Snow!? In MARCH!?!? What is going on!
It snowed yesterday. Big heavy flakes. We got about 4-5 inches, but most of it compacted down to about 2 inches once it turned to a light rain.

Maggie loved it while it lasted. I think snow is crack for corgis. She'd race outside and shove her face straight into the stuff. We played outside for about an hour (in many small units so I wouldn't freeze). Short dogs are adorable trying to run through snow. She took a good nap afterwards.

Noname, on the other hand, refused to go out and ended up peeing the carpet. Dummy.

Ben got to work from home, but he was so busy, I hardly saw him at all. I ended up doing most of the shoveling myself. He did the little bit at the end of the driveway that had been pushed up by the snow plows.

The plows had my road so nice and clear, you wouldn't believe it was virginia. A solid perk of living on an emergency snow route. I remember at my old apartment, waiting day for the plows to eventually reach our neighborhood. It was insane.

DC barely got any snow. A lot of people were super disappointed. I think they should have come out and helped me shovel if they wanted snow that badly.
New job continues to be stressful. Frequently I feel like I am in over my head. I have to ask for help a lot. I try not to feel bad about it because I am new and supposed to be learning anyway, but it's hard not to feel like a failure.

On the bright side, aside from all the stress it seems like a good place to work. There were cupcakes on monday. And then cookies the next two days. And candy and cake thursday and friday. Yay plentiful free food?

Other stuff that has happened recently.....? Oh YEAH. It SNOWED today.

The weather people were saying it snows in october maybe once every 30 years. So of course it snows in october the same year we had the big snowstorm in january, the record breaking heatwave this summer, the once in a lifetime earthquake, and a hurricane followed by tropical storm flooding. So sure, let's throw a rare snowstorm on top of that. It has been a really crazy year.

This was maggie's first snow. She seems perplexed by the cold white stuff falling from the sky. She kept chasing it and biting at it. I nearly died from the cute.
What IS this stuff???
Where is this stuff coming from?
Last night it snowed. I thought we were done with this winter nonsense. And to make it worse, it was icy too. It took ben and I about 30 minutes this morning to scrape the car clean. The doors were iced shut.

This morning, ben and I demonstrated amazing reflexes. Within seconds of hearing my dog start to gag, I was up to grab her and ben was up opening the bedroom door for me. We were like a well-oiled machine of vomit-avoidance.

I got to work late due to the snow and some metro breakdowns. But no one noticed. I had a meeting with my new boss where he told me that they still haven't been able to hire a director for my department, but that that was not a problem because I have been holding down the fort without any trouble. Maybe he should give me another promotion if he thinks I'm doing so great all on my own.

It is freezing in this office and I am going to die.
One thing I forgot to mention was that my dog was at the new house. And ben and I were trapped at the apartment. So this morning, we were furiously shoveling the car out to rescue her. Of course when we showed up, she acted like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. She wagged her tail at us and returned to the couch to nibble on her cookie.

Heat has been restored to the apt, so I'm going to work from home today. I brought my dog with me. So I can still feel like I rescued her even if she doesn't care.
Currently I am trapped in my old apartment with no heat. But I have electricity, so I'll just try to distract myself from the cold.

Last night was the worst commute of my life. Not exaggerating. Five hours long and I came home with the beginnings of frost bite.

First of all, the trains were packed. But I did get a train without waiting longer than 10 minutes, so it wasn't that bad actually. The real problems started when I got to the bus station.

The line for the buses snaked around the platform and up the escalator into the metro station. I waited 90 minutes for a bus; and most of the waiting was spent out in the snow and wind. Eventually a bus did arrive. Not MY bus. But A bus. By this point I wasn't even sure my bus would EVER arrive, so I hopped on this one figuring a bus that goes part of the way was better than waiting out in the cold. Bonus: I got a seat!

I was really glad for that seat too, because it was a two hour bus ride. It only took us about 15 minutes to get almost to our exit because the buses get to use a special lane. But there's one final mile of highway that needs to be passed before we exit. And that's where we spent most of our time. The highway was a parking lot. And to make it worse, people did in fact park their cars and start walking home.

I do have to compliment everyone around me through the waiting and the bus ride. Everyone kept their spirits high and were more than willing to share their food and drinks with other riders that were feeling hungry or unwell.

