Got dressed. Chose seeds I wanted to use. Grabbed garden tools. Look outside.

We had a huge sudden storm last night. During the worst of it, it felt like the sky was exploding directly above my house. The whole house was shaking with each roll of thunder. The windows rattled, objects on tables bounced, and the walls were vibrating. It was pretty scary. I jumped more than a few times. And the dog and bird were equally terrified. They insisted on sticking close to me the entire time to protect them. I have never seen my bird that scared before.

Thankfully the storm left as quickly as it arrived. By the time ben got home, it had mostly faded. He was able to cuddle and reassure my pets while I was finally able to pry them off of me to shower.

This morning, the neighborhood felt like a rainforest room at a zoo. Very hot and humid. I thought it was neat. My dog was less amused and wanted to return to the ac as soon as possible. She is so spoiled.
Yesterday, ben and I tried to stain and seal the deck. Unfortunately for us, huge storm clouds rolled in about an hour after we started. Only 15 minutes worth of rain came down, but it was enough to soak the deck and put an end to our work. I was extremely unhappy. And then I discovered that deck stain had found its way on my favorite hoodie. I am really really unhappy.

Right now I have so many mosquito bites, I am having a histamine overreaction. My entire body itches. Not just the spots that have been bit. There are too many mosquitoes in my new neighborhood. I think I need to buy stronger bug spray. The stuff I'm using is only 25% DEET. I'll need to find a store with a camping section and find the 100% stuff. That worked really well last year. (But bleached all my clothes.) I hope I have benadryl or something similar at home. I don't think I'll be able to sleep like this...
I was hitting the candy basket by 9:30 this morning at work. Our marketing agency has caused me to develop a bad teeth clenching habit. I've been chewing on candy to try to prevent me from cracking my teeth.

They sent me art of a May package. One piece of the package I had approved already because it required a longer production time. It was included with this art, they said, just to show me the full package. But the piece I approved looked nothing like it should have. And I started to worry they went off and printed whatever they wanted, totally disregarding what I told them to do.

In the end, they had just sent the wrong art to me. But that's just another problem I have with them. Our account reps don't review anything they send over, so there are constant mistakes. They are going to kill me with stress.

The whole day was like that. One crisis after another, because the marketing agency is too dumb and careless the check what they are sending to me.

At the end of a long, long day, I finally got to go home. But of course there were tourists to battle against. And then it was pouring raining. It was raining so hard, the park and ride flooded and I had trouble jumping over the river of water to get to the car.

The only good news of the day is that ben fixed roomba. He had been sick, making a clunking noise as he cleaned and then stopping early to demand a brush cleaning. He couldn't even clean one room. Ben replaced his brushes today, which appears to have fixed the problem. Aside from getting trapped in the bathroom again, roomba did a perfect job cleaning this evening.
Yesterday afternoon was miserable. I left work early because ben had a d&d game to go to. But something went wrong at his office, so I had to wait at the bus stop until he was done. I waited for over 90 minutes. And it was cold, rainy, and WINDY. My bus shelter was incredibly insufficient against the wind.

When ben was finally able to come save me, I cried in the car. I was really really upset.

Ben heated up some dinner for me and cuddled me on the couch. I felt a bit better once I was warm and full. Even noname helped out by going in the yard by herself. (Normally she insists on supervision.)

Then we all went to bed early where I stuck my ice cold hands on ben's chest to steal all the heat from his heart. Somehow he survived.

Today I dressed up like a big girl (even wearing a fancy jacket) because I am going to a benchmarking session this afternoon. There will be free food. And I will network.

I am mildly annoyed because my new business cards have not arrived yet. I'll have to cross out my last name, title, and email on my old ones. Not really professional looking... *sigh*
Super rainy today. It was pouring this morning, which poor noname was not happy about at all. Even with her adorable raincoat on she didn't want to go outside. I forced her out long enough to pee and then let her race back to the door.

My train ride into the city was soggy too. Because my train was leaking. All the seats were wet. I was contemplating opening my umbrella. I sense that this is not normal for most train systems.

Work was a day of disasters. Our new consultants make me crazy because they have no respect for processes. I am constantly pushing back at them. YES, we need to run this by our scientists to make sure it's factually accurate. YES, we need to do an art checklist. YES, we need to get Rodger's approval if he's going to be "signing" the letters.

