Another fun day!

We picked the absolute perfect day to go to busch gardens. Weather-wise, we managed to avoid all major rain. There was some slight drizzling as we walked in and as we left, but the rest of the day was perfectly dry. It was rather cloudy, but that just meant no sunburn. :)

In terms of crowds, the place was practically empty. We didn't have to wait on a single line. It was almost magical. We got to go on everything we wanted and still see every show we wanted to see. Like having our own theme park for the day!

My favorite part of the day was when we visited the aviary. A cuckoo landed on top of ben's head! It was awesome. He had another one on his shoulder too. Eventually he got sick of them and put them on my shoulder. They were so warm and fluffy!

I didn't really have a favorite ride, but I did have a favorite show. It was called Stomped and had a whole bunch of different music and dance acts with a spooky theme. My two favorites were the dancing skeletons and the drumming with knives and cleavers. The table was totally chopped up when they were done!

In the evening, the park had a huge halloween event called howl-o-scream. They set up a whole bunch of haunted houses and between each one were "scare zones" you had to make it through to get around.

The first one we went through was the Catacombs, modeled after the ones in france. I was mildly disappointed that you couldn't see any catacombs in the maze. It was too dark. But after a while I didn't care because I had to stay focused so dead people would not jump me.

The we went to Your Number Is Up: 13, which was based around 13 phobias. Each one was on a sign before you entered the house. I thought this was the best of the bunch. It had a good variety of scares and the numbered phobias were like a memory game before you entered each room.

That one also had the longest line so we made a friend on line. She kept getting really scared and grabbing onto the back of my hoodie as we went through the maze. When we finally reached room #13 (Death), she started to freak out a little. It involved going through a tight, pitch black tube. I offered her my hand so that she could finally get out. I thought she would pop my fingers off, she squeezed so tight.

The last house we went through was Dead Line, where some sort of strange gag was released into a subway system causing people to go crazy and zombify. I thought this one was the best themed of the bunch, even though it was not the scariest. The destruction in the room designs was lovely.

We skipped two of the haunted houses, Bitten (vampires) and Fear Faire (clowns). Our feet were in far too much pain to walk any further. We are now back at the hotel and very happy to be off our feet.

Tomorrow: Colonial Williamsburg!
I lost! Then I won! It was weird!

So the vote was decided by clapping. And of course the funny ones got the loudest. I expected that. It was a tie between the wayne's world guys (team entry) and a smoking, drinking octomom. Then one of the other contestants stepped forward and argued that I should have won because I got three rounds of applause. And a bunch of other people agreed. So they said I won too.

A tie between 4 people is not a satisfying win.

I want to take pictures as soon as I get home with my dog in her lobster costume. Then I'm taking everything off and going to bed!
Last night I finished the top and went to try it on, only to discover it didn't zip up! Doom!

I forgot that my strapless bra is a bit thicker than my normal ones. And the stop was already pretty tight in those. Just that tiny extra bit threw it over the edge.

All was no lost though! I opened up the back and added a slim panel of leftover knit fabric. I didn't even need to measure precisely because it would stretch. So all is good now. It's not perfect, but it works. Good enough is the motto of the day!

Despite the disaster, I managed to get to bed before midnight. And then woke up at 5:30, which was not enough time at all to get ready! I ended up doing my make up when I got to work.

I was having a mild panic about riding the bus and train in my silly outfit. I tried to cope by pretending I was asleep. Then at least I wouldn't see the stares. I got two compliments on my wig while walking from the station to the office.

Everyone so far likes my costume at work. I hope I win the contest. I'm really tired.
holytoastr: (sewing)
Have reached panic mode for my costume. I am almost to the end, but I worry I won't finish in time if I make any more mistakes.

Last night I made several. The biggest ones being shattering my sewing needle and shoving a pin deep into my finger causing me to bleed all over the costume.

Really, all I have left though is to sew the zipper into the tail and to add a trim to the bodice. I know I will mess this up.

I stayed up too late last night sewing. I am exhausted. But I need to stay up again to hopefully finish. If I can finish tonight, I can get a good night's rest Thursday night and not look like a mess for the contest.
I got a lot done on my halloween costume today. I finished the embroidery on the top piece and attached the lining. Now I'm attaching the trim. Then I need to add the zipper. After that, I need to put the tail together.

While I was embroidering and sewing trim, I watched the tmbg concert online. That was pretty neat. They played most of their big hits, plus a few new things and some of their kids songs. There were also puppets. Unfortunately it was all too short! They were only on stage for slightly more than an hour. Then they escaped in a cloud of confetti like extremely bombastic ninjas.
I was out of bird seed and poop bags, so I took noname to the pet store today. They were having some sort of puppy adoption event so the place was crazy!

Noname got a bit too overstimulated I think. She's exhausted now.

I bought her a lobster costume for halloween to go with my mermaid costume. I wish I had someplace to go because we will look adorable together.
Ben and I had a productive day of errand running.

