Productivity was had today!

First I went to yet another laser hair appointment. The groupon deals for these things are crazy. I'm having my underarms done again because the last place didn't do a good job. This place seems more responsive though. I told them how the last place did it and they said it sounded like they weren't increasing the power each session, which is why I saw poor results.

After that, I went to the fancy bra store. I had not been fitted since before my wedding and felt fairly confident my size was off again. Surprisingly, my band size got even smaller! I have a teeny rib cage. I left the store with 3 new bras that fit wonderfully plus a free bra bag so I don't destroy them in the wash and a $50 gift card to a local spa because I spent far too much money there.

When I got home, I finished boxing up holiday gifts, then headed back out to mail them. I got to the post office just as the main desk closed so I had to use post-o-tron again. There were several old people baffled by the machine so I helped them. One of them said the post office should hire me and that if all their employees were this helpful, maybe the post office wouldn't be going bankrupt.

Once I was done helping old people buy stamps for their christmas cards, I went to the library to return The Last Man and pick up Deliverance. Several weeks ago I was shocked to discover my library didn't have a copy of Deliverance. I felt fairly certain it was a very popular book. So I put a request in for the library to buy a copy, pointing out it was at the top of several librarian best book lists. And they bought the book for me! Yay! I think this is the first time I've ever taken out a totally brand new, never been touched book from the library before. It still smells new.

My last stop for the day was the grocery store. I decided I was too tired to drive to far away ones, so I was going to risk going to the safeway in the super sketchy strip mall. I had been there once before, and it was scary. Low lighting, sickly produce, dented cans on the wrong shelves.... But ben just wanted me to pick up some soda, so I decided to take the risk. Which was rewarded by the delightful surprise that they have remodeled and improved! It looks so much nicer now. Everything was clean and well-lit. The produce was still a little sad, but not sickly at all. The shelves were well stocked and organized. It was like a totally different store. They even have a real bakery section now. I'm rather pleased. Now I have a much closer grocery store to go to for the basics. I'll probably still avoid it at night though. Super sketchy strip mall is even sketchier at night.

Right now I am roasting acorn squash in order to make squash and tomato soup. I hope it turns out tasty. I am using a recipe from a website for people who hate squash. I am using the "fight it with acid" strategy. We'll see tonight how well it works.
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Work is perhaps ever so slightly better. In that I am starting to know a little bit more how to do stuff. I'm still working late almost every night though.

Today I had to buy another suit for work. I only owned my one interview suit. Luckily all the christmas sales were going on so I got a $140 suit for about $50. Woo!

I did a little bit of gift shopping after that, and then came home to take a nap. I spent the rest of the night rebuilding my holiday music playlist because the old file didn't work on windows. *sigh*

Now I have two puppies happily asleep under a blanket on my lap.
Ben and I had a nice morning. We got to sleep late. Then we went to the farmer's market. We bought fruit for jam and cucumbers for pickles. And more peach butter! Then we stopped at a nearby cafe for brunch. I had very tasty french toast.

We ran a few more errands after that, then returned home where ben passed out for the afternoon. I did some gardening, then joined ben for a nap.

When I woke up, I made dinner. Then noname decided to be a total psychopath and attack maggie for no reason. I was walking into the kitchen when maggie raced in front of me. Noname sped around me and immediately started to bite maggie. For no reason at all!!!

I had to break them up with noname biting me the whole time. For a dog with no teeth, she bites really hard! I had to smack her a couple times to get her to release. I am not happy about that. I shouldn't have to hit my noname. :(

Once I got them apart, I had noname sit upstairs alone for an hour or so to calm down. By the time I brought her back down, she had completely forgotten why she was in trouble in the first place. Stupid dog. I don't know what I'm going to do with her. Why does she keep flipping out like this? I try to give them attention/toys/food equally. *sigh*
Yesterday Ben and I went to Baltimore Comic-Con withe Rob and Dani. We had never been to a comic book convention before. It was an adventure!

