The house is quiet. The house has not been this quiet for about a year.

My bird just would not stop screaming. No matter what I did, She would not stop. I even consulted a bird expert. They suggested my bird had decided I was her mate and that she was screaming all day because I would not return her affections.

So over the weekend, I drove up to NY to bring my bird to live with my parents. They have several other birds, so I'm hoping she will make friends and talk to them rather than scream at me all day long.I feel a little guilty abandoning her, but I just didn't know what else to do.

During the trip, I also did fun stuff.

On Saturday I went to the Bronx zoo with my family and a few friends. Aside from the ridiculous everything-costs-extra pricing, I had a good time. I got the all you can eat ticket so I didn't have to worry about pulling out my wallet at every turn. They had an animatronic dinosaur safari that was both cheesy and awesome. There were baby dinosaurs!

I also saw a super cute baby sea lion afterwards. It was so tiny! And a baby rhino that was surprisingly bouncy for something so big.

I was a little disappointed by the penguin feeding which did not have enough viewing room for everyone to see. Also, why did the whole building smell like cat urine?

But I did get to ride on a bug carousel, so that was neat.

Overall it was a good day. I was totally exhausted when it was over.

On Sunday, I met up with friends for board games and dinner. The board games were fun except for a stupid card game we played where I lost every single round. Dinner was good even though a lot of it was food I had never tried before. My dish was tasty though. I had cauliflower and it had spices in it to give it a very slight flowery taste. And then the baklava was a perfect way to end the dinner.

I also met my friend's dog harley who was super adorable and kissy and I wanted to take him home. I kept hugging and squeezing him and singing him the puppy pants song.

Monday I drove him and then crashed to sleep. I slept most of tuesday too. I unpacked wednesday and then today I started classes again!

I had two classes this morning, both in computer science and by the same teacher. So far it looks like basic easy stuff so I'm not too worried.

I have one more class tonight. A calculus class. Shouldn't be too terribly hard assuming the teacher speaks understandable english.

I think I might take a short nap before that so I'll be fresh for the late night class. Pretty inconvenient that they didn't have any good daytime ones.
Last week I made a trip to NY. Ben was out of town and my mother had been bugging me for a visit for a while. I got to see my friends a good couple of times, so it all went very well.

The drive down on Thursday was pretty smooth. I didn't hot real traffic until I got to NY, and even then I got to my parents' house before they did. While we waited, Maggie got to see her first train. (My parents live next to the train tracks.) She waited the rest of the time from the safety of the car.

On Friday, I went with my mother to Williamsburg Brooklyn (hipster capitol of the world) to visit my great aunt. When I was a kid, the neighborhood was entirely polish families. It's so different now!

We got there a little early and my great aunt was still getting her hair done, so we made an adventure to find stroopwafels. The first shop (which, bizarrely, was right next to where my great grandma's old candy shop used to be) was all out, but they suggested a cheese shop a block or so down that usually carries them.They did indeed have them, and I nearly died buying them. The place smelled horrific. Too much cheese! And the woman working the register was telling a couple where to find every single pizza shop in the area. The wait was awful.

But I got my stroopwafels! And they were quite tasty! Not so tasty that I'd make a trip just for them, but it was worth it since I was in the neighborhood.

After that, we ate lunch with my great aunt at one of the remaining polish restaurants in the area. She happily told my mother all the gossip in the neighborhood and then we went back to her apartment where she gave us random cans of food to take home.

The drive back to my parents' house was terrible. It was raining so the traffic took 2.5 hours. With my mother. Alone in a car. Not fun.

But the evening went better. I met up with all my friends at a local pirate restaurant. We had a ton of fun even if the pirate theming was a little weak. And then we went back to amanda's house and played board games and ate stroopwafels until it got late. I am a terrible, smug winner.

Saturday we had a bbq at the house and all my friends were invited. Everyone who could make it did and good times were had by all. I even went into the pool. Then got out because I was FREEZING! But I did manage to go in up to my shoulders, so it counts!

