Despite all my stretching before class, I am incredibly sore today. I want to take a hot bath, but the tub is filthy. I'll have to just endure the pain and shift around like an old lady.
It's embarrassing in class when the teacher is asking me all about the test next week because I don't plan on going. I can't tell him though cause he's a scary loud man that yells a lot.

Part of the reason I'm not testing is because I am not ready. I need to break 4 boards for the test and I can't even break 1. So I'd fail anyway.

The other reason is that I would rather put the testing fee money towards the wedding. Why waste $65 on a test I would probably fail anyway? And even if I did pass, is a stripe on my belt worth more than marrying ben? Nope!
I kept messing up in tae kwon do today and getting yelled at. Today is dumb.
Next month, the tae kwon do club is having a Sunday extra practice plus picnic. What should I bring?

In an ideal world, the food I brought would:
- Hold up well in the heat
- Not require cutlery

So far I've considered:
- Koolikles
- Regular pickles
- Pocket pies or curry pan (Note-too much work)
- Cookies (Not really a lunch food)
- Sauted pirogies
- Bruchetta and crackers

None of these seem perfect though. Help!
Tae kwon do class was surprisingly useful. We learned how to defend ourselves from someone trying to choke us, knife us, or shoot us.

One of the tricks we learned was how to make a knife pop out of the attacker's hand. When I did it, I shouted, "Magic!" And then everyone laughed at me.
I forgot to mention that the community center is being renovated so they moved my class.

The new location of tae kwon do is in a tiny room above a public pool. We are now only doing forms that go in four directions because if we take more than a few steps in any direction, we hit a wall.

I am considering getting a pool pass, which is only $15 for the season. It would be nice to jump in the pool to relax after a workout. The only problem in this plan is that the pool opens at 11 and my class ends at 10. While I would need time to change into my bathing suit after class, I don't think that will take me an hour. Even applying sunblock doesn't take that long.

Bonus fact: The pool has a big swirly slide.
I think I've decided to wait until Sept to visit the aviation museum. That seems to be the most sensible way to deal with the situation, especially if I'm not in a spectacular rush to get married. I've waited this long, so I can wait another 2.5 months. And I can look at other places during that time, so I won't be sitting around doing nothing.

In other news, I don't want to go to tae kwon do this morning. :( They hurt me and yell at me.
holytoastr: (sewing)
Swelling of my knee has gone down, so that's good. But all my muscles ache today. Last night I kept waking up whimpering. I am weak.

In other news, I have finished the skull skirt I was making (complete with butt bow to cover up mistake!) and I'm starting to cut out fabric for a pirate rubber ducky shirt. I should take a picture of the skirt soon.

Oh! Does anyone have about a yard of bright orange fabric they'd be willing to swap with me? I have various trims and fabrics that I'd be glad to send in exchange. I have made it a rule to myself to not buy more fabric until I can close my fabric tub again, so I can't buy more.
Brutal tae kwon do class. We started class with a form that starts on our knees. It hurt a lot. Afterwards, my knees hurt so much, they were shaking. It was bad enough that even the teacher noticed. Embarrassing.

I need to shower. I am hot and smelly. But my legs hurt so much. :(
Tae kwon do was brutal this morning. I finally explained to the teacher that the reason I was messing up complicated moves was because I still didn't have the basics down.

So he pulled me aside to go over the basics. And when I messed up, he hit me. Any time my blocking arm dropped, he hit me. If I wasn't hitting him fast enough, he hit me. I'm going to be covered in bruises tomorrow.

I do think I improved a lot though. So that's good I guess.

After class, I took my car to get fixed. The check engine light was on. The guys there said it was because the gas cap was loose. STUPID! Good thing it was a warranty thing so they didn't charge me.

I got my oil changed while I was there since that was overdue. Now I can feel like I accomplished something.

While driving home, I was cut off by a car with a big "baby on board" sticker. That child better hold on tight with parents that drive like that.
Tae kwon do class was bad this morning. I was having a hard time doing anything right. The belt test is on the 20th but I don't think I'm ready for it. Missing a class for disney won't help that either.

I came home sad and angry. I feel bad because I took it out on my dog. While walking her, I kept yelling at her. Poor baby.

The dog walker came that afternoon, and I was a ditzy spaz trying to remember everything. I should have prepared better during the week.

Afterwards, ben and I went to the comic book store. Then we got smoothies.

When we got home, we watched noein. I ordered disney tickets too. 11 days away? It can't come soon enough.
Tae kwon do was painfully embarrassing today. The teacher kept singling me out and having me stand in front of the group. And then I forgot how to do a certain type of kick and he was like, "Why are you just standing there!?" I had to tell him I forgot how to do it. :(

I survived though. (Barely.) But all the stress caused me to forget to ask him when the belt test would be. I highly suspect it will be during my disney trip.

