at the hardware store and picked up a ridiculous amount of dirt for my garden. (This to go on top of the ridiculous amount of mulch I put in the garden yesterday.) We got four bags, which managed to just barely cover the entire area 1/2 an inch. Note to self: Build smaller gardens.

I planted:
- 1 sun gold hybrid cherry tomato (plant)
- 1 heritage tomato (plant)
- 1 pink pounder tomato (plant)
- 1 orange slice tomato (plant)
- 1 sunny boy tomato (plant)
- 2 burpee's hybrid zucchinis (seeds)

I have two more of each of the tomato plants inside just in case some horrible bird or squirrel eats the ones I set outside. Hopefully I won't need them.

Next weekend, my cantaloup and cucumber seeds go in the ground. I am hoping for a very delicious summer.

I cooled down a bit after that before heading out once again. This time to the fabric store to pick up some thread to hem a pair of pants for a coworker. I got there about 15 minutes before closing and they were nice enough to let me grab what I needed. (Though they did tell me no fabric. The cutting table was closed. Fair enough.)

When I got home, I started on dinner. I made artichokes stuffed with quinoa. It was good, but I'm not sure it was worth all the effort to make. It took nearly 2 hours.

In between steps for that recipe, I also threw together the ingredients for slow cooker bean and spinach soup. That way this morning, all I needed to do was put the pot in the slow cooker and plug it in. I saved myself a lot of time.

Ben and I watched supernatural as we ate dinner. Then I made a 5-minute-cake for dessert. After dinner, I was too tired to function. My day had once again been far too productive. I need a vacation from my weekends.
I have done too much today. I am very tired.

I woke up early this morning to head to the farmer's market. I was in need of fresh spinach. It was obtained with only mild frustration. Why can't the market sell spinach by weight? How can I compare a bag vs a basket vs a different size bag? I had to eye it.

The market is much bigger than last year. There was a new pickle booth which was too crowded for me to check out. Also a wine booth. And alpaca yarn! But wow that yarn was expensive. I thought I could get some as a gift for a friend and then went "woah" at the prices.

While I was in the area, I browsed the used bookstore. I scored a copy of The People of Sparks. It's the sequel to City of Ember, which I enjoyed.

After that, I drove to a nearby park where I knew the county provided free compost. I filled three garbage bags worth.

From there I drove to the comic book store for Free Comic Books Day. I was dismayed because there was a three comic limit, but at least I had prepared so I knew what I wanted. I ended up getting the Captain America/Thor comic I REALLY wanted, plus Baltimore/Criminal Macabre and Civil war Adventure. The Mouse Guard comic I originally planned on getting was a reprint of a past issue I already owned. Which I guess makes sense if the goal is to get new readers instead of attracting the ones you already have. I had a hard time choosing my third one and ended up picking the civil war one because it looked so so lonely. It was the tallest stack in the store. Nobody loves history...

Captain America/Thor was just as delightful as I expected. It was both an ad for the Thor: the Mighty Avenger trade and a reward for all those that bought the comic in issues. It doesn't look like they plan on spinning it off into a series, but I hope someone at Marvel will give that creative team more work. They got ME to read super hero comics!

When I got home, I had a mild breakdown because I was doing so much stuff and ben had the audacity to ENJOY his weekend. He eventually came down and mowed the grass while I went out front and trimmed the TREES around the mailbox. The previous homeowners planted trees around the mailbox! What were they thinking!?

The neighbors were nice and let me borrow a hedge trimmer to tackle the branches. It actually wasn't that helpful, but it was quite nice of them. After about an hour of trimming and sawing, I got the trees in somewhat more respectable order and now the mailperson can actually get into our mailbox.

Then I went back into the yard and emptied all my mulch into my garden. And wanted to cry. Three huge garbage bags only filled 1/8 of the garden. I had to go back and get more... Thankfully ben was able to go with me this time and help. We stopped on the way to get sturdier bags so we could fill them even more. It started to drizzle as I was shopping, which didn't help my mental state, but the sun came back out soon enough. We ended up filling up 4 much bigger bags. They managed to fill the rest of the garden, just barely. Depending on how early I wake up tomorrow, I may go back and get more mulch while ben finishes sleeping.

