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The last month was fairly crazy, but let's see if I can encompass it in one lj post. I have a fresh cup of tea, so let's do this.

Jessica's magical Disney wedding )

After Wedding Adventure )

The Most Magical Place That Ever Did Magic )

In which I reduce Tara to tears at Epcot )

The parents arrive. )

Magic Kingdom part 2 and Hoop Dee Doo )

Wrap up and then home to bed. For two weeks. )

Ho Ho Hobbits )

The end )
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Let's try catch up again....

This Summer:
- Went to NY for Jess' bridal shower. It was a tea party and very fancy. I helped make many types of tiny sandwiches and destroyed a stick of helpless butter. PLUS! I got to wear a TINY HAT!
Tiny top hat
- Many many visits to the farm.
- Started classes at community college. So far doing exceptionally well. Got 100 on both of my tests so far and the teacher wants me to sign up as a tutor at the end of the semester. (Starting pay $10 an hour. Not bad considering I can make my own schedule.)

- Carved pumpkins. Ursula and Ariel from the little mermaid. Ariel came out best.
Pumpkin 2012 - Ariel
- CSA ended, but took friends with me for one last adventure. I had guest passes! We watched a pig race and fed animals and went down a very fast slide and overall had a good time.
- Made these really cute badges.
The Ellie Badge

- Need to sign up for next semester's classes. Going to learn Java!
- Jess' wedding! At disney! Woo! Fun and adventure for all!
Last night right after midnight, Ben and I opened our time capsule from the wedding. I was a bit disappointed by how few people actually participated, but the ones that did left very good letters that more than made up for it! I am totally cool with quality over quantity.

Every letter made me laugh at least once. :) A time capsule was a very good idea.
I was going to clean my sewing room this weekend, but instead I finally got my thank you cards done. All I have to do now is mail them. I am nearly free. :D

Ben was super sweet and addressed them all. I don't think I could have finished them all without his help. Clearly I married a good one.

In other accomplishment news, I also bought a sweater to wear over my dress for allicia's wedding, so now I am all set for the event. We went to burlington coat factory and was extremely shocked when I went in and there were no coats to be seen. I have memories from my childhood of aisles and aisles of coats.

We did eventually find them all the way in the back. Then it became a good thing that they sell things other than coats because I realized a sweater would be better. I ended up finding a decent sweater for a reasonable price that I think goes with the dress. So yay!
One of my friends is getting married in PA in Sept. I had wanted to go on a little weekend vacation that month to celebrate my anniversary, so I'm going to combine my plans and turn the wedding trip into a slightly longer anniversary trip. Yay!

I started making a map of all the interesting things I could do in PA. Now I'm thinking maybe I should extend the trip a bit more. :P I should be sensible though. The state isn't going anywhere and I can always return. PA isn't that far.

Originally I was thinking a day at Hershey Park, but it'll be late Sept and potentially cold. I recall the park having some fun water rides and I'd hate to have to skip them out of fear of being chilly.

So I think Philly would be the better destination. Plenty of stuff to do, plus it's a very walkable city and there's public transit. And it's historical! I tend to enjoy american revolution history. (Which makes me super annoyed with teabaggers who have made the american revolution lame.)

Many Philly options:
- Philadelphia Zoo
- Mutter Museum
- National Constitution Center, Independence Hall, and Liberty Bell Center
- Adventure Aquarium (technically not in philly, but really close by)

So I think the plan will be:

Friday - Leisurely drive up to Scranton. Potential stop at Gettysburg if we need to stretch our legs.

Saturday - Wedding festivities!

Sunday - Leisurely drive to Philly. Check into hotel and enjoy the sights.

Monday - Potential morning touristing in Philly. Leisurely drive back home.
This morning we had a surprise party for a coworker that is getting married. She was very surprised. (Unlike my surprise party where my boss had me order the food for it.) I brought in my bride of mickey veil for her to wear since she's a huge disney fan. She wore it for most of the morning! :)

I found out she was getting married TODAY. I can't believe she came to work! If it was me, I would have stayed home and slept late! Then had a nice relaxing brunch before heading out. She came into work at 9 and then ran out at 1 to head to the courthouse!

Well, I hope she had a happy day however she decided to spend it! I am happy that she can get married at all. DC was recently added to the small but growing list of places that perform same sex marriages. Yay progress!