It's very frustrating!

Also frustrating is the way the new exec vp assigns tasks to me without checking if I even have the time for such things. I really don't right now, especially because it's the end of the fiscal year and I have a lot of stuff to close up. (And did you know that when she started working here, she set up a meeting with everyone EXCEPT me? Rally not feeling all that valued lately...)

At one point today I had to take some complicated directions I was reading into the bathroom with me just to get some interrupted quiet time. Every time I tried to work on it, someone would walk into my cube asking for one thing or another.

I was really happy when the day was finally over and I could go home. Except it was raining even harder than this morning. Noname once again didn't want to go out. She's going to pee all over the floor tonight.

I planned on doing some sewing tonight, but I feel really tired. I think I will go to bed early. I need to strength to deal with our consultant's tomorrow and their package audit. At least they're providing lunch. But how much you want to bet they will forget to get me a veggie option? They didn't ask if anyone needed veggie, so it probably never crossed their minds.
Yesterday was a crazy day full of crazy storms. And it's stormy again too. But luckily we haven't lost any power. Back when I first moved to VA, we would regularly lose power in storms. I hope the steady supply these days means that the lines were upgraded or something.

Noname does not enjoy the storms. She's not afraid of thunder or anything. She just really hates getting her feet wet. She goes to great lengths to avoid cold wet toes. She's such a baby.

At least the metro isn't flooded today. Yesterday, water was pouring in through the ceiling at some stations. And sometimes water would pour into the car when the train doors opened. It was pretty crazy. And another good reason why metro needs to rip out all those carpets.

It's supposed to be like this for the rest of the week too! I hope the trees enjoy all the water at least. They're so dry, they've already started changing colors!
What miserable weather!

I was trying to walk my dog when a gust of wind grabbed my umbrella! I wasn't about to let it go and get soaked, so I firmly held on. Which meant my umbrella took me with it down the sidewalk!

Poor noname did her best to stand firm, but even she was being dragged down the block by the wind-filled umbrella. We were a very pathetic pair.

I did eventually get the umbrella back under control (after it flipped inside out) and we returned safely home. Noname is curled up on my lap shaking and chattering her teeth. Well, gums. It still makes a chatter-like noise.
The weather was freakishly nice this morning. The sun was out and the temperature was in the mid-70s. I took advantage of it to run some errands.

First I stopped at the post office to mail a wedding planning book to amanda. I splurged and got the priority shipping. :P Five cents extra!

After that I bought halloween decorations. I have a theory that maybe we don't get trick or treaters is because they don't know we are here. So now there is garland and skeletons hanging from the door. It is festive and goes well with the strange blood stains that appeared outside our door this week.

The nice weather didn't last long though. By the time I had to go to pottery, it was pouring. I could barely see the road. I'm glad I got there safe!

Pottery has become increasingly frustrating for me. First, katie's yarn bowl cracked again. I told myself that was ok though because I had two extras on the shelf to trim. (It has gotten to the point where I just keep making yarn bowls, expecting them to crack before I get to the end.)

The first one, I cut a hole through the bottom. The second one was not leather hard yet, so I couldn't trim it.

I made another one today that will hopefully be leather hard next week. One of these is going to make it to the end.

Bizarrely, while the yarn bowl and another bowl I made 3 weeks ago were still as wet as when I made them, a third bowl I made that day was bone dry. Which made it VERY hard to trim.

I got it trimmed in the end, but I wasn't able to add the embellishments I wanted to try.

In addition to yet another yarn bowl, I also threw an extra regular bowl. Let's see what they end up doing next week.

I think I might re-take beginner's pottery 2. I feel like I need a refresher because I've been having so much trouble lately. It might help if I had a teacher reinforcing the basics for me and pointing out what I've been doing wrong lately.

After pottery, it was still pouring. I had wanted to go to the used book store, but decided it wasn't worth marching over there in this weather.

As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot, it stopped raining.

As soon as I pulled into the apartment parking lot, it started to pour again. I just can't win.

I have spent the rest of the evening doing laundry and watching card captor sakura. I finally finished the second season! Now I'm onto the third. Eriol is very suave. Yue is very pretty, but has a terrible personality. He needs to lighten up.