We had burgers (well, I had nuggets) for dinner, so I went into a bit of a protein coma after dinner. I took a badly needed nap. Now I am awake and crave dessert. I am contemplating apples dipped in caramel. Then I think I will finish reading my comics. (The Captain America/Thor one was the only one I was in a rush to read.)

If I wasn't so tired, I'd ask ben to take me to the Thor movie tonight. *sigh* I was far too productive today.
Free Comic book Day is coming up. May 7th. I hope my local store has enough copies of everything so I can take what I want.

Comics I want:
- Captain America/Thor: The Mighty Fighting Avengers (!!! Priority Must Have !!!)
- Mouse Guard/Dark Crystal
- Baltimore/Criminal Macabre

Comics that look interesting:
- Avatar the Last Airbender
- 2000 AD
- Civil War Adventure
- The Mis-Adventures of Adam West
- The Tick
It seems like the week was extra long and friday was doing its best to make it feel even longer. Add onto that a cold windy rain storm. Yuck.

To try to warm us up, I made spinach enchiladas for dinner. Followed the recipe nearly exact except I used fresh spinach instead of frozen. It was pretty good. And surprisingly filling. I couldn't finish one. Ben ate only two. If I ever make it again, I think I'll try making my own enchilada sauce. The canned stuff was a bit salty.

Ben didn't sleep well that night, so he ended up sleeping really late once he did fall asleep. That left me plenty of time to go crazy. I was dwelling on a long dream I had which was a combination of several real memories and several fake ones. I spent the morning crying about how people only invite me to stuff because they pity me.

When ben woke up, we had to following conversation.
Ben: What's wrong?
Me: The only reason anyone is nice to me and invites me to stuff is because they felt bad and pitied me.
Ben: I don't pity you.
Me: Not even when we first met?
Ben: Ok. Maybe I pitied you then.
Me: Seeeeeeeee????

Ben eventually did manage to cheer me up. Then we went together to the comic book store. I got lots of good stuff, including two new d&d issues, new fables, and new cinderella: fables are forever. Cinderella is killing me. It's moving much too slowly. I am going to die of old age before I find out why dorothy turned out so mean.

We also stopped for lunch and food shopping. Then went home for a nap. I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon doing battle against my mountain of dirty clothes in the hamper. And in between loads, I think I'll go through all the old high school clothes my mother sent me. It's mostly shirts, which I'm fairly certain won't fit me anymore at all. (Boobs didn't show up until college.) Anything I don't plan to keep, I'll bring to goodwill. I love having that place just a few blocks away.
It smells like winter outside. The smell the air picks up right before it snows. I am baffled.

The first thing I do every morning is check my phone for the tweets I missed during the night. This has become a bad thing to do lately, because it starts my day off on the world's bad news. I learned that Diana Wynne Jones died last night. She had been fighting cancer for a while and had recently stopped treatment. Her death was inevitable but still sad. I have been annoyed with myself lately for discovering her books so late in my life. She was a very good author. (Had to go back and edit that sentence from is to was...)

So after that sad start to the day I went downstairs to feed the VERY NEEDY dog. It was only a bit after 8am but she was STARVING. Sometimes I contemplate skipping her breakfast so she can really know what starving is, but that would be cruel.

I did some morning chores after that. My plants are all doing well. They had developed a slight amount of mold on the surface of the peat pods, but I set up a small fan to blow on them the other day and the problem went away. Now I need to make sure to check the moisture levels at least once a day. The fan keeps the mold away by blowing the moisture away from the surface. My plants could easily dry out if I'm not careful.

When I was done with chores and taking my dog outside, I killed time with the internet. I learned that hasbro took down all of the my little pony episodes! I am totally confused by this move since the show is basically a giant commercial to sell pony toys. If I was hasbro, I'd want the show in as many places as possible to reach as many people as possible so they buy as many ponies as possible. I'm going to write them a letter and tell them I am disappointed in them and am not going to buy any more ponies. (I had already bought two!)

Then I went upstairs to sulk a bit. I had been living in my head all morning, which tends to make me crazy. I was dwelling on all the bad news of the day. Ben had to wake up and comfort me so I wouldn't start crying like I normally do when I get in these moods. He decided we should go out and do stuff today.

