I'm writing this down so I won't give up.

I want to run a disney race, which means I have to actually learn to run. Not just any disney race, but the Tower of Terror 10 miler. The completion medal GLOWS IN THE DARK!

So I started learning today. It was terrible. I could only run, not even run, JOG for about 90 seconds at a time. Then I needed 4-5 minutes of painful gasping for air before I could try again.

The training plan I'm using wants me to run for 3 minutes at a time, followed by a 3 minute walking break. HA. I have a long way to go.

But I don't want to give up, so I'm hoping my publicly mentioning all this, I'll keep at it.


Jan. 5th, 2013 12:56 pm
The last month was fairly crazy, but let's see if I can encompass it in one lj post. I have a fresh cup of tea, so let's do this.

Jessica's magical Disney wedding )

After Wedding Adventure )

The Most Magical Place That Ever Did Magic )

In which I reduce Tara to tears at Epcot )

The parents arrive. )

Magic Kingdom part 2 and Hoop Dee Doo )

Wrap up and then home to bed. For two weeks. )

Ho Ho Hobbits )

The end )
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If you haven't seen this yet, you should watch it now. Cause it's awesome.

Defying Gravity Storyboards from Heidi Jo Gilbert on Vimeo.

Ben and I went to see Tangled today. I thought it was pretty cute! I liked it better than Princess and the Frog. The music was a bit better and the story was funnier.

I wish I had magic hair! When I was a little kid, I wanted hair as long as Rapunzel's. (Nowadays I only want my hair long enough to cover my butt.) And I was really impressed by how nicely everyone's hair was animated. It was very well done.

The evil mother reminded me so much of my mother. Especially the insults and reminders that I'm not capable. (Fun story: My mother once screamed at me and ben that our marriage would never last and that I should appreciate her more because I would come crawling back to her after he left me.) Too bad I don't live in a disney movie...

So disney's plan to attract boys to the theaters by renaming the movie failed miserably. Kids can see straight through dishonest marketing. Anyway, in following the renaming scheme of Tangled, which was formally called Rapunzel Unbraided, I tried thinking of some other names for disney princess movies.

Snow White and the Sever Dwarfs = Dwarfed
Sleeping Beauty = Pricked?
Cinderella = ? I was thinking Enchanted, but that movie exists already
Little Mermaid = Beached

What else?
Last night was disney's premier of World of Color. It's a new nighttime show at one of their california parks. I thought it was neat that they live streamed the whole thing.I do not think that pacific time is very neat though. I'm tired!

They debuted the talking mickey for this show! It's the usual guy in a mickey mouse suit, but now his mouth can move! (His eyes blink too, but they've been doing that for years.) I thought it was pretty neat.

They got one of the Sherman Bros to write the main theme, so now it's stuck in my head. Those guys are professional ear worm creators.

I thought the show was neat. I'd still like to see it in person. The camera kept flittering around all over and I kept missing things.

I felt like there were too many pixar clips, but I guess it makes sense to include them since they are the only ones making money these days. I was happy that little mermaid got a long clip right at the beginning. :)

The best clip was Genie singing Friend Like Me. I thought they made good use of all the technology in that scene. Genie would go *poof* and appear on another water screen on the other side and I actually gasped! I felt a little silly but they did make it look very good.

My favorite part was the clip where Dory was speaking whale. But it's not my favorite because of the clip. It's because I turned to ben and asked, "Can you speak whale?" and he went, "Noooooooooo." I am laughing again thinking about it. Coworkers must think I am plotting evil...
This was an interesting history of disney, but probably not for anyone who is not a big disney nerd. Well, you need to be a disney nerd that can handle reading about disney minus the PR pixie dust.

I really liked the early history parts. Crazy things like how the contractors hired to build disney world would regularly steal supplies for their own homes. When the hotels were built, the disney company bought more tvs than they needed because they knew at least half would be stolen. Yet despite crazy things like that, the people in charge were still all about dreams and magic, even if it lost them money.

The later sections of the book, the eisner years, were extremely depressing. Dreams and magic had to become profitable. Eisner took all the goodwill that had been built up for years and squandered it. Like cheapening the rides and turning every shop into a gift shop. And he was really a jerk, like how he built MGM studios (now called hollywood studios) just to make universal studios angry.

I was surprised by how much crime happened in the parks during the 80s and 90s. And surprised by how little disney did to prevent it! After 9-11, they started checking the gates for weapons, but before that you could stroll in with a knife and no one would notice. Disney PR is pretty good. I would have never thought stuff like that happened there! I guess I'd make a good victim with my guard down.

