My shoulder has improved so much through physical therapy that I am nearly done. Earlier this week I was sent home with homework exercises. They've asked me to do them every day for two weeks. After that, they will re-assess my shoulder and see if they can officially discharge me.

I'm shocked by how quickly my shoulder improved with just a few exercises. And pretty annoyed with myself that I didn't do it sooner. YEARS of shoulder pain that could have been avoided with some stretching and strength exercises. Sure it still hurts a little, but I can live with that. Nowadays it hurts when I do something strenuous with it as opposed to all the time. Definitely an improvement.
I think physical therapy might actually be helping. I haven't had a bad day with my shoulder since Thursday. It has been tense and tight, but none of the usual deep ache that it normally has.

In PT, they have been having me work to build up the muscles elsewhere so that the sore muscle doesn't have to work so hard and ache. I do a ton of stretches for my lower back, a weird set of stretches on a foam roll for my upper front and back, And then a ton of muscle building exercises with rubber bands and rowing machines. They suggested I go out and buy the rubber bands to continue after PT finishes since it is easy and unobtrusive in the home. I'm going to have to keep up some of the exercises after PT is over or else everything will weaken again. :(

In other news, I have decided to get rid of my bird. She NEVER stops screaming. It makes me crazy. I have migraines a couple times a month from the screaming. And I can't get any studying done because I can't concentrate.

Luckily my mother agreed to take her. She has a ton of other cockatiels so Captain Flint will have plenty of friends.

Unluckily, I have to drive to NY to drop the bird off. Looks like early August will be the soonest I can do that. I'm not looking forward to the long drive. It always hurts my shoulder and back, but hopefully the PT will improve that.

I think I will drive down on a Friday, see friends and whatnot for two days, and then return on Monday. I will need to see how Ben feels about that.
Yesterday I had the worst migraine I can ever remember. I was pretty much knocked out all afternoon. It hurt so much, I forgot that benadryl makes my migraines go away. And when I did finally remember, I had to take two of them to get any relief. Then I fell asleep from the medicine and didn't wake up again until 10. What a waste of a day!
Maggie really hates the fourth of july. And the entire rest of the weekend. She won't even go out at night anymore without intense encouragement and the supervision of both ben and myself.

It's all very weird since we brought her home just days before the fourth of july when she was a puppy and had no trouble with the fireworks that first time. I guess they bothered her more than she let on.

Last night we managed to get her out for a quick pee long after the fireworks had finished. She did her business and then ran straight to us to pick her up. What a baby.

In other news, I went to physical therapy again yesterday.

First they had me sit on am exercise bike for about 15 minutes. Then they had me do some leg and stomach stretches. I'm supposed to add the stomach stretches to my list of daily home exercises. I was given a lower back massage after that. Then they put me on the evil rowing machine. I hate the rowing machine. It is very hard to do and hurts a lot. When it was over, my back and shoulder hurt more than before. They electrocuted my back, but let me leave with a sat tense neck. It was a challenge to fall asleep last night.

Oh, and I got my blood tests back from my regular doctor. Said I was extremely b12 deficient, but that they could prescribe me a supplement for that. (A nose spray.) I told them to go ahead, thinking it was going to be relatively inexpensive considering it's a common vitamin. Got the email from my pharmacy right after therapy. Over $300!!! For 8 doses. Madness!

I'm going to cancel that order. I did some more research online and found that the nose spray is not normally prescribed because it's so ridiculously expensive. Usually doctors suggest vitamin pills first. Except my doctor, apparently. The cdc even said that the absorption of the pills and the nasal spray are about equal, so it's suggested to try pills first unless the patient has some sort of stomach problem like crohns disease. (Which I do not.) I can't fathom why she'd send me to the most expensive option first when there's a viable cheaper option out there.

Also she wants me to come back in in about 2 months to administer another blood test. In addition to re-checking the b12, she also said my thyroid results came back a little unusual and they want to double check it. Also ultrasound it.

This is why you don't go to doctors. They find all sorts of crazy things that are wrong with you and prescribe you expensive stuff. I disapprove. 
My shoulder has been bothering me for a long while, so my doctor suggested I go to physical therapy. Today was my first appointment. It was pretty strange.

First they poked and prodded me for a good long while, counting bones and commenting on how stiff certain muscles were. The physical therapist then told me her plan for me, which mostly involved lots of exercises to strengthen sad weak muscles.

