Jan. 17th, 2014

Classes started this week. I continue to feel like I am flailing around and wasting time and money not knowing what I'm doing with my life.


Comp Sci so far continues to be ridiculously easy. So far it has been all review from last semester. Looking at the syllabus, this trend should continue for at least a month. Bah. At least it'll be easy, but I am so ridiculously bored in class.

Calc 2 is already scaring me. I will try my best, as I always do, but I feel like it takes me longer to grasp the concepts than the rest of the class. And now they're throwing in a THIRD dimension! I was having a super hard time wrapping my brain around those questions. I hope I can figure it out soon.

The first Calc test is this Thursday. Pretty fast! But luckily it's mostly review from last semester. Unluckily, this teacher gives crazy hard tests. I figure I'll do a couple dozen practice questions to make sure I've got the concepts down and then hope he doesn't try to abuse us too badly on the test.

And in addition to college classes, I am going to take a coursera class on making android apps. I think the course prerequisites might be slightly above my level, but the class is free so I don't see the disadvantage of at least giving it a try.

And so far no internships. Though I get plenty of very professional, "Sorry, you're not what we are looking for" emails. Awesome. But I'll keep trying.



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