I fail at life.

I made myself an egg sandwich for breakfast. One small piece of egg fell out of the bread and onto my plate, so I picked up the piece to eat. I stupidly bit down on my finger.

Who does that? How stupid am I that I'm not even aware of my own finger in my own mouth?

I bit down really hard too. It still hurts. I'm such an idiot.
The world according to my mom, a person who gets all her news from fox news:

- Bush is still great. Best president ever. (She can say that with a straight face?)
- McCain only lost because Obama had more money. (And all the stupid things he did had no effect.)
- All the jobs are going to be given to black people now. (Has she even seen obama's very white cabinet picks?)
- I should "be careful" during the inauguration because the city will be filled with black people. (Um...dc is already filled with black people.)
Someone needs to convince me not to have my dog's picture taken with santa.
Today my boss brought in muffins to celebrate this month's birthdays. They were "healthy" muffins that have half the calories of regular muffins. I read the package to see how that is achieved. Turns out to be a really simple trick. The serving size was half a muffin.
This morning I managed to spill my entire cup of wax all over the counter. I ran to the store for emergency wax and ended up with some sort of horrible purple stuff that is incredibly sticky and does not come off. It fills me with hate.

Oh, and ben and I also went to a video game/anime store that was full of imports and old stuff. I bought my brother's birthday gift 3 months early because when am I ever going to run into a collection of nes games like that again?

And now I think I'll start packing for my trip. The internet says sunny* every day. :)

* With a 20% chance of rain in the afternoon.
Shopping today was a disaster. I only found one of the things I was looking for. And then when I got home, I discovered my dog had peed the rug in the mere 3 hours I was gone.

So the dog is stupid and the stores are stupid and the day is stupid.

And I miss ben! I want to go home and hug him!

Ugh. Ben made me go out shopping on black friday. :(

He pre-ordered something on the website, so all he had to do was pick it up. He naively thought that would be easy. He knows better now.

After battling in the parking lot and waiting on line for 90 minutes, we finally picked up his stuff. I must mention that during those 90 minutes, a phone was ringing almost non-stop. I started to develop a twitch.

Ben was feeling light headed from the ordeal so I had to drive home. People were cutting me off in horrible dangerous ways. I was getting really angry and screaming.

I calmed down once we got on the toll road away from all the other drivers. Ben took me out to lunch. We split a soup in a bread bowl, and I got hot cocoa.

Ben is at work now. I might take a nap. Being angry most of the day has made me very tired.
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So yeah, time to chop up my credit card. Why? Because capital one is full of horrible evil people with no souls.

I'm being charged a fee for going over my limit on my credit card. Which shouldn't happen because I paid the card in full. But it seems they have chosen to accept my money but not apply it to my credit yet. They're just holding nearly $400 of my money, letting me think my card is paid off while charging me all sorts of fees.

Anyone want to suggest a credit card company besides capital one? I've never actually had to get my own credit card before. My mom did all the work for me for this last one. I guess I should ask the internet what sort of things to look out for.
So my car is mostly clean except for the roof which I can't reach. I still need to dig the tires out of the snow. However, I don't want to do that until the plow comes because it will just bury me back in again.

Here comes the fun part. Several people tried to leave this morning and got stuck in the snow. Blocking my exit from the parking lot. They also happen to be blocking the snow plow's entrance to the parking lot.

So until the plow comes through, I can't even start digging myself out. Even if I tried, I'd still be stuck behind the other guys who are stuck.

I can't pick up ben. :(
I can't get to work. :)
They want me to work from home. :( :( :(
There are no drivers for my printer. :( I have a large expensive paperweight.
Dear lj,

Why am I not getting any of my comments?

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I don't know how I thought I was going to finish my bodice before saturday. I didn't finish until this evening.

I got up bright and early to work on it, only to learn that 12x3 does NOT equal 54. Such sadness.So ben and I took a drive out to the fabric store to get more. Well, ben came along so he could pick up an extension cord for something at the circuit city nearby. Then we stopped at a thrift store where ben was my hero and found a metal mug for me to wear with my costume. He makes me so happy. :)

Then while looking for lunch, we stumbled across a place called Dulles Town Center. I didn't want to go because I thought it would be something like reston town center, but ben insisted. It was a mall! A HUGE mall! With a TRAIN! It was so so weird. But that's where we ate lunch and looked around and then went home. So weird.

On the way home, I managed to avoid cops who were pulling people off the road. Yay me! I don't need another ticket!

And then the rest of the evening was spent sewing sewing sewing. I finally finished the bodice, and even had enough time to make a matching skirt. Now I collapse on the couch VERY tired. Tomorrow is going to be such a long day!
For those of you who hate the new navigation bar "feature" on lj, here are some ways to remove it.

You can choose in your own options to remove the bar from your page, but these directions tell you how to remove the bar from other pages as well.

I used the greasemonkey directions which worked beautifully. Good luck!



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