I need to go to bed soon because tomorrow I am having an adventure with allicia again. We're going to eastern market!
Yesterday? Kinda lame. I spent 5 hours with a bunch of other coordinators in the office de-duping records. By the end of the day, I felt like my eyes were going to bleed. And we didn't even get through half of them! It was terrible.

Today was significantly better.

Despite the rain, I went apple picking with Allicia and her fiance Rich. It was a lot of fun! And the rain actually stopped right as we started picking and didn't start again until we got back.

We went to Stribling Orchard. It wasn't my first choice but ended up being really nice. Allicia was late, so I drank a cup of warm apple cider while sitting in front of a big fire. Not a bad way to kill the time.

We got there pretty late in the season, so most of the low hanging fruits were gone. But that was ok, because they gave us this tall arm tool to grab the apples at the top of the trees!

Allicia Picking Apples

It worked pretty well except when you'd accidentally knock another apple off the tree and down onto your head.

I ended up buying way more apples than one human could possible eat. Plus I got little apple pies (apple sticks!), apple cider, and local honey. I had to flee the store before I ended up buying more.


At least I mostly picked tiny two-bite apples, so those I can snack on each day. They are perfect for when you are just a teeny bit hungry, but not hungry enough to make something.

After the orchard, we went to Naked Mountain Vineyard for wine tasting and cheese. I am too much of a lightweight for such things and don't like wine anyway, so I just took part in the cheese.

Naked Mountain Wine and Cheese

The cheese was Amish, I think.

The vineyard was full of these huge creepy looking beetles. None of them bothered me directly, but they were still pretty freaky.

Home now and happy to be warm and dry. I might warm up one of the little apple pies, pour myself a glass of cider, and get some quality cartoon watching time in before ben wake up from his nap.
Last night was the defenders awards dinner. My boss got our dept a couple tickets so I went. Free food is always a good thing, right?

During the cocktail hour, very pushy servers kept shoving crab and salmon in my face. They kept interrupting conversations with their stinky meat trays. I guess it wasn't a big deal though. I wasn't having any important conversations. Just being nice to donors and vendors. It's especially important to be nice to the donors so they give us more money. :P

Then we were called into the main room for the ceremony. I was sat at the unpopular table. For the longest time, it was just me and a donor at the table. Eventually it filled up with other coworkers that were running the event. It was weird sitting by ourselves for so long though.

Dinner was good. There was a tasty salad, minus the green tomato and the figs. And then I had a fancy vegetarian moroccan pie of some sort. At first it was too sweet, until I realized I was supposed to pour the sauce they gave me on it. Then it was just right. Dessert was a tiny chocolate pudding thing, a tiny cake, and a tiny fruit tart. Each only one bite! They were very cute, but I wish there was more of the cake.

Read more... )
There was a huge storm last night. It was so loud it even scared my dog. She and I had to cuddle with ben until it was over.

I bet lots of trees and branches fell down. I think I'm going to take noname with me to go check it out. (And walk her. Cause she's doing the potty dance.)
Last night we had a bight storm. It was just arriving as we were leaving the food store - no rain yet but the skies were flashing nearly as bright as day. It was both scary and impressive.

We saw a "three woah" flash of lightning while driving home. I saw it hit the ground and I went, "Woah!...Woah!!... WOAH!!!" before it finally stopped. Even then, the flash had lasted so long that the image was burned into my eyes for a few more seconds.

I am unaccustomed to storms like these. They're so disturbing.
The sun did eventually come out and it was glorious.

While I was waiting, I cleaned my sewing room. It's almost completely done. All that is left are the mixed up patterns that need to be put in their proper envelopes.

Once the sun started shining, I went to pottery lab. My large bowl was still to wet to trim, so I tried putting it in front of a fan to dry out. Didn't work.

My other bowl, weirdly enough, was too dry. So I briefly soaked it in water and then was able to trim it. I think it looks nice. If it glazes well, maybe I'll keep it.

Also trimmed my pot with a lid. And added a little knob at the top. I hope after it dries it still looks nice. I have never done a lid before and am very nervous.

Then I threw a cup, a vase, and a tall pitcher. I want to get good at all sorts of shapes.

