Work continues to be stressful. Will there ever be a week when I don't say that?

This week was more stressful than most because I could not work late to try to catch up on things. With ben out of town, I have to get home at a decent time to save the dogs.

In happy news, they are taking me off the AWF account. That account has been a mess from day 1 and I've never been able to catch up and get things back under control.

Unfortunately the account they are putting me on instead, League of Women Voters, is a very very active account with a lot of work involved. I will never catch up on anything. Ever.

I'm tired all the time.

I hope things get better in the summer. Summertime was usually a bit slower at defenders. I hope it is here too. I need to rest. Going full speed every day is killing me. I don't know ho anyone else there does it.

Other things:
- New dog walker did not kidnap my dogs. Yet. Still worried.
- Ate tiny pies on Thursday. If you are in georgetown, I recommend the tiny pies from Pie Sisters.
- Winter arrived. We have 35mph winds and wind chill in the single digits. Maggie does not understand why I don't want to go outside and play with her.
- Cleaned out the fridge. Horrifying things resided in the back.
- Bought comic books. Small child was totally blown away that you could have a subscription to all your favorite titles held for you at the store.
- Contemplating going to a korean bath house next weekend.
- Seasoning my cast iron pots today. It makes the house horrifically smoky, but it also keeps the house warm.
- I miss ben.
Last night it snowed. I thought we were done with this winter nonsense. And to make it worse, it was icy too. It took ben and I about 30 minutes this morning to scrape the car clean. The doors were iced shut.

This morning, ben and I demonstrated amazing reflexes. Within seconds of hearing my dog start to gag, I was up to grab her and ben was up opening the bedroom door for me. We were like a well-oiled machine of vomit-avoidance.

I got to work late due to the snow and some metro breakdowns. But no one noticed. I had a meeting with my new boss where he told me that they still haven't been able to hire a director for my department, but that that was not a problem because I have been holding down the fort without any trouble. Maybe he should give me another promotion if he thinks I'm doing so great all on my own.

It is freezing in this office and I am going to die.
Last night we got a freezing rain storm that encased everything in ice. My dog and I were sliding all over. At one point, my dog managed to get a little traction and pulled me down the street. My neighbors laughed at the sight of a chihuahua being a sled dog.

We got a 2 hour delay at work because of the storm. It was nice not to rush around in the morning. I left about an hour later that usual. A lot of people must have decided to just stay home because the bus and trains weren't crowded at all.

The work day was a series of efforts in futility. For example, I was not told that a meeting was canceled, so I wasted 30 minutes preparing the notes for the meeting. Only after I sent them out did someone remember to tell me I didn't need to prepare them.

And I have no clue if I'm going to get paid at the end of this month because my new boss totally ignored all my requests to approve my timesheet before he left for the rest of the week. I got it done early specifically so he'd have time to review and approve it before he left. I'm going to have to talk to finance and see if someone else can be given permission to approve it.

After work, ben and I took more boxes over to the house. I took some stronger painkillers for my back, which means I need to go to bed soon. They make me very drowsy.

Hopefully there won't be a repeat like last night where ben stole my pillow. He ripped it right out from under my head. And when I told him to give it back, he shouted, "NO!" In the end, I had to yank the pillow back from his arms and throw my body in its place so he couldn't grab for the pillow again.
I forgot my phone this morning. I have winter brain. I can't remember anything lately! Plus, I keep falling asleep on the bus or train. No feeling drowsy first or anything. Just awake one moment asleep the next. Not good when you are holding expensive electronics in your hands.

In other news, I was offered the Marketing Associate position. It begins on Monday. I was sent a meeting request for it, so I assumed I was being offered the position since only a crazy person would set up a whole meeting just to tell someone they didn't get the job. I had planned on asking for a 10% raise with the assumption they'd work me down to slightly less, but they ended up offering me more than I was going to ask for. Win!

And now it is snowing. Technically it has been snowing all morning, but the air was so dry that the snow was evaporating before it reached the ground. It's finally falling and sticking now.

A couple minutes ago, I was watching the snow when a bright orange mini cooper covered in question marks drove by. It has been dubbed the wtf cooper. If I had not left my phone at home, I would have taken a picture.
The reduced daylight is killing me. I can barely get up in the morning, I fall asleep on the bus/train, I stumble through the work day like a zombie, fall asleep AGAIN on the way home, and pass out in bed by 10. I miss the sun. Maybe I can convince ben that we need to take a short trip someplace south. Or ask for a sun lamp for giftmas. I hate winter.
The snow and ice is finally melting today. And icicles are falling off the buildings in giant deadly chunks. It's a bit scary when one crashes down right outside your window! I would definitely not want to stand under one of these things!

Ben and I had to go food shopping yesterday. We had enough food to last for one storm, not two.

It was quite a challenge driving the 4ish blocks to the store. Absolutely nothing was plowed. The car was sliding all over. I wasn't even pressing the gas.

I think we got to the store at a good time. It was busy, but not packed. It was like a sunday afternoon crowd.

And luckily the store had been able to re-stock since the last storm. I was able to get everything I needed. Still, supplies on fresh foods were pretty low. And good luck if you wanted an orange. Or frozen pizzas.

I have enough food now to last me into next week. Take that, winter storms!


Feb. 8th, 2010 02:41 pm
The internet is reporting 6 to 8 more inches of snow for tomorrow. With high winds that will at best blow the snow into giant piles around everything we cleared this weekend and at worst knock out power.


I'm never going to get back to work, am I?
We got to leave early yesterday due to the storm. At first I thought it was a bit silly since it wasn't sticking at all, but once I got out to virginia I saw they had a couple inches already.

