I came to work today. Poooo. Why can't I be rich so I could quit my job and spend all day doing fun stuff?

It got very cold again. I think we failed our winter wrap up.... It's the only thing I can figure. Maybe we missed a couple clouds or something...

Anyway, I should get ready for my THREE HOUR meeting today. Yuck!
While waiting for ben to pick me up from the bus stop last night, I noticed that my calves felt really tight. Painfully tight. I don't know what happened! I was standing there! And it got worse all night. To the point where I wasn't sure I'd make it up the stairs for bed. And all through the night, every time I moved my legs, I'd wake up in pain.

They still hurt this morning too. It was awful on the metro when I discovered the escalators were broken. (Fun fact: Escalators on the metro only work for an average of 8 days before they break again.) I waited until everyone else went up, then I slowly dragged myself up.

Tonight I'm going to take a hot shower and see if that can get the muscles to relax.

Other than that, the evening was calm. Ben replaced two outlets. Without burning down the house! Cause he's awesome. The old homeowners had painted over all the outlets and light switches, so every single one in the house needs to be replaced.

Ben's birthday gift for me arrived in the mail. It's a t-shirt with a picture of two t-rex's sissy-fighting. We celebrated the shirt by having our own sissy-fight.

I made noname go out in the backyard last night. She was actually very good about it. She ran around sniffing and doing her business until she was done, then she ran back to the door to let me know she wanted back in. It would have been perfect if I didn't have to be standing out there with her.

I made use of the time by star gazing. Our new neighborhood is much darker than our old one. I am proud that I easily found orion last night. And I found the big dipper, which ben pointed out is part of ursa major. When it's warmer out, I will take my telescope out and find EVERYTHING!
Tragic image: A chihuahua standing in the snow.

Poor noname is not happy about this weather. Yesterday, we only managed to walk a block before her feet got too cold and she had to be carried home. This morning we managed her entire walk, though I did have to carry her for a short time.

She looks so sad and pathetic when her feet get too cold. She tries to stand up on her hind legs to keep her front paws warm. It's the perfect "pick me up!" position too.

I tried to get her to wear little snow booties, but they fall off her tiny tiny feet. I hope it doesn't snow as much as last year, or noname may give up on the outside completely.
I think someone shut off the heat in the office for the weekend already.

On top of my regular clothes, I have an extra sweatshirt, my pants wrapped around my legs, my legs folded up under me, gloves, and a scarf.
I forgot my keys last night. Luckily ben was able to leave work early and save me. He was my hero.

It was distressing how much better I felt after eating some warm food last night. I didn't realize how bad I felt until I felt so much better after.

Ben and I have been playing the xbox version of Magic the Gathering. I am enjoying it. It's like chess except people will actually play it with me. What do so many people have against chess?

I feel like summer skipped us over and we've moved straight into fall. I had to pull out my winter coat. And my electric blanket.

Someone/thing stole one of my strawberry plants the other day. I am tempted to buy one, along with a new tomato plant. I need to buy tomato cages soon anyway, so I'll be in the store.
Things are exploding at work. I'd like to go home.

Then I intend to crawl under my blankets and not come out again until spring. I don't deal with the cold very well. And it's supposed to snow tonight. Not fun.

At least the day is almost over. Just two more shivery hours to go.
It is cold like death.

I finished my christmas shopping yesterday. Now I just need to pack and mail things. That is a difficult task when it's this cold.

And I'm not even well dressed for the weather today. Cause I'm insane. I am wearing an outfit similar to one I wore in a dream a few nights ago. It is an outfit better suited to spring or fall. In winter I should be in sweaters and thermals.

I hope today is quiet enough that I can curl up into a ball and die. For now, I think I'll make some hot cocoa.

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This morning I drove to the metro station, thinking it would save me some time standing out in the horrible horrible cold. If I had my car there, I wouldn't have to wait for the bus.

This plan, unfortunately, required me to be able to park my car.

After 30 minutes of circling 2 parking lots and 2 parking garages, I gave up and returned home.

I was able to get a spot in the overflow park and ride parking lot. That was nearly full too though.

By then, I had missed all the express buses. And all the express trains. All in all, I probably tripled the amount of time I would have had to stand in the horrible horrible cold if I had just stuck to my usual routine.

I got to work just before 11. Which means it took me nearly 3 hours to get to work this morning.

I am not having a good day.
This morning's commute was a challenge.

First, my bus nearly missed my stop. It was flying down the road (way over the speed limit) when I realized it wasn't slowing down for the stop. So I started waving for it and chasing it down as it sped by and eventually slowed down.

While I do approve of morning exercise, that is not what I have in mind.

When I got to the train station, the platform was totally packed. You could hear the constant wows and ughs from people coming down the escalator.

And of course each train that came to our station was also totally packed because it had two previous stops at likely equally packed stations before ours. It took me about 30 minutes to finally squeeze onto a train. (And rudely take a handicapped seat because my knee STILL hurts, but just on stairs and standing on buses and trains these days.)