After we finally got off the highway, it became extremely clear that we weren't getting to the park and ride. The roads here were parking lots too. The driver finally got us as far as the cross street and let us loose into the snow.

Ben had tried to dig our car out to come get me, but he couldn't compete against the snow. So I was left at the park and ride with no way home. I had to walk. Which actually wasn't as bad as standing because at least the movement was keeping me warm. However, I noticed during the walk that my feet were feeling more and more like clubs as I went.

While walking, the sky was flashing and booming because we had THUNDERSNOW! Although I was miserable at the time, I can appreciate the epicness of it all.

Trees were falling all around me as I walked. TRESS! One large one came crashing down right into the road. Luckily no one was hit. If it had fallen just a foot more to the right or left, it would have hit someone because there was nowhere for anyone to go to avoid it.

Lots of people were out trying to move the trees. And some people were even nice enough to direct traffic to help people avoid more roads with fallen trees. The local gov't may be totally incompetent when it comes to dealing with snow, but at least everyone else was able to work together and try to get through it the best they could.

After I had totally lost feeling in my feet, finally a kind person drove by and offered me a ride. Her car was so wonderfully warm. She was actually lost because she had to detour from a road covered in fallen trees. I gave her directions to the road she was trying to get to. I think it was a fair exchange of favors.

And then I was finally home! Ben was concerned about the loss of feeling in my feet and filled the bathtub with warm water for me to soak them in until circulation returned. Some of my toes were extremely pale. When the water finally started to warm them, they itched like crazy! Poor sad toes....

Ben and I watched some more My Little Ponies, and then went to bed. Except we had no blankets or pillows or pjs or even a change of clothes. But we did have an air mattress! We went to bed in our work clothes and fuzzy robes, using my dog's stinky bed blanket for warmth. BECAUSE WE LOST HEAT. And was anyone going to get out in this weather and fix it? No, of course not!

So we slept for six hours before it got too cold in the apt to stay still. I hope my bird is going to be ok. We still have gas and electricity though. I have pots of boiling water on the stove to try to keep things in here a little warmer. And ben is trying to shovel out the car with our stupid little travel shovel. The full sized shovel is at the house...

I have a 2 hour delay for work. I can't believe they are asking us to come in. I don't even know how I am getting in. The buses are running on a saturday schedule. I would try working from home in the apt, heat. Yeah... And the house has no internet. Awesome.

So what have I learned from yesterday? When the office lets you leave 2 hours early for weather, leave 3 hours early.
Last night we got a freezing rain storm that encased everything in ice. My dog and I were sliding all over. At one point, my dog managed to get a little traction and pulled me down the street. My neighbors laughed at the sight of a chihuahua being a sled dog.

We got a 2 hour delay at work because of the storm. It was nice not to rush around in the morning. I left about an hour later that usual. A lot of people must have decided to just stay home because the bus and trains weren't crowded at all.

The work day was a series of efforts in futility. For example, I was not told that a meeting was canceled, so I wasted 30 minutes preparing the notes for the meeting. Only after I sent them out did someone remember to tell me I didn't need to prepare them.

And I have no clue if I'm going to get paid at the end of this month because my new boss totally ignored all my requests to approve my timesheet before he left for the rest of the week. I got it done early specifically so he'd have time to review and approve it before he left. I'm going to have to talk to finance and see if someone else can be given permission to approve it.

After work, ben and I took more boxes over to the house. I took some stronger painkillers for my back, which means I need to go to bed soon. They make me very drowsy.

Hopefully there won't be a repeat like last night where ben stole my pillow. He ripped it right out from under my head. And when I told him to give it back, he shouted, "NO!" In the end, I had to yank the pillow back from his arms and throw my body in its place so he couldn't grab for the pillow again.
We were supposed to get a huge blizzard of doom today. I kept saying it was going to amount to nothing, and I was right. We got a dusting.

I'm quite relieved cause if we did get a big storm, my closing date would have been at risk. Though there still is the concern that the people involved (like my real estate agent) could be stuck in a blizzard elsewhere. *sigh*

Since there was no snow, ben and I went out to the comic book shop. There were maybe 14 flakes in the sky, but that was enough to make people drive crazy. We saw a guy stop in the middle of an intersection, realize he was in my way, start doing a circle in the intersection, and drive up onto the sidewalk in the corner. (That move is called a virginian in snow. Their brains fall out of their heads!)

