1. Cleaning

Noname's old age has been creeping up on her and she tends to have more accidents in the house lately. In the same spots over and over again. I clean it up each time, but the repeated pee smell is getting permanently stuck in the carpet. So this weekend I rented a heavy duty carpet steamer and gave the carpets the best cleaning of their lives. Hopefully it got up all the pee smell so she won't return to her old accident spots again.

The store gave me a hard time when I returned the cleaner, saying I didn't clean out all the hairs. I had cleaned it as good as they had given it to me, so I was pretty annoyed. I parked the cleaner right in front of the door to the customer service desk and attempted to get it as clean at they had it in their heads it should be. Eventually they got fed up walking over me and said I could get my deposit back. I win.

2. Iron Man 3

I don't want to say any spoilers so I won't say much. I thought it was the best of the 3 iron man movies. I didn't like the first one. The second was tolerable. But this one was actually fun to watch.

We watched the movie at the new Alamo Drafthouse near us. I was pleasantly surprised by the theater. The ticket prices were comparable to the other theaters in the area, but you got assigned seats, a little table, and they brought food right to you during the movie. This is a step above Cobb which gives you a restaurant beeper and has you leave the movie to get your food.

I find the schedule for the drafthouse to be a bit confusing, but maybe that's just because they are doing grand opening stuff. Also, the no talking stuff before the film was super intimidating.

3. Programming

My java 1 final is Thursday. I need to do a bit more studying on the final chapter, but otherwise I think I'm ready. The teacher said it was written by committee and is much easier than any of the tests she normally gives us. (Also easier than the homework assignment we just handed in.) So hopefully she's telling the truth on that.

Over the weekend I was fighting with the homework she had assigned. We were supposed to read a list of reservations from a file, assign them to a list of rooms, and create a waiting list for those that could not get the room they wanted.

No matter what I did, I couldn't get it to work. It would only assign reservations to the first room in each category. I was going crazy, so I finally asked ben if I could borrow his eyes. Within minutes of explaining my program to him, I found the mistake. In a section where I tell the program, "Check if the reservation got assigned. If it did, you can quit looking," I accidentally had an = where it should have been ==. That changed it to, "The reservation for assigned, so quit looking," basically. That tiny little mistake broke they key part of the program! So frustrating!

But once it was fixed, the program worked beautifully. I was so proud.

4. Captain Flint

She is feeling better. And never stops screaming for attention. Ever. I am ready to kill her.

5. Other stuff

It is raining so I can't mow the lawn. The backyard is too tall. And the front yard is lopsided because a strange woman mowed 1/3 of my lawn. I want to learn how to run a marathon. Yesterday was Maggie's birthday. She wore a party hat and ate cake. She's now 2 years old. 
The first time I saw jurrasic park, I was 10 years old. Probably too young to see it, but I was dinosaur obsessed and made it clear to my parents that I NEEDED to see that movie.

I managed to get as far as the t-rex. I spent the entire rest of the movie hiding in my dad's armpit.

Ben took me to see the 3D re-release of the movie today. I could care less about the 3D. This was about seeing the movie as I should have seen it 20 years ago. And I am proud to say I kept my eyes open and on the screen the entire time! Go me!

I still got pretty scared though! Impressive that a movie that old, that I've seen a billion times, can still make me jump and scream in the theater.

The whole thing made me want to go back to the jurassic park at islands of adventure. That place was like mecca for child-me. It's not nearly as amazing as it was when it first opened (they got rid of the triceratops you could pet), but I'd like to go back there sometime in the future.
Saw Wreck It Ralph with ben yesterday. It was a nice movie. Nothing hugely amazing, but an entertaining afternoon. The candy game made me pretty hungry. :P

I was very impressed by the short before it though. I think it was called Paperman. It was a well told, cute story. When that's finally up on youtube or something, definitely watch it. It's only a few minutes long.
On saturday, ben took me to see Captain America. I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it was. Captain America is a rather silly comic. But this film went and made him all legitimate. Without being boring or too serious. Also, there IS hitler punching of a sort, which pleases me.

Steve Rogers makes me feel a bit inferior though. Only a fictional character could ever be that good a person. He's 100% pure grade good.