It was very very crowded. I didn't expect there to be so many people! Luckily it wasn't so crowded that we couldn't do the things we wanted to do. Ben and I went to a panel on marvel comics. Then we bought stuff! Ben got 2 tpb for $5 each. Good deal! And the Rescue one shot for one $1. I found the person that made this picture so I got it in poster form. I'm going to proudly hang it in my house. Ben says I have an unhealthy fascination with propaganda.

After the convention we went out for indian food, which is the perfect sort of place to go when you have a mix of omnivores and vegetarians. Everyone was able to get something tasty. :D

Then we headed home because ben had to work that night. Poo. He left around 11 and didn't come back until 4am. Then he slept really late today.

I was productive this morning and mowed the backyard. I even trimmed the edges. Even though it was early, it was VERY hot because it was so humid. I had sweat dripping down into my eyes. Very gross. Halfway through, I had to go inside and take off my shirt and pants and lay down on the floor until I cooled down enough to move again. I thought I would pass out from overheating.

When I finally finished I took a badly needed shower and then ben and I went out to run errands. First we needed food so we got lunch at a build your own burger place. The original plan was salad but the salad place was closed! Madness!

While we ate, it started to pour so we were happy that we were inside and dry. My burger was tasty. I assume ben's was too because he ate the whole thing.

Then we went to the hardware store so I could get some fungicide. Now that I have a real garden, I am slowly learning about every single type of pest and disease that could possibly hit a crop. First I had the vine borers that killed my zucchini. Now I have some sort of mildew on my cucumbers. I can't tell if it's feathery or downy, so I got a fungicide that kills both. It also kills all aquatic life, so I want to use it sparingly.

After that, we stopped at the pet store and the food store because my husband and dogs keep eating. So now we are restocked on food for them.

Now we are back home. The husband and dogs are all sleeping. It's just me and the bird! How lonely! I guess I should get some chores done around the house. Poo...
I always like the days when I wake up to happy news on twitter. Today it was that NY legalized same sex marriage. This will be awesome for all.

Even my racist, homophobic mother supports same sex marriage. Because she is in the party planning business and knows that this means lots and lots of money on silly wedding favors. She has no problem putting a man and a man or a woman and a woman on the cover of a photo album, because everyone uses the same sort of money.

Anyway, the rest of the day was tiring but productive.

Ben and I went to a local bagel shop in the morning for a nice breakfast. I got a strawberry bagel. It was bright pink. The place was totally packed, but the staff were super efficient so the wait times weren't bad at all.

Then we went to costco to buy some stuff for the 4th of july. I wanted patio furniture but ben wanted fold up furniture. We compromised by buying a big tablecloth to hide the ugly fold up furniture and ben has to carry the fold up stuff to and fro any time we want to use it.

We dropped that stuff off back home and then went to lowes to get a bbq. We found a nice small one that looks like it will meet our needs. Looks big enough to entertain small groups, but small enough to not take up too much space.

Ben returned home to cool down and I headed back out on a quest for citronella candles. Ended up buying six of them. I hope they will be enough. Ben imagines us sitting in the middle of a citronella smoke pile. I really hate mosquitoes.

After I returned home and had some lunch, I went back out shopping. This time I took my dog with me. We went to petsmart. She had a wonderful time. She peed outside. Then sniffed a million other dogs. Then peed inside. Then sniffed some more dogs. Finally I got a wagon and put her in it because she was getting very very excited and unmanageable. We were able to pick up the last things we needed for the puppy. Now I just need to set everything up. This will be one very happy, very spoiled puppy.

Taking my dog shopping is exhausting. So we took a nap as soon as we got home. I woke up really groggy though. It took me a while to be useful again. But once I was functional, I did a bit of cleaning and laundry. I cleaned my bird's old cage. I think I might freecycle it. (Unless anyone in the area that I know is thinking of getting a bird?) And I found my dog's rabies vaccination certificate! So now I can get her a dog license! Yay! I was a bit worried about her operating as a dog without a license because we have a county sheriff just down the block.

