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I finished some crafty stuff today.

First, a hat and booties set for a coworker who is having a baby.

Monster Hat Monster Booties

I'm a little sad by how unprofessional they look, but maybe she'll like them because they're hand made?

Anyway, after that, I finished up my skull skirt.

Pink Skull Skirt

It is loud and obnoxious. I will wear it to work tomorrow.
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Last night was productivity.

First I made rice balls to eat for lunch this week. (Plus one for dinner.) Nothing fancy. Cream cheese in the center. Lightly fried in a bit of butter with a little bit of soy sauce brushed on each side.

Then I got to work fixing the waistband on that skirt I was making. While I was fixing it, I added a button instead of a hook and eye clasp. I really don't like hooks and eyes. They always get caught on things in the laundry and get bent out of shape. And I can never fasten them in the dark. (Which is what I normally dress in in the morning.) The button looks much nicer and is much easier to use. Now the skirt is hanging out so the bias can set. After that, all I need to do is hem the thing. Then I'm done! Yay!

While I was sewing, my bird was sitting on my shoulder holding a conversation with my desk lamp. It must have been extremely interesting, because she chattered away the entire time.

Once that was done, I took some of the left over fabric from the skirt and made a few patches for my holey pants. I worked on that until a bit after 11. I should have stopped sooner, but ben was late and I was a bit worried.
Yesterday was a stupid day. Ben got a call around 10am that something broke at work and he had to come in and save the day. I figured that would take an hour or two at most. Ben got home after 9pm. I was not happy.

I tried to kill the day with sewing. I started making a loud pink and skull skirt for work. All was going well until the waistband. The illustration was incorrect. I need to go back and cut a new piece of fabric to correct it. I'll try to get that done tonight. Once the waistband is done, I need to hang it up overnight to set the bias correctly. Then I can hem it, which shouldn't take long at all. If all goes well, I should be able to wear it by Wednesday.

Ben and I were going to go to a chinese buffet yesterday, but by the time he got home it was much too late for that. So we went to the diner instead. I got a salad that tasted good, but smelled like citrus kitchen cleaner. I wasn't able to finish it. I got ice cream instead.

And then we got home and it was bedtime. What a stupid dumpy day.
Last night I finished the top and went to try it on, only to discover it didn't zip up! Doom!

I forgot that my strapless bra is a bit thicker than my normal ones. And the stop was already pretty tight in those. Just that tiny extra bit threw it over the edge.

All was no lost though! I opened up the back and added a slim panel of leftover knit fabric. I didn't even need to measure precisely because it would stretch. So all is good now. It's not perfect, but it works. Good enough is the motto of the day!

Despite the disaster, I managed to get to bed before midnight. And then woke up at 5:30, which was not enough time at all to get ready! I ended up doing my make up when I got to work.

I was having a mild panic about riding the bus and train in my silly outfit. I tried to cope by pretending I was asleep. Then at least I wouldn't see the stares. I got two compliments on my wig while walking from the station to the office.

Everyone so far likes my costume at work. I hope I win the contest. I'm really tired.
Getting close to the finish line for this costume.

I finished the tail last night. I think it looks pretty good. I actually did not mess up the zipper, which is kinda amazing to me. I have such issues with nice invisible zippers.

All that is left is the ruffle trim on the top. I went out shopping last night, but the craft store did not have the thread I wanted for the trim. It wasn't a complete waste of time though, because ben needed to buy something there and we also picked up dinner.

I found some other thread I had sitting around that isn't perfect, but gets the job done. I made the ruffles and pinned them in place last night. (Dress form to save the day!) All I have left is to sew them on. In theory, that will be easy.

Then I want to go to bed early so I can wake up early. It takes me about thirty minutes every morning to drain my nose and throat (still not over this stupid cold!), so I need to leave myself plenty of time to do that before my hair (my wig is so preeeeeeetty!) and make up (note to self: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVoNdJbnRKo).
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Have reached panic mode for my costume. I am almost to the end, but I worry I won't finish in time if I make any more mistakes.

