Ben left for a business trip this morning. I am sad. I will miss him. :( He doesn't come back until saturday. That's like a billion trillion years.

After I dropped ben off at the airport, I attempted to get to a park and ride so I could get to work. There was massive traffic and almost everyone was a real jerk about letting me change lanes. (Also, left entrances onto busy highways are evil.) I'm glad I started changing lanes when I did, because it took several miles to get all the way over to the right. I nearly missed my exit!

Then when I got to the park and ride, the entire lot was full. Well, not exactly true. The top section of the lot was blocked off. There were probably another 100 spots up there if we were allowed up. My options were:
1) Drive around and find another park and ride that wasn't full. Seeing how it was after 8 already, the chances of success were slim.
2) Get back onto the highway and drive in DC. In traffic. And then pay expensive DC parking.
3) Park illegally in the garage and risk a ticket. Other people were parking illegally too.

So I went with option #3. I think a parking ticket is about $50. Hopefully I won't get one, but if I do it won't be a budget buster. It's really upsetting that I had to illegally park in the first place. I wonder why the top of the garage was closed in the first place?

Anyway, I got on a bus. Then a train. Then got stuck in a tunnel because this is the metro, which only breaks down on days that end in y.

I need to work late to make up for coming in late today and leaving early yesterday, but I really don't want to leave my car illegally parked too late. Maybe I'll leave normal time and come into work super early tomorrow. If I come in early enough, there should be no problems finding a parking spot in the garage. (Because everyone will still be sleeping.)
Currently I am trapped in my old apartment with no heat. But I have electricity, so I'll just try to distract myself from the cold.

Last night was the worst commute of my life. Not exaggerating. Five hours long and I came home with the beginnings of frost bite.

First of all, the trains were packed. But I did get a train without waiting longer than 10 minutes, so it wasn't that bad actually. The real problems started when I got to the bus station.

The line for the buses snaked around the platform and up the escalator into the metro station. I waited 90 minutes for a bus; and most of the waiting was spent out in the snow and wind. Eventually a bus did arrive. Not MY bus. But A bus. By this point I wasn't even sure my bus would EVER arrive, so I hopped on this one figuring a bus that goes part of the way was better than waiting out in the cold. Bonus: I got a seat!

I was really glad for that seat too, because it was a two hour bus ride. It only took us about 15 minutes to get almost to our exit because the buses get to use a special lane. But there's one final mile of highway that needs to be passed before we exit. And that's where we spent most of our time. The highway was a parking lot. And to make it worse, people did in fact park their cars and start walking home.

I do have to compliment everyone around me through the waiting and the bus ride. Everyone kept their spirits high and were more than willing to share their food and drinks with other riders that were feeling hungry or unwell.

After we finally got off the highway, it became extremely clear that we weren't getting to the park and ride. The roads here were parking lots too. The driver finally got us as far as the cross street and let us loose into the snow.

Ben had tried to dig our car out to come get me, but he couldn't compete against the snow. So I was left at the park and ride with no way home. I had to walk. Which actually wasn't as bad as standing because at least the movement was keeping me warm. However, I noticed during the walk that my feet were feeling more and more like clubs as I went.

While walking, the sky was flashing and booming because we had THUNDERSNOW! Although I was miserable at the time, I can appreciate the epicness of it all.

Trees were falling all around me as I walked. TRESS! One large one came crashing down right into the road. Luckily no one was hit. If it had fallen just a foot more to the right or left, it would have hit someone because there was nowhere for anyone to go to avoid it.

Lots of people were out trying to move the trees. And some people were even nice enough to direct traffic to help people avoid more roads with fallen trees. The local gov't may be totally incompetent when it comes to dealing with snow, but at least everyone else was able to work together and try to get through it the best they could.

After I had totally lost feeling in my feet, finally a kind person drove by and offered me a ride. Her car was so wonderfully warm. She was actually lost because she had to detour from a road covered in fallen trees. I gave her directions to the road she was trying to get to. I think it was a fair exchange of favors.

And then I was finally home! Ben was concerned about the loss of feeling in my feet and filled the bathtub with warm water for me to soak them in until circulation returned. Some of my toes were extremely pale. When the water finally started to warm them, they itched like crazy! Poor sad toes....

Ben and I watched some more My Little Ponies, and then went to bed. Except we had no blankets or pillows or pjs or even a change of clothes. But we did have an air mattress! We went to bed in our work clothes and fuzzy robes, using my dog's stinky bed blanket for warmth. BECAUSE WE LOST HEAT. And was anyone going to get out in this weather and fix it? No, of course not!

So we slept for six hours before it got too cold in the apt to stay still. I hope my bird is going to be ok. We still have gas and electricity though. I have pots of boiling water on the stove to try to keep things in here a little warmer. And ben is trying to shovel out the car with our stupid little travel shovel. The full sized shovel is at the house...