I am now contemplating a trip to the food store. I was thinking I could buy all the non-perishable (or slow perishable) stuff for the 4th of july this weekend. And then next weekend our shopping trip should be super fast and easy because we'll be able to stick to the fresh food aisles.

Tomorrow we plan on staining the deck. We have just a little bit more to go. (And then we can start the second coat.) I plan on doing more cleaning too. Once I get the puppy, I'm going to want to play with her all day instead of responsible stuff like chores, so it would be good to get this stuff out of the way early.
Last night ben and I went to a pet store to begin stocking up on puppy supplies. Dog stuff is so expensive. T_T

When we got home, noname immediately knew where the bags came from and was sniffing them all over as if to say, "What did you get me? What did you get me?"

Unfortunately I am an awful pet mommy because I got her NOTHING. In all my puppy excitement, I totally forgot to get her something.

I'll make it up to her this weekend. There were a few things I missed from my puppy shopping list, so I need to try another store. I'll get her something good then.
Today was one of those stir crazy days. Ben had to take me for a walk to calm my anxiety.

We decided to go on an adventure in Alexandria. First we went to the Green Olive chinese buffet for lunch. The food was average, the selection was very good, and the price was decent. I definitely ate my fill though.

They had tiny octopi at the buffet. Poor little things! They looked cute even in death. I have no clue how anyone could eat them.

After lunch, we dropped the car off at the king's street metro station and took the free trolly to the old town waterfront. We didn't actually have a lot of time to look around though. We did a little bit of shopping, but nothing else.

We found a gem store just off the main road. I bought myself a chunk of bismuth. It's very pretty.

We also stopped at a comic book store where ben was able to get the latest tpb of Walking Dead. It was a very tiny store and it was totally packed with people. Made me feel a little claustrophobic.

Then we stopped at a book store where I got a Diane Wynn Jones novel. I am looking forward to reading it. I have never read anything outside her howl's moving castle series.

And then we were back to the car! Which thankfully didn't have a ticket. I was concerned because the signs at the metro for the meters were not very clear. But our gamble was correct and we didn't need to pay on weekends. Woo!

When we got home, ben immediately crashed for a nap. I am bored when he sleeps. I did some cleaning and other chores though, so that's good at least. I might make dinner soon. I don't know when ben will wake up, but I am starting to get hungry.
Yesterday I went to georgetown to get my second laser treatment on my bikini line. I was pleasantly surprised to learn it didn't hurt as much the second time. Probably because half the hairs were burned out the first time.

Then I met up for lunch with allicia. I don't think I've seen her since her wedding. That's a very long time! We met at a place called Leopold's Kafe. I got a $10 waffle. DC prices always shock me. At least it was a very good waffle, so I felt a little better. I also got elderberry soda. It wasn't bad, but I don't think I would get it again.

After lunch, we walked through georgetown and over a bridge and were suddenly in rosslyn! It was like magic! We hung out in front of the rosslyn metro station for a bit until her husband arrived to take her kayaking. I hope she had fun. It seemed like a good day for it.

I then headed to the airport to pick ben up! YAY! I was so happy to see him! I wanted to hug him forever, but first he needed food. He hadn't eaten all day! Crazy boy! And then once he had food, he fell asleep. :P No cuddle time for me.

Instead I did laundry and mopped the floors. Woooo. Exciting times.

This morning, I went to a different place to get my underarms lasered. I liked this place better. They put an ice pack on the area first to numb the pain away. And then gave me some lotion to reduce the redness.

When I got home, I played with my adorable little dog until ben was ready to go shopping. First we stopped at the comic book store. Then grabbed lunch. Then went to lowes for a whole bunch of things.

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing yardwork. I cut down one of the trees growing around my mailbox. Who plants a tree next to a mailbox!? It already looks better. And there was a random azalea growing under the first tree. I was too tired to tackle the second tree.

Instead, I went out back and did some gardening. I bought some full grown tomato plants since it was clear it was too late to grow from seed. I also have some ordered. Today I bought a replacement for the roma and yellow cherry tomatoes. I also put tomato cages up around them. And I added some trellises for the zucchini to climb up.