First we went to the comic book store. The guy working there must have been new because he was totally engrossed in his comic and didn't notice anyone came in. I decided to see how long it would take him to notice me if I stood in front of him patiently. It only took him about a minute or two. The surprised yell he made was worth the wait.

Got a bunch of good comics this month. I enjoyed Fables. And things are finally happening again in Unwritten. Thor: The Mighty Avenger continues to amuse me. I want the movie to be like the comic, but I know that will never happen.

After that we tried the craft store for a tiara for my halloween costume, but I didn't find what I was looking for so I gave up.

Then we went food shopping. I bought ingredients for ice cream. Yay!

I dropped ben off at home and then went to the library. I ended up getting too many books. I got The Salmon of Doubt, The October Country, and A Wrinkle in Time.

I don't expect salmon of doubt to be any good, but I will read it and then be able to say I have read it. I heard october country is very very good, so I am looking forward to that one. And even though I've read wrinkle in time before, I have wanted to reread it. I read it really fast for school and don't think I got a chance to enjoy it the first time around.

When I got home, I worked on my halloween costume some more. I have now sewn as much as I can until I get the final supplies I ordered. They should arrive sometime next week.

I attempted to make a tiara out of floral wire since I had time to kill. It's not terrible, but it's not great either. I will try it on once I finish the costume and see how it works. If it doesn't really go with the rest of the outfit, I won't feel bad tossing it.
My swollen toe looks like a tiny sausage. It's mildly disconcerting. On the bright side, the throbbing pain is almost completely gone. For the most part it only hurts if I put any weight on it. Yay for not having a broken toe!

I've been trying to take it easy but I'm very bad at sitting still. I spent the weekend sewing. I guess that's a better activity than most for resting. When I'm not cutting out fabric, I can sit down while I work.

I'm surprised by how rapidly the costume is coming together. I expected it to be much more complicated since it was rated difficult. (I have probably just jinxed myself.) So far that have been a few spots that might have been challenging to a novice, but nothing really challenging. It's mostly just a lot of pieces that have to go together.

I like how it is coming out so far. The tail is an ugly blue knit, but is covered with a shimmery sheer sea foam colored fabric that has little gems attached. It makes it look like foamy bubbles. The body of the outfit is a blue glittery fabric. Yes, glitter. The herpes of the craft world. I foolishly thought I would be ok because it was part of the fabric. Well, I have glitter everywhere now.

The next step is to embroider the body and fin, but I can't start that until my thread conditioner arrives. I caved in and ordered it online because the silver thread I bought is fraying into madness. I cannot work with that. Hopefully the conditioner will help. And I needed to order boning anyway, so it's not like the order was just for that. Why do no fabric stores sell boning by the box anymore?

So I guess at this point I need to start thinking about wig vs no wig and what sort of headpiece I want to make. I was thinking maybe a beaded tiara with ribbons to imitate seaweed. I don't know... I will have to fiddle with stuff and see what I can do.
I must clean the sewing room tonight.

I have decided to be a mermaid for halloween. I have researched the costume I'm using and found it to be rated difficult. Simplicity + difficult rating means I need to start that thing NOW.

I am debating on crimping my hair or wearing a wig. But I guess I can decide that one much later.

I don't think I'll win the costume contest with this, but I think I will have fun wearing it. And that's more important than winning. I'll still wow everyone with my mighty sewing skills. :D
Today I forced myself to go shopping. I needed a dress to wear for next month's wedding. Most of my dresses no longer fit, and the ones that still do are a bit too loud for a wedding. Normally I'd make a new dress, but I want to devote my sewing time to whatever halloween costume I decide on.

First I tried kohls because I had a gift card from there that I really needed to get rid of. Kohls clothes are kinda awful, which is how I got the card to begin with. I was returning something really horrific that my mother bought me.

I did not find any dresses I liked there though. There was one I thought might be tolerable, but the chest was extremely small so it wasn't going to work. Calling it a b-cup would be generous. I'd have to buy an extra large to fit in the top part, and I was swimming in the bottom part.

But I did find a plain black skirt while searching that was on sale. I picked that up since I can use it at work and it used up almost the exact amount on my gift card. Now I don't ever have to go there ever again.

From there I tried jcpenny's at the mall. They were having a 50% off sale on prom and homecoming dresses. The selection wasn't great, but I did find something that could work. Only problem was that the medium was too small for my top and the large was too big for my body. So I got the large and will make the small adjustments needed. It's easier to make something lightly smaller than slightly bigger.

After that, I picked up a pair of shoes that I think goes reasonably well with the dress. And I think the heels are chunky enough to not go straight into the dirt. (It's an outdoors wedding.) I tried to pick out something I could also wear to work. I hate buying shoes that I can only wear with a specific outfit. I think this pair will be far more useful.

However, I had given myself a rule a while back that if I buy a pair of shoes, I need to get rid of a pair. I cannot amass a mountain of shoes. I will probably dig to the bottom of my closet and get rid of whatever is down there. If it's that far back, I clearly don't wear that pair anyway.

