I feel like I should have to roll in order to move. Tooooo much food.

This year's CSA has been ridiculously plentiful, to the point where I've had to can and freeze a lot of stuff to keep it from going bad. I haven't even started on this week's veggies.

For dinner we had the broccoli and green beans from last week. Stir fried broccoli with ginger and sesame and ginger lime green beans as a side salad. And then a small slice of zucchini bread for dessert. I mixed the mint with some green iced tea to wash it all down. Oof so full.

Last night I felt clever because I grated a ton of zucchini and squash in order to make zucchini bread. Now I can just scoop out what I need for each loaf. My goal is to make one loaf a day and freeze them. I found 3 recipes to keep me busy: Classic zucchini bread, chocolate zucchini bread, and chocolate chip zucchini bread.

I am planning a short trip to NY in the upcoming weeks, so I can bring some up for anyone who wants it.

I will be bringing the dogs for this trip too, so everyone can meet Maggie. She is disgustingly charming.

Current tentative plan:
Thursday - Drive to NY
Friday - No daytime plans. Possibly pirate dinner with HS friends.
Saturday - BBQ in afternoon at parents' house.
Sunday - Take Maggie out on the boat. (Assuming the life jacket I ordered ever arrives.)
Monday - Drive home

All plans subject to change.
Burger of the gods
Mini-caprese salads
Ice Cream (what flavor?)
Garden salad, homemade croutons
Homemade pickles
Grilled corn on the cob
Silly drinks (Rainbow soda?)
Tomato Soup - To be made Thursday afternoon
- Ingredients purchased

Salad - To be made Thursday morning
- Need to buy ingredients tonight
- Need to cut bread for croutons tonight

Maple and Bacon Brussel Sprouts - To be made Thursday morning
- Ingredients purchased

Mashed Potatoes - To be made Thursday morning
- Ingredients purchased

Apple Cranberry Chutney - To be made Wednesday
- Ingredients purchased

Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Ice Cream - To be completed Tuesday night/Wednesday morning
- Batter has been prepared and is cooling in fridge
- Peanut butter cups have been chopped and are in freezer
- Ice cream machine bowl is in freezer

Rainbow cheesecake - To be made Wednesday
- Ingredients purchased
- Must leave cream cheese out before bed tonight to soften
Last night ben and I finally booked our hotels for our Pennsylvania trip. We were able to get the Scranton one we wanted, but the one I wanted in Philly was sold out! Sad!

We got another one nearby, so at least we won't lose the good location. But now I won't get to have tea and cookies! I will have to treat myself to ice cream or something instead.

I'm looking forward to our short vacation. It'll be good to get away and see/learn new things. Yay adventure!
One of my friends is getting married in PA in Sept. I had wanted to go on a little weekend vacation that month to celebrate my anniversary, so I'm going to combine my plans and turn the wedding trip into a slightly longer anniversary trip. Yay!

I started making a map of all the interesting things I could do in PA. Now I'm thinking maybe I should extend the trip a bit more. :P I should be sensible though. The state isn't going anywhere and I can always return. PA isn't that far.

Originally I was thinking a day at Hershey Park, but it'll be late Sept and potentially cold. I recall the park having some fun water rides and I'd hate to have to skip them out of fear of being chilly.

So I think Philly would be the better destination. Plenty of stuff to do, plus it's a very walkable city and there's public transit. And it's historical! I tend to enjoy american revolution history. (Which makes me super annoyed with teabaggers who have made the american revolution lame.)

Many Philly options:
- Philadelphia Zoo
- Mutter Museum
- National Constitution Center, Independence Hall, and Liberty Bell Center
- Adventure Aquarium (technically not in philly, but really close by)

So I think the plan will be:

Friday - Leisurely drive up to Scranton. Potential stop at Gettysburg if we need to stretch our legs.

Saturday - Wedding festivities!

Sunday - Leisurely drive to Philly. Check into hotel and enjoy the sights.

Monday - Potential morning touristing in Philly. Leisurely drive back home.
Woke up sad and sick, so I took the day off. Have been resting all morning, though I couldn't sleep because landscapers were outside doing their loud lawnmower things.

Tiny dog was needy and annoying. I tried to cuddle her but it wasn't enough to make her happy. So I clipped her nails. Now she wants nothing to do with me.

I tried to have my name updated on my credit card, but my security # didn't match the one they had on file. So they are overnighting me a new card with my old name on it so I can call again. If it works, they'll send me a new card with my new name on it. I don't know why it has to be this complicated.

I also used the day off to make a doctor appointment. I discovered my doctor no longer takes my insurance. That was annoying, but actually a good thing cause I hated that office. It motivated me to find a new doctor. This new one has good reviews. We will see how it actually works out.