On Sunday, my parents and I took Maggie out on the boat. She did not enjoy it as much as I hoped, but I think she was just scared of the newness. By the end, she was fairly calm. She even hammed it up a bit for the camera.
Summer 2012 boating - Say "Cheese!"

My mom caught the first non-sea robin fish. My dad caught the biggest non-sea robin fish. Both had to be thrown back because they were too small. I didn't fish at all. Instead I just enjoyed being out on the water. I hate beaches but love boats.

I pretty much passed out when I got back to the house. It was crazy. I was pretty much dead for 3 hours. My parents finally woke me for dinner and then after I went to tara's for more fun board games.

Monday was a good day to leave. I was exhausted physically and I hadn't yet exhausted my welcome. Or at least I thought it was a good day until the verrazano bridge shut down. A man tried to jump from the bridge so the entire upper deck was closed down to talk him out of it. All well and good for him but for me, traffic was backed up for MILES. Everyone had to take the lower deck, which scares me because if something happens, the bridge might crush me. (The stupid things I worry about.) But once I got around that, it was smooth all the way down to VA. It took 2 hours to get from my parents house to NJ. But compare that to the drive back from brooklyn on friday and it was nothing!

My dogs were very happy to be back home. They ran around in the yard and sniffed all their favorite things. Then cuddled in my bed. I guess they are not road trip dogs.
A minute to breathe.

My parents arrived Thursday night. Their car broke down just a few blocks away from the house.

It had to be towed to a transmission place on Friday. We don't know when it will be back.

After the car was towed (that took all morning), I took my parents to Lowes to buy a ridiculous amount of wood. We also got a new sliding back door and a new garage door. We had to rent a truck and still it took two trips. I spent nearly $2000. :(

On Saturday, my parents took out the old sliding door to discover that the new one is about a foot bigger. So they had to cut open the walls a bit. Where they were reminded of the metal studs in this house. So it took the entire day to get that door in. They started working on the deck when they were done, but there wasn't much sunlight left so they were only able to add a few planks.

Today they continued to work on the deck. It is looking unlikely that they will get the new garage door installed. Just not enough time.

Also today was the day ben had to leave for his business trip. I took him to the airport and got pulled over along the way. I thought I was speeding. But it ended up being a case of mistaken identity. The cop saw a blue car cross a divider illegally and assumed it was me because I was the first blue car he saw. There weren't even any dividers to cross on the route I took! So the cop let me go. It was still really scary.

My parents took my car to the store to buy even more supplies. Hopefully they do not crash my car.
Someone in the neighborhood is setting off fireworks. I assume for some post-rapture party.

Ben and I spent the day at ikea. We needed to get a bed for the guest room since my parents will be staying. We ended up with a futon that is probably not big enough. Oh well. If she wanted something fancy, she could have stayed at a hotel.

The futon did not fit in the car. We must have spent an hour tying the box to the top of the car as securely as possible. And then I drove home verrrry slow. I was actually happy when we hit traffic because it meant I could go slower.

We are probably going to get in trouble with the toll road people. Our EZ pass wasn't reading properly. I don't carry change, so I blew through two tolls.

Tomorrow we should build the bed. Then I need to make sure we have all the linens we need. And that room needs curtains.
Ben left for a business trip this morning. I am sad. I will miss him. :( He doesn't come back until saturday. That's like a billion trillion years.

After I dropped ben off at the airport, I attempted to get to a park and ride so I could get to work. There was massive traffic and almost everyone was a real jerk about letting me change lanes. (Also, left entrances onto busy highways are evil.) I'm glad I started changing lanes when I did, because it took several miles to get all the way over to the right. I nearly missed my exit!

Then when I got to the park and ride, the entire lot was full. Well, not exactly true. The top section of the lot was blocked off. There were probably another 100 spots up there if we were allowed up. My options were:
1) Drive around and find another park and ride that wasn't full. Seeing how it was after 8 already, the chances of success were slim.
2) Get back onto the highway and drive in DC. In traffic. And then pay expensive DC parking.
3) Park illegally in the garage and risk a ticket. Other people were parking illegally too.

