We returned from our New Orleans vacation about a week ago. We had a most lovely time. I wish we could have stayed longer.

Some highlights of the trip below the cut. Full set of pictures can be found here.

Fun! Adventure! Food! )
Things I want to do on my next trip to New Orleans:

- Take some sort of Mississippi River cruise (Curse you, Mark Twain!)
- Visit the Insectarium
- Visit the WWII Museum
- Eat at The Green Goddess
- Eat beignets
Not happy. I blame Mark Twain.

I am reading a book called Life on the Mississippi. In it, Mark Twain makes cruising the river seem like the most magical thing ever. So, naturally, I want to take a Mississippi River cruise. But barely any of them exist anymore!

I want to take one that either starts or ends in New Orleans. This is because the most magical parts of the book happen around that part of the river. But the only ones in New Orleans are short cruises. A couple hours at most. It's disappointing!

My choices are:
- Cruise to an old battle site (Actually did this one already with my grandparents. It was quite nice.)
- Jazz Dinner Cruise
- Calliope Lunch Cruise

Curse you Mark Twain! You made me want to do something that doesn't exist anymore!
King Cake must be baked this weekend.
A year ago today many of my friends couldn't return to their homes. I think the flooding and destruction of an entire city is more important than a few buildings falling. It took 5 years to start rebuilding a few buildings. How long will it take to fix a city?
A year ago today was when the hysteria started to really set in. All sorts of crazy reports of death and destruction. At this point, I can't remember which stories were true and which ones were not.

It was when authorities started to tell people they couldn't go home. :(

A year ago today )
I came home yesterday to find two large fans flowing air under our carpets. I guess the mold was really bad because they ripped out all the foam that was down there. I hope that ben will start feeling better now that the mold has been removed.

Ben also scrubbed down the mold that was on the walls. Hopefully it's not in the walls.

I made sauted mushrooms and pasta sauce with ravioli while ben was doing his cleaning thing. It was tasty. Even ben who claimed he was full from a snack earlier ate some of it.

We went to bed early so ben could get enough sleep. I think I accidentally kicked him in the crotch in my sleep. Or dreamed about doing do. I remember him seeming to be upset. I hope I didn't really kick him. I'm afraid to ask.

Now I sit at work and try to get things done while I worry about a phone call coming later because I messed something up. Doom....

Also, last year today was when all hell broke loose. It makes me feel really guilty because I had only left New Orleans 3 months before that. It seemed unfair that so many of my friends lost everything, and I was perfectly safe.

Some of my entries from last year today )
Ben did that studying thing again last night. I occupied myself with more sewing. I finished the skirt I was working on, I think. I'm still not satisfied with it completely, but ben says it looks cute. It's a little circle skirt (think magical girl, but a bit longer) with lace along the edges and lacey fabric over the whole thing like a curtain to there's an upside down "V" in the front. (Wow, I am terrible at describing things.)

Now I'm working on a wrap skirt from absolutely horrible fabric. I may end up trying to sell that skirt. I'm sure it'll fit someone's taste.

After this skirt is done, I think I'm going to switch to shirts for a bit. I want to reduce my gigantic mountain of fabric. I feel overwhelmed by the piles and piles of it. If I can just get it all to fit in one box, I'll be one step closer to a clean sewing room and then I can get some real stuff done.

So, now the giant elephant in the room...What were you doing a year ago today? I was glued to a tv, worrying about all my friends. Of course, at this point I had no clue what was going to happen. I was reasonably confident things would be fine, as they always were. It wouldn't be until the next morning that I found out the bad news about the levees.

Naive hope? )
My dog seems very upset and clingy today. I think she's jealous of the bird. So I'm trying to give her some extra attention. That way she won't feel so left out.

Of course that means the bird is demanding to know why I haven't taken it out of its cage yet. :P Making sad little rejected chirps at me.

Both of them are going to be very sad after I eat breakfast. I'm going to go to the library book sale today. I'm thinking of walking, so it'll probably take me a long time. But the library isn't insanely far, so I want to try to save the gas. The exercise is good for me anyway.

Maybe I should also look into getting a bike. I remember having one in new orleans. It opened the city up to me. Before that, I only knew places that were within a 30 minute walk at most. The problem here would be biking with hills. I can't make it up. But maybe with practice?
Not much at work. But it's friday so that's good. I can't wait to go home. I want to be on weekend forever.

Here's a trip down memory lane. The Utena Slut Chart. [livejournal.com profile] j_buns and I made it one day at work when we were very VERY bored. I used it today to explain relationships in the show.

The weather is warming up, which helps my mood a lot. I really hate walking around and seeing nothing but death. Things are coming back to life and the air is starting to smell good again.

That reminds me. I want to look up the flowers I used to love in New Orleans. They'd be on, I guess bushes or vines or something, since I always saw them climbing over the edges of fences. Little white flowers that smelled really good. I should learn what they are. Before I forget again.

[EDIT] Brilliance
Revised Parade Calendar Likely for New Orleans (source)

article )
"My biggest mistake was not recognizing by Saturday that Louisiana was dysfunctional," two days before the storm hit, Brown told a special congressional panel set up by House Republican leaders to investigate the catastrophe.

Brown Blames 'Dysfunctional' Louisiana
I'm sure everyone knows already that the already weakened levees broke in New Orleans again. So yeah, the city is flooding. Again. I'm not going to post articles or anything on it right now, unless something super drastic changes. At least the city is mostly empty this time. Take your silver lining where you can find it.

