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Stuff not related to work.

Last night ben wanted to go to costco. I questioned this, but went along because ben was the one doing the driving. As I expected the parking lot was crazy. After circling a few times, ben gave up. We went to ihop for dinner instead. It was the first time I have ever seen that place quiet and empty. It was relaxing.

When we got home, I watched a documentary about Pompeii where the host was slightly too exuberant for the subject matter. There was a segment where he was lovingly rubbing the walls of an ancient sewer because the excrement was still there and could tell him what people in those days ate. I did learn some new stuff though, which was neat. I would like to visit Pompeii one day and see the ruins for myself.

Today I took Maggie to the vet so they could make sure her surgery was healing properly. Everything looks good! Maggie was super excited to be there. The staff there all love her and spoil her rotten. She came home with yet another toy. This would be toy #5 they have given her. Spoiled rotten. She also got a complementary nail trim as a christmas gift.

I think the rest of the day will be spent napping or playing pokemon. I need to finish leafgreen because ben bought me soulsilver AND IT COMES WITH A PEDOMETER! There are too many pokemon to catch and not enough time!
I suspect I work with Pinkie Pie. Last week, we had three parties in the office. Next week, there are 3 more. Parties are nice and all, but I have WORK to do!

Friday's party was a lunch paid for by one of our mail shops. Many of my coworkers got shockingly drunk. Very different from defenders.

At one point our table had laughed at something and the table next to us laughed a tiny bit louder at something else immediately after us. This caused extremely drunk coworker to announce, "We have to laugh louder! Ok, go! HAHAHAHA!" It was actually pretty funny and we did all laugh very loud (at her) and all the tables in the room looked at us.

Later during dessert, the restaurant had a mishap in the kitchen and knocked over all our table's churros. They came in to apologize and offered us any desserts off the menu. (I got cheesecake.) My supervisor was a little sad and mentioned she really did want churros (her sorrow may have been increased by the number of drinks she had had) so drunk coworker crawled across the floor, reached her hand up onto another table, and stole several churros off someone's plate. Then she ran back and threw them at my supervisor.

A couple minutes after that, the waiter brought out some churros that managed to survive the kitchen disaster. In addition, word got around that we didn't get any churros so all the other tables gave us plates of churros they couldn't finish. When it was all done, our table had a mountain of the things. We had the restaurant box them up and we sent them home with drunk coworker, who promised to find them a good home in her stomach.

I thought about going back to work after that, being sober and capable of getting stuff done, but my supervisor told me I was not allowed because it makes her look bad when her subordinates go back to work after big party days. Maybe she should give me less to do then?

I killed a small bit of time at the Downtown Holiday Fair before heading home. There were actually a lot of nice stuff there. Too bad I didn't have any more gifts to buy for anyone.

When I got home, I took a nap until the dogs annoyed me back into consciousness. I woke up to a bed completely covered in toys.

In the evening, I started playing a computer game ben bought me. It's a turn based strategy game, so it had the horrible ability to make time fly very fast. I went to bed far too late.

Today I want to go to the library to pick up a book and return my current one. I also want to stop by the post office and try to get a few boxes mailed out. And if I have time after that, I am going to attempt to make squash puree for horrible horrible squash soup.
- Super fantastic socks arrived from [livejournal.com profile] k_cat. They SPARKLE! I will need to take a picture later.

- Interview went well. People seemed interested in me. I am a little nervous because it only lasted about 30 minutes, but they were a solid 30 minutes with everyone asking questions. (Including myself!) Later, all my references started letting me know that the company had contacted them.

- Spent the rest of the day in the ballston common mall, waiting for ben to finish his class. We had lunch together, which was nice. I killed a lot of time playing pokemon.

- After ben left for his class this morning, maggie cried at the garage door nonstop. I finally gave in and opened the door to let her see he was gone. Now she's walking around in there exploring.

- Noname is a perfect angel, sitting in her bed next to me.

- It is a cold wet day. I think I shall make a batch of apple butter.
On Friday, ben had to stay at work late. It was cold and I didn't want to sit at the bus stop for 2 hours again so I started to walk home. Ben didn't have to stay as late as he expected, so he was able to pick me up. I got about half a mile along the 4 mile walk. Ben then bought me pizza to make up for it. He said he didn't want me to cook because if something went wrong, I would totally lose it.