We did eventually safely make it to the store, but were about 15 minutes too early so we had lunch to kill time. I watched as a little girl walked her baby brother up to the register, encouraged him to take a cookie, and then the both of them returned to their table. Less than 30 seconds later, the children were crying murder as their dad returned the cookie.

Once we were done eating, comic books were obtained. I got some good stuff. Fables #100 looks huge. And I got the last two issues of Thor the Mighty Avenger. I am so sad that comic got cancelled. It was good! You should read it! In fact, go back in time and read it so that it doesn't get cancelled in the first place!
Thor samplings:
Issue #2 Drama!
Issue #4 Comedy!
Issue #6 Romance!

Now go. Read Thor the Mighty Avenger! You will thank me! And then you will be as sad as me that it got canceled.

Right. Anyway, after the comic store, we went home and I took a nap. Like clockwork, I woke up 5 hours later.

For dinner, I tried to use up things in the cabinets so we won't have to move them. I mixed together a can of diced tomatoes, a can of black olives, a clove of garlic, a splash of white wine, and a dash of salt, pepper, and dried basil. I served it on top of penne pasta. It was really surprisingly good. In fact, when I finish this, I'm going for a second helping. I am quite pleased by how it turned out.
Tragic image: A chihuahua standing in the snow.

Poor noname is not happy about this weather. Yesterday, we only managed to walk a block before her feet got too cold and she had to be carried home. This morning we managed her entire walk, though I did have to carry her for a short time.

She looks so sad and pathetic when her feet get too cold. She tries to stand up on her hind legs to keep her front paws warm. It's the perfect "pick me up!" position too.

I tried to get her to wear little snow booties, but they fall off her tiny tiny feet. I hope it doesn't snow as much as last year, or noname may give up on the outside completely.
I forgot my phone this morning. I have winter brain. I can't remember anything lately! Plus, I keep falling asleep on the bus or train. No feeling drowsy first or anything. Just awake one moment asleep the next. Not good when you are holding expensive electronics in your hands.

In other news, I was offered the Marketing Associate position. It begins on Monday. I was sent a meeting request for it, so I assumed I was being offered the position since only a crazy person would set up a whole meeting just to tell someone they didn't get the job. I had planned on asking for a 10% raise with the assumption they'd work me down to slightly less, but they ended up offering me more than I was going to ask for. Win!

And now it is snowing. Technically it has been snowing all morning, but the air was so dry that the snow was evaporating before it reached the ground. It's finally falling and sticking now.

A couple minutes ago, I was watching the snow when a bright orange mini cooper covered in question marks drove by. It has been dubbed the wtf cooper. If I had not left my phone at home, I would have taken a picture.
Last night I dreamed it was snowing heavily. When I woke up, I asked ben if I could go back to sleep, figuring we had a snow day. He said yes!

So I was about 30 minutes late for work today.

When I finally got up, I fed my dog and got dressed. While dressing, my dog crawled over towards me, acting like she was in intense pain. She kept stopping to pant and would lay down before coming a little closer. I started to panic and rushed over to her.

As soon as I touched her oddly distended belly, *FART OF DEATH*!!!

And then she was better. Stupid dog ate her breakfast too fast I guess. We went for a walk after that where she chased squirrels and acted like nothing was ever wrong. I guess I should be glad there wasn't anything seriously wrong with her.

After the noname crisis was over, I ran out to catch my bus. I woman who definitely needed two seats decided to sit next to/on me. I was not happy at all.

Then on the train, the only seat left had poop on it. I chose to stand. (This should never be a situation in anyone's life.)

I have made it to work now. I have a meeting soon. Then lots of regular work to try to get ahead on so that I can be out two days for my wisdom teeth.
Ben and I had to go food shopping yesterday. We had enough food to last for one storm, not two.

It was quite a challenge driving the 4ish blocks to the store. Absolutely nothing was plowed. The car was sliding all over. I wasn't even pressing the gas.

I think we got to the store at a good time. It was busy, but not packed. It was like a sunday afternoon crowd.

And luckily the store had been able to re-stock since the last storm. I was able to get everything I needed. Still, supplies on fresh foods were pretty low. And good luck if you wanted an orange. Or frozen pizzas.

I have enough food now to last me into next week. Take that, winter storms!


