Several dreams last night. One about the car getting a flat tire. One about another earthquake. And one about a little mermaid that needed to eat the heart of a human that loves her in order to obtain immortality.
Also, this morning I woke up in a horrific violent way when ben grabbed my head and smashed it against his with all his strength. All I could think to say was, "Why would you do that!?"

He says he was having a bad dream. My head is still sore to the touch.
During my afternoon nap, I had a dream that was 1) a complete story, 2) animated like a dreamworks film. It was rather weird.

Imagine this whole thing in cgi )
I must have had earthquakes on the brain last night because I dreamed an aftershock. I woke up thinking the whole room had vibrated. In the morning, a quick search of usgs told me it was just my overactive imagination.

Which is just as well since one should only have to worry about one natural disaster at a time. Right now there's the hurricane to worry about.

Actually, I'm not that worried. I'm pretty far inland and on high ground. Plus it looks like the main body of the storm isn't going to approach anywhere near me. My biggest concern is loss of power. That would be super inconvenient.

Everyone else in the area is totally panicking though. Good luck finding bottled water in any store at this point. (Why do people buy bottled water anyway? What's wrong with a couple pitchers or tupperware of tap water set aside before the storm?) And everyone is driving like maniacs. At least half a dozen drivers tried to kill us today while we drove around.

And then there were the crazy people on the street. Were they let out in honor of the storm?
1. Wheelchair guy - Purposely rammed his wheelchair into people on the sidewalk. Tried to knock a man off his bike. Stole a man's cigarette.
2. Homeless guy - Sat on the corner throwing rotten food at people passing by. When he ran out of food, he started spitting on people.
3. Chest guy - The man sitting next to me on the bus was rubbing his chest in a bizarre manner for nearly the entire ride. When we finally approached our stop, he started humming and slapping his legs.

I feel like people totally lose their minds around here whenever a big storm is mentioned.

I hope at least the storm waits until the afternoon to start. Maggie has her last vaccinations tomorrow morning. I really don't want that appointment canceled.

Had a dream last night that seemed so memorable to me that I got up immediately to write it down. It was unusual in that I wasn't part of the dream. I was just watching everything happen. That does not normally happen in my dreams.

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I felt terrible when I got home from work yesterday so I ate a quick dinner and went to bed early.

Unfortunately I couldn't fall asleep right away because a mosquito was stalking me. Every time I shut off the lights and started to rest, I could hear the buzzing around my head. And I'd throw on the lights and try to swat it, but I'd always miss and it would fly off and wait. I tried catching it by waiting with the lights on but I was being stalking by an unusually clever mosquito.

I ended up going crazy and spraying the wall directly next to my bed with DEET. That managed to solve the problem. I think I need a bed with mosquito netting....

I slept until two when I woke up from a violent cramp. My painkillers had worn off. I had been dreaming I was walking with friends when a lion came charging after me and a robot jumped in and grabbed me to safety. In my dream, the cramp was the robots heavy metal body slamming into me during the rescue.

More painkillers were taken after that and I was able to go back to bed. I woke up feeling just as awful as I did last night. I stupidly went to work, but I am regretting it. Now I have to wait until 2 for my bus to start running. Though ben said he'd come save me if I needed him to. He is sweet like that.

I think I will go make some tea and see if that helps any.
Metro was a total failure last night and I missed my bus. The worst part was that there were no disruptions on my line. They were just running trains 8-10 minutes apart during rush hour.

Ben was sweet and offered to pick me up at the park and ride if I could catch a bus there, but the buses were running late too! *sigh* Eventually I did catch a bus and ben came to save me.

We have a inventory inspection today in our apartment, so we did some cleaning last night. I think an inventory inspection means they're going to make sure we haven't stolen the cheap microwave the apt came with when we moved in. I hope that's all it is, because we didn't have time to clean the apt all that well. We just cleared a path to the key rooms we thought they would look through.

In the middle of the night, I had a nightmare about a lovecraftian monster fighting a dinosaur. I don't remember the details too well, but I know the dinosaur had to win. I woke up in a panic, turned to ben, and told him with terror, "The DINOSAUR!!!!" And then I think I fell right back asleep.

This morning my bus stopped working randomly. Didn't seem like it was overheating. The driver was able to fix it by turning everything off and turning it back on again. I am beginning to think all the buses in town run on windows.

The turnstiles at the metro station exit were not working, so I got a free ride. Considering how much it costs me each day to ride, I don't feel bad about it. And I was reading how prices are going up again in August. They're adding a peak of the peak fare of another 20 cents if you ride the metro during rush hour. Silly me to think that peak fares covered rush hour already.