After pottery, I stopped at the grocery store. My dog was out of food and I wanted more eggs and salad dressing. I feel very clever because I realized that the $1.50 store brand dressing had the same ingredients as the $4.50 fancy buttermilk kind. It tastes a little different, but not too bad, so I am pleased I have saved money.

From there I went to the craft store where, of course, they didn't have rolls of butcher paper or anything similar. I need to find something I can draft a pattern onto soon so I can make my veil. Oh well, worse comes to worse I'll draft it directly onto some practice fabric.
Will it ever stop raining?

This morning while driving ben to his d&d, we ended up stopped at a light on a decently sharp hill. The person behind me was REALLY close to the car which was making me super nervous because I knew as soon as I took my foot off the break, we were going to roll backwards.

Not only did we roll backwards, but thanks to the torrential rain, we also slid and skid all over. It was scary. But at least we didn't hit the car behind us. I am proud I at least managed to avoid an accident.

On the way back, my window completely fogged up suddenly. I couldn't see at all!!! I had to open my window and navigate with my head sticking out to find a place to pull over and deal with the problem. Scary!

Once the defogger going full blast fixed my problem, I was on the road again. Sorta. There were detours everywhere because of downed trees and flooded roads. I was really glad I had my gps because I was totally lost.

Also on the way home, it actually started to rain harder. I had my wipers going full power and I was driving well below the speed limit and I could still barely see anything.

My original plan for driving home was to stop at the grocery store on the way. That was definitely not happening. Too dangerous! I headed straight home instead (minus a few detours). Nearly hit a car that was sitting out the storm in a turning lane. People who do that should put their blinkers on!

But now I am home and safe. I hope the rain lets up my this afternoon so I can go to pottery. And it definitely better be done by the time ben's game lets out. I don't want a repeat of such a scary drive.
Last night we had another one of those big, violent thunderstorms that are common to the area.

I can handle a normal storm, but these things are scary. I was a big baby, crawling into ben's lap every time the sky boomed. Even my dog, who is normally pretty good about thunder, wanted to stay close.

This morning, there were fallen trees and large branches all over.

The skies are still dark and gloomy. I hope there isn't another storm coming.
I went to bed early last night and I still woke up tired. I think I need to get more exercise back into my life.

It's hard to be motivated to do anything though with this weather. The pouring rain finally stopped, but now it's a constant fine mist. You get just as soaked because the mist floats around the umbrella. Inconvenient.

At least the day is halfway over.

I have a ton of wedding things I need to do, but don't feel motivated.
- Choose limo company
- Find an officiant and write vows
- Decide wording on invitations
- Make veil
What a terrible way to return back to work. It is pouring out. It was pouring all last night too.

One clap of thunder was so loud last night, I woke up screaming. I also grabbed ben and stabbed my nails into his back. Ben thought it was a gun shot. Noname appears to have slept through it.

Noname kept snoring through the storm incredibly loudly. She fears no thunder.

She didn't want to go on a walk this morning though. Even though I dressed her up it her raincoat, she had no interest in going out in the rain. Eventually I convinced her to take a few steps onto the grass to pee.

I got to work completely soaked. Now I'm freezing. I don't understand the logic of making the ac colder when people are soaked. Wouldn't you want to make it warmer so they can dry? *shiver* Next time I'll try to be smart and bring a change of clothes.

It's still raining now. I hope it stops before I go home.

I also hope the rain isn't preventing maintenance from coming into the apartment to fix a leak we discovered last night. Water is dripping into our heating/cooling closet, soaking the carpet just outside the closet. We put a cup in the closet to catch the drip and a towel down to dry the carpet, but that's not a good long term solution. Especially because I keep having to empty the cup and the water in it is YELLOW. Nasty!
It's pouring out so my dog has absolutely no interest in going out for a walk. *sigh* I do not look forward to the mess I'll have to clean up tomorrow morning...


Apr. 22nd, 2009 01:18 pm
There was hail today!

Hail always freaks me out. Balls of ice should not fall from the sky unless the world is ending.

Maybe the world did end and was immediately replaced by a nicer one. Now that the storm is over, the sun is shining, the air is pleasantly warm, and there are people handing out bags of free salad dressing.



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