Saturday morning was bitterly cold. My stupid dog woke me at 6:30, thinking I overslept. She thought she would starve to death. It wasn't a huge deal though because I had to get up early anyway. I had a 9am salon appointment for my horrible horrible legs.

I had a pretty good salon person this time. After she was done waxing, she brought out a huge magnifying glass and pulled out all the tiny hairs she missed. Now my legs are ready for summer. Too bad it's going to be in the high 50s/low 60s all week.

On the way home, I nearly killed a woman with down syndrome. I was pretty upset about it. There's a bike path near my house that crosses the road. Cars have the right of way. Luckily I was alert and going pretty slow, because the woman just went straight across the road without even noticing the oncoming traffic. I screeched to a halt, as did the person driving in the opposite direction.

After I sat at home and calmed down a bit, I went back out and bought tons of wood to build a garden. That turned into a nightmare as every single board of wood came apart from the boards I nailed it to. Ben ended up having to come out with screws and a drill because I had thrown the hammer across the yard and started crying.

In the evening, ben and I watched my little ponies together. It was a pinkie pie episode! In it we learned pinkie pie is one party away from total breakdown. I figured out early in the episode what was going on. Ben suggested that they really were avoiding pinkie pie. I was like, "NO. That's now how these things work."

For the rest of the evening, I played disgaea 2. I have decided to give up on all tedious side quests and just finish it up already.

It was even colder this morning. I actually turned the heat back on today. It was also raining today, so I had one of my awful rainy day headaches.

Ben took me out to ihop and the hardware store. Then we went home and I took a short nap. It helped a tiny bit. Now ben is playing portal 2. I like the little eyeball robot.

I need to finished sewing a coworker's pants this evening. Preferably before the stores close so I can get some thread. I'd also like to go to the food store, but that seems less likely.
It smells like winter outside. The smell the air picks up right before it snows. I am baffled.

The first thing I do every morning is check my phone for the tweets I missed during the night. This has become a bad thing to do lately, because it starts my day off on the world's bad news. I learned that Diana Wynne Jones died last night. She had been fighting cancer for a while and had recently stopped treatment. Her death was inevitable but still sad. I have been annoyed with myself lately for discovering her books so late in my life. She was a very good author. (Had to go back and edit that sentence from is to was...)

So after that sad start to the day I went downstairs to feed the VERY NEEDY dog. It was only a bit after 8am but she was STARVING. Sometimes I contemplate skipping her breakfast so she can really know what starving is, but that would be cruel.

I did some morning chores after that. My plants are all doing well. They had developed a slight amount of mold on the surface of the peat pods, but I set up a small fan to blow on them the other day and the problem went away. Now I need to make sure to check the moisture levels at least once a day. The fan keeps the mold away by blowing the moisture away from the surface. My plants could easily dry out if I'm not careful.

When I was done with chores and taking my dog outside, I killed time with the internet. I learned that hasbro took down all of the my little pony episodes! I am totally confused by this move since the show is basically a giant commercial to sell pony toys. If I was hasbro, I'd want the show in as many places as possible to reach as many people as possible so they buy as many ponies as possible. I'm going to write them a letter and tell them I am disappointed in them and am not going to buy any more ponies. (I had already bought two!)

Then I went upstairs to sulk a bit. I had been living in my head all morning, which tends to make me crazy. I was dwelling on all the bad news of the day. Ben had to wake up and comfort me so I wouldn't start crying like I normally do when I get in these moods. He decided we should go out and do stuff today.

First we went to lowes (where I became the foursquare mayor because this house requires way too many repairs) to buy some light switches and window blinds.

Then we went to an asian buffet restaurant near our house. We were pleasantly surprised when we came in just before 3 to discover it still had a crowd and the food was all decently fresh and rotated. And the food was good too. Oh! And they had CUSTARD BUNS!

Back in new orleans we used to go to a restaurant called super asian buffet. They had the best custard buns in the world. I would eat 4 or 5 of those as my entire meal. And then they would expand in my stomach by the time I got home and I'd throw up. The ones at regular asian buffet (as ben and I have started to call this new place) were not as good, but still quite tasty. I had two. I did not throw up. Yay moderation!

