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Ben left for a business trip this morning. I am sad. I will miss him. :( He doesn't come back until saturday. That's like a billion trillion years.

After I dropped ben off at the airport, I attempted to get to a park and ride so I could get to work. There was massive traffic and almost everyone was a real jerk about letting me change lanes. (Also, left entrances onto busy highways are evil.) I'm glad I started changing lanes when I did, because it took several miles to get all the way over to the right. I nearly missed my exit!

Then when I got to the park and ride, the entire lot was full. Well, not exactly true. The top section of the lot was blocked off. There were probably another 100 spots up there if we were allowed up. My options were:
1) Drive around and find another park and ride that wasn't full. Seeing how it was after 8 already, the chances of success were slim.
2) Get back onto the highway and drive in DC. In traffic. And then pay expensive DC parking.
3) Park illegally in the garage and risk a ticket. Other people were parking illegally too.

So I went with option #3. I think a parking ticket is about $50. Hopefully I won't get one, but if I do it won't be a budget buster. It's really upsetting that I had to illegally park in the first place. I wonder why the top of the garage was closed in the first place?

Anyway, I got on a bus. Then a train. Then got stuck in a tunnel because this is the metro, which only breaks down on days that end in y.

I need to work late to make up for coming in late today and leaving early yesterday, but I really don't want to leave my car illegally parked too late. Maybe I'll leave normal time and come into work super early tomorrow. If I come in early enough, there should be no problems finding a parking spot in the garage. (Because everyone will still be sleeping.)
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