So I went with option #3. I think a parking ticket is about $50. Hopefully I won't get one, but if I do it won't be a budget buster. It's really upsetting that I had to illegally park in the first place. I wonder why the top of the garage was closed in the first place?

Anyway, I got on a bus. Then a train. Then got stuck in a tunnel because this is the metro, which only breaks down on days that end in y.

I need to work late to make up for coming in late today and leaving early yesterday, but I really don't want to leave my car illegally parked too late. Maybe I'll leave normal time and come into work super early tomorrow. If I come in early enough, there should be no problems finding a parking spot in the garage. (Because everyone will still be sleeping.)
One of my friends is getting married in PA in Sept. I had wanted to go on a little weekend vacation that month to celebrate my anniversary, so I'm going to combine my plans and turn the wedding trip into a slightly longer anniversary trip. Yay!

I started making a map of all the interesting things I could do in PA. Now I'm thinking maybe I should extend the trip a bit more. :P I should be sensible though. The state isn't going anywhere and I can always return. PA isn't that far.

Originally I was thinking a day at Hershey Park, but it'll be late Sept and potentially cold. I recall the park having some fun water rides and I'd hate to have to skip them out of fear of being chilly.

So I think Philly would be the better destination. Plenty of stuff to do, plus it's a very walkable city and there's public transit. And it's historical! I tend to enjoy american revolution history. (Which makes me super annoyed with teabaggers who have made the american revolution lame.)

Many Philly options:
- Philadelphia Zoo
- Mutter Museum
- National Constitution Center, Independence Hall, and Liberty Bell Center
- Adventure Aquarium (technically not in philly, but really close by)

So I think the plan will be:

Friday - Leisurely drive up to Scranton. Potential stop at Gettysburg if we need to stretch our legs.

Saturday - Wedding festivities!

Sunday - Leisurely drive to Philly. Check into hotel and enjoy the sights.

Monday - Potential morning touristing in Philly. Leisurely drive back home.
It felt so good to sleep in our own bed last night. Noname seems to be happy to be home too.

Ben was mighty and drove the entire way home. And it only took 5.5 hours! Really good! We hit the very very beginning of rush hour traffic around dc, but it wasn't too bad.

My bird was still alive when I got home, and so was my tomato plant. One cucumber plant died, but it wasn't looking too great when I left anyway. One of the flowers in my aerogarden flowered, which was a cool surprise to come back to!

Today's plan is to enjoy breakfast, take a nice hot shower, and make my way to work around noon. I'm going to bring in some of my leftover cupcakes. I'm sure they'll enjoy that.
I have made it to ny. Am exhausted.

We hit traffic almost immediately. Then the rubber trim on my windshield fell off. Then we hit traffic again until we got to my parents' house. Not a good ride at all.

Ate dinner with my parents, then made a hasty exit when mom started her obama hate. Poor noname is stuck there. I hope she forgives me.

I think I'm going to bed early tonight. I have A TON of stuff to do tomorrow. I will need the early start.
Will it ever stop raining?

This morning while driving ben to his d&d, we ended up stopped at a light on a decently sharp hill. The person behind me was REALLY close to the car which was making me super nervous because I knew as soon as I took my foot off the break, we were going to roll backwards.

Not only did we roll backwards, but thanks to the torrential rain, we also slid and skid all over. It was scary. But at least we didn't hit the car behind us. I am proud I at least managed to avoid an accident.

On the way back, my window completely fogged up suddenly. I couldn't see at all!!! I had to open my window and navigate with my head sticking out to find a place to pull over and deal with the problem. Scary!

Once the defogger going full blast fixed my problem, I was on the road again. Sorta. There were detours everywhere because of downed trees and flooded roads. I was really glad I had my gps because I was totally lost.

Also on the way home, it actually started to rain harder. I had my wipers going full power and I was driving well below the speed limit and I could still barely see anything.

My original plan for driving home was to stop at the grocery store on the way. That was definitely not happening. Too dangerous! I headed straight home instead (minus a few detours). Nearly hit a car that was sitting out the storm in a turning lane. People who do that should put their blinkers on!