I'm not sure what I will do for the rest of the evening. We ate a late lunch, so I probably will skip dinner. Maybe I'll just wash up and go to bed early.
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Yesterday was a terrible metro day. I think I waited at least an extra hour total for trains. I read someplace that they took 50 cars out of service for ac issues and that is why all the trains are so crowded.

Other than that, the day was relatively slow. I contacted a breeder to adopt a corgi. They have yet to call me back. I guess if they don't call back by the end of today, I should call them.

In the evening, I forced myself out to the food store. My dog was out of dry food because my parents' dogs ate it all. They really liked it. Probably because it was better than that walmart junk my parents buy.

The grocery store's options were pretty lousy though. Ended up getting rachel ray brand dog food. To my horror, my dog really likes it. My dog really has no taste.

Ben called me very late last night. He had a bit too much to drink again, so most of the conversation was about how much he loves me and how pretty he thinks I am. I'm glad he's a sweet drunk. I hope he doesn't have a headache today.

I am glad today is friday. I don't have much planned for the evening. I think I'm going to drop off some more clothes at goodwill and then do some gardening in the front yard. It's about time I started doing battle against the weeds out there. Some of them have started to creep into the path and stab me with their horrible sharp stems.
I had an offsite meeting today in alexandria. I was worried about traffic because it was raining, so I left a little bit early. There was no traffic at all, so I arrived more than 30 minutes too early. Luckily there was a library just a few blocks away. It was a really nice library too. I found myself a comfortable seat by a window and knit the extra time away.

Once it was the correct time, I returned to the meeting site. It was the office of one of our still remaining vendors. They are a small boutique print shop that handles our acknowledgements and our premium (free gifts with donation) shipments. I had been there before, but that was many years ago. It's always good to visit every couple years and get a good idea of their upgrades.

We were given a tour of the building first. I always think the machines in print shops are neat.

They had a giant cage of lovebirds in the big room. Apparently two flew into the warehouse one day, so an employee caught them and stuck them in a cage. They have been making babies in that cage ever since. Our account rep said that they usually sell or donate the babies when they can.

After the tour, we headed to an office for lunch and to talk business. There, we learned our marketing agency hasn't paid them since March. Also, the agency hasn't been telling them when to expect shipments of new items so they can have staff on hand to unload the trucks or when certain premiums are being offered so they can set up the staging area correctly for packaging. I left at the end of the meeting with a huge laundry list of things to fix.

So overall, it was a really good meeting. In the sense that now we can fix the problems so that this vendor will still be happy with us and give us good prices. We have used this vendor for so long, they know our program inside and out and it would be really tragic if they decided they didn't want to work with us anymore.

After the meeting, I had the entire afternoon to myself. It was nice. I first made a detour to a local yarn store where I bought pretty yarn as gifts. The shop people were really nice about my stupid questions. (Unlike another store I went to once that has since closed down. Hmm, wonder why....)

Then I went home and packed up boxes of stuff to take to the post office. While in the post office, I watched a woman totally flip out because she didn't know you had to pay for the greeting cards. She thought it was like the priority mail boxes, where the box is free and you just pay the postage. She was screaming and cursing at the postal employee, who I give a lot of credit to for staying calm. The crazy lady ended up throwing the card over the counter and storming out.

After that, I did a little shopping to kill time. I ended up at goodwill, where I found a most awesome picture.

I ended up buying it, convincing myself that since it's goodwill, it's really a donation to charity. Right? I'm going to hang it in the guest room before my parents visit. I just need to clean the frame a little bit.

Then I picked up ben and returned home. We ate leftovers for dinner before collapsing in bed for a nap. I can't believe I was that tired.

When we woke up, we went shopping. We got linens for the guest room, and food to feed the parental units. The only thing on my shopping list we missed was bagels. Probably better if I picked them up closer to the weekend anyway.

Despite my nap, I'm getting tired again. I should head off to bed. I need longer days...
I was highly productive today.