I have a 2 hour delay for work. I can't believe they are asking us to come in. I don't even know how I am getting in. The buses are running on a saturday schedule. I would try working from home in the apt, heat. Yeah... And the house has no internet. Awesome.

So what have I learned from yesterday? When the office lets you leave 2 hours early for weather, leave 3 hours early.
There was a thick fog this morning as I was walking to the bus stop. Some idiot driver forgot to put their headlights on so I couldn't see them approaching. They nearly ran me over as I crossed the street. Not a good time. Thankfully they had just enough time to swerve. If the fog was any thicker, I probably would be dead.
It did not surprise me at all that there was a train broken down right in front of my train yesterday afternoon. It was the day where 2 broke down that morning, after all.

I was mildly surprised when they had my train come into the station and give the broken train a push start. Is that really standard operating procedure for this situation??

My train was then totally packed so I had to wait for the next one. And then I missed my bus. So I was pretty cranky when I finally got home.

I wish there was a better way to get to work. My alternative is driving, but then ben has no way to get to work. *sigh*
Ben and I had to go food shopping yesterday. We had enough food to last for one storm, not two.

It was quite a challenge driving the 4ish blocks to the store. Absolutely nothing was plowed. The car was sliding all over. I wasn't even pressing the gas.

I think we got to the store at a good time. It was busy, but not packed. It was like a sunday afternoon crowd.

And luckily the store had been able to re-stock since the last storm. I was able to get everything I needed. Still, supplies on fresh foods were pretty low. And good luck if you wanted an orange. Or frozen pizzas.

I have enough food now to last me into next week. Take that, winter storms!


Feb. 8th, 2010 02:41 pm
The internet is reporting 6 to 8 more inches of snow for tomorrow. With high winds that will at best blow the snow into giant piles around everything we cleared this weekend and at worst knock out power.


I'm never going to get back to work, am I?
Buses are still not running today, so I am working from home.

It never even crossed my mind that the buses wouldn't be running since the roads are pretty clear today. I was waiting at the bus stop when a nice man walked over and told me that the buses weren't running. I probably would have waited there all day had he not walked over.

My dog is quite pleased by the situation. She is chilling out on the couch next to me. She's going to be so depressed when I start going back to work all day.
Ben got in really late last night. His flight was delayed because his plane took off from its previous destination late, and then there was a fight on the plane. When he finally got to our airport, it took forever for the luggage to come out. By the time he finally got home, the dinner I had made him was very very cold.

But I was REALLY HAPPY to see him. I hugged him and wouldn't let him go so we had to walk together around the apartment. And I slept really well. It felt good to have him hold me all night. Life is back to the way it should be. :)

And to make things even better, we both had a snow day today! :D

Because the roads were still a disaster, most of DC and VA stayed closed today.

We tried to do a little shopping in the morning, but I was pretty sore from digging out the car yesterday. We came home to eat lunch and then we took a nap. I felt a little better after the nap.

Ben had a game tonight, so I hope the roads were a bit better than they were this morning. Luckily the place he was going to is very close by.

I may fling the dog out into the snow soon if she doesn't chill out. She's barking at something out back in the dark and won't shut up.
Weather reports are predicting 0 to 3 feet of snow. It's schrodinger's snowstorm.

There are also predictions of THUNDERSNOW(!) which I think would be an awesome name for a metal band of some sort.

Clearly this is all because DC legalized gay marriage officially today. Let people marry whoever they want? THUNDERSNOW FOR YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!!

I hope it ends up being on the 0 side of the prediction. I've got christmas gifts to (buy and) mail! I don't have time to waste shoveling my car out of snow.
This morning I drove to the metro station, thinking it would save me some time standing out in the horrible horrible cold. If I had my car there, I wouldn't have to wait for the bus.

This plan, unfortunately, required me to be able to park my car.

After 30 minutes of circling 2 parking lots and 2 parking garages, I gave up and returned home.

I was able to get a spot in the overflow park and ride parking lot. That was nearly full too though.

By then, I had missed all the express buses. And all the express trains. All in all, I probably tripled the amount of time I would have had to stand in the horrible horrible cold if I had just stuck to my usual routine.

I got to work just before 11. Which means it took me nearly 3 hours to get to work this morning.

I am not having a good day.
Someone kicked my pumpkin last night!

People in virginia are savages. Not only do they not celebrate halloween, but they destroy my halloween decorations. It's like all must be as unhappy as they are in life! :(

At least my coworkers have appreciated my halloween efforts. I brought my pumpkin seed brittle in and they have all loved it.
If I don't get out and do something on the weekend, I get really upset. I feel like I wasted my whole weekend. :(

I hate stupid virginia where everything closes at 6 on sundays.
On some of the trains, there is an inconvenient pole right where most people want to walk to get to the middle of the train. It slightly slows the crowd as they briefly navigate around it. Annoying, but not a huge deal.