Now ben and I need to keep an eye out for more discount movie tickets so we can see Avengers. At least we are saving tons by skipping all the stupid 3D nonsense. Movies are toooo expensive.


Jul. 29th, 2011 12:29 pm
Ben and I have been watching a lot of movies lately. It gives us something to do in the living room while Maggie plays.

Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader - Waste of time and not very fun to watch. If you manage to make it to the end, Aslan smacks you in the face with a big jesus stick.

Megamind - Surprisingly enjoyable. Laughed quite a few times. A bit predictable, but it's a movie for kids. A good solid story though. Definitely recommend.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole - 300 with owls. Too silly for adults and too serious for kids. Not sure who this movie was made for. It was rather pretty though.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Enjoyed it, but I wouldn't suggest anyone go out of their way to watch it. If it was on tv, go for it. Bonus! The calendar in the movie is a Defenders of Wildlife calendar that I sent them! Woo! The set designer asked for things a wolf lover would like.
I decided earlier in the week that summer is far to short to waste in an office. So I took a half day on Friday to go out and enjoy my life. Unfortunately Friday was also one of the peak days for this heat wave we are going through.

So on friday I went to the National Archives to see their latest exhibit, What's Cooking, Uncle Sam? There was a terribly huge line to get into the building, but once I survived that I ran into very few people. I think everyone else was there to see the declaration of independence. (Which had a line longer than disney world.)

I was mostly interested in the victory garden part of the exhibit, but I learned a lot of other neat stuff. It was certainly a good way to spend the afternoon.
A few notable things from the exhibit )

Saturday was the hottest day of the heat wave. And of course, the day I'd get sick. Probably all those filthy tourists. Anyway, I spent the day relaxing and chilling. As did the dogs. Maggie spent most of the day sleeping in front of our bedroom ac vent.
Maggie's favorite spot on a hot day

In the evening when I was feeling better, ben and I watched Megamind together. It was surprisingly enjoyable.

Today I felt much better, so ben and I did a bit of shopping and then returned home to escape the heat. We have discovered that maggie enjoys water, so I have been spraying her down with the hose. Noname has made a point to stay far far away from the hose despite the heat.

And now, fresh Maggie pictures. Because she grows up so fast and won't be this tiny forever!
Puppy! )
The puppy is slowly getting smarter! Yay! She doesn't have accidents nearly as often. And isn't nearly as bitey. Though she does still pee and bite and awful lot....

Oh! And last night I told her it was bed time and she went into her cage without any trouble at all! I was so proud of her!

Noname is slowly warming up to her too. Last night, they cuddled in the same bed for nearly two minutes! It was awesome.

Speaking of awesome, Ben knew I have been pretty stressed out lately, so he helped me make dinner last night. Then we watched a movie together. Although he hates old movies, he watched the 1959 version of Journey to the Center of the Earth. I have extremely fond memories of it as a child. It was as good as I remembered. Plus, it has a duck!

Also, yesterday I bought TMBG's newest album: Join Us. I think the best song on it is Can't Keep Johnny Down.
Yesterday was another insanely productive day.

In the morning, I carried the new hose outside and hooked it up to the house. Then I figured out how to turn the water back on to the outside.

With my newfound watery powers, I was able to hose down an old rusted fire pit that the former owners left in the backyard. There was a colony of ants living in it. I laughed as they escaped the floods, carrying their eggs. (When they stop living in my mailbox, I'll stop delighting in their suffering.) Once everything was clean, I left the fire pit to dry in the sun. It was already hot and sunny, so that only took a few minutes. Just long enough to dig up a screwdriver and head back out. I then tightened all of the screws on the fire pit. I was a little worried they'd snap from all the rust, but they seem ok. The plan was to give the pit a new coat of paint, but I ended up not having enough time. Sad...

When I was done, I got dressed and drove down to another local farmer's market. I had never been to this one before. I had a hard time finding it. It was much smaller than saturday's market too. But they had eggs, which is what I was there for, so it all worked out.

After I got home, ben woke up and we went to the movie theater to see Thor. I quite enjoyed it. It didn't really feel like a blockbuster film, but had plenty of humor and action. And it definitely had the feel of Thor the Mighty Avenger, which made me very happy.