A lot of the food was VERY sweet though. Which is good cause I prefer sweet things but wow, sweetness overload. My tea was sweetened with honey and tasted like a cub of honey mixed with a bit of water. I could only drink a third of my cup. I felt like a hummingbird. And they had these amazing little honey chicken bites. They looked a lot like sesame chicken but the sauce on them was super sweet and delicious. I took a bunch of them but then couldn't finish the last one because I was starting to vibrate from the sugar high. And of course the custard buns. And then the TINY PIES. Which were actually just tiny pie crusts filled with frosting. It was so good and so bad.

As we left, I felt like I was developing diabetes right in the parking lot. Ben suggested we go to the comic book store to burn up some of my energy. The drive was torture because I had to sit still the whole time. And I was insanely thirsty. Waaaaay too much sugar in my system.

I like that the employees of the store recognize me and go in the back to grab my folder as soon as I walk in. I haven't read the comics I picked up, but it looks like I got a pretty good selection. I'm looking forward to the new issue of fables, which I have heard has super sheep in it. Her super power is that she is very cute.

When we got home, ben went to work changing the light switches and outlets in the bathroom and I attempted to hang the new blinds. I love the new light switches because they don't electrocute me after I wash my hands. I broke the blinds when I put them up. Of course.

Silly me assumed that there was some sort of standard when it came to brackets to hold up blinds. So I was extremely annoyed when I learned that I'd have to take down the old brackets and replace them with a totally different kind. And of course the screws on the old brackets had been stripped. Like EVERY screw in this entire house. Sometimes I want to save up all the stripped screws and mail them to the former occupants. No note. Just an envelope of stripped screws.

Anyway, I had an extremely hard time getting the new brackets up. I couldn't get the new screws into the wall without dropping them oh, about 15 times each. At one point I started to scream. When I thought I was done, the blinds didn't put correctly and I realized I had screwed the brackets in incorrectly. And that the holes didn't match up to the correct way. So basically I had to start over. Plus I had useless holes in the wall.

Eventually I did get the blinds up. And discovered that I had bashed one of the edges and completely shattered the tips of a few slats. Fantastic. Whatever. The stupid things cost me $4 each. Stupid cheap blinds.

I also discovered that they are about 2 inches shorter than the box claims. I measured. Why on earth would you sell 68 inch long blinds that are only 66 inches??? This annoys me greatly.

Anyway, after the first blind, I was approaching sugar crash and was very tired. I gave up on the second box of blinds. I'll deal with that one tomorrow. Instead I went to bed and fell asleep very very fast.

I woke up about 5 hours later because I heard screaming and arguing. At first I thought it was a neighbor outside. Eventually I figured out that ben's tv was on very loud and he left his door open. I told him he needs to keep the show down and the door closed.

Then I took my dog out for a pee. She was very happy about that. She's gotten pretty good at using the backyard. Unfortunately, she still requires me to be out there with her. I guess it's better than when she wasn't going at all, but the whole point of the yard was so I wouldn't have to go outside every time she had to go.

After she finished, we returned inside and I warmed up some leftover mashed potatoes for dinner. Also, a big glass of water. I'm done with dinner now and am on my third glass of water. All that sugar really dried me out.

After I finish this, I will probably go upstairs and play some more of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. (Whenever I think of the title, my brain says it in a deep dramatic announcer voice.) Ben bought me the game for the holidays, but with all the house stuff I've only recently had time to play it. I am enjoying it. I'm a little sad that there is no courtroom tension in this one, but I really like the logic system. It is a nice addition to the game play.
This morning I achieved exercise. My wii fit instructor changed her haircut. I am not ok with that. Fictional people should not have outside lives!!!! This is like that time she was late and her hair was messy or the day she took the day off and the guy covered for her. NOT OK!

Anyway, took a shower after that, which was very badly needed. Had to shampoo twice, my hair was so disgusting.

Then I went to the library. They finally had Pebble in the Sky back on the shelves so I grabbed it before it disappeared again. And I found the comic book section! Of course I had read most of it already. Figures, right?