After class, I went on a freecycling adventure. I managed to get an original gameboy, plus a charger for it and a handful of games! I gave it to ben, which made him very happy.

Then I went to pottery lab. I threw 3 new pots, trimmed one, and glazed EIGHT. I was so focused during class on mastering trimming, that I completely neglected the pile of dried pots in need of glaze. Two of my previously glazed pots had been fired, so I brought them home. I'm not sure what to do with all these ugly pots. There should be a charity somewhere that takes ugly pots and gives them to people with no pots. Maybe I'll send a few to my mom.

When I got home, ben and I played rockband together. I have the drums another try. I have decided the problem is that my left arm is retarded. It frequently hits the drums, even when I tell it not to. But I am getting a little better with the foot pedal, so that's good at least.

Drumming was exhausting so after a bit, we went and took a nap. Noname kept waking me up though with her barking. She was protecting us. She's so brave.

I wanted to stay and cuddle with ben forever, but he had to go to work. Tonight is one of those evil maintenance nights. I hope it doesn't take him too long, but I'm not going to wait up for him.

In other news, my dog has a big soft belly and demands all rub it.


Mar. 8th, 2008 10:32 am
- The other day I saw a woman so tiny, she was wearing baby clothes. Yes, I am sure she was an adult woman. And yes, I'm talking about infant clothes.

- A nice old man shared his umbrella with me while I waited at a light. I feel bad that I checked my pockets afterwards.

- There is a rule on the bus that you can't lean on the back doors. (They might open.) However, a guy on the bus the other day refused to step away from the doors because there was no yellow line to indicate he shouldn't be there. The driver kept explaining that for the guy's safety, he could not stand that close to the door. To which the guy kept replying, "Where's the yellow line? I don't see any line that says I can't stand here!" So we sat for what felt like forever while the guy fought with the driver until the control guy outside came on the bus and told the guy he would have to get off if he didn't cooperate.

- I finished my super cute pretty pony purse. I must remember to take pictures. (And post them, along with the Mount Vernon pictures I never posted.) I broke 5 needles trying to make it. And no, I don't understand why.

- Ben is funny and makes me laugh.

- I had a nightmare last night that ben hated disney so much, he even hated muppet 3d. He was so grumpy, it was making everyone in the group uncomfortable. And I was crying because my boyfriend hated the world. Not even muppets could bring him joy!

- In tae kwon do class, I was stuck sparring with the very old man today. He can't remember anything so most of our time was wasted re-teaching him the basics. Frustrating!

- I think I might rock band a little today, then take a shower and head down to the pottery lab for a bit. I have some pots to glaze and trim.

- I think a rocket garden would be an excellent place for a wedding ceremony.

- The food I was chewing just fell out of my mouth. I fail at life.
Yesterday morning I went to tae kwon do and received a painful jab in the ribs from the teacher to demonstrate to the class that painful jabs to the ribs really hurt.

Afterwards, I went to pottery lab where I successfully threw 3 pots without messing up too badly. In addition, I commiserated with a guy in my class about how terrible our teacher is. It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one that thinks that way.

I did a little bit of sewing when I got home, then ben and I finished off the first season of jericho. We're almost completely caught up. I like how the show actually gives you information to piece together the mysteries. And doesn't lead you down too many wrong assumptions. (Unlike another show on tv, also about survivors.)

Today ben and I need to go food shopping. We are out of everything. Our shopping list white board on the fridge is full. I hope ben wakes up soon.

In the mean time, I am reading a guide book for planning a wedding. It is TERRIFYING me. But I'm trying to handle it in an organized logical manner. I've got my highlighters and sticky tabs out. Green for money-saving ideas, Blue for creative ideas, Pink for "Oh no!," and Orange for anything else I want to note.

So far the tabs are all pink and green.
I was given tae kwon do homework. I have to break a wooden board. The board they gave me is massively thick, but I can't take my next belt test until I break it.

After class I went shopping because (evil horrible) simplicity patterns were on sale. But fashion being really ugly lately (why must everything be designed to make you look pregnant?) I didn't actually buy too much. I actually sighed and shook my head at the matching dog and human pattern sets. That is just too much.

I didn't intend to buy fabric but I ended up buying some REALLY cute ducky fabric. I couldn't resist. Hopefully I can remember to take pictures lately so all can see why.

When I got home, I tried to nap and cuddle with ben but my climbing into bed woke him up. Pooooo... I didn't want to stay in bed alone so I got up too. I think I'll do some sewing now.
I have been so busy! Gah!

Thursday night I had pottery class. We learned how to glaze. I hope my stuff comes out pretty! Also I finally made a nearly straight pot. I'm proud of myself. Unfortunately it took me so long that I didn't have time to trim. So I have to go in today or else my old pots will get too hard. I hope I can get a wheel. Labs are supposed to be pretty crowded.