I kept arguing with ben that it was totally a girl movie.
1. Passed the Bechdel test.
2. Nearly naked Thor.
3. All the women wear reasonable clothes.
4. Complex reasons for villainy.
5. Smooching.

It was a most excellent girl movie.

We saved some money and saw it in 2D. I don't feel like I missed out on anything, with the bonus of not having a headache when it was over. And we had free tickets that ben's boss had given us. Unfortunately they can only be used 12 days after a movie comes out, so we had to pay an additional $1.50 a ticket to get in. I still think it was a good deal.

Ben hungered once the film was over, so we stopped for lunch. I didn't want anything, so ben got to enjoy a rare opportunity for fried chicken. I hate fried chicken.

Then we stopped at the hardware store and picked up a ridiculous amount of dirt for my garden. (This to go on top of the ridiculous amount of mulch I put in the garden yesterday.) We got four bags, which managed to just barely cover the entire area 1/2 an inch. Note to self: Build smaller gardens.

I planted:
- 1 sun gold hybrid cherry tomato (plant)
- 1 heritage tomato (plant)
- 1 pink pounder tomato (plant)
- 1 orange slice tomato (plant)
- 1 sunny boy tomato (plant)
- 2 burpee's hybrid zucchinis (seeds)

I have two more of each of the tomato plants inside just in case some horrible bird or squirrel eats the ones I set outside. Hopefully I won't need them.

Next weekend, my cantaloup and cucumber seeds go in the ground. I am hoping for a very delicious summer.

I cooled down a bit after that before heading out once again. This time to the fabric store to pick up some thread to hem a pair of pants for a coworker. I got there about 15 minutes before closing and they were nice enough to let me grab what I needed. (Though they did tell me no fabric. The cutting table was closed. Fair enough.)

When I got home, I started on dinner. I made artichokes stuffed with quinoa. It was good, but I'm not sure it was worth all the effort to make. It took nearly 2 hours.

In between steps for that recipe, I also threw together the ingredients for slow cooker bean and spinach soup. That way this morning, all I needed to do was put the pot in the slow cooker and plug it in. I saved myself a lot of time.

Ben and I watched supernatural as we ate dinner. Then I made a 5-minute-cake for dessert. After dinner, I was too tired to function. My day had once again been far too productive. I need a vacation from my weekends.
I forgot to mention that ben and I also watched toy story 3 today. I had a hard time believing it was a kids movie. That monkey.... so so scary...

Some of the scenes were very intense! I cried as all the toys were holding hands while facing the incinerator. Even ben shed a single tear.

I totally saw the end of the film as soon as Bonnie was introduced though.

And why did they bother making it in 3D? We watched it in 2D on our tvs and didn't feel like we missed a thing. I hate 3D for the sake of making more money.

Still, overall it was a good movie. Not great, but definitely worth a watch. (As long as you mute any moment where Randy Newman is singing.)
Yesterday was the goodbye party for super nice coworker. She seemed really happy.

Everyone seemed to like my nutella meringue cookies. I felt a little bad, cause it looked like everyone liked them more than the cake that another coworker had made. It wasn't that the cake was bad. The problem was that the cake was so incredibly rich and dense, you could barely eat any of it before feeling full. My cookies were full of air, so it was easy to end up snacking on three or four of them.

After work, ben and I grabbed burritos and went home to escape the rain. I watched Repo! A Genetic Opera until ben came to bed. Even thought it had 4 stars on netflix, I didn't really like it. The songs weren't very good and often had so many people singing over each other that you couldn't tell what they were saying. I also disliked how they had to have comic book notes and a narrator graverobber to pull the story along. At the end, I felt like the whole thing had tried very hard to be RHPS and failed.

The next morning, I woke up to learn that japan was hit by a huge earthquake and then a tsunami. I spent most of the morning reading about it and watching news reports. It's all very sad! And right now they are talking about a nuclear power station that is malfunctioning or something. I hope they get that under control soon.
It's been a good day! Noname pooped a second time! And she has been drinking all on her own. I haven't had to bring her bowl to her at all! (Still the chicken broth, but any liquid is better than no liquid.)

After that, ben and I watched inception just so that we would finally understand what everyone has been talking about. I found it to have an interesting concept, but the actual story was rather dull.