Last night I made several. The biggest ones being shattering my sewing needle and shoving a pin deep into my finger causing me to bleed all over the costume.

Really, all I have left though is to sew the zipper into the tail and to add a trim to the bodice. I know I will mess this up.

I stayed up too late last night sewing. I am exhausted. But I need to stay up again to hopefully finish. If I can finish tonight, I can get a good night's rest Thursday night and not look like a mess for the contest.
I got a lot done on my halloween costume today. I finished the embroidery on the top piece and attached the lining. Now I'm attaching the trim. Then I need to add the zipper. After that, I need to put the tail together.

While I was embroidering and sewing trim, I watched the tmbg concert online. That was pretty neat. They played most of their big hits, plus a few new things and some of their kids songs. There were also puppets. Unfortunately it was all too short! They were only on stage for slightly more than an hour. Then they escaped in a cloud of confetti like extremely bombastic ninjas.
Toe is feeling somewhat better. I taped it to the other toe which really did make a difference. It's still a bit swollen though. I really hope that goes down soon.

Loaded up on painkillers, I went out to buy fabric today. I always forget how terrible joann's fabric selection is when I want to buy something specific. After much deliberation, I decided on fabrics that I think will work for my mermaid costume.

I thought about embroidering beads to the outfit rather than buying expensive trim, but I couldn't find thread conditioner anywhere. I think I'll just plain embroider instead.

While washing and drying my new fabric, I knit and watched terrible children's shows. Then ben took me out for dinner. I got chicken fingers which left me quite pleased.

Ben went to take a nap after that and I got the weekly parental phone call over with. Ended up screaming a lot because my mother thinks I'm an idiot. We were talking about how I needed to change the locks on the doors as soon as we move in (I knew that already) and she was telling me not to get a locksmith to do it. And I told her I already knew how to change a lock. They are ridiculously easy. And then she was telling me that the old owners would give me the keys to the house. I knew that already too. How would I get in in the first place without the old keys?

It's about time for me to load up on painkillers again, and then I'm going to start cutting out fabric for my costume. I hate that part. That is my most hated part of sewing. I wish I could pay someone to do it for me.
I must clean the sewing room tonight.

I have decided to be a mermaid for halloween. I have researched the costume I'm using and found it to be rated difficult. Simplicity + difficult rating means I need to start that thing NOW.

I am debating on crimping my hair or wearing a wig. But I guess I can decide that one much later.

I don't think I'll win the costume contest with this, but I think I will have fun wearing it. And that's more important than winning. I'll still wow everyone with my mighty sewing skills. :D
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I keep smashing my thumb with a hammer while trying to put grommets into a corset. I am a very cranky melissa.
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I am glad that I bought extra fabric for my veil. This is super annoying.
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Chances of finding butcher paper or something similar at the craft store? Probably slim to none.... *sigh*

I really should haul myself out to the art store, but it's so far away. Bah.
Things I accomplished yesterday, yet got nothing done:

- Loaded the dishwasher
- Waxed one leg
- Went shopping and bought printer ink, puffy paint, cookie cutters, little red gems, glittery stars, ribbon, and plastic tubing.
- Changed red ribbon on wig to purple one and added a glittery star
- Practiced painting my eyebrow blond
- Made a puffy paint rainbow
- Added collar to shirt
- Began making shoulder pads
- Cooked lunch and dinner
- Hand sewed in waistband for skirt
- Did push ups
- Played with and walked my dog
- Donated to no on prop 8 group
- Watched tv

Today I must:
- Completely finish shirt, including sleeves
- Buy white fabric
- Go food shopping
- Wax other leg
- Finish skirt
- Begin work on boot covers
- Play with my cute dog some more
- Watch beverly hills chihuahua with my dog
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Every year I buy a simplicity pattern to make my halloween costume and then spend a month screaming at confusing directions. I still have not learned.

Currently I am trying to use pieces of a dorothy (wizard of oz) costume for the top of my rainbow brite costume. Unfortunately it has directions like "Baste the bodice pieces to the right side of the shirt." There are about 6 bodice pieces and no directions on HOW to lay them out before basting. (Picture is no help.) Nevermind that I'm only using half of them.... If I can figure out which half are the ones I need.