In the morning, I began to spray paint an old rusted firepit left behind by the former homeowners. I dream of summer smores. In between coats, I did laundry and worked in the garden a little bit.

Then ben and I went to the hardware store to pick up some supplies he needed for replacing a ceiling lamp and to look at garage and patio doors. It began to rain just as we got home. I was annoyed by that because I still had a lot to do. I decided to take a nap to wait it out. That was a good idea because the sun was back and shining when I woke up.

I spent the rest of the afternoon mowing the lawn in the backyard. It had grown very very tall. It took me hours to do. I was dripping in sweat when I was done. I badly needed a shower. Especially because I turned the sponge BLACK with all the dirt I had caked on me. Yuck!

I was too tired to make dinner after that, so we ate leftovers. But I think now I'm going to prepare some pie dough so I can make some mini veggie pot pies this week. Then sleep. Glorious glorious sleep.
I have hit a small roadblock in my sweater knitting. I do not have the next color I need.

When I was first buying yarn, two of the colors I wanted were out of stock. The Lake Ice Heather was due back in April and the Cobblestone Heather was due back in May. At the time, I figured it takes me so long to knit, I could order the missing yarn later without a problem.

The Lake Ice Heather is now back in stock. However the Cobblestone Heather has been further delayed until the END OF JULY. Unacceptable.

I tried looking on other sites to find some since I only need two balls. Nothing. Very frustrating.

My options now are:
1. Choose a different color. (Which ruins my plans for a monochromatic sweater.)
2. Find a similar color in a different brand. (And risk gauge issues. It has happened to me before.)
3. Wait for the yarn to get back in stock.
4. Start another project until the yarn is back in stock.

I don't know what to dooooooo....

[EDIT] Decision: #4 LLAMA!!!
So after my massively long nap yesterday, I was feeling much better. And kinda upset over losing an entire day. So I did the laundry. And washed dishes. And sorted all my cookie cutters. (Fun fact: I filled two gallon sized bags with halloween shapes. Christmas, easter, and thanksgiving fit together in one bag.) And sorted the tupperware. And cleaned the entire kitchen. Right down to polishing the stovetop.

In the morning, I managed to sleep until 8:30, which I guess means there was still a tiny bit of recovery needed. I built a menu for the week so that I could make a shopping list. Then I went to the grocery store and did battle with the soccer moms and church crowds.

Soccer moms are the more aggressive variety. They will ram you with their wagons if you happen to be standing in front of something they want. On the other hand, the church crowd has alllll the tiiiiime in the worlllllld. They clog all the aisles with their slow sunday morning stroll. I managed to acquire food though, and put both groups to shame by buying absolutely no prepared foods.

When I got home, I put groceries away. Then ben helped me clean out the guest room/library. My parents are visiting soon, so we need to buy a bed and set it up. While we cleaned, we set roomba to vacuum. The whole set up was highly efficient.

After that, we went out for lunch. Because I was starving and was too dumb to remember to buy lunch foods at the food store. So we had burritos. And there was a free taco on my burrito elito card! Woo!

Once I had been sufficiently refueled, I mowed the lawn. When I was about halfway done, ben came out and took over. I think cause I looked near-death. While he finished up, I dragged out the edge trimmer and took care of the rest. Now our lawn looks pretty and presentable!

I took a short break to drink some water, then went out back to work on my garden. All of my tomatoes had been eaten by birds and squirrels and all of the black tarps had blown away. So the first thing I did was lock those tarps down solid with wooden skewers. Then I replanted everything, plus planted my cucumber and my cantaloupe seeds, and put clear plastic cups over everyone. They have holes in them for air and water, so hopefully they will baffle the various pests in the yard while also letting my plants grow. I finished everything up just as it was starting to rain.

After all that work, I badly needed a shower. I felt like a new person once I was clean. Then I did some more laundry so that the grass stains would not set into my clothes. I also carried roomba upstairs so he could vacuum up there. He hasn't been on the second floor for over a month and it shows.