In the evening, ben and I went out for chinese buffet. It was pretty good. The place had a decent crowd, so everything under the hot lamps was turning over very fast, keeping it all fresh. Also, they had fancy things tonight like lobster, which people were going crazy over. I didn't understand it at all. They had to have a waitress rationing it out.

Now ben and I are watching Dexter season 4. I am not liking it. I really don't like rita or babies, so there's that. And the season big baddie scares me. It all leaves me very stressed. I hope things get sorted out soon.
So last night we saw Tron. But actually getting into the theater was an adventure.

First of all, ben went a really strange way to the theater, which added an extra 20 minutes to our trip. The theater was PACKED when we got there. Luckily the line for tickets wasn't that long. But the showing we wanted to see was sold out!

After an extremely confusing conversation with the ticket guy, we bought imax 3d tickets for 1am. All the other earlier showings were 3d, but not imax. The guy seemed confused when we asked if the imax was 3d. He told us, "no, it's imax." So I was starting to worry that we weren't going to see it in 3d. But what the ticket guy really meant was, "No, it's not Real3D technology, it's IMAX3D technology."

After we bought our tickets, ben decided he was hungry. We had a ton of time to kill, so we went across the street to the diner instead of eating mall food court food. Halfway to the diner, I expressed concerns that the mall might close and we'd be locked out and have to walk all the way around the huge building to get back to the theater.

So we walked back to the mall, confirmed that the mall was open until midnight (it was only 10 when we were trying to eat), and walked back to the diner.

We had a super slow attentive waitress. But I had a tasty pomegranate smoothie.

Then we returned to the mall and settled down in the back of the book store to wait until movie time. But the book store closed and kicked us out with an hour left. I was all set to wait at the food court, but ben wanted to enter the theater.

The lady checking our tickets seemed totally clueless. She didn't give us any 3d glasses. She said our movie was imax, not 3d. I was all set to be really upset. But then she figured out that imax movies get imax glasses, and we were on our way.

Our very short way because the previous movie hadn't ended yet. We had to sit around and wait. I did a lot of freaking out during that time because so many things were not going according to plan.

About half an hour later, the previous movie ended and we rushed into the theater. Only to be kicked out again by the cleaning people. One guy was really confused how we got in since there was a big line outside. We told him we were confused why the girl let us in if we were supposed to line up. He was really nice though and told us to sit on a bench just outside the theater and he would let us back in as soon as they were finished cleaning. And he kept his word!

I'm really glad he did, because I was sitting on the bench telling ben over and over again, "I'm not ok." I really don't deal well with the universe when too many things deviate from the plans!

Once we were in the theater, I was much calmer. I sat in my seat and enjoyed my movie and all was good in the world. That was my one 3d movie of the year. I am now reminded how much the glasses hurt my eyes. I kept having to wipe the tears out of the way so I could see clearly. 3D is not worth the pain! I can now go back to the significantly cheaper 2d films.

The drive home was thankfully event free. And then I went to bed around 4am and slept really soundly until a certain little dog woke me at 9am because she was hungry. Now I can't fall back asleep. It's tragic!
Tron was exactly what I was expecting. Lots of pretty special effects with a sprinkling of nostalgia. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

My only big disappointment was that my favorite character, the dog, was only in the film for a brief amount of time. ;)

I'll admit though, that I was a bit nervous because of all the bad reviews. But after seeing the film, I think the problem was that a lot of critics were either unfamiliar with the original tron or they weren't actually paying attention to this tron movie while they were watching it. Some of them probably set expectations too high as well.

If you're going in expecting Shakespeare levels of dialogue, you'll be disappointed. If you want to see a shiny lightcycle race and pretty explosions, then you're in the right movie. Soooo shiny.

I think they should make another one (do we have to wait nearly 30 years again?) about the Programs and the ISOs. Cause the first one was about programmers. The second one was about the grid. Now we need a third one to finish it up!

And now I have to start researching how to sew el-wire into clothing....
Ben and I went to see Tangled today. I thought it was pretty cute! I liked it better than Princess and the Frog. The music was a bit better and the story was funnier.

I wish I had magic hair! When I was a little kid, I wanted hair as long as Rapunzel's. (Nowadays I only want my hair long enough to cover my butt.) And I was really impressed by how nicely everyone's hair was animated. It was very well done.