No matter how cheap they are, do not buy simplicity patterns! They will only bring you sadness!
I woke up this morning feeling really terrible. After feeding my dog, I decided to go back to bed. When I woke up again, I felt much better. I guess I just needed some more sleep.

Worked on my halloween costume for a bit. The petticoat is almost done. Yay!

After that, I went to pottery lab. I started a candy bowl, a cup, and a "fish" bowl.

It was some sort of kids halloween day so the place was crawling with small crying screaming children. Not cool. I escaped after an hour.

When I got home, ben and I went shopping. Now he's playing world of goo which has large creepy goo heads.
Yesterday I FINALLY started my halloween costume. Pieces for the skirt and petticoat have been cut out and the petticoat is halfway assembled. I think I want to see how the shirt and belt will look before I complete the skirt. I might be able to put them together into one piece, thus requiring only one zipper. (I hate sewing in zippers.)

I NEED to order my wig TONIGHT. If I don't, it won't be ready in time for halloween. I need to do some minor styling to it.

I enjoyed my three-day weekend greatly. Too bad it had to end.

My dog kept me up all night with her coughing. Then there were massive delays on the train. And when I got to work, I discovered I had stepped in dog poo. I cleaned most of it off, but now I'm stuck wearing a wet shoe all day.
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Swelling of my knee has gone down, so that's good. But all my muscles ache today. Last night I kept waking up whimpering. I am weak.

In other news, I have finished the skull skirt I was making (complete with butt bow to cover up mistake!) and I'm starting to cut out fabric for a pirate rubber ducky shirt. I should take a picture of the skirt soon.

Oh! Does anyone have about a yard of bright orange fabric they'd be willing to swap with me? I have various trims and fabrics that I'd be glad to send in exchange. I have made it a rule to myself to not buy more fabric until I can close my fabric tub again, so I can't buy more.
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One day I will learn and take my own advice on simplicity patterns. Don't use them.

I'm trying to make a skirt from an "easy" pattern. I'm stuck on step 2. This is after screaming at the pattern for not telling me to cut out half the pieces I needed. (Pattern - Step 1: Stay-stitch pieces 1, 2, and 3. Me - O.O What? I didn't know I had to cut those out!)
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Behold the pony purse!

It's cute and little and full of ponies!

The inside has an extra pocket. The whole thing closes with a surprisingly strong magnet.


Mar. 8th, 2008 10:32 am
- The other day I saw a woman so tiny, she was wearing baby clothes. Yes, I am sure she was an adult woman. And yes, I'm talking about infant clothes.

- A nice old man shared his umbrella with me while I waited at a light. I feel bad that I checked my pockets afterwards.

- There is a rule on the bus that you can't lean on the back doors. (They might open.) However, a guy on the bus the other day refused to step away from the doors because there was no yellow line to indicate he shouldn't be there. The driver kept explaining that for the guy's safety, he could not stand that close to the door. To which the guy kept replying, "Where's the yellow line? I don't see any line that says I can't stand here!" So we sat for what felt like forever while the guy fought with the driver until the control guy outside came on the bus and told the guy he would have to get off if he didn't cooperate.

- I finished my super cute pretty pony purse. I must remember to take pictures. (And post them, along with the Mount Vernon pictures I never posted.) I broke 5 needles trying to make it. And no, I don't understand why.

- Ben is funny and makes me laugh.

- I had a nightmare last night that ben hated disney so much, he even hated muppet 3d. He was so grumpy, it was making everyone in the group uncomfortable. And I was crying because my boyfriend hated the world. Not even muppets could bring him joy!

- In tae kwon do class, I was stuck sparring with the very old man today. He can't remember anything so most of our time was wasted re-teaching him the basics. Frustrating!

- I think I might rock band a little today, then take a shower and head down to the pottery lab for a bit. I have some pots to glaze and trim.

- I think a rocket garden would be an excellent place for a wedding ceremony.

- The food I was chewing just fell out of my mouth. I fail at life.



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