While roomba worked, I made dinner. I finally used our fancy induction cooktop for the first time. After fighting so long with our stupid slow electric cooktop, I was caught unprepared by how quickly food can heat up! I also didn't believe the pan would become instantly hot and touched it to test. Luckily my hands were wet, otherwise I would have had a nasty burn.

I made cashew stir fried veggies. It was a good, well balanced dinner after such a busy day. And I have plenty of leftovers for the next few days at work. Yay!

I guess I will get my parental phone call over with next. And then I think I might sit down and knit for a while. And attempt that thing called relaxing.
I have done too much today. I am very tired.

I woke up early this morning to head to the farmer's market. I was in need of fresh spinach. It was obtained with only mild frustration. Why can't the market sell spinach by weight? How can I compare a bag vs a basket vs a different size bag? I had to eye it.

The market is much bigger than last year. There was a new pickle booth which was too crowded for me to check out. Also a wine booth. And alpaca yarn! But wow that yarn was expensive. I thought I could get some as a gift for a friend and then went "woah" at the prices.

While I was in the area, I browsed the used bookstore. I scored a copy of The People of Sparks. It's the sequel to City of Ember, which I enjoyed.

After that, I drove to a nearby park where I knew the county provided free compost. I filled three garbage bags worth.

From there I drove to the comic book store for Free Comic Books Day. I was dismayed because there was a three comic limit, but at least I had prepared so I knew what I wanted. I ended up getting the Captain America/Thor comic I REALLY wanted, plus Baltimore/Criminal Macabre and Civil war Adventure. The Mouse Guard comic I originally planned on getting was a reprint of a past issue I already owned. Which I guess makes sense if the goal is to get new readers instead of attracting the ones you already have. I had a hard time choosing my third one and ended up picking the civil war one because it looked so so lonely. It was the tallest stack in the store. Nobody loves history...

Captain America/Thor was just as delightful as I expected. It was both an ad for the Thor: the Mighty Avenger trade and a reward for all those that bought the comic in issues. It doesn't look like they plan on spinning it off into a series, but I hope someone at Marvel will give that creative team more work. They got ME to read super hero comics!

When I got home, I had a mild breakdown because I was doing so much stuff and ben had the audacity to ENJOY his weekend. He eventually came down and mowed the grass while I went out front and trimmed the TREES around the mailbox. The previous homeowners planted trees around the mailbox! What were they thinking!?

The neighbors were nice and let me borrow a hedge trimmer to tackle the branches. It actually wasn't that helpful, but it was quite nice of them. After about an hour of trimming and sawing, I got the trees in somewhat more respectable order and now the mailperson can actually get into our mailbox.

Then I went back into the yard and emptied all my mulch into my garden. And wanted to cry. Three huge garbage bags only filled 1/8 of the garden. I had to go back and get more... Thankfully ben was able to go with me this time and help. We stopped on the way to get sturdier bags so we could fill them even more. It started to drizzle as I was shopping, which didn't help my mental state, but the sun came back out soon enough. We ended up filling up 4 much bigger bags. They managed to fill the rest of the garden, just barely. Depending on how early I wake up tomorrow, I may go back and get more mulch while ben finishes sleeping.

We had burgers (well, I had nuggets) for dinner, so I went into a bit of a protein coma after dinner. I took a badly needed nap. Now I am awake and crave dessert. I am contemplating apples dipped in caramel. Then I think I will finish reading my comics. (The Captain America/Thor one was the only one I was in a rush to read.)

If I wasn't so tired, I'd ask ben to take me to the Thor movie tonight. *sigh* I was far too productive today.
Yesterday I asked ben to put a bucket of stuff away and empty the dishwasher. He did not do either of those things and I was very angry. However, I tried to be understanding since he worked from 11pm to 7am that night, so he was very tired. I was still rather grumpy though.

Eventually I calmed down a bit. We went to the grocery store and bought large quantities of food. Now we can eat next week.