Now only 3 other people on this floor are getting married this year. :P I think they were all so impressed by my wedding that they all decided they wanted to get married too!
I am totally stuck on paper choices for these stupid stupid thank you cards. I really don't care what paper, but I have this fear that if I use the wrong paper then people will complain to me. I hate when my relatives complain to me.

So my choices are smooth (not shiny, has no texture), smooth uv (shiny, has no texture), or linen (not shiny, is textured). I am leaning to smooth or linen. Smooth uv is hard to recycle due to the gloss put on the paper. But I worry some crazy relatives will want to keep the cards, in which case glossy would be better.

If I go with one of the nonshiny options, I worry that textured will make the pictures look bad. But what if I go with the smooth and my relatives complain to me that it looks cheap?

I feel like no matter what I do, there's going to be a problem. When I know deep down none of it really matters! It's just stupid paper that no one really needs, but wants because of etiquette. Bah.

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I feel like death.

Anyway, yesterday was my meeting out in maryland. It was still dark out while I waited for the bus. It made me hate life.

I got to my final stop too early, so I took the train back a few stops so I wouldn't have to wait out in the cold. Then came back right on time.

My coworker's driving was terrifying, but we made it there in one piece. Then we were given a tour of a printshop. They specialize in lots of personalized projects, so many of their big machines were fancy computerized things. They also had machines for big jobs. They were very loud.

After that tour, we drove to another printshop. On the way there, I noticed that the river had started to freeze over. It's cold out there!

The other printshop was less focused on personalization. They were more into really big mailings. The machines to stuff envelopes were neat. They were really old too. The lady giving the tour said the new ones aren't worth buying cause they work exactly the same but fall apart faster. (Made with cheaper materials.)

That printshop had kitties. They collect stray cats, get them fixed and vaccinated, then introduce them to a little kitty city they build for them outside. It had a bunch of kitty houses with heated plates inside. And there was a pond with running water. (Fishes too when the weather is nice, they said.) And an automatic feeder. A pretty good setup for homeless kitties.

After the tour, we were taken out for lunch. It was a seafood restaurant with very few non-seafood and even fewer non-meat options. I ended up with a cup of bean soup. It didn't take me long to eat, and I spent the rest of lunch watching tiny icebergs float down the river while the others talked business.

On the drive back, one of my coworkers said a very silly thing. She said she was going to hire a day of coordinator for her wedding so that nothing would go wrong, and if something did, she wouldn't have to hear about it and she could have a PERFECT day. I suggested to her not to emphasize perfection so much, because with weddings things get really chaotic and something will inevitably go wrong but in the grand scheme it won't be a big deal unless she makes it one. I hope she takes my advice, or at least thinks about it a little. Lots of things went wrong with my wedding but I still had a great time because I expected there to be a few disasters. It was not even close to perfect, but it was good enough for me.

Later in the drive, we were talking about work and she suggested to me that I randomly sit in more meetings (unannounced!) because it shows initiative. That doesn't sound right to me. I would be quite offended if a member of my company came to my meeting uninvited and unannounced for a topic that they have no participation in. Besides, when would I have time for these extra meetings? I don't think my coworker realizes that I already go to a lot of meetings. And if there is a meeting I was not invited to but I think would be beneficial to me, I contact the person running it and ask them if they think the topic would be good for me to know and if they would mind me sitting in. So really I'm already showing my own initiative in a much more focused and relevant way. Coworker needs to butt out of people's jobs when she doesn't know what they do all day.

Anyway, when I get back to work I deftly handled the few things I needed to deal with that day. Then went home for some much needed rest. Ben brought home dinner for me (soup in a bread bowl!) and then I went to bed early. I didn't sleep well though because of evil cramps that gave me nightmares and made it hard to stay asleep.

As a result I feel like death today and look forward to going home. I am going to try to make it to my last meeting. Then I'll see how I'm feeling. I may go home early after that.
Would anyone find this weird to be printed inside a thank you card? (I will be hand writing the "Thank you for your blah blah blah..." part.)

This is the wonder of time;
this is the marvel of space;
out of the stars swung the earth;
life upon earth rose to love.

It is from part of the poem that was used during our ceremony. (A poem about evolution! Bwahaha!)

Other suggestions? Advice?