Feb. 8th, 2010 06:52 pm
Now the reports are saying 10-20 inches! Doom!

No more work until spring. Just snow forever...


Feb. 8th, 2010 02:41 pm
The internet is reporting 6 to 8 more inches of snow for tomorrow. With high winds that will at best blow the snow into giant piles around everything we cleared this weekend and at worst knock out power.


I'm never going to get back to work, am I?
We got to leave early yesterday due to the storm. At first I thought it was a bit silly since it wasn't sticking at all, but once I got out to virginia I saw they had a couple inches already.

It was tough getting home cause work let us out before the express bus started running. I took the local instead, which doesn't take me to my apartment but takes me within walking distance. Visibility was so low, however, that I missed that stop. No problem, I told myself. There's another stop a few blocks later that is only slightly further away.

The local bus' route changed!!! They don't go anywhere near that second stop. I had a very long, cold walk home. And my snow boots decided to quit about halfway through my walk. Not a good time to need new snow boots.

Thankfully maintenance had been keeping the sidewalks clear when I got home so I was able to give noname a couple decent walks. She didn't enjoy it, but I enjoy not cleaning up pee.

A bit around midnight our power started to flicker. But it held out through the night. I'm glad. That would have been awful.

It's still snowing out there and I'm not sure how I'm going to walk my dog. I have not seen maintenance up and about yet to start shoveling and plowing. I'm not even sure they could make it to work. The weather reports say we have 15 inches already. Not as bad as last time, but as I mentioned, it's still coming down. So we'll see.

Random note: Every time a branch on the tree outside our door breaks, a giant pile of snow falls and the whole window is covered in a snowy death explosion. It's kinda cool to watch. (Though I am glad to be watching it from inside my nice warm apartment.)


Feb. 4th, 2010 02:13 pm
Metro is warning that if we get 8+ inches of snow tomorrow, they will shut down above ground service.

We're supposed to get at least that much by rush hour tomorrow.

Plan A) Work from home. Which is a huge pain in the butt because accessing the network is slow and Noname thinks I am home to play with her.

Plan B) Leave early once snow comes down heavy. Which risks the chance of getting stuck in the city if I take took long.

Curse you, Winter!!!!!

Dear Winter,

If you snow on Saturday and ruin my special birthday adventure with Ben, I will burn your house to the ground.

I know where you live.
Noname had been farting all evening. It was killing us, so I decided to drag her out into the snow for a walk.

The first half of the walk wasn't so bad. The sidewalks had been shoveled. (We just had to dodge the surprises left behind by less considerate dog owners...) But then we got to the non-shoveled area. Noname completely stopped. When I turned to urge her on, she thought I was turning around to go home! So she immediately took off until she ran out of leash and I could talk her into following me.

After only a minute or so, she stopped again. I turned to see her sitting in the snow, shivering, with big sad eyes that said, "Mommy! I can't go on anymore!" I moved to give her a nudge with my foot, but she must have though I was going to pick her up. She quickly lifted her front feet so she'd be in perfect "Pick me up!" position.

She's so ridiculous, I had to pick her up. Then I carried her back to the shoveled area and told her to carry her fat self the rest of the way. She decided to poop right in front of our building. As I picked it up, she took off for the front door.

I tried to talk her into coming with me to the dumpster but she had already had enough. She was not going back into that snow. I had to toss her inside with directions for ben to undress her (Because in this weather she gets a winter coat AND a sweater to keep her warm) while I marched off into the snow to find a dumpster.

Noname might be just a tiny bit spoiled... She's now curled up on the couch under a cozy blanket. But she stopped farting! So all is good!
I wish my dog could understand the concept of the weekend. She woke me bright and early at 7 this morning, so I wouldn't be late for work. (Or be late feeding her.)

At least the early wake up call meant we got our walk done before the snow started. When I tried to walk her this afternoon, we got half a block away before she was too cold. Noname handles the cold much like I do. Curl up into a ball and wait for death to take me.

Other highlights of the day:
- Crocheted until my hands hurt. But may crochet some more once I've had a rest.
- Did dishes and laundry.
- New bra arrived and it actually fits. First attempt into online bra ordering has been a success. It helps when you know what size you wear!
- Have decided not to go to Syndcon with ben. Am full of anxiety over being without him all weekend, but I don't think I'd enjoy the convention all that much.



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