But before we started the exercises, they tried to loosen my muscles up a bit. First with some sort of electrode thing that felt somewhere between a kitten purring on my back and hundreds of tiny bugs crawling across my skin. Then I was given a massage that somehow made me aware of how stuff my other shoulder was too.

After that, we did a ton of exercises. They taught me a silly one for my neck and two less silly ones for my legs. I'm supposed to do those three twice a day at home. I go back on Friday for more exercises.

The whole thing made me more sore than before I went in. I hope I see improvement soon. My stupid insurance won't cover the visits until I reach $5,000 worth, which is kinda insane. So I'd like to feel better BEFORE I go broke.
I'm fairly certain they give tetanus shots only once every 10 years because it takes a decade to forget all the pain.

My arm is still too sore to touch, even after several days. And it's swollen. The injection site looks like I just got hit by a speeding softball.

I find it all very strange because the needle barely hurt going in and I was fine for several hours afterwards. But by bedtime Thursday night, it was extremely sore to the touch and hurt to move. By Friday morning, I couldn't move it at all due to the pain. And by Friday night, the site had swollen so much, the bandaid on it was painful and irritating.

Honestly I'd be freaking out, but the internet says this is completely normal. Yes, the doctor said there would be some swelling and pain, but I was thinking flu shot pain. I was beginning to wonder if I was dying. But this is apparently 100% normal reaction to the shot.

Because the shot contained poison! Seriously! I did not know this before, but they inject your arm with a neutralized form of the toxin produced by the tetanus bacteria. I feel a bit like Mithridates.

A friend of mine mentioned she couldn't use her arm for nearly a week. I really hope that is not the case for me. I struggled to dress myself yesterday. And I have a ton of chores to do that really require the full use of my left arm. So I really hope this pain goes down soon. Who would have thought being injected with poison would hurt so much? :P
Confirmed. This new running method is significantly better. I woke up this morning, and was able to stand! Yay!

I'm definitely still sore, but its normal exercise sore. I can move around and good stuff like that.

Now I can properly train to run a race. To victory!
I woke up this morning feeling the way one would expect a day after starting a new exercise plan. The problem is that I ran two days ago, not yesterday.

Yesterday I woke up unable to move. It was crazy. I was in so much pain, I was screaming. It was unbelievable. And all from a short jog around the block!?

It wasn't until the evening that I thought to ice the sore muscles. The ice worked surprisingly well. Sure, I still hurt, but I could function on the most basic levels.

Originally I planned to run every other day, but I don't think I should try again until I heal a little.

Instead, I think I'll walk the course. That should keep me moving without causing any more damage.
Ugh dentist.

I finally decided to get crowns placed on my root canal teeth because they were starting to visibly wear away. I had two of them that needed crowns and scheduled to have both taken care of at once because I hate the dentist and want to have as few trips there as possible.

That meant a nearly 3 hour dentist visit.I'm physically exhausted from all the fear.

My gums are now brown, after all the torture they inflicted upon them. Thankfully motrin does the trick for relieving the pain.

They had to send molds of my teeth out to have the crowns made. That'll take about 3 weeks. Until then, I have temporary caps on. That means eating on the other side of my mouth and avoiding crunchy and sticky foods.

I hate my teeth. 
Today I cried at the salon because the laser hair removal hurt so much. The woman kept going, "I don't understand. It's the same setting as last time." I don't understand either! I just knew my underarms were on fire!

She gave me a bottle of water after the session, which I promptly shoved into my armpits. I'm not sure that was her intention but it really helped.

I think after my last session, I am done with this madness. Too much pain!
We have survived colonial williamsburg.

In hindsight, perhaps we should have rested a day before more walking. Ben walked so much he rubbed his thigh raw. And I have black and blues on my things. Today was brutal.

But we saw a lot of historical stuff that was pretty neat. I learned about purple broccoli, which I totally plan on planting in my garden at some point. I thought all the actors were very good at all the things we stopped to see and do.

In the evening, we left for a super fancy asian buffet place. It had a SUSHI TRAIN. Although I don't eat sushi, I thought it was neat. They also had mongolian bbq that I tried for the first time. The place had practically everything.

After we ate, we returned to colonial williamsburg for a ghost tour. It wasn't what I was expecting, but it was still pretty neat. We visited three houses and the "ghosts" of each house told their story.