Hopefully today will go by fast so that I can get home. The yarn for my skully sweater arrived yesterday and I am excited to start it.
Last night's dream could only be considered a nightmare in the sense that I was the main character in a reverse harem cartoon. I can't remember all the details but I was trying to get a ticket to some fancy event that involved an astronaut. I did eventually find one, no thanks to all the guys who had EXTRA tickets but all had stupid reasons for not just giving me one. But of course they were all really happy I made it. Rarrr, why didn't they just give me one of their extra tickets then?? I hate most reverse harem shows because of nonsense like that.
I chewed up the inside of my cheek last night while I slept. I dreamed I was taking a very hard test. The school I was at didn't have enough funding, so they had to combine some classes. This test was the final for my english/social studies class. I was having a hard time writing essays about major historical events as portrayed in literature. I had done a decent one on Anne Frank and the Holocaust and muddled my way through Trench Warfare as portrayed in All Quiet on the Western Front. But I couldn't think of another book for my third and final essay! I only had a few minutes left and at this point was absolutely sure I was going to fail. Then the buzzer went off, but it was my alarm so I guess I'll never know if I passed the test!
My dog cheered me up when I got home yesterday. It's hard to be sad when you have a dog. She was so happy to see me, she wiggled all over. And then we went for a walk and she thought that was just GREAT! Her tail was wagging the whole time. Every now and then she'd turn and look up at with with happiness. How can you stay sad when you have a dog?

Near the end of our walk, we ran into ben. He drove us home. I dropped off the dog (with a cookie), then we went out for dinner. It was double point night at caltort! Ben ordered a ridiculous number of tacos. While we ate, we talked about the cruise and my guilt for not enjoying snow crash.

After that, we went to the food store to stock up on dog food and fruit. I bought a very expensive tomato. I am looking forward to a house with a yard so I can grow my own tomatoes.

When I got home, I played disgaea 2 for a bit and then went to bed early. I was very tired. I dreamed that my grandma wanted me to crochet something for her. I hate when I dream about dead people. It makes me feel guilty because I can never do the things they want in the dream.
Last night I dreamed it was snowing heavily. When I woke up, I asked ben if I could go back to sleep, figuring we had a snow day. He said yes!

So I was about 30 minutes late for work today.

When I finally got up, I fed my dog and got dressed. While dressing, my dog crawled over towards me, acting like she was in intense pain. She kept stopping to pant and would lay down before coming a little closer. I started to panic and rushed over to her.

As soon as I touched her oddly distended belly, *FART OF DEATH*!!!

And then she was better. Stupid dog ate her breakfast too fast I guess. We went for a walk after that where she chased squirrels and acted like nothing was ever wrong. I guess I should be glad there wasn't anything seriously wrong with her.

After the noname crisis was over, I ran out to catch my bus. I woman who definitely needed two seats decided to sit next to/on me. I was not happy at all.

Then on the train, the only seat left had poop on it. I chose to stand. (This should never be a situation in anyone's life.)

I have made it to work now. I have a meeting soon. Then lots of regular work to try to get ahead on so that I can be out two days for my wisdom teeth.
It is cold like death.

I finished my christmas shopping yesterday. Now I just need to pack and mail things. That is a difficult task when it's this cold.

And I'm not even well dressed for the weather today. Cause I'm insane. I am wearing an outfit similar to one I wore in a dream a few nights ago. It is an outfit better suited to spring or fall. In winter I should be in sweaters and thermals.

I hope today is quiet enough that I can curl up into a ball and die. For now, I think I'll make some hot cocoa.

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Night 1 without ben a total failure. Taking today off from work was a good idea just to cope with this. I tossed and turned all night. And I kept waking up freezing. No matter how high I turned my electric blanket, I was still cold. And my useless dog got too hot and ran off to sleep in her own bed.

At some point I did fall asleep though and then dreamed that I had the Destiny of changing the world, but it involved time travel or something. I had to gather together 7 followers 7 times by looping around in the timeline over and over again. I couldn't let my earlier versions of myself take their place in the timeline. Which creates a huge paradox, but I think that was an important part of changing the world. By the 7th loop, I was getting pretty arrogant about the whole thing because I knew everything that would happen. But then I woke up before I revolutionized the world! Lame!
Had a strange complicated dream that left me feeling exhausted in the morning. And I know writing it down will never capture the weirdness of all of it, but I'll try to get some of it. Otherwise I feel like I'll be trying to remember it all day.

Really boring once I actually write it down. )
I had my reoccurring potty dream again.

This time jess, tara, and amanda kept barging into the bathroom, so I couldn't go. Finally after I chased them off, I realized the toilet was broken so I couldn't go anyway.

It's so weird that when I am stressed out, I dream the world is stopping me from using the bathroom. What is wrong with you, brain?
Last night I dreamed I was upset so ben sat down next to me and held me until I felt better. When I woke up, ben was actually holding me. I didn't want to leave the bed this morning.

I did eventually get up though, and then rushed out of the house because I was running late.

On the bus, I finished day 7 of the world ends with you and then got very angry because I have to do the week over again! The game did seem too short, so I should have expected this. Curses. The game better explain why my character is stuck playing the same week over and over again...

I'd rather be playing that game than working right now though. Work is very boring today.
I dreamed that rockethouse got banned from disney for life because [ profile] liamtheruiner kept asking the disney princesses if he could eat their afterbirth.



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