I was insanely tired when we got home and went straight to bed. There are not enough hours in the day. When I woke up this morning, my first thought was how nice tomorrow will be because I can sleep until I'm no longer tired.
On Friday, ben had to stay at work late. It was cold and I didn't want to sit at the bus stop for 2 hours again so I started to walk home. Ben didn't have to stay as late as he expected, so he was able to pick me up. I got about half a mile along the 4 mile walk. Ben then bought me pizza to make up for it. He said he didn't want me to cook because if something went wrong, I would totally lose it.

Saturday morning was bitterly cold. My stupid dog woke me at 6:30, thinking I overslept. She thought she would starve to death. It wasn't a huge deal though because I had to get up early anyway. I had a 9am salon appointment for my horrible horrible legs.

I had a pretty good salon person this time. After she was done waxing, she brought out a huge magnifying glass and pulled out all the tiny hairs she missed. Now my legs are ready for summer. Too bad it's going to be in the high 50s/low 60s all week.

On the way home, I nearly killed a woman with down syndrome. I was pretty upset about it. There's a bike path near my house that crosses the road. Cars have the right of way. Luckily I was alert and going pretty slow, because the woman just went straight across the road without even noticing the oncoming traffic. I screeched to a halt, as did the person driving in the opposite direction.

After I sat at home and calmed down a bit, I went back out and bought tons of wood to build a garden. That turned into a nightmare as every single board of wood came apart from the boards I nailed it to. Ben ended up having to come out with screws and a drill because I had thrown the hammer across the yard and started crying.

In the evening, ben and I watched my little ponies together. It was a pinkie pie episode! In it we learned pinkie pie is one party away from total breakdown. I figured out early in the episode what was going on. Ben suggested that they really were avoiding pinkie pie. I was like, "NO. That's now how these things work."

For the rest of the evening, I played disgaea 2. I have decided to give up on all tedious side quests and just finish it up already.

It was even colder this morning. I actually turned the heat back on today. It was also raining today, so I had one of my awful rainy day headaches.

Ben took me out to ihop and the hardware store. Then we went home and I took a short nap. It helped a tiny bit. Now ben is playing portal 2. I like the little eyeball robot.

I need to finished sewing a coworker's pants this evening. Preferably before the stores close so I can get some thread. I'd also like to go to the food store, but that seems less likely.
Yesterday morning I took my dog for a long walk. She needed the exercise. But I walked her a bit too far because she needed to be carried part of the way back. On the bright side, she was too tired to be hyper for the entire rest of the day.

After ben woke up, we went to ikea. They were probably the only store open on easter in va. Stupid state is so catholic. Anyway, they once again did not have the headboard we wanted. We may have to give in and order it. And pay their ridiculously expensive shipping. ($100!!!) Maybe I should just figure out how to build one myself.

When we got home, ben was hot and cranky so we turned on the ac for the first time. And discovered that that had been broken too. The pipe that sends the water down the drain had been snapped off. Fantastic. I hate this house. Temporary solution is a bucket to catch the drips.

I think the former homeowners went out of their way to destroy the house. Did I mention the trees? Our trees are half dead. They were alive last year when we made an offer on the house. Now they can barely manage some leaves. I would not be surprised if the previous people poured poison around the roots out of spite.

I went to bed early because my foot has been hurting. I'm not very good at staying off of it unless I'm asleep. Ben's phone woke me at 2am. He still hadn't come to bed. And then he had to rush off to work to fix something even though he wasn't supposed to be on call. He eventually came home at 5. I couldn't sleep at all before he returned. When my alarm went off at 6, I refused to get up. Instead ended up oversleeping until 8am. Came into work late, but it was worth getting a bit more sleep and spending a few hours with ben.
It seems like the week was extra long and friday was doing its best to make it feel even longer. Add onto that a cold windy rain storm. Yuck.

To try to warm us up, I made spinach enchiladas for dinner. Followed the recipe nearly exact except I used fresh spinach instead of frozen. It was pretty good. And surprisingly filling. I couldn't finish one. Ben ate only two. If I ever make it again, I think I'll try making my own enchilada sauce. The canned stuff was a bit salty.