Overall, it was a good vacation. We're not sure what we'll do tomorrow before we head home. We originally planned either more magiquest or more colonial williamsburg, but both of those require a lot of walking. I'm not sure we'll be recovered at all. Maybe we'll just rest in the hotel until check out.
Yesterday I woke up with such a bad headache and cramps that I could not get out of bed. After about 20 minutes, I was able to gather enough energy to throw myself into a shower. The shower did help a little tiny bit. I managed to dress and get myself to work, which I considered quite an impressive feat.

Thankfully the day was mostly dull. The headache would not give up. I had one meeting, but it was a vendor presentation so I just had to exchange business cards and listen to a sales pitch. He paid for lunch too. The free lunch was my main motivation for coming in in the first place.

When I got home, I made a quick dinner and then passed out in bed. I think it was around 6:30. The sun wasn't even down yet. I woke up again around 10 when ben came home. But I was back in bed within the hour. So I guess I slept slightly more than 10 hours last night.

I felt somewhat better this morning. Still sore but at least functional. And I definitely feel rested.
I dropped a hot iron on my hand. I am not happy.
My legs are feeling a lot better. The right one is totally back to normal and the left one is just a bit tender. I think it was just so cold that night at the bus stop that my muscles completely tensed up. It's supposed to get up to 50 degrees this weekend, so hopefully spring is on the way and that sort of weird pain won't happen again.

Ben and I went out for dinner to red robin last night, because I told them that they have the most unhealthy burgers I've ever seen. They have a burger with a fried egg on it! I wasn't feeling like a heart attack though, so I had a regular burger. Ben's was covered in pineapples and teriyaki sauce. While we waited for our food, the red robin mascot came up to our table and terrified me for a bit.

When we got home, ben installed more outlets (cause he's awesome) and I went to bed early. And yet I still woke up tired! Bleh! I think it's because I have to wake up in the dark. My brain and body knows that darkness equals sleepytime. But the weekend is tomorrow so if I can just get through this day, I can finally get some proper rest.
While waiting for ben to pick me up from the bus stop last night, I noticed that my calves felt really tight. Painfully tight. I don't know what happened! I was standing there! And it got worse all night. To the point where I wasn't sure I'd make it up the stairs for bed. And all through the night, every time I moved my legs, I'd wake up in pain.

They still hurt this morning too. It was awful on the metro when I discovered the escalators were broken. (Fun fact: Escalators on the metro only work for an average of 8 days before they break again.) I waited until everyone else went up, then I slowly dragged myself up.

Tonight I'm going to take a hot shower and see if that can get the muscles to relax.

Other than that, the evening was calm. Ben replaced two outlets. Without burning down the house! Cause he's awesome. The old homeowners had painted over all the outlets and light switches, so every single one in the house needs to be replaced.

Ben's birthday gift for me arrived in the mail. It's a t-shirt with a picture of two t-rex's sissy-fighting. We celebrated the shirt by having our own sissy-fight.

I made noname go out in the backyard last night. She was actually very good about it. She ran around sniffing and doing her business until she was done, then she ran back to the door to let me know she wanted back in. It would have been perfect if I didn't have to be standing out there with her.

I made use of the time by star gazing. Our new neighborhood is much darker than our old one. I am proud that I easily found orion last night. And I found the big dipper, which ben pointed out is part of ursa major. When it's warmer out, I will take my telescope out and find EVERYTHING!
Moving is nearing completion.

Yesterday we rented a uhaul truck to get all our furniture across town. The guy at the rental place was surprisingly nice and helpful. He pointed out that we made a mistake on the reservation and saved us $50.

Rob and Dani came over to help us move. They actually knew what they were doing so they were a huge help! They figured out how to get ALL our furniture in the truck so we only had to make one trip. It was very impressive. And they had bungie cords of all sizes so nothing bounced around either!

I wasn't much help lifting stuff, but I was handy at opening doors! And once the truck was all packed up, I ran out and got everyone lunch. I came back just as they were bringing the last piece of the furniture into the house. It was good timing because everyone was starving.

Then ben and rob dropped off the uhaul truck and dani and I went back to the apartment. The uhaul place was nice again and didn't charge us extra for not re-filling the tank. We only used 1/16th of the gas, so I guess they figured it would be silly to charge us. But a regular car rental place would have definitely charged us.

Once everyone was back at the apartment, we had tasty king cake! Dani had made it! It had apple pie filling in it, so it was like a super sweet apple pie. I warmed mine up to make it extra delicious.

We were going to take rob and dani to a brazillian bbq place to thank them, but they headed home early. Probably they were as exhausted as we were. So much heavy lifting! We'll just have to take them another day when they are well rested. We want to take them someplace good because with their help, we saved at least $400. All the moving places around here wanted to charge us between $500 and $600. Can you believe that? For a one bedroom apartment!