The book ended just as Iger took control of the company. The author sounded pessimistic about the parks' future. I think iger is a bit more sensible than eisner is though. For one thing, he realizes you need E-ticket rides! There's a fantasyland expansion going on right now with a LITTLE MERMAID RIDE. I hope they add new rides to the other parks as well. This is all after the author published the book though. I wonder what he'd say now, seeing the improvements that have been made recently.
This one is a bit weird and requires a lot of driving. The problem is that there is not enough in Vegas for a full vacation, and not enough around Disneyland for a full vacation. If they would just get around to building that high speed train between the two, it would be perfect. Instead, I can look forward to a 6 hour drive. Yuck.

Things to do in and around Vegas:
- The Star Trek Experience (If it ever re-opens like they claim)
- Eat a buffet meal
- See the Hoover Dam
- Visit the Grand Canyon (which is another 4 hours of driving by itself)
- Visit Death Valley (weather permitting - NOT summer)

Things to do in and around Disney:
- Disneyland
- California Adventure
- San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park
Because ben is the most awesome guy in the world, he promised to take me to see this movie when he got back from Chicago. Last night he followed through on his promise. We went to a late night showing, which was fantastic because there were very few children in the theater and they were all behaved. :)

I thought everything about the movie was pretty good except the music. The world would be a much better place if someone broke Randy Newman's fingers. But like I said, aside from the music, it was a good movie.

The art was comparable to the disney renaissance films. I was pleased. The last couple animated films before they shut down the studio looked pretty terrible. This one was back up to standards.

Fantasy New Orleans made me nostalgic for real New Orleans. I think ben and I will need to go back and visit someday soon.

I think the two side characters, Ray and Louis, were my favorites. I wanted to constantly hug Louis. And I admit that I was first offended by Ray, but he quickly became SO USEFUL! Without him, the movie would have been a tragedy. At every turn, he was there to save the day.

I found myself relating to the princess a lot because she was embarrassingly clueless about love. She was so focused on other things. It reminded me a lot of when ben was trying to ask me out. Though I think Tiana beats even me for super cluelessness.

The plot was your usual disney happily ever plot, so don't go in expecting anything else. It delivers exactly what it promises. OH! But the SADNESS! There is a really sad moment in the film and it was SO SAD! I started to cry! I won't say what it is because it is a large spoiler. But so sad!!!!!!

So, um, yes. I would recommend this movie to those that enjoy a good disney movie. It was cute and sweet and pretty. And they all live happily ever after.
Yesterday evening I stepped off the bus.... right into a big pile of dog poop. I was not happy.

Ben took me out to chipotle to cheer me up. We laughed at the max occupancy sign (17) in the restaurant because there had to be at least 30 people in there, not even counting employees.

When we got home, we watched Meet the Robinsons, which I had seen the ending of on tv a little while ago and liked enough to want to see the rest of it. It was a delightfully nerdy movie. It had little jokes all over the place going by so fast, I feel like I only caught half of them. The Todayland part made me laugh out loud. It had space mountain! :)

My favorite character was the villain, Bowler Hat Guy. Everything he did made me smile. Everything.

Two favorite Bowler Hat Guy moments )

I read that something like 60% of the movie had to be re-done because it was so bad the first time around. I watched some of the deleted scenes. I'm glad they changed what they did. It made for a much much better movie. It would have been very sad and cynical without the changes.

After the movie, I crawled into bed feeling a lot better. But just as I was drifting off, I shot straight up! I forgot to go to the pottery lab! Ben tricked me!

Oh well. I'll try again on Thursday. Hopefully there will be no dog poo to ruin that evening.
Ben and I were discussing disney's announcment to buy marvel. Things discussed:

- Feasibility of "Xavier High School For the Gifted Musical"

Would it do as badly as spiderman the musical? Or would the disney afternoon audience be more receptive to people singing while prancing around in tights?

- Possible character choices for a Marvel vs Disney fighting game.

Disney side: Jack Sparrow, Mulan, Beast, Alladin, Goofy, Adult Simba, Darkwing Duck, Buzz Lightyear
Disney Unlockables: Tron, Frozone, Goliath, Wall-E

Marvel side: Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Cyclops, Wolverine, Gambit, Storm
Marvel Unlockables: Venom, Thor, Nightcrawler, Juggernaut
So no disney cruise for me.

Just as my dad was ready to put a deposit down, ben realized that a 7 night cruise was actually 8 days (Does the last day really count??? They kick you off by 8am!) and that's a very long time to be surrounded by disney.