Ben didn't sleep well that night, so he ended up sleeping really late once he did fall asleep. That left me plenty of time to go crazy. I was dwelling on a long dream I had which was a combination of several real memories and several fake ones. I spent the morning crying about how people only invite me to stuff because they pity me.

When ben woke up, we had to following conversation.
Ben: What's wrong?
Me: The only reason anyone is nice to me and invites me to stuff is because they felt bad and pitied me.
Ben: I don't pity you.
Me: Not even when we first met?
Ben: Ok. Maybe I pitied you then.
Me: Seeeeeeeee????

Ben eventually did manage to cheer me up. Then we went together to the comic book store. I got lots of good stuff, including two new d&d issues, new fables, and new cinderella: fables are forever. Cinderella is killing me. It's moving much too slowly. I am going to die of old age before I find out why dorothy turned out so mean.

We also stopped for lunch and food shopping. Then went home for a nap. I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon doing battle against my mountain of dirty clothes in the hamper. And in between loads, I think I'll go through all the old high school clothes my mother sent me. It's mostly shirts, which I'm fairly certain won't fit me anymore at all. (Boobs didn't show up until college.) Anything I don't plan to keep, I'll bring to goodwill. I love having that place just a few blocks away.
Woo! Got tickets to Wicked!

The show is on tour around the country. I have wanted to see it for a long time, but going to NYC is kinda inconvenient and expensive. Unfortunately I procrastinated really bad, so tickets for their touring show were almost sold out!

And the Kennedy Center's website leaves something to be desired when you are trying to buy tickets. First you click on the date you want to go. Then you choose the section you want. Then you choose the seats you want. And if those seats have not already been taken by someone else, you can buy them.

Repeat that process for every weekend from June-August....

It made me crazy when it claimed there were 2 seats in a section left, only to discover the two seats were on total opposite sides of the room.

What the site really needs is a search engine where I could input, "Wicked, weekends, 2 adjacent seats, less than $100 each" and out would pop a list of dates and seats that matched what I wanted.

It took me hours to find tickets their way. But at least I finally got them. Every performance was nearly completely sold out. I ended up getting Orchestra level, row Z on July 31st at 7:30. Ben offered to buy me some opera glasses.

I'm currently reading the book the show is based on. I will probably finish before the end of July. It'll be good to see how they compare. I have been told the show is very loosely based on the book and isn't as dark.
My curry bread ended up a complete disaster. I made the dough saturday night in the breadmaker, but was too tired to finish so I left it in there overnight. Too much fermentation! It stunk like bad alcohol. And like an idiot, I thought I could bake the smell out. I ended up with foul-tasting curry bread and a stinky house.

After that miserable failure, I went back to my swatch knitting. Swatch ended up being just about the right size wide, but half an inch short. Am now re-knitting a switch on a bigger needle size. Hopefully this works. Otherwise this yarn I bought may be useless.

When ben woke up, we watched ponies. I love pinkie pie's back story. She corrupted her entire puritan pony family! For a cutie mark episode, this one was quite fun.

A bit after lunch time, ben and I went food shopping. Large quantities of food were bought. Now I can make tasty things all week.

Since passover starts tomorrow, I made matzo ball soup for dinner.
Vegetarian Matzo Ball Soup
I attempted to make a vegetarian version so it wouldn't count towards our two meats a week rule. It was edible, but I really wouldn't call it matzo ball soup. You really notice the lack of chicken fat. I tried putting a little bit of butter in (totally making it not kosher! ha!), but it didn't help at all.

For some reason the matzo balls came out super dense. That has never happened before. Normally they are wonderfully light and fluffy. I wonder if it's because I used really old mix.

After dinner, ben and I took a food coma nap. I got up around 10 to prepare the ingredients for ben's dinner tomorrow. He has to work tomorrow and then go in again tomorrow night, so he needs to eat and sleep as soon as he gets home. I'm making slow cooker chili so that dinner will be ready as soon as he walks through the door.



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