After they left, we went to bed super early. We used an air mattress since our bed is at the house. Unfortunately it was super uncomfortable. It partially deflated and any time one of us moved, the whole thing shook. And I kept rolling UNDER ben. Not fun. So around 3am, we got up and I cried from exhaustion a bit. Then I pulled all the blankets on the floor and slept there. I slept much better.

I woke up with super intense back pain. Probably from the air mattress and the floor -- not lifting stuff. It was so bad, I had to take half of a super strong pain killer. That stuff makes me loopy, so I took the day off from work. Probably for the best. I need to do more packing anyway.

I think tonight we will sleep in our house. In our bed. And not die from back pain.
I got a good night's sleep last night!

While my back still isn't feeling much better, my mind feels a million times more alert and able to cope with stupid things. I feel sane again. I haven't wanted to kill anyone at all today! Woo!
Last night we got a freezing rain storm that encased everything in ice. My dog and I were sliding all over. At one point, my dog managed to get a little traction and pulled me down the street. My neighbors laughed at the sight of a chihuahua being a sled dog.

We got a 2 hour delay at work because of the storm. It was nice not to rush around in the morning. I left about an hour later that usual. A lot of people must have decided to just stay home because the bus and trains weren't crowded at all.

The work day was a series of efforts in futility. For example, I was not told that a meeting was canceled, so I wasted 30 minutes preparing the notes for the meeting. Only after I sent them out did someone remember to tell me I didn't need to prepare them.

And I have no clue if I'm going to get paid at the end of this month because my new boss totally ignored all my requests to approve my timesheet before he left for the rest of the week. I got it done early specifically so he'd have time to review and approve it before he left. I'm going to have to talk to finance and see if someone else can be given permission to approve it.

After work, ben and I took more boxes over to the house. I took some stronger painkillers for my back, which means I need to go to bed soon. They make me very drowsy.

Hopefully there won't be a repeat like last night where ben stole my pillow. He ripped it right out from under my head. And when I told him to give it back, he shouted, "NO!" In the end, I had to yank the pillow back from his arms and throw my body in its place so he couldn't grab for the pillow again.
Packing is hard! I managed to pack up a big box of kitchen stuff and a big box of sewing stuff before I got distracted by mending clothes I found in the sewing room. I repaired two pairs of pants and a pair of socks! Go me!

When ben came home, we went to the house with the boxes. One of our neighbors yelled, "Welcome to the neighborhood!" from the darkness.

We swept up all the paint chips that fell off the drop cloths and washed up all the paint that had escaped the cloths onto the floor. Noname kept trying to eat the paint chips. She also found an old corn chip from this weekend. Ben had dropped it on the ground and I told him, "You have to pick that up. My dog's not here to clean it up for you." But he just left it there! And proved me wrong cause it was the first thing my dog found when we brought her over today.

I think ben had decided on movers. But they are sooo expensive. And charge by the hour. So we're trying to move over all the regular stuff on our own. Then the movers can handle the big heavy furniture and be out in no time.

All this packing and cleaning is killing my back. My spine is fairly crooked, so it's a bit sore even on good days. Today I had to take a couple motrin and lie down for a couple hours before I felt like I could even move again. I've taken some more and as soon as they start kicking in I'll go to bed. Moving is tough!
I felt terrible when I got home from work yesterday so I ate a quick dinner and went to bed early.

Unfortunately I couldn't fall asleep right away because a mosquito was stalking me. Every time I shut off the lights and started to rest, I could hear the buzzing around my head. And I'd throw on the lights and try to swat it, but I'd always miss and it would fly off and wait. I tried catching it by waiting with the lights on but I was being stalking by an unusually clever mosquito.

I ended up going crazy and spraying the wall directly next to my bed with DEET. That managed to solve the problem. I think I need a bed with mosquito netting....

I slept until two when I woke up from a violent cramp. My painkillers had worn off. I had been dreaming I was walking with friends when a lion came charging after me and a robot jumped in and grabbed me to safety. In my dream, the cramp was the robots heavy metal body slamming into me during the rescue.

More painkillers were taken after that and I was able to go back to bed. I woke up feeling just as awful as I did last night. I stupidly went to work, but I am regretting it. Now I have to wait until 2 for my bus to start running. Though ben said he'd come save me if I needed him to. He is sweet like that.

I think I will go make some tea and see if that helps any.



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