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Let's try catch up again....

This Summer:
- Went to NY for Jess' bridal shower. It was a tea party and very fancy. I helped make many types of tiny sandwiches and destroyed a stick of helpless butter. PLUS! I got to wear a TINY HAT!
Tiny top hat
- Many many visits to the farm.
- Started classes at community college. So far doing exceptionally well. Got 100 on both of my tests so far and the teacher wants me to sign up as a tutor at the end of the semester. (Starting pay $10 an hour. Not bad considering I can make my own schedule.)

- Carved pumpkins. Ursula and Ariel from the little mermaid. Ariel came out best.
Pumpkin 2012 - Ariel
- CSA ended, but took friends with me for one last adventure. I had guest passes! We watched a pig race and fed animals and went down a very fast slide and overall had a good time.
- Made these really cute badges.
The Ellie Badge

- Need to sign up for next semester's classes. Going to learn Java!
- Jess' wedding! At disney! Woo! Fun and adventure for all!
Someone kicked my pumpkin last night!

People in virginia are savages. Not only do they not celebrate halloween, but they destroy my halloween decorations. It's like all must be as unhappy as they are in life! :(

At least my coworkers have appreciated my halloween efforts. I brought my pumpkin seed brittle in and they have all loved it.
I am blaming the power loss on my computer getting fried. Or at least the video card. But luckily I could take it out and use the one the computer originally came with and all was solved. Yay ben for knowing what to do and putting up with my stupid questions! (Which thing is the video card? What am I unscrewing? Which plug is that?)

Other than that, it has been an extremely lame halloween. Not one single trick or treater! I even decorated my door and carved a pumpkin so they would know I was home. No one. What is wrong with the people in this town???

Halloween Pumpkin in the Dark

I tried to take noname trick or treating. At the beginning of the month, the leasing office sent around a newsletter saying that kids and pets were welcome in the office on halloween for treats. So I got my dog all dressed up in her super cute costume, walked her down to the office, and went "trick or treat!"

And the guy there went, "What?"

He has no clue what I was talking about and had no treats. :( He also looked slightly disturbed that someone would stick their dog in a dress.

Noname as Snow White

Look at that disappointed face. All dressed up and no treats...
Let's see. So the day before halloween we carved our pumpkin at work. I was unimpressed by it but the others were happy so that's good. It wasn't much of a challenge for me though.

When I got home I got to play with SCIENCE! by baking window cookies. I needed to experiment in order to find the correct baking time to ensure tasty cookies and clear candy windows. the correct formula was the full baking time minus 3 minutes for the cookies alone, and then add the crushed candy for the final 3 minutes. Yay science!

Halloween day, I wore my grim reaper costume. I think I looked fantastic. However, while on my way to work, I thought I had the wrong day. I didn't see anyone else with a costume! People are so boring. I got lots of compliments on my costume though.

Despite looking great, I only got 2nd place in the costume contest. (And we only got honorable mention in the pumpkin carving contest, but that was to be expected.) Marge Simpson won, which I guess makes sense because people will be more inclined to vote for the funny and familiar over um, death. I'm going to enter the costume in a few online contests, so maybe I'll win something there. (Which reminds me, I need to upload those pictures so I can enter before the deadline.)

A cut was needed )
Pumpkin has been carved! Go me!

My reference pic was a scene from the opening of utena.

This was my first attempt at using the pumpkin carving dremel. My original plan was to do the whole thing with the dremel, but I quickly realized that wasn't going to happen. The tool that comes with the dremel is teeny tiny; not good for large areas like the rose pieces. Ended up having to chop out the big pieces.

Of course, by chopping big pieces out I made the structure very weak. Pieces kept falling off. I had to stick them back on with pins. This ended up being a very challenging pumpkin.

How did it come out? Ok, I guess.

Take my revolution! )

So... Pros and cons of my new toy...

+ Being able to create different shade levels opens up wider range of pumpkin designs.

- Sprays pumpkin gunk all over me as I carve.
- Tool gets VERY hot.
- Can't carve large areas.
- Can't carve very detailed areas.

So I guess my final opinion is that the pumpkin carving dremel is an interesting tool, but not worth going out of your way to get one.
I took my car in for a tune up thingie and learned why saturn wanted me to get it done with them. It's FREE! At least, it's free the first time. So that was cool. The guy asked me if it was my first oil change for the car and I said yes, so he told me it was free and he'd let me know when he was done. It even came with a car wash. Yay!

Now I just need to find a place to get it inspected. I looked at the gas stations I passed on the way home, but the lines on them were soooooo long. I guess cause it's the last weekend of the month. So if I get mine done early next month the lines should be a lot shorter.

Anyway, I feel accomplished. I think I'll carve my pumpkin tonight with my mighty might dremel. I'm going to try to carve this! It shall be a good challenge!
Does anyone have any experience with the dremel pumpkin carving kit? Half the internet loves it and half hate it. I thought it might help me design more complicated pumpkin designs. I also saw in the store a little power knife for regular carving, but it seemed a little too low powered to last very long. Hmmm...
Today, I carve my pumpkin. Pictures shall be posted when done.

Oh, and why didn't anyone tell me about daylight savings? *feels dumb* Ben got to work an hour early this morning....
I bought a pumpkin so big I can barely carry it. :D

And why didn't anyone tell me there was another I love the 80s!? I will never leave my tv ever again!
I am doing nothing this halloween. It's terribly horribly upsetting.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It combines all of my favorite things into one glorious holiday.

I'm going to waste it just sitting home, handing out candy.

I hate growing up.

Tonight though, I'm going to buy a pumpkin and carve it. I have the pattern set up and everything. It will be fantastically piratical. I'll have to take pictures of it when I finish.

Last year I made these. )



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