Anyway, I was a good girl and went to work today. Even after a nasty awful nightmare where my mom found out about ben and I and was threatening to kill us. I woke up crying into the blankets, and my heart pounding. When he got home from work, ben gave me lots and lots of hugs, so I felt a bit better.

Everyone's leaving work early today bit me, since I need to finish up this assessment that I should have done yesterday. That's my punishment for goofing off. But if I work hard, I bet I can leave an hour or so early.

Tomorrow is Neil Gaiman at the book fair. I have just realized that I forgot to add spaghetti to my mouse. I shall fix that as soon as I get home. I really hope he likes it and doesn't think I'm a big freak.

Also, I hate my leg and want it to die.
Looks like they're going to open up some parts of new orleans next week. The french quarter at the beginning of the week, and uptown sometime around wednesday. I hope my friends can get it and get their stuff.

In other news, the pope hates gay people. Ok, so that's not really news.... But now he's seeking to find priests and those in seminaries. His own mini-inquisition. I wonder if he's going to complain about a priest shortage after this....
Oh, he's also looking for those who "who dissent from church teaching," whatever that means. You know, for a religion that claims to encourage its members to love and embrace others, there sure is a lot of hatred going on.

[EDIT] Oh, and people are saving lives by ignoring FEMA.
It brought a smile to my face to read on [livejournal.com profile] interdictor's lj that Touchdown Jesus is untouched. :)

I'm not religious or anything, so there's no significance there. But whenever I rode the streetcar and saw Touchdown Jesus, I always knew I was almost home.
I'm the only one at work right now. And there isn't really anything for me to do. Well, that's good I guess. I can work on my knitting. I learned how to decrease the other day, so now I'm closing up the top of the hat. Then I can add the little touches to it and send it off! Yay! :) It's my first time attempting a hat, reading a pattern, knitting in the round, and decreasing. I hope it comes out nice enough that amanda will like it.

I feel better than I did yesterday evening. I was all stressed out because I had to stay late at work. A guy wanted to enter a contest with a friday deadline. He didn't send all the pictures until yesterday afternoon, and then we needed to clean them up, format them, and print them. Printing alone took an hour.

When I got home and ben wouldn't wake up, I eventually poke him in the face. Then he gave me much needed hugs and made me feel better.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much nola news anymore. It's gotten so political. I deal with facts and numbers and accounts to force myself to focus and not freak out. But when the political finger pointing starts, it no longer calms me.

There are some accounts I sorta do want to post, but I'm afraid if I do, everyone I know will lose faith in all humanity. Like reports of women told they needed to lift their shirts if they wanted to be rescued. When they refused, their rescuers left them there.

There are fires all over the place. But no one will say how they are starting.

And then there is Barbara Bush's "Let them eat cake" comment. *sigh*

Ok, knitting. Knitting is happy and good and helpful.
holytoastr: (melting panda-aurianrose)
This weekend I hid from the world. I needed the break.

Saturday I slept until 5pm. I was exhausted. Sunday, I slept until 2. Then ben and I went out to eat with cassandra before she set off for the frigid north. Monday I only slept until about 9:30, but took a 3 hour nap in the evening.

This whole weekend my boyfriend spoiled me rotten. He's wonderful. We played video games and slept and ate and watched movies and were generally lazy. I couldn't ask for a more perfect weekend.

Well, I guess it could have been better without the nightmares. I've got a weird survivor's guilt thing going on now, I think. I feel horribly guilty that I left new orleans a few months ago and have all my stuff and a job and a boyfriend and my life is perfect. But all my friends have been uprooted. It doesn't seem fair that I should be so lucky and they have to figure out what to do next. So I've been getting these awful crazy nightmares set in new orleans with people drowning and dying and I can't do anything to help them. It's not pleasant.

The rest of the weekend was. Dreams weren't.

I guess I need to face the world now again. Pooo to work and reality and politics and death.
(AP): Fire broke out in the Saks Fifth Avenue store in the Canal Place shopping center in downtown New Orleans on Saturday, and firefighters brought in tanker trucks of water to keep it under control.

No other water pressure was available because of Hurricane Katrina, but Fire District Chief Donald Schulz said the blaze was contained after several hours. Cause was not known.

Read more... )

From [livejournal.com profile] interdictor's journal: The Riverwalk may be on fire (shopping mall at the river at end of CBD/Quarter). Everytime we talk to the police, we hear about sniper fire at the fire scenes. I cannot confirm that there is any. This is all hearsay, but it's coming from the police. The police we talk to, while consistent about claiming there is sniper fire, are conflicted about whether it's police sniper fire trying to take out arsonists or criminal sniper fire trying to take out police and fire rescue teams. Again, this is rumor for now, but we're hearing a lot of this rumor.

Now this is something that requires tact, and I do not have much experience with reporting, but I think the world needs to know how overwhelmed the police are out here: I have reports from 3 different police sources that 2 police officers have committed suicide. Out of respect for their families, I will not name them or go into detail. Truly tragic how bad things are. I sincerely hope I did the right thing in reporting this.

Also, the former head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, James Lee Witt, joined the Louisiana government Saturday to help direct the recovery from Hurricane Katrina. James Lee Witt, who ran FEMA from 1993 to 2001, said he will stay as long as he as needed.

There are only a few people here and there in the Convention Center area now, according to reports. They have begun to clean up the bodies, which have been sitting there in the sun all week.



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