Apr. 11th, 2014

Since we got back from New Orleans, I've been trying to focus on staying busy so I don't return to my usual habits of wallowing in self pity all day. I have perhaps gone a bit too far in the busy direction though.

This week alone (aside from the usual class and homework stuff) involved me tutoring another classmate in computer science, running for and winning the position of vice president in the computer club, helping to organize a field trip for said club, running an additional meeting for said club, and helping lead a python study group. Today, I am going to volunteer at a local 5K race.

I've kept myself so busy I don't even have time for the fun little things like gardening (my peas should have been planted LAST week) or astronomy (Mars is SUPER close this week and there's a lunar eclipse next week). Plus there is a BABY PANDA in dc that's going to be all grown up by the time I get a chance to go. Pooooo.... :(

Next week my calculus class is canceled so I'm hoping to use that extra time to catch up on things. Realistically, I will probably be just as busy since he assigned TWO take home projects to work on. I also have a computer science test next week. (Which is what I was helping the classmate study for.)

In other news, I have many happy meal my little ponies. Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Princess Celestia, and DJ Pon-3. I'm pretty happy with what I've received so far, though I'm still hoping for a Princess Luna in the future.



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