On the way back to my car, two guys who had been hanging around outside called me over and explained that they were students and doing a small experiment on social perceptions. They asked me what I first thought about them before they called me over.

They were dressed like teenage boys trying to look tough (baggy jeans and all that), so I told them they looked like a group of teenage boys with too much time on their hands which made me nervous because people with too much time cause trouble. But I also added that once they spoke to me so politely, I perceived them in a much more positive light.

They took lots of notes and thanked me. It was all very strange.

After that, I went to the food store and bought lots and lots of veggies to make stir fry. I also needed cooking sherry, but couldn't reach it on the top shelf. I had to wait until someone else came down the aisle so I could embarrassedly ask for their help.

The stir fry ended up pretty good. I served it with quinoa, which complimented it all nicely. I tried to take pictures but they were all blurry. It was sad. At least I got to enjoy the taste. I topped it with this sauce, which was pretty tasty, but slightly too salty. I would make it again, but maybe cut the soy sauce in half. Ben enjoyed it all so much he went back for seconds. Yay for culinary victory!
Scott Pilgrim vs the World is about a loser (played by standard hollywood loser Michael Cera) who commits mass homicide in order to impress a girl.

I have now saved you two hours and approximately ten bucks.

If you like video game tropes or the scott pilgrim comics, it might be a movie worth renting. Ben seemed to enjoy it. But it's a romance and a comedy so it was totally lost on me. And the video game elements only reminded me of the games at home I could have been playing.

I was pretty bored. I kept antsing around in my seat, debating whether or not to pull out my ds.

To make it up to me, ben bought me ice cream on the way home. So I will continue to let him live.
Because I am awesome, I just beat Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

Granted, it was on easy, but what matters is that I beat it. I have never managed to beat a fire emblem game before. I am quite proud of myself.
So the wii is being shipped back to nintendo where hopefully they will make it work again. At this point, I think the problem is with the laser.

The wii was just one small part of my day of failure.

Ben took me to the reston festival because I had expressed interest. It was a big disappointment. None of the foods were especially exciting and the booths sold nothing but pottery, jewelery, and dresses made in china. I had hoped for fresh made crepes, but that booth was not there this year.

When we got home, I attempted to make pudding but it came out terribly lumpy. I knew I should have dissolved the corn starch in the cold milk, but the recipe said otherwise. From now on, I will know better. NEVER dissolve corn starch in hot liquid, no matter what the recipe says.

Plenty of other little disappointments piled up throughout the day. I ended the evening by breaking down into tears. I felt a bit better after a good long cry.
Wii appears to be working again. For now.

First I let it sit and cool down. When that didn't fix the problem, I got a can of air and tried to blow out all the dust. The problem was still there, so I forced a system update.

Somehow that worked!

I really don't understand how a machine that has been working normally for years could suddenly break for lack of an update. Makes me suspicious. Maybe there was a secret update to break my system beforehand to force me to update!

My wii isn't working. :( It gets a disk read error no matter what disk I put in it.

It was pretty warm though, so I've turned it upright in hopes that it cools down and works properly again.

All this time, I expected the xbox to be the one to die. All those red rings of death I hear so much about. But the wii is supposed to be the reliable one! SAD!!!
1. My wii fit keeps asking me where ben is. This is making me suspicious.

2. My wii fit told my dog to pee on the floor. That is unacceptable.

3. I wish I had bought more than one ear of corn from the farmer's market. That was amazingly good.
Yesterday I finally beat that insane Fire Emblem battle. Sleep helped clear my mind. I worked out strategy while I slept.

I was so happy with my victory that I ran into the bedroom and woke up ben. I had to tell someone or I'd explode!

Fire Emblem games make me crazy. I don't know why I keep playing them. They are brutal. I've never finished one!

Anyway, after that, I put down the video games and attempted to be productive. I did a couple loads of laundry, washed dishes, took out trash, and started to clean the kitchen. When ben woke up, we went to the comic book store. I have been making a point to go once a month rather than once every 3-4 months. Now the employees recognize me when I come in and have my folder ready for me. :)

Unfortunately my main goal for the trip, Darkwing Duck #1, was sold out. Pooooo.