If I get better by Sunday (which I will because I am resting!), ben and I are going to go to the baltimore aquarium. Yay! I haven't been there since I was a kid, even though I really like aquariums.

We might also go strawberry picking, depending on weather/crop/etc. Strawberries are my favorite berry and I have more than once eaten them until I have thrown up. I have also eaten so many, I have developed a rash. Sometimes I get a rash AND throw up. Yet I never learn. That is because strawberries are DELICIOUS.

I hope everyone else has a fun weekend too. Yay holidays! Poo to being sick! Must get better!

Random picture of a puppy ready for the weekend:
Williamsburg is only about 3 hours away by car, so it would be a good place to go for a short vacation. Plus I enjoy historical things, which that area has a lot of.

Things to do:
- Colonial Williamsburg
- Busch Gardens
- Water Country USA
- Jamestown Settlement
- Magiquest

Previous plans:
1 Japan
2 New Orleans
3 Mediterranean Cruise
4 & 5 Disneyland & Vegas
This one is a bit weird and requires a lot of driving. The problem is that there is not enough in Vegas for a full vacation, and not enough around Disneyland for a full vacation. If they would just get around to building that high speed train between the two, it would be perfect. Instead, I can look forward to a 6 hour drive. Yuck.

Things to do in and around Vegas:
- The Star Trek Experience (If it ever re-opens like they claim)
- Eat a buffet meal
- See the Hoover Dam
- Visit the Grand Canyon (which is another 4 hours of driving by itself)
- Visit Death Valley (weather permitting - NOT summer)

Things to do in and around Disney:
- Disneyland
- California Adventure
- San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park
Things I want to do on a cruise to the Mediteranean:

- Visit Pompeii
- Ben wants to see Venice
- See the Colosseum and the Roman Forum
- Eat weird French ice cream
Things I want to do on my next trip to New Orleans:

- Take some sort of Mississippi River cruise (Curse you, Mark Twain!)
- Visit the Insectarium
- Visit the WWII Museum
- Eat at The Green Goddess
- Eat beignets
People who have made trips to japan!

How did you go about planning it? What resources did you use?

How long did you stay? Anything you consider a must see/do?

Things I want to do:
- Eat ramen
- Visit a ryokan with a hot spring or baths
- Go to Disney Sea
- Shop in Akibahara and Shibuya (and pet Hachiko!)
- Ride on a bullet train
- Buy a good luck charm from a shrine
Apple Picking has been decided!

Oct 17th (raindate the 24th)
11 am
Homestead Farm
Short post because I am super sleepy.

Woke up early to pack and panic. Noname thought she was coming with us and was very sad when I left her home.

Flew to NY without any problems. Got slightly lost in JFK airport until we figured out you need to take the train to get to the rental cars.

Got my "one bad thing" for the trip out of the way by forgetting my backpack full of electronics and important papers on a bench at the car rental bus stop. The shuttle driver went back and actually found it!!! I made sure to mention to as many people who seemed to be in charge that the shuttle person was my hero. Hopefully they give her something nice for saving the day.

After we got our rental car, we checked into the hotel. I am surprised by how nice the room is. This was one of the cheaper hotels we could find. We have a king sized bed, a couch with foot cushions, a mini fridge, a microwave, free internet, and free breakfast. And it's near all the stuff we have to deal with on this trip. I should make ben handle the hotel on all our trips.

I grabbed a quick lunch then raced down to meet up with ally and get my makeup trial done. Tara was there too! I was glad cause she helped me be less indecisive. Ally did a good job of making sure the make up didn't feel too massively heavy on my face. I was definitely aware of it there all afternoon, but it wasn't suffocating my skin.

I got to wear my makeup to my engagement photo session which was right after. I hope it looks good in the pictures.

Our photographer took us to a beach my parents often go to. He took many many pictures, but seemed to be having a lot of fun. He took one of my must-have pictures right at the beginning without me asking, so that pleased me.

It was a lot easier for me to smile naturally than I expected. Probably because ben was with me. I hope our pictures come out nice.

Then to test the waters of the angry mother, I called about my dress. She wants to come to the fitting tomorrow (doom!) so she's going to bring it. She fed us an awkward dinner instead. I ate corn.

I think I need sleep now. This entry was not as short as I had planned. I need to rest for another long stressful day!
Potential ceremony option for wedding. (Like a sand ceremony or hand fasting or whatnot.)

It had been a week and my mother was still holding my invitations hostage. I was forced to call her to find out why she hadn't sent me my stupid cards and if I needed to settle this nonsense by going out and buying new cards.