First we went to lowes (where I became the foursquare mayor because this house requires way too many repairs) to buy some light switches and window blinds.

Then we went to an asian buffet restaurant near our house. We were pleasantly surprised when we came in just before 3 to discover it still had a crowd and the food was all decently fresh and rotated. And the food was good too. Oh! And they had CUSTARD BUNS!

Back in new orleans we used to go to a restaurant called super asian buffet. They had the best custard buns in the world. I would eat 4 or 5 of those as my entire meal. And then they would expand in my stomach by the time I got home and I'd throw up. The ones at regular asian buffet (as ben and I have started to call this new place) were not as good, but still quite tasty. I had two. I did not throw up. Yay moderation!

A lot of the food was VERY sweet though. Which is good cause I prefer sweet things but wow, sweetness overload. My tea was sweetened with honey and tasted like a cub of honey mixed with a bit of water. I could only drink a third of my cup. I felt like a hummingbird. And they had these amazing little honey chicken bites. They looked a lot like sesame chicken but the sauce on them was super sweet and delicious. I took a bunch of them but then couldn't finish the last one because I was starting to vibrate from the sugar high. And of course the custard buns. And then the TINY PIES. Which were actually just tiny pie crusts filled with frosting. It was so good and so bad.

As we left, I felt like I was developing diabetes right in the parking lot. Ben suggested we go to the comic book store to burn up some of my energy. The drive was torture because I had to sit still the whole time. And I was insanely thirsty. Waaaaay too much sugar in my system.

I like that the employees of the store recognize me and go in the back to grab my folder as soon as I walk in. I haven't read the comics I picked up, but it looks like I got a pretty good selection. I'm looking forward to the new issue of fables, which I have heard has super sheep in it. Her super power is that she is very cute.

When we got home, ben went to work changing the light switches and outlets in the bathroom and I attempted to hang the new blinds. I love the new light switches because they don't electrocute me after I wash my hands. I broke the blinds when I put them up. Of course.

Silly me assumed that there was some sort of standard when it came to brackets to hold up blinds. So I was extremely annoyed when I learned that I'd have to take down the old brackets and replace them with a totally different kind. And of course the screws on the old brackets had been stripped. Like EVERY screw in this entire house. Sometimes I want to save up all the stripped screws and mail them to the former occupants. No note. Just an envelope of stripped screws.

Anyway, I had an extremely hard time getting the new brackets up. I couldn't get the new screws into the wall without dropping them oh, about 15 times each. At one point I started to scream. When I thought I was done, the blinds didn't put correctly and I realized I had screwed the brackets in incorrectly. And that the holes didn't match up to the correct way. So basically I had to start over. Plus I had useless holes in the wall.

Eventually I did get the blinds up. And discovered that I had bashed one of the edges and completely shattered the tips of a few slats. Fantastic. Whatever. The stupid things cost me $4 each. Stupid cheap blinds.

I also discovered that they are about 2 inches shorter than the box claims. I measured. Why on earth would you sell 68 inch long blinds that are only 66 inches??? This annoys me greatly.

Anyway, after the first blind, I was approaching sugar crash and was very tired. I gave up on the second box of blinds. I'll deal with that one tomorrow. Instead I went to bed and fell asleep very very fast.

I woke up about 5 hours later because I heard screaming and arguing. At first I thought it was a neighbor outside. Eventually I figured out that ben's tv was on very loud and he left his door open. I told him he needs to keep the show down and the door closed.

Then I took my dog out for a pee. She was very happy about that. She's gotten pretty good at using the backyard. Unfortunately, she still requires me to be out there with her. I guess it's better than when she wasn't going at all, but the whole point of the yard was so I wouldn't have to go outside every time she had to go.

After she finished, we returned inside and I warmed up some leftover mashed potatoes for dinner. Also, a big glass of water. I'm done with dinner now and am on my third glass of water. All that sugar really dried me out.

After I finish this, I will probably go upstairs and play some more of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. (Whenever I think of the title, my brain says it in a deep dramatic announcer voice.) Ben bought me the game for the holidays, but with all the house stuff I've only recently had time to play it. I am enjoying it. I'm a little sad that there is no courtroom tension in this one, but I really like the logic system. It is a nice addition to the game play.
I need a weekend from my weekend. My mother in law came to visit so it was very very busy.

