My office is collecting hair to help soak up the oil spill. Ben cut his hair last night. This is a convenient coincidence.

[EDIT] A coworker is so inspired, she's shaving her head!

[EDIT2] It hurt just to watch!
hair for wildlife in the oil spill on Twitpic


Mar. 20th, 2010 03:03 pm
Things you should NOT watch before a cruise:

Videos )


Feb. 8th, 2010 06:52 pm
Now the reports are saying 10-20 inches! Doom!

No more work until spring. Just snow forever...


Feb. 8th, 2010 02:41 pm
The internet is reporting 6 to 8 more inches of snow for tomorrow. With high winds that will at best blow the snow into giant piles around everything we cleared this weekend and at worst knock out power.


I'm never going to get back to work, am I?
Yesterday the metro was all messed up. This was because a power unit blew. Pretty much everything shut down except for the trains themselves. Even their website went down!

There are only 2 power units in the metro system. And they are both so old (27 years, older than me!), they cannot be fixed. If any of them break (like the one yesterday), the system has to be totally replaced. For $14 million that metro doesn't have. No back up system was ever installed either, so they can't really wait to replace the system.

An interim fix is in place, but "there is anxiety" about it, Metro spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said. "There are no other options at this moment."

The one fully functioning unit is keeping the trains going. What happens when that one fails too? It's only a matter of time.

Anyway, it took me 2 hours to get home last night. I was not happy.
I don't want to go back to work. Ever again.

Just found out Palin is quitting. Nearly ALL our packages directly target Palin. That means nearly all of our packages are going to have to be changed overnight.

GAH!!!! *rips out hair*
I want to mail my invitations by the first week of July.

Plan A: Attempt to print own invitations

Hopefully my printer can handle the paper. Hopefully if I give the ink enough time to dry, it won't smear.

Star that was to be punched up on front of invitation can be punched out (So that silver inside paper can be seen through dark blue outside paper) or stamped with glitter.

Plan B: Find a printer that can print my invitations

Find a local printer that has the machines to print on the paper I bought.

Star can still be stamped myself.

Plan C: Buy new invitations

Find a simple, inexpensive design and roll with it.
I have survived the parental visit. My parents came over in the morning after buying us MORE stuff (doormat, filing cabinet, etc) and then we went out for breakfast. After breakfast, we returned to my place and ben gave them our tv. Hopefully with both a semi fancy dinner last night and a tv today, there is enough bribery to keep them from yelling at me later.

Once we were free, I taught ben how to put air in the car's tires. Then he took me out to see the golden compass. It wasn't too bad but felt very rushed. It made me want to read the book to see what I missed.

I was delighted that ian mckellen was the polar bear.

From the movie theater, we went on a quest to find a new tv. Ben found one at costco that he liked. Then we used out mighty brains and muscles to figure out how to get furniture from one room into the other with all the other furniture in the way.

He is currently fighting with the computer to get the right set-up on the tv. It keeps displaying too wide despite the directions ben gives it to do otherwise.

I think I may go to bed early tonight. It has been a very exhausting and stressful weekend.
So far so good. Parents came and did not kill me. They brought many pieces of furniture into my tiny tiny apartment. Then we took them out to eat. Tomorrow I'm taking them to breakfast. Not dead yet.

Please, now, can someone dig me out? I'm buried in furniture. Help! )
The apt is not perfect, but I think it is clean enough. I am hungry and exhausted, so I think I can stop.

There were the sink that should not have been. I'm glad they are gone, but the kitchen smells so bad! I put a scented candle in there in hopes of clearing up the stench before my parents show up.

Ah, and I forgot to mention that last night was the company holiday party. It was ok at first but then the dj started playing the music too loud. You couldn't hear what anyone was saying, even if they were talking right into your ear. That's when ben and I left.

So now, food. Then um, not passing out while I wait for the parents to show up.

My parents want to visit. They want to deliver my grandma's couch. I have been unsuccessful at talking them out of this. I keep suggesting that ben and I can come pick it up, but my mother has been adamant.

So far I've managed to stall for time. They wanted to come at the end of the month or beginning of next month, but I have the book festival that weekend. Followed by the green festival the weekend after that. And then I am going to visit them in florida the weekend after that. So I'm safe for about a month.

Realistically, there is no way my parents don't know about my living situation. I've been here for...2 years? It would be impossible for me to still be staying in a friend's parent's spare room. And besides, they are aware that all my mail goes to ben's address and they only ever call ben's place when they need to reach me. So they must know, right?

If they know, there's not reason to panic. Cause they've had time to get over their murderous feelings. And I have proven them wrong in every way when they told me girls who move in with boys are just being used. (Ben proposed to me about a year ago.) Or that girls who move in with boys end up pregnant. (Clearly I am not.)

I can't shake the pure terror I feel though. What if they somehow don't know and this becomes a shock to them? Doooooom....
So things exploded at work today. It meant I had to call lots of people. I am very twitchy now. Problem almost fixed though, so that's good. Just need to get in touch with one more person who will need to get in touch with support for me. So, yeah. Doom almost over.
First off, thank you [ profile] scortia for all the shiny anime! I haven't been able to look at it all just yet, but so far I very much like gokusen.

Last night I called my parents and talked to my dad about his visit. Turns out my INSANE mother was trying to make me panic. (It worked.) Yes, my dad is visiting. However, he's only going to be here for a day and he's going to be in DC the entire time. My mother is not visiting at all. There's nothing at all to panic about.

As you can imagine, I'm very upset that my mother would do something like that. But I can't yell at her about it because she will question my reasons for being so upset. So now I have to just sit here and fume.
Calm feeling gone. Mom wants to visit too. Hi, I'm going to die.
Impending doom has given me a weird sense of calm. Ben thinks it's because I've exhausted my anxiety.

Things I must remember:
1. Dad is visiting on weekdays. Ben and I both have work.
2. It wouldn't make sense for dad to stay at ben's. There's no room.
3. I own a lot of stuff. It makes sense for me to keep it at ben's.
4. Personal possessions can be easily hidden.
5. Ben won't let them kill me.
My dad wants to visit April 24-25.
I just watched the second episode of Parakiss. The doom begins!

I should either stop spazzing and yelling while I watch the show, or stop watching the show.
holytoastr: (angry gir)
While transfering my stitches from the circular needles to the double pointed needles, I pulled a bit too hard and ALL the stitches fell of! *cries* I sorta was able to scoop them up again, but they don't face the right way anymore. :( I messed up amanda's hat.

I'm going to try to finish it, and see how badly the mistakes show up. Maybe they won't be visable? (Not likely.)

I may have to knit another hat. :( I hate knitting.

Also, DPNs are not fun AT ALL! My stitches keep sliding off of them!!!!!



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