But now I am home and safe. I hope the rain lets up my this afternoon so I can go to pottery. And it definitely better be done by the time ben's game lets out. I don't want a repeat of such a scary drive.

Been busy

Jan. 1st, 2009 11:29 am
So on Monday I did wedding stuff. First we went to visit my grandpa's friend who is a party planner. She's going to give me a discount on decorations and stuff like that, which is very nice of her.

We talked a bit about the theme. She said she'd start brainstorming, but in the meantime I need to decide on a place so that she has a more concrete idea to work with. She also gave me a list of places she thought I might like that she thought I should look at.

Then we went to one of the places she suggested, which looked like just a big tent in her pictures. Unfortunately they very recently renovated so it looks like a big gold tent. I was not impressed, but I could work with it if I had to.

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I think I've recovered enough from yesterday to write about it without regaining my fury and frustration.

It took me 9 hours to drive to NY yesterday. And that was with ONE short stop to let my dog pee.

Five minutes on the road and I got into an accident. I stopped at a red light, but the idiot on his cell phone behind me did not. When we got out of the cars to check the damage, he was STILL on the same call. Clearly smashing up the front of his car was of little concern to him.

My car was completely fine so I said some very harsh words to him about driving while on the cell phone (which he probably never heard because he was still on that same call) and told him I was leaving. Didn't do insurance info or anything. He can pay for the damage himself, the jerk.

After that delightful experience, I got on the highway. It took me about 2 hours just to get through maryland. There were accidents all along 495 so the entire loop was a nightmare. And with the way people were cutting other people off and driving extremely aggressively, I can see why there were so many accidents.

Delaware was the usual nightmare. It actually had the potential to be much much worse, but thankfully I had an ez pass, so I was able to bypass the mile or so of toll traffic.

New Jersey wasn't too bad until around exit 12, where it completely stopped. It took me 2 hours to get to exit 13. And another 2 hours to cross the 2 bridges. It was awful.

And while I was stuck in that traffic, my dog realized she had to poop. Poor noname was a good dog though, and held it in for all those hours. She was crying by the time I made it to the other side.

I stopped at the very first rest stop I could find. It was dark and unguarded. Really really spooky. I walked noname in the dim light from the highway, jumping at every sound expecting someone to attack us. At least noname got to poop though. She fell asleep as soon as she got back in the car. All that holding it in must have been a lot of hard work.

I had to pee too, but those dark unmonitored bathrooms freaked me out to much. I figured I could just hold it in for yet another hour until I got home.

I nearly burst, but I did it! I actually called my parents before I showed and and told them to unlock the door and come out to watch my dog because as soon as I parked I was making a straight line for the bathroom and no one was going to stop me.

They foolishly tried to say hi to me, but I flew past them screaming "I HAVE TO PEEEEEE!!!!!!"

I felt much better after that.

So yeah, 9 hours on the road. One accident. Did not count the number of near accidents. And no one peed in the car.
Ben and I went shopping this afternoon. The crowds were not as bad as I feared, but the traffic was just about what I expected.

While pulling into our apt parking lot, we nearly died. The person with a stop sign decided to pull in front of me just as I was turning into the lot. I had to slam on the brakes and even then, just barely missing them. It was scary!

And then they drove off like nothing ever happened.

I hate people so much.
Tae kwon do was brutal this morning. I finally explained to the teacher that the reason I was messing up complicated moves was because I still didn't have the basics down.

So he pulled me aside to go over the basics. And when I messed up, he hit me. Any time my blocking arm dropped, he hit me. If I wasn't hitting him fast enough, he hit me. I'm going to be covered in bruises tomorrow.

I do think I improved a lot though. So that's good I guess.

After class, I took my car to get fixed. The check engine light was on. The guys there said it was because the gas cap was loose. STUPID! Good thing it was a warranty thing so they didn't charge me.

I got my oil changed while I was there since that was overdue. Now I can feel like I accomplished something.