I was upset but we compromised. Ben had to find me another ship that was super super fun AND took me to someplace that had mayan ruins.

He found me a 6 night western caribbean cruise on the independence of the seas. While it isn't disney, it does look like it has enough fun stuff to keep me busy.

The website says it has a rock climbing wall, surfing "flowrider" thing, mini golf, and ice skating. Plus all three ports have mayan ruins, so I can take my pick. I find this cruise to be acceptable.

Dad has put down the deposit for the room, which is a fancy balcony room. (I think it's funny that the balcony costs as much as a room in the ship bowels on a disney cruise.) The room is HUGE! For a cruise.

When I was little, my family went on a cruise for my dad's 40th birthday. The room we stayed in was in the bowels of the ship and all of the beds folded up during the day. Otherwise there was no room to move around. My brother and I slept on beds that pulled down from the walls while my parents had a bed that pulled out of the couch.

Compared to that, the room my dad got us is like a mansion.
Fewer fights today, which is always a good thing.

In the morning we went to the second photographer. I don't think I will be choosing them for my photos. All their pictures were very nice and they were willing to work to my budget, but it had too much of a wedding factory feel to it. I didn't get a sense that they'd be able to take the time and make the pictures "our story." We'd just be another couple on the assembly line.

I do have one more question for the first photographer though before I sign anything. What happens if my photographer gets sick? They only have one photographer in their studio, so I assume they have a plan B. Just want to know what it is.

After the photographer, we went to a local baking/candy shop to purchase supplies for making chocolate stars. I bought a mold and a small bag of melting chocolates to experiment. I would like to repeat that. I bought a bag of MELTING CHOCOLATE on a 90 degree day. Oh yes I am brilliant...

From there we went to a fabric store to find tulle for my veil, but their selection was terrible. Only one shade of white! Lame!

Read more... )
I dreamed that rockethouse got banned from disney for life because [livejournal.com profile] liamtheruiner kept asking the disney princesses if he could eat their afterbirth.
Why does the free promotional dvd for disney's cruises have a piracy warning? Don't they WANT people to watch their promotions?
Ben and I went to costco today because we were out of everything. We bought mickey mouse chicken nuggets. They mildly disturb me because it makes me think of the host you get at church. Mickey is like the disney version of jesus? Sacralicious!

After that, we went to the mall. I had heard a store was going out of business and everything was 50% off. Unfortunately we got there too late. The store was already empty and locked up.

So then we went to bed bath and beyond to open up a wedding registry. I was pretty excited because they let me have a scanner! I wanted to scan everything. And almost did. Now I have to go through my list and take things off. Oops.

I think I drove ben crazy by constantly talking about Alton Brown while we chose kitchen supplies. "Well, AB says...." or, "On Good Eats, AB uses..."

I'm sad the weekend is over. It was far too short.
It is probably bad that when I heard Palin's church burned down, my first thought was "I guess she felt the media wasn't paying enough attention to her lately..."

My dog needs a walk but it is very cold out. When I am rich, I will pay someone to walk my dog on weekends. At least the mornings.

The cold displeases me. It also makes me really hungry all the time. My body must think the next ice age is coming. Obviously I can't eat all the time without becoming very overweight, so I have turned to salad. It satisfies that need to consume food all the time in a healthy way. The only real problem is the dressing, but I use only a tiny bit of that, so I think I'm good.

Ben bought one of those fancy tablets for drawing, but once I sat down to play with it, I couldn't think of anything to draw. Sad. Maybe I'll just draw lots of circles for now just to get the hang of it. At the disney animation academy thing we went to, they had us draw circles for most of the class. I wish I could remember how to draw mickey. Maybe I can find directions online.

My disney video continues to delight me. It's silly.

I just read an article about how in places like iran, men throw acid in women's faces if they reject the man's marriage proposal. Sad! And now one of those women is getting her revenge by having acid poured into her attacker's eyes. Not sure what I think about that. Part of me feels like that's a good punishment for disfiguring someone and blinding them. But the other part of me questions the effectiveness of it all.

*sigh* I guess I need to get dressed and walk this dog. She's so annoying. She keeps poking at my fingers while I type. My next dog is going to be trained to use the toilet.
My parents are going to Florida around Oct 18-25. Do I want to go?

- I like disney
- I like vacations

- It costs money
- It's with my parents

Does anyone else want to go? It's a big townhouse, so if friends actually wanted to make a weekend of it (maybe the weekend of the 18th) then I might be more willing to go.

Also, I need a better disney icon that does not say I'm going to disney.



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