The evil mother reminded me so much of my mother. Especially the insults and reminders that I'm not capable. (Fun story: My mother once screamed at me and ben that our marriage would never last and that I should appreciate her more because I would come crawling back to her after he left me.) Too bad I don't live in a disney movie...

So disney's plan to attract boys to the theaters by renaming the movie failed miserably. Kids can see straight through dishonest marketing. Anyway, in following the renaming scheme of Tangled, which was formally called Rapunzel Unbraided, I tried thinking of some other names for disney princess movies.

Snow White and the Sever Dwarfs = Dwarfed
Sleeping Beauty = Pricked?
Cinderella = ? I was thinking Enchanted, but that movie exists already
Little Mermaid = Beached

What else?
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was entertaining, but also kinda terrifying as a kids movie. The evil chickens....and the monkey ripping out the gummi bears hearts....it was all really really freaky.

Also, the stupid thing made me really hungry. :P
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I had nightmares all night about work. I kept dreaming about making edits to a very difficult package that was already overdue to the printer.

I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Once I was done crying, ben suggested we take a walk down to the bagel place for breakfast. That was a very good idea because I felt a lot better after.

We also stopped at the library to return a bunch of books, which made me feel really productive.

When we got back, we tried watching Dark City but all that sunshine and fresh air had totally exhausted me. I kept dozing off. We paused it halfway through and I took a four hour nap. I didn't dream about work so I felt pleasantly rested when I finally woke up. And then we finished the movie while I worked on fixing my sweater.

All the collar holes have been repaired and it doesn't look too bad now. The collar is still a bit tight but I think it'll be ok. So I'll start on the sleeves tonight. I want to get far enough along that I can go back to knitting on the bus again.
The Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland feels like it was written by a focus group of teenage girls. And I think if I was a teenage girl, I probably would have found it awesome. It was a cross between the original alice and lotr. At least up until the mad hatter started to break dance. I don't know what happened there but it was a terrible moment. Perhaps after the teenage girls were done, some movie exec came in and insisted there be break dancing to show he was hip the the kids too.

Two afterthoughts:
- It is mildly distressing that the GOOD queen is a necromancer.
- It is extremely distressing that Alice's happy ending is the british exploitation of china.

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Ben's latest thing is to watch real people movies. No explosions at all!

So last night we watched Guess Who's Coming to Dinner which is about a couple trying to get their parents' blessing to marry. Except it's the 1960s and the woman is white and the man is black. *gasp!*

The internet says this was very shocking when it first came out, the same year that the supreme court struck down laws banning such marriages. Today no one would really care, which says good things about progress in society.

I think if they remade the movie today (because hollywood is all about remakes right now), it should be with a gay couple to be relevant. Maybe the family friend who was a priest would take a different side then. It's interesting to contemplate, at least.
Tonight ben and I watched Food, Inc. I think I'm going to stop eating from now on.

This is a movie about how the industrial food industry is going to kill us all. Wheee.

I think a major flaw of the film was that it only barely acknowledged that many people cannot afford meat that was raised humanely or produce grown organically. In fact, a lot of people cannot even afford regular produce. Advice to eat in season only goes so far, especially when you work for walmart wages and can get a party sized bag of cheetos for 99 cents.

Still, it did a good job of horrifying me. I made many sad faces at the industrial meat farms. But I already make a point of trying to eat more humane meat. When I eat meat, which is usually only once or twice a week.

Or was. Now I'm just going to stop eating completely. Food is too gross!

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This was a movie that asks, "What if David Bowie was an alien?"

Answer: He drinks and has lots of sex. In other words, no change.

Actually, the movie is about an alien that comes to earth in order to bring water back to his dying home planet. He invents things like the digital camera so build a massive corporate empire and fund a space program.

Along the way, he discovers booze and women and it all goes downhill from there for him. His family probably dies back home.

Be warned that the movie is filled with lots of terrible 1970s sex scenes. Body grooming standards were not the same as they are today! Also, I'm surprised Bowie did not insist on hiring a fluffer, for the sake of his own dignity.

I know this is a cult film, but I'm not sure why. I found it really boring. Although, my preferred type of film usually involves explosions, so maybe it is just me.



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