I haaaaaate thank you cards!
Nearing the finish line for getting my thank you cards printed. They said I can have something printed inside them if I want.

Obviously I can't have "Thank you for blahblahblah...." printed in the cards because my relatives will never let me hear the end of it. Ben and I are stuck hand writing these suckers.

So, what can I print in them?

Option 1: Our names and the date. Like a wedding announcement. Boring, but does the trick.

Option 2: Poem or quote on something geeky and spacey. But then the question is "What poem?"

Advice? Suggestions?

I'd like to get this info to the photographer as soon as possible so I can get these things out of my life.
Once upon a time, a nerdy girl and a nerdy boy fell in love.


So they invited their most hardcore of friends to help them throw a wedding!


On the wedding day, the nerdy girl raced down the aisle...

MEMENTO0812 marry the nerdy boy that was anxiously waiting for her.


They exchanged rings.


And kissed.


And lived happily ever after!

I have to pick 2 pictures for my thank you cards. I've narrowed it down to 16...

This is too hard! They're all so good!

[EDIT] Ok! Down to 8! Now we're making progress!
My proofs arrived! They look so good! EEEEE! *excitement explosion*
We finally got hot water back today. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a shower that much. It feels so good to be clean again!

I felt so gross yesterday, I couldn't concentrate on anything. So today I have been getting stuff done. I paid my bills. And attempted to fill out the form to get my new social security card. But the forms didn't say where to mail it!

Their website is down for scheduled maintenance this weekend too. Sure, I could call, but phones are scary. And probably surly too. It's a government phone line after all.

I'm about ready to kick my dog out a window. I hate when she tries to protect me. She has been barking all day. I have a headache.

I'm debating whether I will go to a gay rights protest tomorrow. I feel like I should, but I hate going to do things alone. I'm not sociable enough to talk to strangers. I guess I should decide soon though, in case I want to make a sign.

I think I'll make some bread this afternoon.
I've had this bizarre but mild fascination with fudgie the whale for the longest time. For the wedding, I was going to buy ben a whale cake that said he was "one whale of a husband!"

Then at the worst shower ever (I left crying), my mom bought a fudgie the whale cake for me. I don't even know what she wrote on it. I was already crying and then I saw the cake that I wanted to get especially for ben and I stormed off in tears. (Yes, it was a dumb thing to throw me over the edge, but really you had to have been at that party. It was horrible.)

I've decided I need to plan Operation: Take Back Fudgie. Cause I still have a mild bizarre fascination. But every time I think of that cake, I get a tight sad feeling in my chest as I remember that horrible party. I need to plan something that involves this cake that will be so happy, it will erase the bad feelings that I previously have connected with the cake.

I did that with my birthday, so I know it can work. (I no longer cry on my birthday!) It will just require persistence. Maybe I can have the cake for a birthday party and totally mess up my insane brain.
Backstory )

Letter I got from one of my aunts today )

So now I need to think of a response. How does this sound?

My response )

Does that sound reasonable? Suggestions? Advice?


Sep. 21st, 2009 01:04 pm
melissa & ben wedding 007

Click on the pic to see the rest. Professional shots won't be here for at least a month.
It is now completely dark when I get up in the morning. It's bad enough the bed is warm and the sleeping husband won't let me go, but now I have to battle with darkness too to drag myself out of bed.

I noticed yesterday that the leaves on some of the trees around my apartment have started to change colors. Sad! I missed the whole summer!

There were so many things I wanted to do, but I didn't have the time. Oh well, now that the wedding is out of the way, I should hopefully have more time.

Last night ben and I started to use our mighty free time to clean the apartment. I think if we do an hour a day, we should have it all under control in a month or so. We're starting with the kitchen. Last night we organized all the tupperware and threw out the lids that had no bottoms and the bottoms that had no lids.

I think the next step will be to put the baking supplies where the pans are (making them closer to the breadmaker) and then putting all the pans with the baking pans in the larger cabinet where the baking supplies once were. We will need the extra space for all the new pans we got for the wedding. I should also throw out the old baking supplies, like the chocolate chips that are over a year old and look nasty.
Could be swine flu.
It may have been the murphy's law of weddings, but it was still great. I have the best new husband and the best friends and my family was on their best behavior (except for maybe my mom).

If anyone wants a cupcake, stop by my mom's house today. We have plenty of extras. :P



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