We had a smoothie break after that because it was very hot out. Then we went to the mall because there was a sale and I needed clothes. Mission accomplished with everything half off. Also, the guy at the register told a horrible line cutter to get to the back of the line, so I left the store in a good mood even though I hate shopping.

In the evening, we ate dinner and watched Big Bang Theory. I am disappointed that so many people recommended it to me because IT'S A ROMANCE. I feel hurt and betrayed. Science should never be used for evil! I was tricked into watching a romance!

At this point I just need to hope that the main girl eats something undercooked and dies. Then the show can be about science and become interesting.
Dear makers of Fire Emblem games,

Not sure anyone has told you this before, but getting killed constantly is NOT fun. A challenging game is fun. An impossible game is not. Please try to tone down the insanity so I can get beyond the first chapter.

The girl who just spent 4 hours trying to beat one battle
Yesterday I started playing Fire Emblem for wii. All was going well until the 5th (or was it 6th?) battle. I fought that thing for at least 2 hours without beating it. And I was playing on easy! Fire Emblem games are ridiculously hard.

I took a break to potty and walk my dog. When I came back, ben had stolen the game from me! He started his own file. Our battle styles are so different, it makes me crazy. I want to take the controller away from him and make him do it "right." :P

Tonight I hope to beat that battle I was stuck on. I have had time to rest and think. Hopefully I have a solution for victory!
I forgot my keys last night. Luckily ben was able to leave work early and save me. He was my hero.

It was distressing how much better I felt after eating some warm food last night. I didn't realize how bad I felt until I felt so much better after.

Ben and I have been playing the xbox version of Magic the Gathering. I am enjoying it. It's like chess except people will actually play it with me. What do so many people have against chess?

I feel like summer skipped us over and we've moved straight into fall. I had to pull out my winter coat. And my electric blanket.

Someone/thing stole one of my strawberry plants the other day. I am tempted to buy one, along with a new tomato plant. I need to buy tomato cages soon anyway, so I'll be in the store.
I gave this series another try because I wanted to believe that Edgeworth could fix anything. That was not the case. Vol2 had the same problems as volume 1.

I was really bothered by how out of character Edgeworth was. The first time he did something out of character, it was funny. But after the 4th, 5th, 6th time, it was clear this was not a book about Edgeworth. It must be some sort of Edgeworth doppleganger.

I don't think it was worth reading and I won't be continuing this series if there are any more volumes. Pooo to you stupid book that is nothing like the wonderful games that I love!
A couple days ago I was stuck on a level of disgaea 2 which has a nasty, unreachable geo symbol that gave my enemies a huge boost. I was struggling and struggling and struggling. Then last night I woke up from my sleep and shouted, "Prinnies explode!!!"

I had found the very obvious solution in my sleep and blew up all those evil, adorable prinnies in one toss.

This was a busy week!

Tara came to visit!

First she stopped by on her way down further south, but then she came back Tuesday night and we had adventures on Wednesday. (I took the day off from work.) There was mall shopping and dog island and five guys and little mermaid suitcases and one dollar turkeys. My dog was super excited by all the attention. She's lonely now.

On thursday I went to work where I saved the day by knowing where things are. Then we were told we could leave early. Yay!

Also yesterday ben and I bought our plane tickets to ft lauderdale for our cruise. They were really expensive! I think it's because it's not a hub. Flying to orlando would have been much cheaper, but then we'd have to drive 3 hours to the port. Yuck!

Today ben and I are playing video games. He's almost done with mario galaxy! And I've been helping! Yay!
Today I FINALLY finished The World Ends With You. It took me about year. Though, I had beat the main game a long long time ago. Most of the time, I've been fiddling with the + game. Today I finally beat that final timed chain battle thing in the extra level after you beat the game.

I got 100% in items and enemies, but not pins. I don't feel bad about that because I got in the high 90s for pins. Good enough.

I really liked that game. It was fun and I liked how you could change the difficulty level at almost any point in the game. That made item collection and grinding a lot more fun.

If I ever come across a player pin at a con, I'm going to buy it in a heartbeat. And then giggle to myself a lot.

Next to play: Disgaea 2!



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