The train I was on was so cold I could see my breath. My fingers were cold and numb. It was actually warmer OUTSIDE than it was in that train. But I was afraid if I got out, I wouldn't be able to catch another train for 30 minutes. I endured the cold and got to work only 30 minutes late.

Everyone kept stopping by to ask me why I was shivering and blue. I wasn't able to sit down and start some real work until I made a cup of hot tea and defrosted myself with it.
Daylight savings time change cannot come soon enough. It was pitch black when my alarm went off this morning. How am I supposed to get up when my brain thinks it's still the middle of the night? To make matters worse, ben kept hugging me and pulling me close. AND the apartment was freezing. It was a katamari of reasons not to leave the bed.

At least the heat problem will be solved soon. They started switching the systems over yesterday. Heat should be flowing by around noon today. It will be glorious.
Ben foolishly let me eat cheesecake for dinner last night. It was tasty, but a few hours later I crashed from my sugar high and wanted to go to bed. Unfortunately ben was hellbent on cleaning out our to-file box. I was getting REALLY cranky. He kept asking me where stuff went when he should have known - either because I just told him where a similar thing went or because he has lived in this apartment for years now and should know where the junk drawer is.

Finally the box was mostly empty (and I had a giant pile of papers on the couch), so ben let me go to bed.

I hope the leasing office switches over to heat soon. It was very cold last night. Even with my electric blanket, it was chilly. And considering it's the first day of october, I don't think they can really claim that there's going to be warm weather any time in the near future.
I had to break out the electric blanket last night. And this morning it was brisk enough to need a coat while walking my dog. Summer is officially over.

When daylight savings ends, it'll be brighter in the morning, right? Waking up in darkness is not working for me. What's worse, I had to wake up even earlier this morning because of an early morning meeting at work. I feel like I'm going to die. Is it possible to be this tired and not fall over?

The whole day is pretty much wasted when I get up that early. I can't think straight or focus. I'm useless. All I've managed to do today is push stuff around into piles for Monday.

I'll be leaving work early though. That's the only good thing about coming in so early.
It is ridiculously cold in this office. Am seriously considering knitting myself some gloves I could type in.
Yesterday it was 90 degrees. Today it's 60. (And yes, the ac at the office is still running.) It's like someone flicked the winter switch last night.

This does not please me.
I'm so cold I feel sick.

It was 15 degrees this morning while walking to work. It was also very windy, so it felt like 2 degrees. It's well after noon and I still feel frozen. Neither cocoa nor soup made me feel any better.

Also, I feel exhausted. Like my body used up all its energy just keeping my blood warm. I really want a nap. I can't concentrate on work. Can I go home?
It snowed last night. Not a lot--just a dusting really. But it was enough to confuse my cute puppy. She ran outside, touched the snow, and then went "AUGH! What is this cold white stuff!!!??"

It was funny watching her try to run around on only 3 legs. (She always does that when it snows, giving each foot a turn to warm up.)

We didn't stay out long though because it was bitterly cold with the wind. It's supposed to stay cold like this all week too. Brrrrr!
Today is cold like not wearing pants.

I took painkillers before bed because my back still hurts from the other night. I guess they worked cause I didn't wake up from pain.

Ben forgot to close the baby gates last night and noname had an accident again. This time on the carpet. So I was running late this morning. I didn't even clean it up well. I need to finish when I get home, but I just didn't have the time.

Tonight I'll take her for an extra walk right before bed. Hopefully that will help her get through the night.

At least the bus came today. And I found my badge. Now I just have to make it through the cold day.
Noname is not pleased by this weather. She didn't want to get out of bed this morning and then needed to be pushed out the door. The internet says it's 19 degrees out with a wind chill of -2. That is REALLY cold.

Noname's walk lasted all of 5 minutes. She can be very efficient when her tail is freezing off.

I am not pleased by this weather either. It felt like my legs were going numb this morning. I had hoped to wear thermals today, but the stupid drier had not finished. Wet thermals are worse than no thermals.

I needed to walk to the mailbox to pay my bills, but walking one extra block and back seemed impossible to me at the time. Maybe ben can drive to a mailbox and drop them off on his way to work tomorrow.
Yesterday was much better. I was given a whole bunch of procedure
papers to go over, including what I'm supposed to do with copy. (Now I
won't make that mistake again.)

When I got home, ben made dinner while noname harassed me. She misses
me SOOOOO much while I'm at work! I love her for it, but I wish she
wouldn't try to sit on my lap while I'm trying to take off my shoes.
Or while I try to sew.

After dinner, ben tried to beat that horrible 2-headed ogre in puzzle
quest for me. I've been fighting that thing for about a week. It is
driving me to madness. I think the game cheats. Has anyone else beat
it? What do I need to do???

This morning was cold and rainy. I wish I could have stayed in my nice
warm bed. Instead I am at work desperately trying to stay warm with
hot tea. (Oh my god they have so many varieties of tea for me to
drink!) I'm thinking of bringing a blanket in for cold days.
Oh my god, they turned the a/c on today. I think I'm going to die. T_T



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