She arrived Friday night, so we took her out to a local german restaurant. They had live music, which was a bit overwhelming for me. Accordions! And spoons!

The next day, we took her out to the museum of american history. The hardest part was getting her through the fare gates on the metro. The gates didn't open because my old cards were bad, but she tried to force them open. It does not work that way. Once I found my spare smartrip card, it went smoothly.

I was mildly stressed because ben's mom didn't have any preferences on what we did or saw. I was a bit relieved when we left early.

For a late lunch, we went to a restaurant that served authentic mexican food. Which meant gross stuff like grasshoppers and tongue. I had refried beans. They were surprisingly bland. But everyone else seemed to enjoy their meals. (Ben had the grasshopper tacos.)

Sunday was miserably rainy so there wasn't anywhere fun for us to go. I was getting stir crazy though, so we took a trip to the comic book store. It was pouring super hard. I could barely see. In fact, if it had rained any harder, I would have had to pull over.

But we made it! And I got comics! A new issue of d&d, fables, and jericho. The issue of fables was a bit boring because they are just setting up the new story arc but I look forward to where it is going. Their latest plan to defeat mister dark is to form a superhero team. I approve of them using modern mythology to increase their belief magic powers.

In the evening, we went out to the diner. Ben ordered far too much food. Then we returned home and watched the 1992 version of Lost World. It was terrible. Not enough dinosaurs.

And now it's Monday again! I need sleep and rest. I wish I could take a nap at my desk.
Learning my lesson from Thor: the Mighty Avenger, I have realized that if there is a good, but not too popular comic out there, I should tell people about it! Because otherwise it's good, but its sales stink and then it gets canceled and then I am sad.

So now I share the news of a new delightful comic that I wish not to be canceled in the near future. Dungeons and Dragons.

Imagine your ideal role playing table with friends. Adventure, neat monsters, witty banter. That is this comic.

Sample from issue #1 - Meet the heros
Sample from issue #2 - Never let the halfling explain the situation
Sample from issue #3 - How to win duels against orcs

Now if this comic gets canceled, I am holding you all responsible. I already have this in my folder at my local comic shop.
This morning ben and I went out to try to buy a wireless thing for our xbox. No one had it. We even tried toys r us. Ben ended up having to order it.

But on the bright side, I found My Little Pony toys! Yay!!!!

My Little Pony - Pinkie Pie

They were buy one get one free too, so I bought one for tara. I think she was very confused when I called her to ask her who her favorite pony was.

My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash

Awesome toys are awesome. :)

After toy buying and embarrassing ben by telling the checkout lady how very awesome my little ponies are, we went and bought comic books. I finally got the last issue of Thor the Mighty Avenger. The way they left it, nothing was resolved! It totally needs to go on longer. I hope someone at marvel gets some sense kicked into them and they continue the series.

I think I might take a nap now and then do some more unpacking. Will I ever finish unpacking???
This book was supposed to be for giftmas. Unfortunately my friend dani hid it on her bookshelf when ben and I came over for thanksgiving. It was, of course, the first book I grabbed off the shelf. And I was happily laughing my way through the book before she realized I had it. On the bright side, she did pick a very good gift for me. :)

All of the pug comics were adorable. I could have done with less duck and lizard stuff though. More pugs! Fill the book completely with pugs!

The pug jokes made me really happy. Ben should get me a pug. Then I'd be happy all the time, right? (Hint hint ben.)
Don't forget that today is Free Comic Book Day!
Work went very fast this morning and then screeched to a halt in the afternoon. It was terrible. But I did get a lot of stuff done so I guess overall it was a good day. (Except obama delisted wolves again, so next week I get to look forward to rewriting all our copy AGAIN. The delisting wouldn't be an issue, of course, if the states involved did not have plans to kill all the wolves as soon as they are delisted. Guys, killing all the wolves will just put them back on the list again! Idiots.)

After work, I ordered chinese food and put stamps on save the dates. I think they are all set to mail tomorrow. I'm glad it's all done but was a bit annoyed with ben because he said he'd help me stamp them all but played video games instead.