When I was finally done shopping, I stopped at the fabric store to attempt to find some halloween costume inspiration. Nothing all that original came to me, but I bought 3 costumes with potential. I bought a generic mermaid, Snow White, and generic superheros. I'm going to sleep on it before I officially decide, but I'm leaning towards the mermaid. It is the prettiest.

I also bought some cute fabric. I was annoyed that my coupon was 40% off excluding sale items and EVERYTHING in the store was on sale. At least my fabric was 30% off so it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but still. Why bother with the coupon if it's just a scam? Grrr.

Now I am finally free of the terrible shopping. Well, actually, I probably need some sort of coat or shawl to wear with the dress. :( Anyone have advice? If I can figure out a shawl style that would go well with the dress, I could probably order it online. In a perfect world, clothing sizes would be consistent and I could order everything online. It would be glorious.
Starting to panic because I still don't know what I want to be for halloween.

Originally I wanted to be a superhero, but I'm not feeling comfortable with skin tight outfits right now.

Then I thought maybe the stay puff marshmallow man. Which is just terrible.

Then I thought sailor moon, but I don't think anyone in the office would recognize who I was.

I just don't know what to be! I want to be something good enough to win in the company costume contest though.

If we get the house, I'll be moving in around the same time I'll be sewing. So I'd like to have as much time to make the costume as possible. I need to decide SOON.

I am blaming the power loss on my computer getting fried. Or at least the video card. But luckily I could take it out and use the one the computer originally came with and all was solved. Yay ben for knowing what to do and putting up with my stupid questions! (Which thing is the video card? What am I unscrewing? Which plug is that?)

Other than that, it has been an extremely lame halloween. Not one single trick or treater! I even decorated my door and carved a pumpkin so they would know I was home. No one. What is wrong with the people in this town???

Halloween Pumpkin in the Dark

I tried to take noname trick or treating. At the beginning of the month, the leasing office sent around a newsletter saying that kids and pets were welcome in the office on halloween for treats. So I got my dog all dressed up in her super cute costume, walked her down to the office, and went "trick or treat!"

And the guy there went, "What?"

He has no clue what I was talking about and had no treats. :( He also looked slightly disturbed that someone would stick their dog in a dress.

Noname as Snow White

Look at that disappointed face. All dressed up and no treats...
So many good costumes this year! I'm so happy!

I think the best one is the coworker dressed as the Six Flags guy. He even has the song on his ipod and does the dance. I will be shocked if he doesn't get first place.
The weather was freakishly nice this morning. The sun was out and the temperature was in the mid-70s. I took advantage of it to run some errands.

First I stopped at the post office to mail a wedding planning book to amanda. I splurged and got the priority shipping. :P Five cents extra!

After that I bought halloween decorations. I have a theory that maybe we don't get trick or treaters is because they don't know we are here. So now there is garland and skeletons hanging from the door. It is festive and goes well with the strange blood stains that appeared outside our door this week.

The nice weather didn't last long though. By the time I had to go to pottery, it was pouring. I could barely see the road. I'm glad I got there safe!

Pottery has become increasingly frustrating for me. First, katie's yarn bowl cracked again. I told myself that was ok though because I had two extras on the shelf to trim. (It has gotten to the point where I just keep making yarn bowls, expecting them to crack before I get to the end.)

The first one, I cut a hole through the bottom. The second one was not leather hard yet, so I couldn't trim it.

I made another one today that will hopefully be leather hard next week. One of these is going to make it to the end.

Bizarrely, while the yarn bowl and another bowl I made 3 weeks ago were still as wet as when I made them, a third bowl I made that day was bone dry. Which made it VERY hard to trim.

I got it trimmed in the end, but I wasn't able to add the embellishments I wanted to try.

In addition to yet another yarn bowl, I also threw an extra regular bowl. Let's see what they end up doing next week.

I think I might re-take beginner's pottery 2. I feel like I need a refresher because I've been having so much trouble lately. It might help if I had a teacher reinforcing the basics for me and pointing out what I've been doing wrong lately.

After pottery, it was still pouring. I had wanted to go to the used book store, but decided it wasn't worth marching over there in this weather.

As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot, it stopped raining.

As soon as I pulled into the apartment parking lot, it started to pour again. I just can't win.

I have spent the rest of the evening doing laundry and watching card captor sakura. I finally finished the second season! Now I'm onto the third. Eriol is very suave. Yue is very pretty, but has a terrible personality. He needs to lighten up.

I need to go to bed soon because tomorrow I am having an adventure with allicia again. We're going to eastern market!
For the first time ever, our leasing office is holding a pumpkin carving contest. Awesome! I am totally going to win!

I must think of a really cool design to enter....
Halloween is a saturday this year. What should I do???? (Besides dress up in something silly. I already have that planned.)
I was so tired, I forgot to post yesterday's pictures. These are just more from Halloween. I promise after these that I will start posting pictures other than my dog.



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