Feb. 9th, 2010

Ben and I had to go food shopping yesterday. We had enough food to last for one storm, not two.

It was quite a challenge driving the 4ish blocks to the store. Absolutely nothing was plowed. The car was sliding all over. I wasn't even pressing the gas.

I think we got to the store at a good time. It was busy, but not packed. It was like a sunday afternoon crowd.

And luckily the store had been able to re-stock since the last storm. I was able to get everything I needed. Still, supplies on fresh foods were pretty low. And good luck if you wanted an orange. Or frozen pizzas.

I have enough food now to last me into next week. Take that, winter storms!
This is a long, cold, boring winter. I think Noname has the right idea.

Noname Napping
Poor alvin! His horrible horrible owner has left him out in this terrible storm!!!

I brought him in and dried him off. He was cold and covered in snow. But ben had me throw him back out when I was done warming him up. My dog was trying to bite him, my bird was flipping out, and my husband was noticeably uncomfortable.

I feel so bad for that dog. I'm thinking about calling animal control to report neglect. I don't know what else to do. Has anyone ever had to report a neglected animal? What happens to the animal?



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