While driving home, I was cut off by a car with a big "baby on board" sticker. That child better hold on tight with parents that drive like that.
Made it home yesterday after 7 very long hours. It was slow all across NY, then I hit traffic on the NJ turnpike at exit 4 and stayed in traffic until 495. This was not good because I was trying to outrun a storm.

Instead, I got to drive through the storm. That was not fun at all. It was in fact part of the reason for the traffic. Couldn't see anything once you started going more than 30 mph. Yuck.

Surprisingly, there were few accidents. I would have thought in a storm like that, people would be smashing up all over. But nothing but a few flat tires and some guys waiting out the storm. So that was nice at least.

I was very happy to see ben when I got home, but he was more interested in the xbox I think. What a butthead. :P At least he made me dinner.

He made it up to me later, but I was a bit sad for a while.

Tonight is near years but I don't really feel all that compelled to celebrate. It's just another day in a long march of days. I might make some new years snacks though. Maybe tiny pizzas.

Speaking of food, I am starving. I skipped breakfast this morning. There isn't much to eat though because we have been gone all week. Guess it's soup for me.
Today I finally drive home. I have grand plans to hug ben so tight he won't be able to breathe.

I didn't sleep well last night so my parents are trying to get me to stay another day "to rest."

Noooooooo way.

I'm going home! I got enough sleep for a couples hours of driving. And I'll have my dog singing all the way to keep me awake.
My dog is cuddling me very intensely. I think she missed me today.

We got into the city around 2ish and drove around for an hour looking for parking. We took my car so I spent that entire gasping and screaming as cabs came too close to my car and children kicked it. I was not happy.

Once a parking garage was found, we went to look at the tree. It was very large. While we were looking at it, a guy gave us all "free" hats and then asked for $10 each. We gave him back his hats.

Near the tree was a large pond full of pennies. It was for some sort of charity thing. I wonder how they keep people from reaching down and grabbing a handful.

Food, Restrooms, and Broadway )
Driving has been mastered. So has the internet.

There was no traffic at all until I reached NY. Then traffic for many many hours. It filled me with great sadness.

When I got to my parents house, I had to do battle with the wireless network to get it to work on my laptop. As you can see, I was triumphant.

There is a new bed in my old bedroom. That relieves me because I didn't want to sleep on the bed my grandpa died in. However, it is far too tall for my dog. She is sad and helpless.

I am hoping there will be dinner soon. All I've eaten today was a peanut butter sandwich and half an orange. I could go for some real food.
Ugh. Ben made me go out shopping on black friday. :(

He pre-ordered something on the website, so all he had to do was pick it up. He naively thought that would be easy. He knows better now.

After battling in the parking lot and waiting on line for 90 minutes, we finally picked up his stuff. I must mention that during those 90 minutes, a phone was ringing almost non-stop. I started to develop a twitch.

Ben was feeling light headed from the ordeal so I had to drive home. People were cutting me off in horrible dangerous ways. I was getting really angry and screaming.

I calmed down once we got on the toll road away from all the other drivers. Ben took me out to lunch. We split a soup in a bread bowl, and I got hot cocoa.

Ben is at work now. I might take a nap. Being angry most of the day has made me very tired.


Oct. 27th, 2007 04:00 pm
Dear VA Drivers,

Here are some tips to make everyone happier on the road, especially me.

1. Honking at red lights will not make them change, nor will honking encourage the driver in front of you to run that red light for your convenience.
2. Park your car in the parking spots. Driving lanes are for driving, not parking.
3. When driving through the parking lot, try to keep your speed below 40 mph.
4. When changing lanes, first check to see if someone else is in the spot you are trying to merge into.
5. At 4-way stops, each driver should take their turn based on the order they stopped. That does not mean everyone should try to enter the intersection at once.
6. If you are waiting on a long line, for example to buy gas, try not to fall asleep at the wheel.
7. When you look like you are sitting in my back seat, you are TOO CLOSE. Always keep a safe distance between yourself and the car in front of you.
8. If you miss your turn on a busy highway, get off at the next exit and turn around. Please don't drive backwards.



Aug. 14th, 2007 03:37 pm
I feel like I've fallen behind on my life. :P I ramble a bit )



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