She proceeded to scream at me about how she had raised me better than this (obviously not) and she was going to be so embarrassed in front of all her friends (not my problem) and I was acting so childish (I wasn't the one screaming over cards) and that I should stop throwing it in her face that I'm paying for the wedding (I wouldn't have to if she didn't keep trying to take control).

I refused to argue with a crazy lady so I sat there silently. (I was crying, but that's a Pavlovian response from my childhood.)

Eventually she got too angry to even scream at me (one of her highly sophisticated arguments was that I should do what she says cause she gave birth to me. My response: That was your mistake.), and handed over the phone to my dad.

My dad and I had a decent argument. He saw my side and I saw his. We compromised that mom would print the language I like on the cards to my guests, and print something more neutral (that I still get to write) for my mother's guests.

Cause honestly, the language was not a big deal. The guests are going to look at the cards for 30 seconds at most. The big issue is that my mother insults me at every turn and thinks this wedding is hers.

Dad and I agreed that the parents' names should not be on the cards because ben and I are paying for the wedding. Fair is fair.

My parents were also upset that ben and I wanted to stay at a hotel rather than at their house. Mom was angry cause she thought it was just because ben and I wanted to be in the same room and we were throwing our bad behavior in her face.

But I explained to dad that mom makes me crazy and I NEED a place I can go at the end of the day to get away from her. I cannot handle that much time with her. I pointed out that getting away from her will make it a lot easier for me to put up with her during the day and I will be able to be more pleasant around her. So he agreed that my argument made sense and would not fight with me about that.

Dad is going to tell my mom about the compromise we reached. Cause I still don't want to talk to her. I absolutely cannot stand that woman. After this wedding, I never want to speak to her ever again.

After the call ben had to hug me while I finished crying. Once I calmed down, we ordered plane, hotel, and car stuff for our trip. I think if I had known how horrible my mom was going to be (I expected her to be bad, but not THIS bad), I would have eloped. I don't need this stress.
I want to mail my invitations by the first week of July.

Plan A: Attempt to print own invitations

Hopefully my printer can handle the paper. Hopefully if I give the ink enough time to dry, it won't smear.

Star that was to be punched up on front of invitation can be punched out (So that silver inside paper can be seen through dark blue outside paper) or stamped with glitter.

Plan B: Find a printer that can print my invitations

Find a local printer that has the machines to print on the paper I bought.

Star can still be stamped myself.

Plan C: Buy new invitations

Find a simple, inexpensive design and roll with it.
holytoastr: (angry gir)
Need ben to come talk me down cause I am seriously considering canceling the wedding. I am TIRED of battling with my mother over a party she's not paying for. Everything I do is wrong to her, and I really don't have to take it.

And then tara was telling me today that my mom asked everyone to help plan a bridal shower and then disregards any suggestions they have. You'd think she'd listen cause my bridesmaids know me a lot better than my mother ever will. But then again, she doesn't know what I like at all cause she NEVER LISTENS.

So why bother having a wedding if it makes me unhappy, makes me broke, and makes my friends unhappy?

I'd rather lose my deposits than have to deal with this nonsense.
As expected, my mother doesn't like the invitation language I wrote up. She wants the parents names on the invitations.

"I think the parents names should be on the invite so people know who you are."

If they don't know who we are, why are they coming to our wedding?

She also doesn't think the rsvp language I used is funny at all. And REFUSES to print it. I guess that means I have to add "Find a printer" to my already stupidly long lost of things to do.

I'd like to punch her in the head. This is why I didn't want her involvement at all. Should have trusted my gut and not accepted her offer to print my invitations.

Edit )
LJ was down all morning. Inconvenient. I was actually worried that they lost my journal completely because I could access everyone's journal but mine. Luckily it was not that tragic.

Work was slow and I had no lj, so I got some wedding stuff done. Finally chose a limo company to go with. Am getting charged twice as much as I wanted to pay, but half what they wanted to charge me. We're stuck with a boring white limo. Maybe we can stick a banner or something to it to make it fun.

Also worked on invitation wording. The language my mom wanted was too old fashioned and sappy. I cut all the sap out, modernized the remaining language a bit, and threw in some song lyrics to make it "pretty" again. Still not totally satisfied, but I'm sure once ben has a chance to look it over, we will have it settled and done with.

I have a list of officiants to call, but I don't know what to say when they pick up. It is terrifying me. I'm normally bad at phones, but most of the time I can write a script to help me through it. I don't know where to start for this. Should I call them honorable so and so? What if they shouldn't be called that? Then I messed up. Would mr be ok? Would someone who should be honorable be offended by mr? Gah! Too hard! And that's just the opening line!



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