This morning I had tae kwon do class. I was really late because of a MARATHON! Luckily the teacher knew about it and didn't punish me. I'm glad cause I hate push ups. Today we learned how to fight off ninjas. I thought up a little story while doing all the moves.

First you're sitting on the ground being all tough and impressive when suddenly A NINJA ATTACKS! So you block their attack and hit them quick in the gut while they're going "Woah! They blocked me!"

Then you knock them off their foot and before they can use their ninja powers to get up you punch them a few times. Then you choke them a little before getting up because there are more ninjas coming at you!

But while you're up, the floor ninja is getting up. So BAM you kick him in the head, then back up a little cause the other ninjas are coming fast. You punch them a few times and then decide there's so many you just have to start kicking them. So you kick and punch the ninjas dead.

That's the first part. We didn't have time to learn the rest.

Now I've got to run to the post office and the bank. Then hopefully the pottery studio.
Today has been relatively successful. It started out a bit rocky though.

Ben woke up really early so I made him get me a cup of water. I drank about half of it in one gulp then rested my head on the pillow while holding the cup to feel the water being absorbed by my sad dehydrated body. Next thing I knew there was water all over me and the bed! I had fallen asleep! Doom!

After I cleaned up, things improved. I went to tae kwon do and got to fight with sticks. I enjoyed that. Especially the part where you stab your enemy and then wiggle the sticks a little for some extra hurt.

Came home, ate a high protein lunch (protein is good for repairing sore muscles), took a shower, and then curled up to ben who was still sleeping.

When he finally woke up, we went to the mall for free pretzels. Ben also got some games he wanted and bought me a bubble tea.

When we got home, space food was waiting for us! We tried the freeze dried apples and the space food sticks. The apples weren't too bad. I wouldn't eat the sticks ever again unless I had to.

Commercials for Space Food Sticks )

Now I patiently wait for ben to finish his game so I can watch my disney cruise dvd. It came with little mermaid stickers! I want to go on a disney cruise for our honeymoon!
Last night ben and I had a little fight. I cried so hard I burst a blood vessel below my eye. I fail at being sane.

I ended up staying up too late, which was bad because I had an early tae kwon do class this morning. During class, I got punched for not having my stomach tight enough. Not cool.

After class, I had a wire jewelery workshop. I made a pretty little bracelet with beads and silver wire. It was fun even if the class was full of old ladies who complained about their arthritis the whole time.

I'm starving now. I need lunch.
I hate picky freecyclers. I feel like I should throw out all the stuff just to spite them.

I'm giving you free stuff. You do not give me demands. I'm happy to give size info, etc. But when you start asking me to list everything in the box and telling me you want some of it and not the other, you have crossed the line. Take it all or I don't have to give it to you. I'm not going to sort through the box and pick out each little piece you want.

*sigh* The other stuff went away with no problem. Why is this lady so difficult? She actually told me she didn't want to give her sons the sparring pads because she didn't want them to fight. The idiot just enrolled her kids in a tae kwon do class. What does she think they do in a martial arts class? Pick flowers and make macaroni portraits!?
Yesterday was kinda really awful. I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed with that nightmare. And then I got pretty bruised up in tae kwon do class. After that, I took a nap and woke up to find my game had started and no one thought to try to contact me. I get overemotional when I first wake up so I started feeling sad and angry about that. Then noname was hurting and I felt so guilty I wanted to throw myself in front of a speeding car or something.

It's the littlest thing that got me in the end though. I stubbed my toe. I decided after that to give up and go to bed. I wasn't really tired though so I just cried. Noname, worried about me, got ben to check on me. They stopped me from crying and I managed to finish the rest of the game.

Today was noticeably better than yesterday. Ben and I went to see the bodies exhibit in rosslyn. They use a special process that preserves skin, bone, and tissues so you can see how the body actually looks without it getting bloated by formaldehyde and stuff.

It was pretty neat but too short. It only took us an hour to walk through the whole thing, and we were taking our time reading each of the descriptions on the exhibits. But the cost/time was the only disappointment.

My favorite part of the exhibit was the blood vessels. They removed everything but the tiny little blood vessels that run through the body. By themselves, the blood vessels looked like corral and sea weed. It was really interesting.

Also, I did notice and appreciate that the restrooms were near the digestive track section. Nice.

After the exhibit, I took ben out for sushi. There was a restaurant nearby that was rated some of the best sushi in virginia. Ben said it was very good sushi. I'm glad I could make him happy.

Before we returned home, we stopped at microcenter so ben could buy toys. I played guitar hero. The guy at the register kept looking at my chest which was making me feel uncomfortable and I ended up hiding behind ben.

I tried to take a nap when I got home but I was too awake. Instead I played some video games for a bit and then had a snack. Not sure what I will do now. I kinda want to play more guitar hero but ben is still sleeping and I don't want to wake him.



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