Unless you have a massive entitlement complex.

As myself and a man were trying to navigate around the pole, a woman behind us says, "ExCUUSE me!" and pushes us out of her way (painfully into some seats) so she could storm to the center of the train and take one of many open seats.

No clue what her problem was. There was room for everyone. I guess she was just too important to wait her turn.

In other metro news, thigh grabbers.
When noname and I started our walk this morning, it was raining. By the end it was snowing. Weird weather!

Luckily yesterday was in the high 40s so the ground is still to warm for the snow to stick.

I wonder if the verizon guy is going to cancel on us because of the snow. Seems like the sort of thing that would happen. People around here are such wimps when it comes to snow.
The maintenance guy at our apartment today told me that people have complained twice about my dog running around without a leash. This is the first time I've ever heard of such a complaint, so I'm not sure I should believe him.

My dog is adorable and rarely causes trouble, so I can't imagine what they would complain about. She knows not to chase people unless they call her and I always clean up after her. What sort of complaint could they possibly make about a dog frolicking in the grass?
Today ben and I went out to vienna to try to find a tool I need for my pottery class. There are almost no real art supply stores in virginia, which is why we had to go out that far. Of course, the store was out. I bet everyone else in my class got there first. Curse them! (Now I will make them share with me!)

Ben did find the monitor arm he wanted though, so that's good. At some point I should take a picture of his scary computer nest.

Then we tried to go for food but we were both hungry and cranky so we had a fight instead. I wanted breakfast foods and ben kept suggesting non-breakfast places. I thought he was ignoring what I wanted and he thought I was being stubborn and picky. Eventually we made it to an ihop.

When we got home, I was angry again cause my stupid doctor won't refill a prescription unless I come in. *sigh* That means I have to actually get around to getting a replacement insurance card. And maybe a new doctor that is less dumb.

Ben tried to cheer me up with tv and a nap. Then I made cupcakes.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow.
Last night ben suggested the reason I like Toki is because I relate to him. We both are childlike, ben said, and we both hates childrens.

I took the day off from work today. And spent the whole day cleaning. I'm exhausted now. I cleaned the living room and the sewing room. Then I went out and rented a carpet steamer. The water coming out of the steamer was BLACK! Yuck!

I ran the steamer twice and the water was still black. I would have done a third run, but it was getting late and I didn't want my neighbors to complain. That machine is very loud.

It snowed today which was highly annoying because I had to clean off the car every time I wanted to go somewhere. Plus people were driving like idiots over NOTHING! Bah, I hate virginian drivers.

But here is a picture of my dog in her new sweater. She was very cold today.
Cute little sweater puppy )
Ugh. Ben made me go out shopping on black friday. :(

He pre-ordered something on the website, so all he had to do was pick it up. He naively thought that would be easy. He knows better now.

After battling in the parking lot and waiting on line for 90 minutes, we finally picked up his stuff. I must mention that during those 90 minutes, a phone was ringing almost non-stop. I started to develop a twitch.

Ben was feeling light headed from the ordeal so I had to drive home. People were cutting me off in horrible dangerous ways. I was getting really angry and screaming.

I calmed down once we got on the toll road away from all the other drivers. Ben took me out to lunch. We split a soup in a bread bowl, and I got hot cocoa.

Ben is at work now. I might take a nap. Being angry most of the day has made me very tired.


Oct. 27th, 2007 04:00 pm
Dear VA Drivers,

Here are some tips to make everyone happier on the road, especially me.

1. Honking at red lights will not make them change, nor will honking encourage the driver in front of you to run that red light for your convenience.
2. Park your car in the parking spots. Driving lanes are for driving, not parking.
3. When driving through the parking lot, try to keep your speed below 40 mph.
4. When changing lanes, first check to see if someone else is in the spot you are trying to merge into.
5. At 4-way stops, each driver should take their turn based on the order they stopped. That does not mean everyone should try to enter the intersection at once.
6. If you are waiting on a long line, for example to buy gas, try not to fall asleep at the wheel.
7. When you look like you are sitting in my back seat, you are TOO CLOSE. Always keep a safe distance between yourself and the car in front of you.
8. If you miss your turn on a busy highway, get off at the next exit and turn around. Please don't drive backwards.

Stupid things yesterday and today
- Noname broke a nail and is now hobbling all over in pain
- No one will sell me beer before noon.
- The yarn store says I won't get my special order for months
- I forgot to soak beans last night for chili

Good things yesterday and today
- Got everything that had to be done done before my day off
- Have today off
- Found rose water



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