After that, ben suggested we go out to see watchmen. I was kinda tired and didn't really want to see it while sleepy out of fear it would be as dull as reviews had suggested. But I went anyway cause it would make ben happy.

While pulling out of the parking lot, ben hit another car. That put me in an even worse mood.

The one thing that saved me from sitting grumpy through the entire movie was a preview for pixar's up. There was a dog that talked like a dog and it made me smile.

I am happy to report that the movie is not dull and boring like the reviewers kept saying. Also, the reviewers seriously exaggerated the amount of blue penis screen time. So ignore what they say and go see the movie. It is enjoyable.

Don't go in expecting the fast pace of your typical superhero movie though. It is very deliberately paced like the comic.

My only complaint is that they didn't show enough dead bodies and destruction at the end.

After the movie, I did my best to avoid the shattered glass everywhere. Stupid teenagers hang out on that street friday nights and trash the place. Don't they have better things to do like update their facebooks or something?

When we got home, ben called the insurance company and they told him what to do about the scratched car. I'm glad he took care of it. Worrying about the situation was giving me a headache through the whole movie.

I need to finish up my laundry now and go to bed because I am going to try to get adopted by butterflies tomorrow.
Spiderman + Obama = Totally Awesome!
ABC Commits To Fables TV Pilot


Though the article mentions that NBC tried this once already and nothing came out of it...
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This morning ben and I bought comic books, and then discovered a roleplaying store. We also found a bootleg anime store, which I feel no longer has a place in the world when you can find everything you could want on the internet.

Then I went to pottery lab. Unfortunately, the cut off date for bone dry clay is next week, so I couldn't start anything new. I glazed two pots and uncovered a last one so it'll be dry by next week.

Now I am cuddling my dog and bird. The bird missed me very much. Noname misses all the attention she had during our trip.
Today ben and I went shopping today because it is a tax-free weekend. I found absolutely nothing I liked. I'm too cool for fashion I think.

Ben got a new pair of pants, which he really needed. So I'm glad one of us accomplished our goal.

We also bought comic books. Soooo many comic books. It's going to take me a week to get through them all.

I'd like to go for ice cream, but ben is tired and doesn't feel like walking over.
I spent all day trying to draw the "Me at 16" meme. Let us not forget that I have no drawing talent at all. That said, anyone who picks on my drawing will make me cry. And if you make me cry, ben will have to beat you up.

Me at 16 )
Don't forget! Today is Free Comic Book Day! :D

Show up to any local comic book store and the will happily give you a free comic. Many places will even give you more than one!

Even if you normally don't read comics, you should still go. What do you have to lose? They're FREE! And maybe you'll discover something you like!

The only excuse anyone can have for not going today is if there is absolutely no comic book store anywhere around. In which case, you should move because your town sucks.
Tae kwon do class was bad this morning. I was having a hard time doing anything right. The belt test is on the 20th but I don't think I'm ready for it. Missing a class for disney won't help that either.

I came home sad and angry. I feel bad because I took it out on my dog. While walking her, I kept yelling at her. Poor baby.

The dog walker came that afternoon, and I was a ditzy spaz trying to remember everything. I should have prepared better during the week.

Afterwards, ben and I went to the comic book store. Then we got smoothies.

When we got home, we watched noein. I ordered disney tickets too. 11 days away? It can't come soon enough.
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First of all, a comic.

Today has been a lazy day. I slept late, then did a little bit of sewing before I went back to bed. I didn't wake up again until 4:30. I was really tired.

Now I'm trying to make curry bread, but the recipe is being stubborn and not rising again. I really hate when recipes don't cooperate with me. I'll give it another 30 minutes. Then I'm going to beat it and move to the second rising. Curry bread must be had tonight!
I am exhausted. I had a billion errands to run today before all the stores closed. Somehow I managed it. Now I have yarn and buttons and comics and have mailed a birthday gift. I didn't go food shopping yet though. That's not urgent. I'll worry about food tomorrow.

I was happy to finally sit down and relax. My comics are all getting very very good. That pleases me.

I think I need a nap now though. I did far too much stuff today.



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