It was tough getting home cause work let us out before the express bus started running. I took the local instead, which doesn't take me to my apartment but takes me within walking distance. Visibility was so low, however, that I missed that stop. No problem, I told myself. There's another stop a few blocks later that is only slightly further away.

The local bus' route changed!!! They don't go anywhere near that second stop. I had a very long, cold walk home. And my snow boots decided to quit about halfway through my walk. Not a good time to need new snow boots.

Thankfully maintenance had been keeping the sidewalks clear when I got home so I was able to give noname a couple decent walks. She didn't enjoy it, but I enjoy not cleaning up pee.

A bit around midnight our power started to flicker. But it held out through the night. I'm glad. That would have been awful.

It's still snowing out there and I'm not sure how I'm going to walk my dog. I have not seen maintenance up and about yet to start shoveling and plowing. I'm not even sure they could make it to work. The weather reports say we have 15 inches already. Not as bad as last time, but as I mentioned, it's still coming down. So we'll see.

Random note: Every time a branch on the tree outside our door breaks, a giant pile of snow falls and the whole window is covered in a snowy death explosion. It's kinda cool to watch. (Though I am glad to be watching it from inside my nice warm apartment.)


Feb. 4th, 2010 02:13 pm
Metro is warning that if we get 8+ inches of snow tomorrow, they will shut down above ground service.

We're supposed to get at least that much by rush hour tomorrow.

Plan A) Work from home. Which is a huge pain in the butt because accessing the network is slow and Noname thinks I am home to play with her.

Plan B) Leave early once snow comes down heavy. Which risks the chance of getting stuck in the city if I take took long.

Curse you, Winter!!!!!

Dear Winter,

If you snow on Saturday and ruin my special birthday adventure with Ben, I will burn your house to the ground.

I know where you live.
Things are exploding at work. I'd like to go home.

Then I intend to crawl under my blankets and not come out again until spring. I don't deal with the cold very well. And it's supposed to snow tonight. Not fun.

At least the day is almost over. Just two more shivery hours to go.
It is 15 degrees out and the wind is howling. Noname needs to learn how to use the toilet because I'm not going outside again until spring.
It is cold like death.

I finished my christmas shopping yesterday. Now I just need to pack and mail things. That is a difficult task when it's this cold.

And I'm not even well dressed for the weather today. Cause I'm insane. I am wearing an outfit similar to one I wore in a dream a few nights ago. It is an outfit better suited to spring or fall. In winter I should be in sweaters and thermals.

I hope today is quiet enough that I can curl up into a ball and die. For now, I think I'll make some hot cocoa.

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Ben got in really late last night. His flight was delayed because his plane took off from its previous destination late, and then there was a fight on the plane. When he finally got to our airport, it took forever for the luggage to come out. By the time he finally got home, the dinner I had made him was very very cold.

But I was REALLY HAPPY to see him. I hugged him and wouldn't let him go so we had to walk together around the apartment. And I slept really well. It felt good to have him hold me all night. Life is back to the way it should be. :)

And to make things even better, we both had a snow day today! :D

Because the roads were still a disaster, most of DC and VA stayed closed today.

We tried to do a little shopping in the morning, but I was pretty sore from digging out the car yesterday. We came home to eat lunch and then we took a nap. I felt a little better after the nap.

Ben had a game tonight, so I hope the roads were a bit better than they were this morning. Luckily the place he was going to is very close by.

I may fling the dog out into the snow soon if she doesn't chill out. She's barking at something out back in the dark and won't shut up.

And am now exhausted.

I went out at 9am to start shoveling. The official report is 20 inches. About 2.5 hours later, the left side was completely clear and I was about halfway done shoveling the back.

The neighbor who parks to the right of me came out just then and started to "shovel" his car out with an ice scraper. It was very very sad.

So I made him a deal. If he finished shoveling the back of my car, I'd let him borrow my shovel to dig his car out.

He gratefully agreed to the deal. So now I am inside where it is warm and comfy. My car is cleared for the most part. (The parking lot is another story, so I won't be going anywhere anyway.) Hopefully I'll get my shovel back.

My plans, in order, are:
- Drink water
- Eat food
- Take shower
- Take nap
Noname goes out into the snow.
1 Noname goes out into the snow

"I hate you, mommy..."
2 I hate you, mommy...

"Noname, want to go home?"
3 Noname, want to go home?

Shortcut through the street.
4 Shortcut through the street

"Hurry up mommy! It's cold!"
5 Hurry up, mommy!
It is 25 degrees out.


I'm sure people in more northern areas are laughing at me, but 25 degrees to me means the world has frozen over and we are all going to die.

Cannot cope. 25 degrees.
Yesterday was my review. It went well. All positive stuff. I expressed interest in taking over a program if there was a way to put some of my work on someone else's shoulders. A lot of the most time consuming things I do could easily be done by an intern.

So we put together a timeline to get me there. First, I need to find ways to make some things I do more efficient. And I need to document everything I do so an intern could easily pick up the simpler tasks.

After that, we had our weekly check-in. I ratted out a co-worker for not getting something really important done. This is the co-worker that blames me when her stuff is late, so I feel no guilt.

I also told my boss about a demo for a us monitor program I sat through. She seemed pleased that I took initiative on that sort of thing. I think it also helped my case for putting me in charge of a program.

I would like some sort of promotion like taking over a program. I'm getting bored of what I do. I need new challenges and new adventures. I hate stagnating.

Maybe it's the lack of sunlight bringing me down. I get restless like this every winter. Though another coworker made me laugh this morning. I was telling him how I thought Fenrir had eaten the sun. A little bit later he calls me and tells me to come to his office right away because he had something very important to show me. It was the sun! Shining through the clouds!



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